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    Bergevin: "Hey Torey, would you like to play for the Habs?" Krug: "No." For that conversation (and that's almost certainly how it would go), you're willing to give up Domi? The 4th that turns into a 3rd if he signs is about fair value to get the negotiating rights (which are meaningful given that there isn't an interview period anymore) but you don't need to toss Domi in there. And eight years for him would be a huge mistake. If the bidding war gets to that, I want the Habs nowhere near it. If you want Nick Ritchie, a guy who was brutal for Boston after they got him, you could probably get him for a mid-round pick or comparable prospect. If it's Brett Ritchie you want, he'll be non-tendered next month and available for free after spending part of the season in the minors. There are trade options that make sense for Domi (and the division rival thing notwithstanding, they would make sense as a fit) but this isn't one of them.
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    No reason to trade Domi for Krug.. if he wants to sign in Montreal he can without losing an asset. Is Winnipeg moving Laine? Is Florida moving Huberdeau? Is Calgary moving Gaudreau? Is St. Louis moving Tarasenko? We should be looking for a big fish.
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