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    Well, obviously he'd be acquired to play center.
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    Kovalev elbow on Tucker memorial month.
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    I was actually listening to a Craig Custance podcast with Lawrence Gilman, who used to be the Canucks A.GM, and was hired by the league to help with the expansion draft rules. Basically, GMs made rules... and then he did an excercise where he looked at every team, looked at who they were likely to protect and projected what the rules would mean and what Vegas would look like. He mentioned a few things. 1) the original draft of the rules was even more generous to vegas. It required teams to put a certain amount of salary exposed, it would have made them even better as better players were exposed. The process he went through made the rules tougher on Vegas. 2) McPhee started to make his deals with teams at the trade deadline. This really helped them. These deals were registered with the league, but not announced. This was so if a GM got fired between the end of the season and the expansion draft, the deal would still be in place with the new regime. 3) One thing Gilman said would really hurt Vegas would be teams trading away players prior to expansion. Sort of like our Beaulieu to Buffalo deal. Guys one team couldnt' protect but another team could. This happened in a few cases, but not as many as Gilman anticipated. The really smart thing McPhee did was "The Pledge". Any team he made a deal with to take one of their players... or things like that... he forced them to agree that they would not make any other deals of this type to circumvent protection lists. This helped him keep as many players available as possible. 4) He leveraged his cap space and used it as a weapon. Taking on contracts like David Clarkson and Mikhail Grabovski in order to get better deal from the Blue Jackets and Islanders. Gilman thought a team might do that, but he praised McPhee as he got absolute max value out of doing it. 5) He built a team. He didn't just take the best players available necessarily, but he focused on a real concept of what he wanted from his team from day 1.... that concept was speed. 6) He maxed out on the number of D he was allowed to draft under the rules. Because of the rules, D were the best assets available. 7) It was one team of expansion, so he was able to plan his picks very methodically. He didn't have to worry about a second expansion team competing for the same group of players, like previous two team expansions had to. This allowed him and Vegas to keep running the same scenario over and over and absolutely maximize every asset they would get out of the draft. Gilman's main takeaway was that McPhee did an absolutely perfect job under the rules. He basically didn't make one bad move. At the same time he took advantage of team's like Florida and Columbus and Minnesota who gave him extra assets not to take their players. He felt teams overreacted to losing one player, and should have just lost that player and not made these multi-asset trades. The last thing (and this is important for the Habs), teams only had one year to plan for expansion. They didn't know the rules. Now GMs have 2-3 years to know what they will be facing, and can manipulate their rosters well in advance. This wasn't from Gilman, but my on though on how this applies to two players on the Habs... Kotkaniemi and Suzuki. The Habs are better off putting Suzuki in the OHL, where he won't accumulate a year of pro experience... and Kotkaniemi in Finland... where he won't accumulate a year of pro experience (he would in the AHL)... under the old expansion draft rules. Depending when Seattle comes in, this is the difference between protecting the players or them being exempt from the draft and giving us more protection slots.
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    As a gold-plated droid assembled by a 5-year-old future Sith Lord before going on to have his memory wiped, get dismantled in a Cloud City, reassembled by a Wookie, and finally somehow acquire a red arm before becoming completely redundant to all subsequent events once said: WE'RE DOOMED
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    The St. Louis Blues are likely going to keep Robert Thomas. He is one year older than Kotkaniemi. They have a legit top 3 Cs in Schenn, O'Reilly and Bozak. Kotkaniemi has done more in pre-season than Thomas. By that measure, yes, you can justify keeping him. He's done nothing in camp other than play well enough for a spot on this team. Its a hard choice but I'd send him to Finland. 1) He can bulk up. 2) He can still get NHL games at the end of the Finnish season. 3) His dad is the coach in Finland and will give him first line C minutes. This isn't the typical Euro coach who sees a young kid and isn't invested in him long-term, and is only about the here and now and winning now and development of an 18 year old be damned. This is a coach who will truly care about Jesperi's development. 4) The Habs aren't winning... don't waste a year of his ELC, a year towards free agency, and a year towards him needing to be protected in expansion, on this season. He can come in next year with Suzuki and Poehling, and perhaps our 2019 pick and they can really grow all together.
