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    I do a lot with the Youngstown Phantoms of the USHL. I don’t know the set up for the league you might billot for - in the USHL the players often have their own transportation. But I would say this - for the players - it’s about the food. I’m not sure the hosts were paid enough to feed the players properly. That said - if your family loves hockey and feeds well and is basically sociable with teens (not too involved, not too distant) - then it’s an awesome thing to do. The players will be respectful and appreciative (unless you get a real dud - but I found those are rare) and you’ll create a friendship that will last for decades. (Unfortunately, Curtis Hall, a good kid I became friends with got drafted by the Bruins in the 4th round - i can’t easily root for him anymore) you can always message me if i can help more. Overall - if the transport is figured out and you feed well and are appropriately sociable .... GO FOR IT!!!!
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    I guess this is a relevant topic on the hockey forum, has anyone been a billet family for a player before? We’ve been asked by a friend who coaches a AAA 15U team if we’d host one of their players for the season. It’s quite a responsibility, but it might be good to expose my son to the work/dedication of a top tier player, too. My son will be a competitive squirt goalie next year. Just curious is anyone has any any experience either first hand or known anyone they’d billeted.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Transportation is mostly accommodated, a lot will depend on which school he attends. I was initially a “no”, while my wife has been for it. I think I’m starting to sway a little bit towards the yes. We have the room, we have the money to afford any extra food. I know we’d get paid, but as you said, it’s more a supplement amount and not something that would cover all expenses. It could definitely make for an interesting hockey season coming up!
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    Our Biggest, Most Comprehensive Draft Review Ever http://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/06/24/2018-nhl-draft-grades/
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    I beg to differ. Ovechkin - Danault - Kucherov Benn - Plekanec- Kane Marchand - De la Rose - Laine Gaudreau - 58 years old Guy Carbonneau - Tarasenko
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    Because they never would have got him? Assuming the KHL team would have let him out of his contract (despite having no logical reason to do so), Markov would have had to gone through entry waivers where any team could have claimed him for free. Someone would have claimed him and the Habs still wouldn't have had Markov (and Markov wouldn't have gotten his wish to return to Montreal so neither side would have been happy). It would have made zero sense for that to have happened. Conveniently, in his rush to post this to Twitter on Friday, the author of that tweet conveniently neglected all of this. If they want to work something out now and the KHL team is open to releasing him from the second year of his deal (a fact that is conveniently neglected in the article that went up yesterday), sure. There's no entry waivers at this point of the season so why not? Once the season starts though, it's no longer a feasible option (something that any somewhat-respectable hockey writer already should know). But hey, it makes for good click bait...
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    The point is that Bergevin inherited a strong hand and utterly misplayed it. Gauthier may not have been great, but he nonetheless handed off an organization with very good pieces. As Commandant effectively documents. My only addition to Commandant's account would be that in addition to failing to secure that elusive #1C, Bergevin also had absolutely no succession plan for two key veterans: Plekanec and Markov. Once Pleks hit his best-by date, and once Markov was done, the team was crippled at C and LD. That these players would need to be replaced within the foreseeable future was a fact that would have been obvious to any forward-thinking GM. He did nothing, zero, zilch to address the matter (instead he flailed around chasing chimeras like "leadership"). That failure, more than anything else, explains why a team that was knocking on the door in 2014 and should be in its Cup window right now instead regressed into oblivion. Sheer, egregious neglect and incompetence. And this is the boob whom we're trusting to rebuild the franchise.
