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    For the record, I'm neither for nor against keeping Max fundamentally...for me it's all about value. I'd keep him if the money is reasonable. I would not even consider keeping him if he demands huge money though, as his numbers simply don't justify overpaying. Made that mistake with Price already....can't afford to do it again.
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    Does one good season = proven? I'm on the fence with Domi and I can certainly see your argument that he has proven himself because of his 70 point season but he has proven to be a mediocre in 4 out of 5 seasons. This may be a down year that he will bounce back from but it is very plausible that Domi is that mediocre player that had one good season. To me it is a risk to trade him and also a risk to keep him. If a great offer is there then why take the chance? 1 good season, 4 mediocre seasons...
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    I'm repeating myself here - Lord knows, we wouldn't want that! - but for me the issue with Domi is a longer-range one. He is quite obviously a go-to option at C for the current group, but there seem to be structural problems in his game at centre: bad at FOs, not great in his own end. But moving him to wing is not really an option, given that his production there is consistently mediocre. Now a contending team might be able to carry a C like as a #2 behind a real strong, stud #1C. But unless KoKo or Suzuki has it in them to be that stud #1, we will probably need a less flawed #2C if we ever want to vault ourselves into the ranks of the top teams. So I see Domi as a transitional C. Or at least, that's what he would be if the Habs ever become more than mediocre themselves. He's one of these players who is tailor-made to excel on relatively weak teams, but will tend to get crowded out on a really strong one. This doesn't mean we should get rid of him in the short term. Not at all. And who knows, maybe he will learn to fix those weaknesses in his game. I'm just saying that I don't see him as part of a medium-term plan to contend.
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    Because there are so many elite players available each year in the second half of the first round ... clearly our drafting must be incompetent. We should surely be able to pick a 50-goal scorer every year in the first round, a 40-goal scorer in the second and a top-pair defenceman in the third. Can't do that? Throw out the bums!
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    Kovalchuk? Danault? Pacioretty? Chiarot? Shaw? Weber? Those were deals that were desperately needed
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    Yeah never makes big trades Drouin Weber Pacioretty Galchenyuk for domi Petry Vanek Cole/ryder There are more. After all those minor deals, this trade is huge by MB standards. This is where your bias shows throw... ignoring facts, just to shit on everything MB does. Its why it's nearly impossible to take your critiques seriously.
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    Should try larger font, It would be a BIGGER TRADE
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    Wow, another 50 point player, fantastic, There will be more than a handful of players this year with more goals then 50, when is 50 points a high mark for a top 6 player? That is the problem with habs thinking, average is good Danault the habs top center is on pace for like 55 points or so, that is terrible
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