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    I usually make these but this beauty came from reddit
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    I can’t see anything fixed with this team until the biggest problem - it’s management is fixed. I had to hold off posting anything after yesterday’s ridiculous press conference. Is there anyone actually left that supports that moron MB???
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    This is great news! The code has been cracked! We can continue to use Benn on first pair and expect excellent break out passes with a little better attitude. The exciting news is that we haven't seen the real Schlemko yet either so expect elite break out passes from him as well. MB was so close but just missed it with Character...What we really needed was ATTITUDE. What really gets me excited is Molson declaring how much better the food will be next year as well. The fans were upset this year and grumbled a lot and SURELY this was due to sub par hotdogs. I for one am excited about a better fan experience. We were 30th in scoring this year but that was due to Price having an off year. Price needs a better attitude and he will score more goals next season. We are on the right track, we shipped out the player with the worst attitude already. Subban hated to win and would never do what it takes to succeed. They were right about Galchenyuk too! that scrub does not have the proper attitude to play centre and he never will. May as well ship him out and laugh at the team that tries to play him there. Attitude has nothing to do with the coach however, I mean what do we expect CJ to do with such a sorry lot? I did not expect much from this presser but holy crap this was the worse one ever. MB is a delusional egomaniac and Molson is a buffoon for continuing to believe in him. Bring on the new batch of bottom pairing Dmen and bottom six forwards. This is a farce and I truly can't believe what has happened to our team. Everything lies on this years draft and hoping Tavares takes a big paycheck from us. God help us all
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    Now that the Habs have officially been eliminated, time to pay off that 100 dollar Donation bet. You can make that out to the wounded warriors project. The link is below. support.woundedwarriorproject.org/Donate‎ You can make that in the name of Chris Hansen, If you need more info let me know, you can cut and paste the receipt on the thread. Thanks
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    Good choice I will do before the end of the regular season...
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    Nashville has acquired two legitimate top-6 C over the same span in which Bergevin has been moaning about it being "too tough" to get a top-6 C. I love how he tries to present himself as the voice of sagacity versus us ignorant fans, when HE is entirely responsible for taking a very good team and turning it into a steaming pile of dogsh*t.
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    It's almost difficult to be excited by this news since it's something that should have been done quite some time ago. While it's certainly welcome news, the incompetence that allowed him to be part of the Canadiens development system well past his sell by date is quite depressing.
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    It’s funny when you think about it. When talking about Alzner, Bergevin refers to how many people thought Chara was too slow a few years ago and it turns out he was just tired. His comment about Alzner is then that perhaps he was just tired this year, implying that he may not be too slow for the league. The topic later changes to our centers and one of the names that comes up is Eric Staal. Bergevin then states that it looked like he was done a few years ago. First he defends Chara and states that he wasn’t actually over the hill and that we can’t go by what people say in that respect. He also says that Alzner may have just been tired this year, sardonic or not. He then comments that Staal looked over the hill and everyone was saying the same thing. Why couldn’t Staal have been “just tired”?
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    2015-16 the team had the worst goaltending in hockey. I discount it from my calculations when it comes to assessing the Trade. For me, in terms of Subban-Weber, the real comparators are 2015 and 2017. Both teams had Price. And what 2017 showed was that the Trade did not solve any actual problem and did not improve the team at all. With Subban in 2015, the team got to the second round, but struggled to score, and the PP was all too predictable as everything was funnelled to Subban's boomer. In 2017, the team lost in the first round and struggled to score, and the PP was all too predictable as everything was funnelled to Weber's boomer. Indeed, the 2017 team was much more erratic than the 2015 team, melting down midseason and only righting the ship after firing the coach, only to crap out in round one. So even at the mythical level of 'leadership' the team showed zero improvement. In fact, on balance, it did worse, both in the regular season and playoff. So Bergevin's big coup accomplished less than nothing. And it's been all downhill since then. Meanwhile, of course, Nashville has taken a huge step forward. Now people will spring up and say that the trade had nothing to do with that. But all I know is that if the Habs had made the finals and then finished first overall, Bergevin's defenders would be clicking their heels and crediting the trade as a major contributor to that result. The trade was dumb and Nashville was the big winner. No other way to spin it.
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    LA ended up losing to the Ducks in overtime last night, priming an interesting ending to Kings Watch coming up. LA is 1 point up on Anaheim, but Anaheim has 1 game in hand. But due to a weird scheduling quirk, Anaheim and LA have the exact same opponents in their next 3 games but the Kings play each team in LA the night after Anaheim plays them. So the Kings end the season with 3 home games, all against teams playing their 2nd game in 2 nights after they face the team LA is trying to keep from passing them. Basically: the Kings better not #### this up.
