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    No... first we give him the one year deal Then... he explodes offensively and we give him a long term big money deal. Then after that we trade him for an older player with a more onerous contract. As is tradition.
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    man o man.... watching the stanley cup finals media scrums and i couldnt miss PK more so then i do right now... forget who is who on the ice. this guys a dude and we f#$ked up!
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    Ya is probably unwise to spam the forum which is so active discussing countless other topics.
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    Pretty similar - 2017 7th for 2018 7th.
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    Cale Fleury at 87, another D (and someone else we had in our mock to the Habs in the 3rd round).
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    Josh Brook, d-man to the Habs. That's who we had in our mock.
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    got a great name......Dave Schlemko..... just rolls off the tongue......Schlemko
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    Oh come on Radulov's grin is hockey personified lol! As for management bashing.. I'm growing tired of CHaracter. We should get a new motto, schill.
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    Honestly I considered making a thread about this too. Ott is someone I thought might actually come back this season (I know others said the same as well) and his retirement/being named a coach in St. Louis was a bit of a surprise. There aren't a lot of active threads right now and this is news(ish).
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    Fleury http://lastwordonhockeyprospects.com/2017/06/05/cale-fleury-scouting-report/
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    Scouting Report http://lastwordonhockeyprospects.com/2017/04/14/ryan-poehling-scouting-report-2017-nhl-draft-16/
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    Despite what some may think here in our own fanbase, the fact is no matter who is GM here, once a few years start to go by, everything is highly scrutinized on a grand scale. The good moves get tossed aside in conversations and we dwell on the not so good moves vehemently, its the nature of the beast. First lets look around the league and find ONE active GM who has not made a blunder or 2 in the past 5 years in regards to Trades, Contracts, and Drafting. Once that task is complete and we realize there is no such GM lets move on to the next point. Just earlier today I saw Frank Seravalli talking on TSN about how Bergevin is widely regarded by his Peers as one of the most active, and capable GMs in the league. His ability to identify and make moves to fix issues within his roster over the course of the Summer is near the top in the league according to the GM who just won the cup 2 years in a row he said. They underlined the Drouin trade, the manipulation to nearly force Vegas to take Emelin, the very low cost acquisition of a top 6 dman earlier today. Bob Mckenzie is certain Bergevin is all over the phone searching for a top 4 Defenceman and a Center at the right price. Even if he doesn't pull it off, we can still see he has his sights set in the right direction, a direction not many of us would dispute are needs at this point. So lets stop acting like he hasn't made some good moves over the years, lets stop acting like all he does is incompetent ones, lets stop acting like we have missed the playoffs for 5 years straight instead of only the 1 year that we actually did. I look at his body of work, and I know it isn't perfect, but no one's will be, I know he has done a better job than the previous 4 Gms so far. It would seem he is highly regarded by those in his position around the league, all of that means something, It means it could be a lot worse, with very little guaranteeing it could be better. He hasn't screwed this team up to the point of not being competitive, and until he basically makes the wheels fall off we should just give him his chance to build a championship team. There are very good GMs who have been trying to Build Champions for much longer than he has, Bob Murray, Chuck Flethcher, Doug Wilson, Doug Armstrong to name a few. Why should Bergevin not get the same chance as long as he keeps icing a competitive team? Because we are a much more radioactive hockey environment than all the other places those quality GMs work for? Come on now..
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    So 28 pts for a 21yo forward Lehkonen is great. But 28 pts for a 23yo defenseman Beaulieu means nothing ?
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    Even when i defend management, Don is shitting on me.
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    I would think that with post like mine so eminently ignore worthy.. there'd be more appreciation for the move! Thanks for all the great insights on the trade guys!
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    Can the two of you please just put each other on ignore? You don't see eye to eye on most things, that's more than evident. It's starting to get a little too personal though.
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    Id skip the 3rd rounder if that means Nate would play for the knights instead of a division rival...
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    This is a fun thread, but if anyone seriously thinks we can 'quarantine' all potshots at management to a single thread, well, they are taking an over-regulatory approach to human conversation
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    I'm sorry, my brain immediately goes to a hockey version of the Who's on First routine when I see that name. Commentator: "Do you think Evgeny Kuznetsov will pick up the pace this series?" Russian coach: "He vould have more goals, but some not count." Commentator: "Why did they not count?" Russian coach: "Kuznetsov." Commentator: "Yes, Kuznetsov. Why did his goals not count?" Russian coach: "Kuznetsov."
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    I think Lovett was being sardonic...referencing MB's statement a few years ago about Lars Eller being a guy who "helps you win the in the playoffs"
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    The forward Subban played the most minutes against in each series. Toews, Tarasenko, Getzlaf, Malkin. Number of 5v5 goals those four players scored with Subban on the ice = 0 They didn't have anything to say about his defence, so they had to make up a narrative to bash him.
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    What adjustments did the Penguins make. 1) More careful about where the dump ins went. Targetted Josi's side of the ice in the Josi Ellis pairing, while keeping puck away from Rinne as well. 2) Shot gaps on the defenders. 3) Defensively cleared the front of their net and didn't allow Nashville many second chance opportunities in games 5 and 6. But sure, it was the listerine comment that guys like Milbury and Cherry love to harp on.
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    Just for fun why don't you try writing a post--on any hockey subject-- that doesn't include a jab at Bergevin? We all already know that you think he is an idiot, not fit to carry Trader Sam's brief case.
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    I would trade Gallagher+ bit more (maybe Beaulieu) for him, partly because I would prefer to see Galchenyuk signed long term and not traded.
