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    I missed the first period. Tuning in at the second, I've had the joy of watching one of the worst, most hapless editions of the Montreal Canadiens I've ever seen. Garbage in every way, bad beyond all infinite possible dimensions of badness, just festering piles of uniformed sh*t spread all over the ice in disarray, like heaps left by some massive, diarrhetic hippopotamus. The architects of this miserable excuse for a hockey club should be banned from the city of Montreal on pain of summary execution.
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    My bad. I meant to post that on my Arizona Coyotes forum.
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    I agree that the effort was astounding My expectations are also that the the Habs will win Coincidently I happen to be in your area today Organizing a get together over the internet is far fetched though Maybe sometime in the future we could attend a game In the mean time I’ll just keep watching on TV No better promise that the Habs will continue their other streak Go on now, enjoy the rest of your day
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    Hey I just want to be clear Everyone enjoys your GDT Largely due to the care and effort that is involved Please, be sure to do more in the future. We appreciate the hard work All of us could learn something from it. Sitting here and admiring the effort So, the rest of us totally believe you. Even in my wildest dreams, I wouldn't bet on dlblair to hurt you Never could i imagine such a scenario. Tonight the Habs will win in your honour.
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    I down vote the whole discussion of down voting.
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    Positives. I was at the game and was drunk enough that I didn't care about the score. Fist bumped George larauque. Lol. Had a beer with Mike the mouth matisow. He's an alright guy. Recommended doing a game in Vegas. It's super fun. The fans are totally into it. Cool pregame. Blueman group intermission. Lounge seats are great. And it's vegas.
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    Okay guys, we've all been a bit negative about the team around here so I'm gonna try to start this GDT as upbeat as possible. The time for a big playoff push is now! Even though the Habs need a lot of points to get there, And their two best players are now injured, plus Many of the fans have thrown in the towel. These are trying times, but if we All cheer loud and proud for the Habs it's Not impossible for a comeback that starts tonight! Keep the faith, and Go Dahlin Habs Go!
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    It was in full swing when both were in the lineup.
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    I just want to put to rest thr rumours that I am doing this GDT under threat and duress. dlbalr did not kidnap my loved ones, and if he did (which he did not), he certainly would never mistreat them as leverage to get me to do this GDT. I enjoy writing these, I do so with enthusiasm, and dlbalr is best poster - no equal, everyone loves dlbalr!
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    Why? Why is there another game? Can't we just cancel the rest of them?
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    If my centres have a sub 50% faceoff rating they better have a PPG of 0.75 or higher. Also it's getting to be a yawn to see analytic praise for a team that plays like Lars Eller: they carry the puck well and shoot the puck a lot but none of the shots are good and none of the puck carrying is actually creating chaos or scoring opportunities. They go limp when they get near the net. I was shocked to find out the Canadiens have a better PP without Weber than with. Why? Because they have the most predictable PP with him. They don't move with purpose. They only move because the coach tells them to. It creates a chasm between what's really happening and what the stats show on surface. Upon closer inspection this is a team that has no ability for the defence to support the offence, is terrible in their own zone, gives up high danger scoring chances like Oprah giving cars, and an offence built on streaky wingers and middle sixers doing their best. People can yap until the cows come home about how this team is better than it looks but they've been saying it since pre-season. This is not a good team. This is not a team a couple players away from a Stanley Cup run. This is the 2012 Vancouver Canucks with no Stanley Cup final appearance to show for it.
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    Are those poems? They don't rhyme Maybe I'm not smart enough, or don't have the time This may be the strangest game day thread that I've read And this Habs game will surely make me lay my head on my bed Price is out and Weber is done for the season I wish I could be excited, but I have no reason We are passionate fans and deserve much more Than a team with no direction and the ability to score So now we must put up with a terrible ranking And hope they at least don't screw up on the tanking
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    I agree Past mistakes should not tilt tilt the decision the wrong way in Pleks. As an asset, he needs to be used for the biggest return Granted, but it is time for #14 to contribute to the teams success by being traded
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    Shea's surgeon is Team Tank
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    Exactly. NORMAL franchises trade declining vets for assets and replace them from within with younger players. Since this franchise is run by clowns, that may well not happen in this case.
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    It has happened for sure. Not to mention that we don't even need him back - Danault is perfect for third line centre and will surely add more offense than Plex is able to at this point.