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    Armia is just a winger version of Eller, he certainly is a useful hockey player, he cannot be relied upon to consistently produce at a top 6 rate however. If we establish his role/niche, and let him play his game, while expecting a 3rd line player capable of several flashes of brilliance throughout a season, we will all be happy to have him on the team. I don't know why the pop shots at him, was anyone expecting the next Blake Wheeler or something? This is a big bodied 3rd line player with some hockey skills who can fill in on an offensive line from time to time. Double digit goals and 30 something points is about the max we can expect from him, and that is perfectly fine coming from the 3rd line.
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    I am full , I have a nice buzz going on, can't move without a forklift lol. So just wanted to wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving.
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    Not game relevant but considering it was a proud dad moment I thought i'd write this anyway. During a commercial break, the Sonar the Wolf (Wolfpack mascot) shows up in our row and approaches my Habs clad 6yr old. Arena camera crews pan in on the little guy and splatter him on the big screen. The wolf offers my kid a Wolfpack t-shirt, to which my boy politely declines by shaking his head. Wolf tries again, kid waves his finger at him. Third time same result. Wolf decides to leave the t-shirt on his armrest and walks away. Kid rolls it into a ball and launches it at him. Arena erupts. I tear. My kid is my hero.
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    Playing cards leads to gambling. There have been several players and management who have had gambling addictions, including Jagr. There is also alcohol addiction, pain medication addiction, and sex addiction, all of which people say are wrong but little is ever done to curb it. All of the recent player suicides and overdoses where players were hooked on pain medication were pretty much ignored or supported by the medical staff of the NHL clubs. That actually kills people. Videogame addiction is barely a problem compared. Laine was right in saying this is just making excuses for the Canucks sucking last season. Create a scapegoat and claim you're doing something to fix it. They probably learned that from Marc Bergevin, though he'd never ban videogames with all of those trades he does on his Playstation. That's the claim, which even if true, it's stupid. It's a bunch of guys thinking they are being old school.
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    47-22-8-5 for 107 points 2nd in Division 3rd in the East 287 goals Price is Price. Kots wins ROTY. Drouin leads team with 82 points.
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    Guess this means he will be traded soon 🤔
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    It always boggles my mind when fighters feel the need to fight in the preseason. Deslauriers is well-established as a fighter; he doesn't need to prove that part of his game to anyone so why engage with a minor league guy?
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    Anthems should be banned anyway.
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    His problem is the 'Galchenyuk' problem - and I don't mean substance abuse, but rather that he still thinks like a junior player, trying to deke out the whole team single-handedly rather than seeing the ice, managing time and space, and using his teammates. At the NHL level this is a recipe for ineffectiveness. He's 23 and going into his third pro season...he's still young, but for him to still be trapped in this mindset is a bit unsettling. Some guys never do figure it out.
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    Lol this is getting a bit silly. Drouin just needs to get some confidence back and he will start putting up points.
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    From the NHL heights and weights article in the athletic. Habs are 2nd youngest team in the NHL (edmonton) Habs are shortest team and the lightest team Interesting facts... the league in general is getting smaller and younger. The average nhl player is below 200 lbs for the first time in 20 years. The average weight is the lowest its been in nearly 40 years. The average age is down to 27
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    Obviously too early to get wrapped up in this debate already. With that said, Domi has looked great, no comparisons and arguments and especially rekindling of old debates needed, the player I see is a player I can appreciate having on this team. A playmaking version of Gallagher is exactly what I was hoping for, and it looks like what I am seeing at the moment, and if that's the player we are getting all year, I don't need to compare him to anyone I will just be thrilled to have him here..
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    I'm 45 years old so more in the old school demographic. But I play a lot of video games. Sometimes I get out of hand. I used to play counter strike for hours. To the point that the guys on my server are basically my friends. It's easier to lose control with gaming than it is with cards. If guys are out partying till all hours, teams often enforce curfews, or make changes to curb the behavior. Gaming can be very addictive and should be curbed if its out of hand.
