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    If someone wants to pay up for me to take 1 or 2 years of a deal, sure... but for a 7 year deal, no thanks. We will eventually have to pay guys like KK, Caufield, Romanov, Suzuki, and whoever we draft this year, plus other prospects. 7 years messes that up. I mean the Leafs paid a first round pick for Carolina to take (and buyout) one year of Marleau. 7 years of a deal like that? Yikes. The Jets paid us pretty well for one year of Mason.
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    Alzner has been an important leader in Laval and has acted as an almost player-coach for young defence prospects there. Look, I hate the contract, but I don't hate the person. He took a contract that was offered to him, not his fault. He has shown up for work every day and whether its Montreal or Laval hasn't caused issues in the dressing room, has been a leader for the young kids and has been a good teammate. He tries hard, its not his fault he isn't good enough anymore. I can't really get mad at him for that.
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    He offered Markov a one year deal, Markov held out for 2. In hindsight, seeing how Markov had one good year in the KHL before dropping off like a rock, was that ego or not overpaying for a player who was close to the end of his career?
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    Me too ... the current binary political atmosphere ("I" am always right and "they" are always wrong") has destroyed the political centre ...
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