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    dlbalr DON Lovett Commandant Aaaaaand, my personal favourite... Habs29
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    He has averaged a clip under a PPG his entire career, which is more than anyone on this roster or anyone who has been on this roster in what feels like 20 years. A career that might I add is entering its Prime years, with a player who has the tools to remain a significant player because he does not build his game around Speed. Speed is the first thing that goes on a player, and usually when a Player who builds his game from speed loses that, he declines much faster, and when the opposite occurs, they remain effective for much longer. See Jagr, and Chara as prime examples of that, 2 players at 2 different positions who were elite for many reasons other than foot speed, and remain effective long into their twilight years because their greatest strengths never truly dwindle as losing a step does. Point is Tavares could easily be effective until he is 35+ because he is not a point producer because of his speed, but because of his strength, shot, high end individual skill and hockey I.Q. If anyone in this fanbase or in upper management is ready to walk away from a deal that would land him here, after the years of trying to find someone just like him, for any reason other than he doesn't want to come here, or the price to get him is simply astronomical and insane to pay by an standards, then I really don't know what to say.
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    Re: Tavares Mr. Lovett, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent responses were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Billy Madison is one of my favorite movies
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    is 537 points in 587 games not a clip under a PPG as I suggested? are the stats exaggerated? Because they equate to 0.91 PPG, if that isn't the epitome of a clip under a PPG then please enlighten me as to how I am classically exaggerating. Although I had a feeling he was close to a PPG player his whole career, I still went and did my homework before making the claim in my original post, perhaps you should have done the same instead of now knowing what the front half of your foot tastes like, unpleasant I imagine.
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    Habs Facebook feed announced that he was not coming back a few minutes ago. Great Habs throughout his carreer. Tied for 2nd in the History for points and 3rd for goals scored. 10 games short from 1000gp. All the best Andrei.
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    I picture you wearing cardigans and sipping expensive brandy scrolling this site from your home library. I'm sure what we imagine a person looks like is nothing like what they actually do though. Here's a pic of me doing my best Pacioretty impression: P.S Hair may have been MS painted on
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    Hockey news came out of their team management rankings, Habs at 27th. Only the Avs, Canucks and wings rank lower. The last comment was on the mark - "Montreal has a good team, but they seem a bit misguided on how to turn it into a great team". And IMO, the only Price makes them a good team with the leaky faucet D and pop gun offence. http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/front-office-confidence-rankings-part-2-fans-weigh-in-on-how-each-team-is-doing
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    getting Giroux while we have this much cap space and possibly get Philly to retain some would be a solid move, using a guy like Galchenyuk to do it would be flat out stupid and a blunder of epic proportion.
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    It would be a hell of a time to offer sheet Draisaitl
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    This team suddenly went from very Russian to not so much Russian. Radulov, Sergachev, Emelin and now Markov gone. I hate seeing Markov gone but at least we don't have to see him in another NHL Jersey. It will be very interesting now to see how that cap space will be used. I think the defense isn't great but it's fine as it is and if somehow an 8 million dollar center fell from the sky this team would be dangerous.
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    990 games. You don't leave at 990 games for any simple reason. Not even money. Doubt we will ever hear the full story. You were one of my favourites to wear the CH, General.
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    That last bit is completely uncalled for, not to mention highly inappropriate. You've been warned about this before.
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    Boy I can hear the pitch forks being sharpened from here.. I love how the Bergevin haters automatically assume this means HE is the designated replacement for Markov, he signed a 1 year 700k contract to come and play big minutes on the top pair and Quarterback the PP, what a failure of a signing, Bargain bin is sniffin the good stuff now....Get a god damn hold of yourselves, and stop breaking a sweat or even letting your temperature rise a degree over a freakin depth signing that means we have a veteran guy who can plug in some minutes on a 3rd pair and play some PP, and probably be in and out of the lineup like Boullion in his last hoorah. We still have 8 mill+ to fix some of the holes on this Roster, can we stop acting like a bunch of Tirading Toddlers in a Walmart about a move that has zero bearing on whether or not we can acquire some solid help to fill those holes?