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    Gauthier really didn't leave a "mess" He left the team with a young #1 goalie, a young #1 defenceman, and a young #1 LW... all of whom were already producing in the NHL and a #3 overall pick He also had an Elite LHD, and very strong #2 centre who could play against top lines and a #3 centre with size and good defensive game. The #2 C and #1 LHD were in their prime (and are now old). In the minors he had a player who would emerge as a top 6 RW in Gallagher and a pair of 1st round defencemen who would ultimately fail. Most came in the Gainey era except Markov (Houle), Plekanec (Savard) and Eller (Gauthier) so Gauthier only added one of the good pieces (and Beaulieu, Tinordi). Gauthier had to go cause he was on his way to ruining the potential we had, but was moved out early enough that the next GM had the chance to build a contender. The next GMs biggest job was getting a number 1 centre. What did he do? - Drafted a kid at 3 who should have been that top C, then allowed his coach to play him on wing for 4 years. Then he did this with his top 3 centre spots - Went into the 2012-13 season with Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller - Went into the 2013-14 season with Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller - Went into the 2014-15 season with Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller - Went into the 2015-16 season with Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller - Went into the 2016-17 season with Galchenyuk finally at Centre, Desharnais, Plekanec, (Danault started on the fourth line and eventually emerged). - Went into the 2017-18 season with Drouin, Danault, Plekanec Only now do i finally see a coherrent plan to address the position and its through building with Kotkaniemi and Poehling. It took him until his 6th off season in charge before he even tried to make a change at Centre (Drouin, drafting Poehling) and then into his 7th to get another kid in Kotkaniemi. He has completely and utterly failed this team over his tenure, and I have no confidence in his ability to rebuild it. We are in a much worse position than when he took over.
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    Wow our standards are low right now. "We didn't make any stupid trades or signings. A!"
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    Ok let me try it like this.. Alternate Reality #1: Bergevin stands at the podium today and claims he is rebuilding, He doesn't sign any impact UFAs long term, ends up trading away anyone not locked long term who carries value, and is icing a young fast team he hopes finish bottom 10 to give us good leverage at the draft next year where we already hold 9 picks. Clearly the start of a rebuilding/re-tooling process. Alternate Reality #2: Bergevin stands at the podium today, and claims we are a playoff team, hopes the young guys can offer the veterans a good push to have a rebound year. Doesn't sign any marquee UFAs long term, trades Pacioretty, Byron, Benn, Schlemko and anything else not locked with term for more picks and prospects. Clearly the start of a rebuilding/re-tooling process Actual Reality: Bergevin stood at the podium today and refused to label what he is doing with a word, However he didn't put much effort into signing or trading for any marquee players with term today. Word is he might be signing 22 year old Duclair as a young project, He claims he wants a young, fast, competitive team, who will try to compete for a playoff spot. He is likely going to trade Pacioretty, Byron, Benn, and Schlemko by the trade deadline, some even before the season starts probably. Clearly the start of a rebuilding/re-tooling process. I am sure you can see what all 3 scenarios have in common, regardless what reality, regardless what he calls it or says about it, what he is doing is fairly obvious to see, and that's what matters, not the smoke and mirrors of the words spoken in the media, but the actual actions being taken. I see a GM who was not committed in the slightest to beefing this team up during the summer for a futile run next season. But a GM who is committed to youth, patience, and trying to use his cap space in another meaningful way to help stockpile yet another draft with double digit selections.
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    Cap Space can be a valuable asset in the NHL, and the Habs have a ton of it. The Habs should not use that cap space in free agency, looking for short-term fixes, but instead, use it to fuel a rebuild and acquire additional young assets. Here is how. The Montreal Canadiens Off-Season: Using Cap Space to Speed Up a Re-Tool http://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/06/28/the-montreal-canadiens-off-season-using-cap-space-to-speed-up-a-re-tool/
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    Where are the Stats for the top 2 centers Attitude and Character ratings?