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    Did you read my entire post? "- He is given more defensive zone starts than Ozone starts. He's given a bigger percentage of Defensive Zone starts than any defenceman on his team and bigger than both of the other two finalists. He put up over 60 points, despite his deployment as the top shut down pair, while the Josi/Ellis duo is used for more offensive deployment at 5v5 - Despite the fact he is used in a far defensive deployment, he still is a positive Corsi player, and has a positive relative Corsi as well. - Despite the fact he is used in that defensive deployment, he is neck and neck with all the other defence in points... yes he's 8th, but there is very little separation from 1st to 8th... He's 9 points off John Carlson, but just 4 points off Hedman and 3 on Doughty. - His d-zone starts is, by a big margin, the highest of any of the top 15 defencemen in scoring." All of that goes to why he is a deserving nominee.... Add in the fact that he leads the league (tied with Hedman) in Primary points as MOLG pointed out.... and yes, he deserves the nomination. I still think Hedman wins the award.
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    And it sounds like an actual firing, not a promotion to the NHL.
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    I have been saying for years that given the language constraints around the head coach that the Canadiens must do a better job of developing internal replacements
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    What a relief to see that this was finally done - it was only about four years too late but it has finally happened. Now if the rest of the bench staff can be let go, that would be nice.
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    Apologies to Machine of Loving Grace... in a just world your thread (made first) would have gotten all the replies.
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    It took six years to figure that out. Wow.
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    The team i see that should be 100% interested in Pacioretty? The Philadelphia Flyers. Dominant first line, tons of young D, need a second line to score for them. My ask.... St. Louis 1st round pick, Morgan Frost, and one of their LHD prospects.
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    Last night against Philly Crosby slammed his stick because he was pissed about the outcome of the game. My question is, does Bergevin look at this as a bad “attitude” or good? I feel as though he’d call it whatever he wants if it fits his narritive. On the one hand he could say the vets need to be more composed and professional. That would instill confidence in the team. On the other, he could say the players need to “hate to lose”. As he had before. My opinion? It’s all a pretty bullshit, semantic premised mantra. Speed, skill and hockey IQ win games. Sure you need to care, but they pretty much all care enough in the NHL. CH and ATTITUDE sound more like an excuse to me. Radulov was once looked at like a shit character. All it actually meant was he was very skilled and not a “good Canadian Don Cherry boy.” My point? 95% of people who make it to the show have enough character. That’s down to drafting. Once they make it, it’s all about skill and the current game of hockey. CH and attitude is 90% an excuse, with only a shred of truth. MB needs a reality check and the ability to admit his faults. Seriously. His main fault is not admitting and leading from his failures. Sadly I feel it may take getting fired for MB to put his ego aside. He might actually become a pretty good GM for a couple decades. I few he is liked by his team, but too set on his own ways. Lets hope that despite his press conference, he actually recognizes his faults more, and compensates for them. If not, we’ll be signing more character Alzers for too much term and money. I have 1/10 confidence MB can do it. He’s shown shreds of competency. But he has so much work to do. Go Habs go. May the hockey gods bless us Dahlin. P.S. Sticks out for Humboldt
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    Amen, brother. The fact is that Therrien never liked Subban, and Bergevin was always skeptical about him, as the refusal to lock him up as an RFA demonstrated. The reports that Bergevin had the gall to then be "furious" that Subban grabbed him by the nuts and twisted during the post-bridge deal contract negotiations - even though everyone and his dog knew that this would happen, as it was, indeed, the logical result of Bergevin hard-balling him on the bridge deal - suggest that MB's dislike of PK was solidified or confirmed at that point. He was as good as gone at that moment IMHO. The trade had absolutely nothing to do with hockey, and everything to do with the egos of blinkered old-boys upset that PK declined to bow and scrape and kiss their arses. We should have kept PK and dumped those turds right then and there.
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    I dig your optimism.
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    In other words - come April 28 - all of you HW faithful better wear your lucky hat and jersey, and be prepared to do a little dance because it's raining Dahlin for the next 18 years!
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    Most importantly, has he had ANY connection with the Blackhawks organization?
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    Sure is a good thing Bergevin brought in all that "leadership" GOD, what an idiot.
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    I was under the impression that I was being named GM in this hypothetical scenario and I had to fix the Habs. Lefebvre would be the first one fired... it went without saying.
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    Sign Nick Holden Sign Paul Stastny Trade Pacioretty + draft pick for Jeff Carter Before I hear how old he is, we’re basically the youngest team in the league. Sign James Neal/JVR Neal - Carter - Gallagher Galchenyuk - Stastny - Drouin Hudon - Danault - Scherbak Deslauriers - Shaw - Lehkonen Holden - Weber Alzner - Petry Mete - Reilly/Schlemko Price Niemi
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    Repeating unsubstantiated rumours from montreal is rarely productive.