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    NHL reffing is a farce, riddled with arbitrariness and double-standards - and it's especially egregious in the playoffs, where, suddenly, "letting them play the game" means massive and continuous violations of straightforward rules. Nothing new here.
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    If we have a Tavares signes longterm I think it is a good deal. There is allways the chance that Galchenyuk will become almost as good as Tavares but there is a high risk that he is a 50-point forward that coaches dont dare to play at center position. Having Tavares + Price + Weber (I hope he will stay elite for at least 4-5 years) is a fantastic core to build a top contender around and with players like Pacioretty, Lehkonen hopefully Radulov and also Gallagher... It can be a very great 4-5 years to be a habsfan. Losing Chucky and Sergachev is worth this chance in my opinion.
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    Rarely has a team EVER won a playoff game when they've only got 14 or 15 shots on goal. I can't of any other game I've seen. EVERY analyst has said they lost because Of Rinne and that was statistically the worst GAA ever in a playoff game.
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    Rinne maybe shouldve had one or two of those but it also looks like some bad luck bounces on his own dmen. by the way... it is scary that its been so long since the habs has been in a finals that now people here starts cheering as hard for other teams as they do for the habs. Even arguing like the preds actually would be habs in the wrong jerseys... please let us cheer for the team in red, white and blue in the finals soon.
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    Haha I don't believe I've ever seen someone dismiss their own proposal
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    There are 14 preds playing in the Stanley cup finals who played for the farm club. I sincerely believe we don't have a drafting problem as much as a development problem. Why is lefebreve (however it's spelled) being held onto? We need a new development team.
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    No, I meant GDP. I hear the Price deal is going to be in the trillions, and funded through a Fed debt/asset bubble.
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    I agree and I think as it stands, the answer is to play Galchenyuk as a top 6 center and to acquire another top 6 center. I feel as though Julien didn't really think he had a weak top 6 with Danault and Plekanec because of the past success he had with Plekanec as well as all the things he probably heard from his Bruins' players when they faced him. The fact is that while there can be an argument made that neither Plekanec nor Danault should have been in the top 6, I think there's no doubt that both of them should not have been in the top 6 simultaneously. I guess from the coach's perspective Galchenyuk-Danault or Galchenyuk-Plekanec was no better than Danault-Plekanec but I think it is. Galchenyuk scored the game winning goal in overtime in our last regular season game and had 3 points in his last 5 playoff games. He was still producing to an extent. Your statement is the only reason I would ever consider trading him even though I think he'll have a good year. Although I used to think he could be used in a versatile way, he seems to need some consistency.
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    A good news tweet from Reway https://twitter.com/rewy77/status/867906100590497793
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    Call me crazy but are we doing to galchenyuk what the leafs did to kadri early on in his career? the leafs all most blow kadri's career by not developing him probably. But now under mike he has turned into a good two way player. i just see us developing galchenyuk the wrong way much like what the leafs did to kadri.
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    Just when I thought you were about to write a post that didn't trash management, you were amazingly able to sneak a spot for it in there.
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    Until they build a team that can win without Carey being Carey, they will never win. Everyone remembers Thomas becoming a superhero and winning a Conn Smythe. They forget April 21st when the Habs scored four goals and the Bruins had to win 5-4 in OT. They forget that Thomas allowed five goals in each loss to Tampa and one game where Boston had to win 6-5. They just remember the shutouts, and the domination against Philadelphia and Vancouver. Point being, for Thomas to be great, Boston had to be great. They had to be able to score. They couldn't point the finger at their goalie when he allowed four or five in. They had to go ahead and tie the game or else the went home packing. Until Montreal builds a club that can dig Price out when the game gets tough, they will continue to lose like in 2015 to Tampa and 2017 to the Rangers. Series where everyone knows a few more goals as Montreal is in the next round. $6 million, $8 million, $10 million, don't matter. Can they score in the postseason?
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    Another depth Dman. Can't have enough of em, right? Granted, we do have a need on the LD. For a 5th rounder, nothing to worry about here.
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    Great year by a great defenseman; sounds about right
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    So MB didn't want to loose him to Vegas for nothing...a third round pick is basically nothing. If he was here perhaps Vegas would have picked him thus we wouldn't loose Hudon or someone else for nothing. His value would have been higher after the expansion draft because whoever traded for him would have to protect him. I'm not sad that he is gone it just seems like MB didn't think this through.
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    How many other teams are offering Vegas similar things though? They have a large pool to select from and Plekanec at 6 million may not be the most attractive of those options. This type of thing is new to me but it seems as though a lot of fans are looking at it from a Habs-centric point of view.
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    In chronological order, I am still pissed at Sam Pollock for retiring early which led to the loss of Scotty Bowman and to Grudman. Grudman- not drafting Savard; Langway trade Savard- Chelios trade; slyvian turgeon trade; the trade for Recchi. Houle the fool: for the Roy trade and almost everything he did with the sole exception of drafting Markov Gainey- Koivu, Gomez and Mcdonagh The Ghost- dragging the franchise into even more disrepute than Houle and giving the Squid away for the waste of space known as Rene Bourque Bergevin for not getting more in the Subban trade and not getting a centre
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    Glad to hear that MB is hard at work addressing our most glaring need. All he has to do is sign 2 more like Martinson and we're all set. We can have 3 solid lines of 4th liners.
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    In my opinion Tavares is a top 5 center in the league and if this team is in "win now" mode, you throw the world at the Islanders to acquire him. We can't complain that Bergevin hasn't acquired a top center and then complain about the cost to get one. The Habs would be very scary with JT in the lineup next year
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    How about Weber and Shaw for Klefbom Draisaitl? Would such to not have a number 1 defenseman though .