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    You do me an injustice in one specific sense , which is thinking that I hated the Subban deal just because I loved Subban, period. In fact, had we moved Subban to address an actual (as opposed to make-believe) problem - i.e., trading him in order to improve the team - I'd have regretted seeing him go, but no way would I have been hurling anathemas at Bergevin. Instead of that kind of intelligent, purposeful trade, however, what we got was at best a pointless lateral move. The issue is what the trade revealed. I'd thought Bergevin was a new-school guy who understood how the game was going. Nope. That trade revealed him to be a GM who was locked into ossified, old-school, old-boy bullshit; of not liking Subban because he was brash instead of being a Good Old Boy; of thinking that because Weber is Big and Strong and because he is a LEADER he must axiomatically be a better player than a guy who can actually run the offence and plays a three zone game; of ignoring Weber's advancing age; of paying zero attention to advanced stats; and above all of caring more about his own ego and that of a coach he would soon fire anyway, than making the team better. I was appalled, because I know the team will never win anything with that kind of Don Cherry mindset at the helm. So it's not about that trade per se; it's about what that trade showed us about Marc Bergevin. Now back to your regularly scheduled cheerleading
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    I’ve seen this said twice now but why is it okay for him to play in Siberia/Russia but not in Canada or USA? Are the rules different there? Is it just because he would be in far away land? Is it because we don’t want him to make money, with a higher salary in the NHL? I’ve been asked such ludicrous questions in this thread such as how I would feel if it were my daughter. I’ve also been labeled a supporter of wife beating, which completely makes me disregard the opinion of those people, considering they are also wrong on their judgemental vision of who I am. I’ll I turn the tables and ask this. What would Voynov’s wife want? Does she want him to be able to play in the NHL? Considering they are still together, I’m sure she would like him to be as successful as he can be. Her opinion is more important than yours. But that’s right. I hear it now. It doesn’t matter what she wants. It doesn’t matter that she stayed with him. It doesn’t matter that he never did it again. One thing that seems very difficult and foreign for some fickle fans on here to understand is that I support players who wear the Montreal Canadiens Jersey. From Sergei Samsonov to PK Subban, to Shea Weber, to Sven Andrighetto, to Michael Ryder, to Erik Cole, I tend to love players while they are on our team. The same people who are judging Voynov here are the same ones who make fun of players while they are on our very team. You will never catch me perpetually making fun of a Habs player while they are on the team. In that sense and in only that sense, I wouldn’t be crying river if the Habs got a 35-40 point player in Voynov. I repeat, foreign concept to those who love to hate players on our own team. If that means I support wife beating in your twisted world, keep saying that out loud. But it’s completely inaccurate. As fans, it’s not up to us to decide who should be and shouldn’t be allowed to play in the league. Some people are treating me like I am the general manager. If Voynov doesn’t get through his legal matters and sign in the NHL, I wouldn’t bat an eye.
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    If that doesn't work, Bergevin could always try this again:
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    As promised, here is my grade/overall evaluation of the draft. This wound up being a whole lot longer than I originally anticipated... http://www.habsworld.net/2018/06/grading-the-2018-draft-class/
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    Tremendous work honestly, and a great read, the grading seemed very fitting of how I felt the teams did as well.
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    Unless the Habs picked Zadina, their pick would be called a reach ... and then Zadina falls. Round 1 - we didn’t make the splash of Detroit or the Icelanders, but then again, we only had the 1 pick. The pick was early and the Habs played it smart. Round 2 is the difference making round for us. Go Habs Go!
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    Good job for LWOS getting a plug from Sportsnet. Can't wait to see the next garbage pick from Ottawa.
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    We took the plunge and will be housing a teen this year. Curious to see how it goes!
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    Lottery protected for 2019 no protection in 2020 if they don't give the 2019 pick
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    God bless you for even considering it. Its never an easy decision to bring someone into your home for an extended period of time. It’s a major undertaking and hopefully the kids values and appreciates it. That being said, if you get yourself a good kid I can almost guarantee you it will help you child in the long run. Having a role model to emulate can be very rewarding.
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    The Habs already have 147 Duclairs under contract, signing this one isn't going to change the outlook one way or another.
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    This could be a tough arbitration for a lot of teams. Calgary has Lindholm. Minnesota has Dumba and Zucker. All the Rangers but especially Spooner. Stone in Ottawa. Karlsson and Miller in Vegas. Hellebuyck and Trouba in Winnipeg. Gotta say, Marko Dano has some guts to ask for arbitration. "I'm a draft bust and I demand compensation!"
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    More of this please!!! We’ve been through hell since ‘93. Mgmt finally ponies up for a proper rebuild and everyone behaves as though they just lost a testicle in a cleaver fight. Sit back. It’s a process that most of us as true hockey fans will actually enjoy.
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    This is why we stop with this retool every two years and just blow it up and rebuild
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    I will not give the Leafs a Cup under any circumstances. I'll die first.