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    You should know by now that the 3 Stars are entirely irrelevant around the league and really shouldn't be paid attention to*. * - The exception to this rule is the HW Habs 3 Stars that appear as part of the postgame article. Those should be read at all times.
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    Scherbak, Benn, and a second
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    I'm no prospect expert, but what I see here is a team with a ton of middle-tier FWs and hardly any defensive depth trading a bottom-6 FW prospect for defensive help. Prima facie, that makes quite a bit of sense. Given Ben's scouting report of Olofsson, I kind of wonder what's in store for Alzner. Alzner was benched to start the season, and Olofsson basically sounds like an Alzner who can skate. And therefore he fits much better with the team identity we saw on display last night. If I'm Alzner, I'm starting to hear the footsteps of the Grim Reaper behind me.
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    It's a good point. The defense is brutal, but the 4 lines of forwards reminds me of vegas. There isn't one forward without 15+ goal potential. Several with 20+ potential. If kotkaniemi can play, they have potential to be better up front than we may be projecting.
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    How I feel watching this kid
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    A whole lot of resentment and player-blaming in that interview. He basically seems to resent a whole list of his players, past and present. He says he's not arrogant, but rather that he's 'sensitive.' It's like the players hurt his feelings. The end result is the same - making dumb decisions based on personal reactions and Marky Marc's precious ego rather than cold-eyed analysis.
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    Poor Price. The defense is so shit.
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    If they are sending him down he has a European assignment clause. To me Laval isn't an option. You either keep him with the big club, or you send him to Finland. I don't want him in Montreal, facing the pressure of the city, without being on the big club. I don't want the constant calls to call him up every time he has a two-point game, or the habs lose two in a row. If the plan is to develop him, send him somewhere to develop. I also don't think that "quality of play" is that big a consideration. The Finnish Liiga is a strong league too. He will play less games in Finland though, meaning more time to bulk up.
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    Can he bulk up while in Laval? I don't think so. Part of the allure of sending him back to Finland is that they play fewer games, allowing for more time in the gym. The AHL has a pretty compressed schedule with a lot of 3-in-3's and 3-in-4's which often results in limited practice weeks as they have to give a couple of days off following those stretches. There are things he could benefit from when it comes to being down there but the ability to build up his frame probably isn't one of them.
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    I think Lehkonen could be more than that As well as being the best defensive forward on the team
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    I didn't want to miss the pre-season games as they offer the best chances of a win I'm likely to see this year..
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    Gotta agree, wouldnt equate you with a couple of others who tend to be over the top cynical about anything or everything Habs-related, wouldnt be fair as you are objective about most things Hab and NHL prospects for sure.
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    Man, do we have to be critical of EVERYTHING, or side-eye all of Bergevin's signings? This isn't Plex at $6M a year. It's Byron, at $3.4M. If it's not dollars, it's term. If it's not term, it's dollars. He's a hard working vet. It's not like that's a bad thing to have on the team. He's not at a debilitating salary. CC and Commandant, I used to enjoy your posts as insightful, thoughtful and interesting reading. But the absolute 100% glaring negativity of EVERYTHING Habs has worn thin.
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    There were 280 fights last season with 227 games featuring fights. 10 years prior there were 664 fights with 473 fights with games. League revenue has close to doubled in the past 10 years. Ratings averaged around 1.8 million viewers last season for Hockey Night in Canada. That number was around a 1 million in 2008. Now pre-lockout it was around 1.9 million, so we're back to the numbers it was getting back then. And back then, there were 789 fights in the season. And back then, there was a lot less to watch and it was easier to get an audience share than now. There were less fights this season than the 12-13 shortened season. By 67. Fighting is dropping at an alarming rate but ratings are up, revenue has doubled, and as new arenas with more seats are built, the league keeps filling them for the most part.
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    Certainly a possibility - actually, that would make the lines make a lot more sense... Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Drouin - Kotkaniemi - Armia Byron - Plekanec - Ward Shinkaruk - McCarron - Scherbak
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    I’ll just say the best hockey I watch is the Olympics and no fighting is tolerated. End of discussion.
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    Difference of opinion on how the game should be played, there are no right answers here so just keep that in mind while you're riding around on your high horse.
