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    We proved that this isn't a mismatch. I expect a long series.
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    Learn us some swear words ol’ wise Tom. 🤬
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    And he is from Kingston, ON. I am sure that he could have picked it up growing up. But why dwell on the past: Captain Kirk, just beat the zest out of the Flyers 🍋
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    There is a reason I am not currently the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens - let alone a respectable organization 😉 And it's not because I don't speak French!
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    Learn us some bench maneuvers ol’ wise cucumber.
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    Possible. But I’m more concerned about the loss of Julien’s bench-management savvy. Look at how CJ owned Sullivan in Round One...the experience and Cup record...all that instils a confidence in CJ I don’t necessarily have in Captain Kirk, much as I love the guy.
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    Folks who suffer heart attacks are often advised to avoid stress. That does not bode well for CH’s future as a coach, sadly. But more important right now is just that he recover and get healthy. I found the reference to Muller’s unilingualism in the press release really irritating. As if they have to apologize for making an Anglo the temporary head coach in a crisis..,Jeebus
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    Slow clap. Start a thread with inaccurate information, haha fake news has taken over habsworld with their garbage tankist views. Lies!!!
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    Not sure if an “injury” to a coach belongs here but I’m sure HW wishes CJ all the best and a speedy recovery. Looks like we will not get him back for the Flyers series. Lets hope the boys rally!
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    Complaining about biased refs for some reason isnt new, that is for sure.
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    Fudge , lazy play after their goal
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    I want nothing to do with him. One of those GM’s that throws stupid money at UFA’. Last year made zero sense. They pay stupid money for a UFA goalie AND use their top pick on a goalie. and yes. He fzcked yo big time with the vegas draft.
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    Even just hearing those words in a mocking, sarcastic tone makes me want to scream! There's a reason I didn't use the words "refs deciding the game" in my complaint! I did too, and I almost never get that excited or emotional watching games anymore. But the literally had me out of my chair. It probably wasn't really a penalty, but Jones' play earlier in the game DEFINITELY wasn't a penalty. His was literally a quick swipe at the puck with no actual holding. The fact that they made that call is why the no-call in OT is so aggravating. It's tough to know how to feel about that game. On the one hand, they were lucky that they got the game into OT to begin with considering how they were outplayed in regulation. But then in OT, they seemed to have the better of the play in at least three of the periods, which started giving some hope.
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    Caulfueld fell into our lap because of size concerns. Let’s continue to hope for the incompetence in drafting by other team’s so we can get a good player - great strategy. Kinda like anything can happen in the playoffs - let’s hope for the best approach. so we are essentially hoping that lots of teams make the same type of blunder as us, like when we drafted Kostitsyn at #10 in 2003 - which was one of the best drafts ever and passed on the following: - Jeff carter take a at #11 - Dustin Brown taken at #13 -Brent seabrook taken at #14 -Zach Parise taken at #17 - because if size concerns -Ryan Getzlaf the big centre we have been searching for 30 years and #19 -Brent Burns taken at #20 the only teams to make out worse than us in that draft was the horrible Atlanta Thrashers who took Coburn at #8 and equally incompetent Columbus who took The talented, but flaky Zherdev at #4 oh, btw, this draft isn’t nearly as deep as 2003. -
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