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    Lehkonen Kotkaniemi Ylonen Ikonen & Armia. Sudden shift from Russian to Finnish..
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    Anyone has a chance to play center this year. With Tavares out, seemingly this move is for Statsny, ROR trade falling through, Bozak is the remaining center i'm aware of who has played top 6 minutes How many wingers can one team have? This year is lose for hughes
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    25 years of just get in and we have a chance Its not working Try more than just get in
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    When on earth did I say I hated Drouin? The point of my post was that the Habs would be a much better team today if they had had the patience and the wherwithal to develop their talent and keep the talent they developed. The wider point in fact supports your distaste for tanking (which is why your indignation here is misplaced). The Habs are not contenders for many reasons, but 'failing' to tank is not one of those reasons. Trading prospects and young players in search of quick fixes and shibboleths like 'leadership' *is.*
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    For sure we had a chance to beat the Rangers. Just like most first-round losers "have a chance." But we didn't beat them, did we? I prefer to focus on the result rather than some theoretical possibility that might have happened, if, y'know, the players had been just a little bit better. My attitude to the 2017 season was that MB had (like the dumbass he is) traded away our best player for a significantly older and not-quite-as-good player on the grounds that this mystical LEADERSHIP would somehow make the difference in the crunch. The team subsequently crapping out in the first round, doing worse than 2015 while manifesting exactly the same problems it had manifest two years ago - despite having added Radulov! - any last lingering faith in Bergevin's acumen was gone as far as I was concerned. The proof's in the pudding, and that pudding is basically dogsh*t. How many years of this futility is enough? This was Year Six of Bergevin the Unready. When is enough? 10 years? 12? 15? When do we stop holding Bergevin's wang and instead start demanding that he put together a team that can actually seriously compete for a Stanley Cup? That's my problem with the RAH RAH crowd. They're classic Ballard Leafs fans, happily hooting along as the franchise burbles along being putrid. And turds like Bergevin and Molson laugh all the way to the bank.
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    Spare me the celebration of a first round exit at the hands of a non-contending team. I have as little time for the RAH RAH FOR MEDIOCRITY crowd as I do for those 82-0 folks. In fact, at least the latter group have high standards. So i'll give them the edge.
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    In three NHL seasons, Panarin's lowest point total is 74. Pacioretty's highest in ten NHL seasons in 67. Panarin's coming off a point-per-game season away from Chicago and carried his line. Pacioretty is coming off of his worst season in years, didn't carry his line, and is older. They are really not that close to being equal.
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    It’s funny how silent all of those “Tavares wants to sign here because of Price and Weber”, “how do you know Tavares doesn’t want to sign here - he’s always liked Montreal” have become.
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    Its sad that the point of why Voynov should be treated like a floating turd in a pool has to even be discussed. He is a garbage human being, crossing a line that should never be crossed, and no he does not deserve to make a living in the NHL, and he especially should not be tarnishing a storied franchise's reputation by being part of it in any way, shape, or form. I'd rather hear we are going to promote Marc Bergevin to President of Hockey Operations than hear we are even entertaining the idea of bringing in Voyonov
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    Here is what I'd do at this point 1) Trade Pacioretty. Get a LHD prospect and a 2019 first 2) Sign Plekanec to a one year deal. Trade him again at the deadline. 3) Stars are up against the cap and obviously big game hunting in the tavares sweepstakes. I think even if they don't get Tavares they will want to do something big. Habs say you need to clear space for Tavares. We will take Spezza if you add in a pick. - Play Spezza on first line, heavy offensive zone starts, lots of PP time. Boost his stats, ... retain salary and deal him at the deadline for picks/prospects. 4) Take Ennis and a Pick from the Wild, bury him in the minors. 5) Deal Jordie Benn and David Schlemko and Paul Byron and anyone else you can get picks for. 6) Put Weber on the market, ask for a kings ransom. If you take him into the season because of his injury issue last year people want to see him healthy, then take it into the season. Use all that cap space to your advantage and load up on 2019 picks. We are frozen out of the Tavares race..... Stastny, Bozak, O'Reilly??? meh, none are good enough to turn this ship around. Might as well blow it all up.