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    Eh, the entire jist of that is referees need to be tougher on players and call everything while DOPS needs to deliver harsher suspensions and fines. I personally would be good with people reviewing a game afterwards and delivering fines for calls that were missed. Were you hacking at a players wrist and the ref didn't see? Cool, you are still getting punished for it. In my mind some of the hits from behind and headshots, I would have given full season or half season suspensions and the league thought they were being tough with a 5 game. 5 games is a vacation. I want real punishments. And until we see real punishments, people and players will have this stupid vigilante justice viewpoint.
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    It’s easy to look at a screen in our living room and say fighting is either necessary, entertaining, futile, or atrocious but what’s transpiring on the ice is often quite different than what we perceive. When I watch the 4th round of Wimbledon in tennis and one of the players isn’t playing up to their standard, it can be easy to overlook the often invisible reality that the player may be injured. We can’t see it from our living room, but the player is feeling the pain. That’s something that watching on television wouldn’t do justice. The same thing happens in hockey, actually. When the year finishes, we often hear of players having dealt with and played through week long fractures, for instance. Often these same players were criticized for not playing well. This type of thing ties in with a viewer’s perception of fighting. When you’re a professional NHL player on the ice and someone is chirping personal insults immediately after having chopped your ankle with their stick, it’s easy for a viewer to say that player A didn’t want to fight so he shouldn’t have to. Maybe that same viewer doesn’t know all the details; all they see is the end result. In the real world, these situations are no different. If someone were to take a crowbar and wack you on the ankle while calling your soulmate pretty, a fight may ensue. In no other sport do we have actual weapons that can be used against another player. If a player takes a slap shot at you after the whistle, a scrum will likely ensue. If a pitcher throws a ball at a batter, a fight sometime ensues. If a basketball player were to purposely elbow an opponent in the back of the head, or throw a basketball at their opponent, a fight would probably ensue. These incidents happen more often in hockey. When I was around 23 and still played hockey, my team was in the final and a player cross checked me in the back of the neck from behind right at the final buzzer. I left the ice right away and didn’t even shake hands but I’m pretty sure one of my teammates went after him and would have dropped the gloves. In this case I’m not sure the other guy was willing and they probably didn’t go beyond a wrestling match but I’m not sure how we can accept the fact that it’s fine to say that the opponent should only have to drop the gloves if he wants to in that situation. Regardless of what people say about the refs, that’s immediately when people will start taking liberties knowing they will face no repercussions. In the case of Domi, Eklbad was doing what every 13 year old is taught by their coach and smiling right in Domi’s frustrated face while “electing” not to fight. Who knows what else he was doing or saying that’s not visible from our television set and apparently Eklbad was indeed taking other liberties throughout the game. The outcome was the worst part, and Domi deserved to be suspended. Demanding that he absolutely should have been suspended for regular season games is going overboard.
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    I used to love hockey fights. But once you take concussions seriously, they become impossible to support IMHO. I think the idea of hockey as a combination of speed and physicality is what sells tickets. 'Physicality' needn't mean fights. Frankly, I doubt that anyone is shilling out for the high price of tickets today *primarily* because they think there might be a fight or two. And I never heard anyone come out of a good, close, intense hockey game saying it sucked that there were no fights. Besides all of that, I'm actually not convinced you need the 'physicality' element at ALL. Soccer, basketball, and baseball have no integral physical element and they seem to do all right. Heck, soccer in Seattle - faked injuries and all - outdraws the average crowd at a hockey game. Even if hockey banned bodychecking (which could conceivably be the end game of all this concussion awareness) it would still be at least as exciting as those other sports.