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    Yep, we'll know the placement of Chicago's 2nd and Edmonton's 4th tonight, and the placement of Toronto's 2nd, Washington's 2nd, and Winnipeg's 4th by the end of the playoffs. Edit: Chicago's 2nd will be 38th OA, Edmonton's 4th will be 102nd OA
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    I just want things to change, man.
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    Uses aged gouda on a brioche loaf, with garlic herb butter and a whole lot of love. Meanwhile Weber uses stale bread that was on sale at the grocery store and Kraft single slices of "cheese". And he doesn't flip it in time so it burns
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    King's Watch is over...
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    0 for the Habs 2 for the coyotes. 4 for the Sens. = Perfect week
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    Maybe a better way to put it is to say that the team should have been prioritizing C in the draft. Of course, this would represent a deviation from the 'BPA' principle. Conversely, defenders of BPA always say that you later trade from areas of strength to address areas of weakness. So in a sense the problem is that the Habs have failed to do this properly. We've shown some strength in drafting elite defencemen over the years. And instead of using that strength to fix the hole at C, we -traded one elite D prospect to get Gomez (right idea, horrible execution), -traded a young elite D for an older elite D (pointless lateral move at best), -and traded an elite D prospect for a W whom we prayed could transition to C (wing and a prayer move). In effect we've squandered our area of drafting strength by bungling all these D trades. Add to that the misuse of Galy, and the problem perhaps lies in player development and asset management more than in drafting per se.
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    Every single team in the league has a long list of players that it passed up in the draft, in favour of inferior players or outright busts. So that kind of cherry-picking is not the right way to assess a team's player evaluation. The assessment has to go by cumulative numbers (e.g., totals games played by picks, that sort of thing). That said, the team's inability to draft even top-6 C (let alone an elite C) since the Tomas Plekanec draft...is pretty strange. You'd think we'd hit on one just by the law of averages.
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    Seven replies to a GDT...the Habsworld equivalent of all those empty seats at the Bell Centre.
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    Horrible showing for a must-lose game. Very well played. Sickening.
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    That still doesn't address the fact that its only in hindsight of what Galchenyuk has become that we can say we should have traded the pick for an existing NHL centre. But if we are going to play the hypothetical game, who is to say that the centre we acquire doesn't suddenly go all scott gomez on us and forget to score after we acquire him? Who is to say that Galchenyuk doesn't become a star with different development in another organization? I mean its all fine to say 5 years later that we should have made some hypothetical move that none of us even know was available... it doesn't mean it would have worked out.
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    On one hand, I'm glad to see Price isn't hurting The Tank. On the other hand, I am ####ing horrified that Price isn't hurting The Tank.
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    You mean, like Subban for Weber?
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    Nazem Kadri for example #2.
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    http://www.tankathon.com/nhl We just went #1! (on the fourth try)
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    He scored 20 goals once. Otherwise his totals were 12, 9, 15, 14, 12, and currently 10. Two 30 point seasons and a 29 point season so that's a little more fair. Paying $4M for Victor Rask makes sense because he's had 40 points twice as a 6'2" centre. He got it after a 48 point season where he looked like a budding top six centre. That made sense. Shaw got $23.4 million at $3.9M a year after a 34 point season and cost 2 second round picks despite the Blackhawks having to trade him because they had no cap space to pay him at the time. Grunt? Nah. Legit top nine? Yes, but not a legit top six, meaning he's a third liner. His offensive stats are pretty similar to Matt Cooke, actually. I would rather not pay a premium in two second round picks for a third line agitator who should only have 5 goals and 13 points but Julien has decided to play him on the powerplay this season at an average of two seconds per game less than Brendan Gallagher. He also had 7 points on the PP last season, which with Radulov and Gallagher on the right side he never should have seen a second on the PP.
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    You have seen delaRose play haven't you? You have seen Galchenyuk serve up gift wrapped scoring chances for him, that didn't end up in goals. delaRose has 250+ pro games under his belt, he is what he is, a good sized, strong skating checker...with hands of stone and very little offensive upside.
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    I'd rather have Adam Verbeek and his speed, grit and shot. But not his 100+ minor penalties per season.
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    The ax is going to fall on assistants and Laval. That can be interpreted as any or all. I guess they are just going to get murdered instead of dismissed? You really need to remove the stick up your butt about every detail that isn't to your satisfaction but is easy to understand if you're not looking for something to correct. You're sounding like Craig.
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