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    19th - http://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/records/nhl-active-players-all-time-goals-per-game-leaders.html
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    Look around the league.. all the best have two things in common.. They have at least one good center, and they manage their assets well. Pleks MUST be traded.. if it's for a 2nd round pick then so be it. Trade him to Pittsburgh for Jordy Bellerive or Linus Olund.. Trade him to Minnesota for Jordan Greenway or Ivan Lodnia Trade him to San Jose for Noah Gregor or Dylan Gambrell.. Then, if he wants to be a Hab next year, you sign him on July 1. You still have Pleks, plus you have a prospect. It's pretty simple. Failure to trade him would be one of MB's worst moves, and that is saying something.
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    Makes sense to trade him seeing as Julien doesn't like him as much as superstars like Benn and Morrow.
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    If all he was worth was a fifth, i would have re-signed him. I liked his passing skills.
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    Well it was touch and go there for a few minutes, and we did get the loser point, but the Habs managed to pull it together and successfully tank their way out of 2 points tonight.
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    I’m not his biggest fan but it’s nice to see Danault back and healthy.
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    I think everyone is apathetic at this point.
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    well our GM did trade for Ott, King and Martinsen to solidify us for the playoffs. Is there any other dumb GM's to take advantage off??? Where's Milbury when you need him? IMO, they should start a new GM award - the Mike Milbury award - MB would have won it the last three year's running, with Dorian a close second this year.
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    He had a very effective six week run. If he can recapture that, he's value added. If he can't, he's a nobody who doesn't hurt the cap and ends up on waivers or in Laval. This isn't worth worrying about one way or the other...except *perhaps* to ask why an analogous player wasn't available from within the organization in the first place. Honestly, what upsets me about this isn't the signing, but rather that I want to see major moves...and probably won't, until the draft, I suspect.
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    For me, it's not that he's having the best season of his career, it's that he had a good six-week stretch. Beyond that, he has been his usual self and that had him clearing waivers back in October. Generally speaking, I don't like players getting early raises based on a good short sample when his career numbers suggest he will revert back to being a fringe player. My guess is that if he was to continue the way he has played over the last month to the end of the season (a likely scenario given his history), he'd have had a hard time finding much interest around the league in free agency, especially at a raise.
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    1) How do we know what Deslauriers would have gotten on any other team in the league? There are plenty of guys with similar 4th line numbers getting over a million, getting 1.5 even. Why assume he's only getting 775 he's getting now? He has the best season of his career and gets no raise at all? 2) We've had these same discussions about Bergevin overpaying guys before...... I was told Mitchell was signed for too many years (we traded him and got an asset back). I was told that Byron was signed for too much and too long (look where he is now)... Montoya was supposedly signed too long (again traded for a pick). Where is the guy at $1 million or so that we've had an issue with? I get it most hate Bergevin and want to critique every move, but even though I don't like him and think he needs to go, doesn't mean that 100% of his moves are wrong?
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    He plays for Nashville now...
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    If you want to know what teams we're not dealing with just check out EK, he is never right about the Habs. So when ever he post a rumor about the Habs just cross❌❌ that player and team off the list.
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    Hell of a night for Habsworld #MannshaftPanzerkampfwagen... Positive: Habs lose, Ottawa wins, Arizona wins, Detroit wins, Chicago probably wins, Vancouver currently winning, Florida currently winning. Negative: Edmonton loses, Rangers lose, Buffalo loses (to LA, which does help a draft pick condition) If Edmonton could go ahead and stop being such a sad sack hockey team for the last 25 games, that would be great.
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    I'd like to see him pack on a bit of muscle this summer. He looks like he'd benefit from a few more lbs.
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    Bout same as Martin Hanzal cost last year.
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    This team has way bigger problems than face offs. I think Machine's wider point about the Habs' advanced stats being deceptive is well taken. We could come back with the exact same group next season and, if Price and Weber are healthy, probably vault all the way up to being a bubble team. No doubt Bergevin would hail this as proof of his surpassing managerial vision. But sensible people have to recognize that this bunch is nowhere close to being an elite, contending team and that the club has, in fact, taken significant steps backward since 2014. That's the basic fact a rational analyst has to cling to coldly, like death.