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    I just spontaneously got excited for next season, having a feeling that Weber was going to be a beast for us on the back end. So I went to check the cost of Habs jerseys and purchased my first ever Habs jersey with a name on the back... Weber's. He gets a lot of hate (he does) but he was our all star last year along with Carey at the game in Los Angeles which I managed to attend. Once I got to the website, I was like do I really want a Weber jersey when there are other options? I've always been a center or wing myself and so I probably would have ended up going with Galchenyuk but Weber's also happened to be on special so I knew it was a sign! I actually did find it funny that the only jerseys on special where I visited were Weber, Pacioretty, Gallagher and Shaw. In one respect, those are some of our leaders but on the other hand, they are players who receive a lot of turbulence. It's like they want more people to have Weber, Gallagher and Shaw jerseys in order to be able to say, "hey they're loved here." I look forward to getting my jersey in the mail. I've never had a red one and red is my favorite color!
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    It is not a matter of putting the costs back in their pocket, it is more of a moral principal, the team will charge you an excessive amount for paper tickets because the of the unnecessary luxury of it for the sake of a souvenir, comes at a great cost to the environment. To deter more senseless environmental abuse going forward, they are somewhat "penalizing your pocket" for penalizing the environment for a luxury, and they deem the cost to this unethical practice is 150$+tax. I would bet they give the proceeds of that extra cost to Environment Protection organizations at the end of the year, as some of the other sports teams have been doing who also charge a fee for this. This is far more about doing something for the environment because you are in a position where you can, rather than trying to mitigate costs of producing paper tickets. Personally i've evolved with the rapid technological advancements, I try to use my phone for every convenience it allows, from online banking to movie ticket purchases to in store purchases. I'm glad I have less mail, i'd rather get a text when a bill is due than opening mail. I'd rather buy a movie ticket on my phone and just walk right in to the show, rather than go wait in line for 15 minutes for a couple pieces of paper that get ripped up anyway. Not only is paperless the right thing to do, it is also hassle free and actually more convenient 99% of the time. This is just another instance where people just need to evolve with the changing times, it is for the better anyway, in many ways.
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    I have lot to say on this, and you hit them all to topic! Thank you. Here is one that has been on my mind and I had read long ago, I finally found the article. In reference to 1 of 5 drafts , now 6 drafts, only 1 centre taken...in the top 2 rounds... Bergevin is 2 months in GM role, but if he had his way and not let his scouts decide, he would NOT have picked that centre .. "....Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin hinted to an audience at the PrimeTime Sports Management Conference , that if it would have been up to him, he would have drafted Rielly third overall that year. Or, if Ryan Murray had been available (he went second to Columbus), it would have been him...." Here is the full article...: https://www.thestar.com/sports/breakaway_blog/2014/11/habs_considered_taking_morgan_rielly_at_third_overall_in_2012.html Perhaps that is issue he is regretting it since and taking it out on Alex Galchenyuk.. It all starts from top download his reactionary decisions are far from proactive! More later... but this has always bugged me and finally found the quote. Take it for what it is worth!
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    Welcome to the new look forum. This is what has caused all the downtime on the site over the last week or so but I believe we should be good to go now. There are still some things being slowly returned via a background install (to avoid any overloads on the server) but I don't think anything of note is missing. There are some new features on here that we'll discover as we go along. As you find new ones, feel free to post them here. A few that I'm aware of: - Embedding media - For tweets in particular, all you should have to do is copy/paste the URL inside the post. It should, within a second or two, convert to the actual tweet. That's better than having to convert to HTML to post tweets like in the past. This should work for YouTube videos and other media (Instagram, Vine, etc) as well. - Replying to partial messages - If you want to reply to only a certain part of a post, you can highlight that text and then a little 'Quote this' bubble will pop up. Click it and a reply will open up with only the part that you highlighted as the quoted text. - The PM system has changed. For starters, notifications are bit more visible - when I logged on I had a notification on the bottom right on the page, just a little bubble that popped up. There are a couple of other tidbits - if you're interested, click here. I'm sure there are many more but I'm in the middle of trying to figure out where things are in an entirely new admin panel. (I did figure out how to upload a certain smiley at least...I can't find a corresponding 'sarcasm off' one though...) If any of you have any questions/comments/feedback, feel free to post those. If you see anything that doesn't look quite right, let me know as soon as possible (and if you can, send a screenshot).