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    There is no context where it is any sort of good idea to allow a shit stain like Voyonov to stink up a sports franchise, much less ours. Who cares about his point totals, and what he can do on the ice, its not all about what happens on the ice. This is a sport, a professional sport, it should hold integrity and project decency by any who practice it, anything less is a poor example to the general public and a direct reflection of the values you live by. In this case, Character does indeed win over Talent, MB should stick to the f####n program.
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    Hey, you support wife beaters... good for you. I'm not going to support him. #### him and anyone else who hits a woman. Gutless puke.
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    He put her in the hospital. The guy is a despicable human being. I am ashamed of any person who says they want him on their team.
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    The thing with trades is that it takes two teams to agree on the deal. Do we think Bergevin didn't inquire about those players at all? Swoop in and make Carolina take the deal? We should hire Habs29 to be GM.
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    I haven't laughed so hard at a post on this site in a while. Thanks, Saku! I believe it was Habs29 who urged the Habs to swoop in on Carolina and see if we couldn't profit from their confusion. He lives in Calgary, so I guess the Flames got the memo instead.
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    Not gonna pretend I know much about our picks from Romanov down... but I’m of the belief that our fans would be complaining either way! we draft koky and we complain it’s not Hughes, draft Hughes we complain it wasn’t zadina, draft zadina we complain it wasn’t tkachuck and so on and so forth... He was never gonna get it right... Heres hoping Romanov turns into Andrei Markov 2.0...
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    Tavares said money wasn't the top consideration, winning the cup in the next 3-5 years is. I doubt habs are on the list
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    Looks like a solid trading of skill for character - Canes win due to increase in character
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    So a game where he got 2 assists and was the probably the best player on the ice?
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    Generally speaking, the easiest way to figure it out is to look at who shoots with what hand. Most of the time, that answers the question as to which side they play. That lines it up roughly like this: Mete - Weber Alzner - Petry Benn - Juulsen Schlemko Reilly They've tried to play Benn and Schlemko - both lefties - on the right side with limited success. In terms of others that could be in the discussion, Brett Lernout (RH) and Rinat Valiev (LH) are both waiver-eligible next season and could get a long look at training camp as a result. I suspect at least one of Benn or Schlemko will be moved at some point this offseason, partly with that in mind.
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    I don't think we should be arguing that Domi sucks, or even that Galy is the better-goal scorer, as if goals count for more than play-making. This is a classic rhetorical trap, exactly the same sort of trap that was set for critics of the Subban trade, who were accused of hating Weber. In fact they merely argued that Subban was a better overall player and was almost four years younger, and that the trade made zero sense because it solved zero problems. As subsequent events have proved 100% correct in every respect. There IS a legitimate concern about whether Domi is damaged goods. But assuming he's physically fine, the trade is not bad because Domi is a POS player. Rather it is bad because -Galy has a higher ceiling than Domi, a significant consideration when you're talking about two young players; -the trade is therefore at best a lateral move for the Habs; in other words, completely pointless, even as we bear all of the risk in the deal; -Arizona happily plans to use Galy at C. This suggests that we fans are not the only ones who believe Galy's usage in Montreal was completely asinine; and if they're right, we just traded away a top-6 C for a LW, which would represent one of the single dumbest positional moves in the history of this organization; -even if Galy is not a C, this trade is a LW-for-LW deal, an absolutely baffling failure to move the asset to address the gaping positional holes on the team. There is no need to be drawn into a discussion about goal-scoring EXCEPT in the context of arguing that Domi is damaged goods and can't shoot the puck.
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    If that's the case then all we have left is to hope that day does come soon, for all our mental well being, we have to hope that day does come where Molson can look Bergevin in the eye and say.. And we, the tortured fanbase driven to madness by years of confusing acts we could not comprehend at the time, get to finally celebrate the final reveal of the Grand Bergevin Plan. Our minds broken from years of abuse, we could celebrate and be proud we survived our journey through madness.. That is the only hope we have left.... Its all we have left....ITS ALL WE HAVE LEFT!!!!!............. sorry I think the madness has begun to set in