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    It is an interesting question. What *exactly* do we want back for Max anyway? A lot of people on this board want a legit #1C back, or at least a prospect with serious #1C potential. No team would trade a fully-developed #1 NHL C for Patches, however; so if we want to leverage Max to find that Unicorn C we'd need to send back significant additional assets, or else settle on the aforementioned prospect. That's why I've been lobbying for a top-6 C plus a significant prospect, preferably a D. Fill two holes with quality, even if you don't land the Stud C. But focusing on a d-man instead of a C is a whole other strategy. Shea Theodore would sort of replace Sergachev organizationally. But if you look at the big picture, he'd mean we effectively traded MaxPac and Sergachev for Drouin and Theodore...on the face of it, not exactly awesome, unless that 1st rounder (which is close to being a 2nd rounder) really pans out. I'd like to get a bit more than that, if possible. Still, I could probably live with that trade; it has some nice upside.
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    Insiders are saying vegas wont sell but also wont be trading 1st rounders or their best prospects as buyers. That said value is pretty close Maybe for us... Theodore + suzuki, but no picks would work. But again thats not what mcphee was looking at.
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    You miss the point. A centre's has huge responsibility on the ice. Huge. No doubt about that. Faceoffs aren't close to the biggest part of it. Find me a centre who controls play like the guys i listed, I don't care if he wins faceoffs or not, if he can do what those do in the next 40 seconds after the faceoff is over. That is so much more important. Arguing that a defenceman could do the same job, just shows you don't understand what the job is after the faceoff is over.
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    I agree. Happy Endings was a great sit-com with no weak links in any of the main 6 characters or writing. I watched all 3 seasons when it was first run and will re-watch them if I'm channel surfing and I find it on.
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    MONTREAL CANADIENS @ ARIZONA COYOTES Living in Long Beach, California, I woke up this morning at 8:30am and pondered making the 5 and a half hour drive to Phoenix, Arizona and attend the game. Not trusting my car, albeit a nice car, here I am making tonight's game thread instead. MONTREAL CANADIENS Pacioretty - Hudon - Lehkonen Galchenyuk - Drouin - Scherbak Byron - Plekanec - Gallagher Carr - De La Rose - L. Shaw Alzner - Petry Morrow - Benn Mete - Schlemko Price Niemi ARIZONA COYOTES Perlini - Stepan - Keller Archibald - Dvorak - Fischer Rinaldo - Domi - Rieder Martinook - Richardson - Cousins Ekmann-Larsson - Demers Chychrun - Hjalmarson Connauton - Goligoski Raanta Wedgewood
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    Technically, we still had Vincent Damphousse on the roster in July of 1996...and he had a PPG season at center that year. In July of 1997 we began our ridiculously long drought of not having a legit #1 PPG center that continues to this day.
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    You're the key to Rasmus Dahlin, and if you won't watch willingly, well...
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    The Captain knows exactly how to derail that momentum. A wise, veteran penalty to make sure the Habs stay out of the game.
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    And I expect a better effort from a veteran tanker at the next Team bake sale... Oatmeal raisin cookies, Metallica? For shame.
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    We have the better team. I predict a win. 5-2
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    You don't understand the concept of the core of the team if you think Drouin and Danault are not part of the current core and Schlemko and Niemi are. That's just insane. Even if you want to argue who has been around longer, Danault has been part of this team for the longest out of all those players and Drouin and Schlemko arrived at basically the same time (Drouin first even). How do you get that a 6th defenceman and a waiver claim back up goalie with an expiring contract are part of the core, but the guy with a 6 year deal at 5 million per season isn't. Also Danault is a key moving forward. They are part of the core... NOW. Also De la Rose and Lindgren will be support pieces at best, and never part of the core. This concept you are arguing is not how any sensible person defines the core of the team.
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    Fun fact: Phaneuf and Cuthbert got married and live in Prince Edward Island. Phaneuf wasn't born here but his family was and he spent time here as a kid. When they first started dating, before it was public knowledge, I seen them out at a local club. I had a crush on Elisha at the time (The girl next door movie, drool), and Phaneuf wasn't yet a pylon so I was enamoured by seeing them. I took a picture of them embracing each other that I posted to Facebook. My girlfriend at the time was into all those crappy gossip magazines and one day she showed me a picture in People magazine of them at a bar that proclaimed that they were dating. I quickly realized that it was the picture that I took. To this day I still don't know how it ended up in the tabloids, or how I go about getting my royalty check 😁
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    It worked out great... I mean we traded our best goal scorer (at the time) and got a Canadian Olympian in Rene Bourque.
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    MONTOYA WATCH!!!! He's played 30 minutes against San Jose. 3 games left til that sweet, sweet 4th rounder.