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    After being loaned by Frolunda in Swedish league, Ikonen plays 1st pre-season Finnish league game tomorrow morning. Hopefully he gets lots of icetime this season, is productive and I assume given his summer showcase offense, that he is very likely to play world juniors in Buffalo this X-mas.
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    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
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    The highlights for anyone interested:
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    Hey guys, I know I haven't contributed any posts since the last time i plugged my piece of shit pod cast, but here I am to plug my piece of shit podcast again. Please listen to my shitty podcast, that is shit, and is also spamming you. YO YO YO ITS YOUR BOY
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    pretty sad that the guy using the walker was still the 2nd most important dman on this team, what does that tell ya
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    Dog days? Is that a sign that we need to revive everyone's favourite time-killing summer thread?
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    Hey, that's me! I'll be writing for HabsWorld now. Some of those articles from my blog should make their way on this site. I will put out some more writeups on Ikonen following him through next season.
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    If you want my opinion you haven't been reading my posts critically.
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    Ouch. Words hurt, soupy.
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    I picture much older and grumpier, like you spit soup while you swear and type with ferocity. I made a slight addition/edit to that quote from myself btw lol
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    Mark Streit with Weber. I love it. Just a reminder that if the Habs paid Markov what he wanted and never signed Alzner, we could be looking at Markov - Weber Schlemko - Petry Streit - Benn With PP pairings of Markov - Weber and Streit - Petry. But hey, gotta sign the 7D for Washington in the playoffs for five years.
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    I'm with 29 that good enough is not enough. I don't want a good enough backup, a good enough sixth man, or a good enough assistant coach. And I certainly don't want a good enough first line centre, or a good enough first pairing defenceman. I want a team that gets as close as possible to undeniable contender. We've gone through the "Heart Attack" Habs and now we got the "Good Enough" Habs. I want more.
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    Thank you for your time and service General. I will miss you in the lineup but only hope your future in the KHL is enjoyable. One of my favourite players of the modern era. Sad to see you go but am happy it is to the KHL and not another NHL team. You will always be a Hab and a true Montreal citizen! Hope to see you back for a jersey raising ceremony in the near future! You deserve one! (Not getting into the doom and gloom BS here. thread is titled tribute, not woe is me, shaking my head. so some class fellow posters)
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    What I've gathered from Schlemko's stats is that if he plays at least 20 games, he will definitely score 1 goal.
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    Good luck with that. I think that would of put Habs #1 in d-spending and eat up about 43% of cap on defense. Would you rather pay him, or upgrade forward group? I assume Bergevin is going for a forward instead?
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    The have $8.462 million to spend after this signing. Thats with 23 men on the roster. You can sign Markov, and send Joe Morrow, or Jerabek, or Streit to the minors, and you get their cap hit off the books. Freeing up the same $700k. This move prevents NOTHING.
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    But when dosent score, he sucks, does nothing and is bad captain
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    Even-strength goals in past three #NHL seasons Tarasenko 87 Kane 77 Ovechkin 75 Crosby 74 Marchand 74 Pacioretty 74 Kucherov 71 Tavares 71
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    I definitely understand the skepticism about our defense. I haven't heard anyone say they wouldn't mind having Markov back this year, myself included, but at the same time, early on last season and even years before, it seemed to have been a consensus that we need to limit Markov's minutes in order to have him be effective come playoff time. Now we've reached a point where many are hoping Markov will resign and in my opinion, it's never been as clear as day that he would be resigning to be our top pairing defenseman. Even last year, many went into the season with hope that Beaulieu might be able to grab the bull by the horns and become a respectable #2 alongside Weber. In the back of our minds, many also held the belief that we had Sergachev in the fold to eventually become Markov's replacement. As has been stated, there might be more to be done by MB, but the truth is that we either have Alzner on the top pairing, which still isn't ideal or we have Markov on the top pair, who already a few years ago, needed to have his minutes cut back. This issue never seems to be brought up anymore due to the reality that we have no other choice. Last year, I remember suggesting that Markov should play on the top pairing after Beaulieu didn't pan out and Emelin was spending a bunch of time there; but I never expected for it to continue for years to come. On the complete other side of things, it's true that we acquired some upgrades on defense and perhaps someone we don't expect can play a bigger role than we realize. I think some of those who aren't confident with our defense may see that we have more than we expected once we actually see the players on the ice.