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    It is obvious that Domi let his emotions get the better of him which led to a bone headed, heat of the moment, stupid decision on his part. With that said though, there is WAY too much volatile reaction from some about it, Max is not exactly a league leader in cheap shots, and some of the reactions certainly can't be justified based on his track record. Yes it was dumb, yes it was illegal, yes it deserves a suspension. No it does not make Domi a gutless puke, no he is not his father, and no he is not a cheap shot artist, he is simply a young guy, with a big temper, who can fly off the handle from time to time. He will learn from it, I am sure the staff will inform him how they rather he play hockey than let himself get all fired up to the point of stupid decisions like that. He didn't skate from one zone to another and take someone's knee out, or elbow someone in the head unsuspectingly way after they got rid of the puck, he felt antagonized by Ekblad's wild stick work. For lack of a better term, he lost his shit over it finally, he took it too far, it is not something he should be doing then, or in the future. At least it was an over reaction on a retaliation, and not a head hunting injury attempt, as we have seen so many times from many other more heinous players in this league. So lets take a chill pill on the incident, put the flame throwers away, and react accordingly ourselves, as fans. We know the incident is wrong, we hope to not see that type of thing from him again in the future, we hope he learned something from it that helps him try to keep a more level headed approach to his game management. But it looks an awful lot like some fans are already turning their frustration with the trade that brought him here, into an over reaction about the incident. That is likely just the tip of the iceberg to how little slack this kid is going to have here with some of our fans this year, because he happened to be traded for Galchenyuk, a situation he had full control of, of course. I see it already, on social media, on here, some are already starting to let it boil over, just because of the trade, any Domi situation will start at defcon 3, and hit defcon 5 at marveling speeds. He punches a player who is not answering the bell, and he is the worst person in the league, not a hot head who needs to cool it. If he has a bad game, he will be untalented and a 3rd liner at best, not a young top 6 forward who has an off night like anyone else. It is like we are blind as a fan base, we have this sickening reputation of being volatile, harsh, overly critical, and a hard market to play for, and based on what I've seen from some of our fanbase on different social media platforms today, and anytime we go through a scrutinizing situation, we are only cementing it. Some say to become an attractive place to play for players, you need a winning team, everyone is so quick to blame our losing record for why real top players scoff at us during the summer without looking in the mirror, or the big picture. It is more than that, the on ice situation accounts for 50% of the equation, the off ice situations is the other 50%, and generally speaking our off ice situation in Montreal has just as much, if not even more work to do than our on ice situation, and that's bloody saying something.... Signed, A Hab fan who just doesn't get some of his fellow Hab fans
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    Or they could penalize the taking runs.
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    I am happy to see Peca on back to backs. So happy that Hudon and Lehkonen are in the same line If Ouellet is able to shine while playing with Despres, he would notch up in my D depth list I missed hockey so much!
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    Human garbage seems excessive, but Domi’s actions shouldn’t be defended either in my opinion. You don’t drop the glove and clock someone who clearly isn’t engaging in the fight. If you want him to retaliate, make him angry by playing hard hockey, and I don’t know, maybe scoring a few goals? It was dirty, and should keep him out of all remaining preseason. Also doesn’t make him human garbage. He was losing, lost his temper, and made a mistake. We’ve probably all done worse.
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    My god that's the softest crap I've heard. Hockey is a physical game. If a guy is throwing big clean checks and you can't accept it, you shouldn't play. Fighting is illegal. There's a penalty for it. Nobody should be resorting to illegal play because of your legal play. And if the checks are high? The referee is the one who should do something. This is the same crap expressed in baseball. Playing too well? Someone has to bean you so you stop making pitchers look bad. It's pathetic. Your job is to play hockey, not illegally play hockey because someone is mad that you're playing too good of hockey.
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    Seriously? So you just used your keyboard to 'sucker punch' a young hockey player? I wouldn't even call what Domi did a sucker punch. He was looking Ekblad right in the ey (or at least the chin) Ekblad, the much bigger player, could have defended himself. So we have a young hockey player, who is willing to play tough and we call him human garbage? Wow! Welcome to Montreal, where we throw Habs players under the bus!!! Terrible.
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    Thanks, dlbalr. I'm neutral on this as a pure hockey move, but he's certainly qualified and I love Captain Kirk for sentimental reasons, so - hooray!
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    And my uncle is a vagina away from being my aunt.
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    MOLG's favorite player ties it up. First NHL point for Kotkaniemi.
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    Over/under on goals during a calendar season is a little lower than Schlemko and Alzner’s 1. We’ll have Olofsson’s over/under for goals starting at 0.5. Ill start us off with an under prediction.