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    In all honesty, everyday when i get home from work. on weekends, every morning when I wake up and probably once more before dinner lol.
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    His job is to find a solution, he's had 6 off-seasons and drafts to do it. 1.) In four of his 5 seasons at the helm, we entered the year with our centre depth being Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller. No change, just kept rolling out those three for 4 straight years. In the fifth year we started with Galchenyuk, Plekanec, Desharnais, and finished with Danault, Plekenac, Shaw. 2.) We were supposed to build through the draft. Top 6 centres come overwhelmingly from the top two rounds. In the top 2 rounds, he's drafted.... Alex Galchenyuk, and then allowed his coaches to use him on the wing constantly and not develop him as a center. Michael McCarron who was a RW both seasons with the US NTDP, was a RW to start his first year in London, and who then Dale Hunter moved to Centre. Even then he never had the offensive potential to be a top 6 guy, something i said from day one of him being drafted. Jacob de la Rose is another player who was best suited as a third/fourth line centre. Ryan Poehling and Joni Ikonen were drafted this year, so maybe one of those is a top 6 centre. To recap... a guy who was supposed to build through the draft, drafted 1 offensive centre, and 1 defensive centre, and 1 guy who converted from wing to centre in the top 2 rounds of his first five drafts. 1 Legit Offense producing prospect at centre. 3.) Traded in those years.... Tyler Seguin, Jason Spezza, Brayden Schenn, Martin Hanzal, Ryan Johansen, Mika Zibanejad, Artem Anisimov, Derick Brassard, Derek Stepan, Eric Staal, Ryan O'Reilly, Ryan Kesler. Other guys are moving by free agency. Movement happens. 4.) Didn't even make an offer to Vadim Shipachyov. The guys agent called the Habs to see if they were interested, we didn't make an offer. I'm tired of excuses as to why in 6 years he can't get it done. Other GMs get centres. There is no reason why Montreal can't.
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    Why does 9 years matter? He hasn't been GM all that time. He was hired one year after Bergevin. He's been in charge for 4 seasons, 5 offseasons..... Bergevin has 5 seasons, 6 off-seasons..... He's made the playoffs 2 of those 4 seasons. Don't know why Nill gets any blame for 5 straight years out of the playoffs before he was hired. Why even mention 7 out of 9 years? Its intellectually dishonest and is merely spin to try and support Bergevin by making Nill look worse (by giving him blame for those 5 years he wasn't part of the team, and was in Detroit?) But what does that 5 straight years missing the playoffs show? He took over a worse team than Bergevin got in a club that in the previous 5 years had gone to the final four, had lost in game 7 OT to a cup champ, and had made the playoffs in 4 of the 5 years. Right now, on paper... I'd take the Dallas Stars over the Montreal Canadiens. Everything on their team, and everything in their system, he's built a better team than we have right now. Starting from a worse position, and making good moves to get a Seguin, Bishop, Spezza, Methot, Hamhuis, etc.... Dallas will contend next year. In 5 offseasons, Nill has acquired 3 centres who would be top 6 players in montreal.... 2 of them would be our #1 centre right now if on the team. He also fixed his goaltending with a two-time Vezina nominee He added Hamhuis, Methot, Heiskanen, and Julius Honka to his defence in a nice mix of picking up youth and solid vets.
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    So here is my main point.....the consensus here judging from your comments, is that Drouin is the better player.....and he was traded by a respected GM in Tampa for a 1st round blue chip defenseman, who hasn't established himself in the NHL yet. The point is.... Sakic is asking for a top 4 D, a first round pick plus a good prospect, for a player debatably not as valuable as Drouin. Insane.