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    Our Biggest, Most Comprehensive Draft Review Ever http://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/06/24/2018-nhl-draft-grades/
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    Lol! We should abreviate it to: SAC Easier to type.
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    As promised, here is my grade/overall evaluation of the draft. This wound up being a whole lot longer than I originally anticipated... http://www.habsworld.net/2018/06/grading-the-2018-draft-class/
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    Tremendous work honestly, and a great read, the grading seemed very fitting of how I felt the teams did as well.
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    Unless the Habs picked Zadina, their pick would be called a reach ... and then Zadina falls. Round 1 - we didn’t make the splash of Detroit or the Icelanders, but then again, we only had the 1 pick. The pick was early and the Habs played it smart. Round 2 is the difference making round for us. Go Habs Go!
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    Good job for LWOS getting a plug from Sportsnet. Can't wait to see the next garbage pick from Ottawa.
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    DON, please, just stop, I know you always try to see the good in everything this organization does, a part of me commends that effort on your part. But this time, we dropped the ball here, we have traded the more talented, more skilled, and more productive player and we get some intangible upgrades, a speed boost, and some extra cap space. Just get in the room filled with most of the hockey world that just doesn't get why this just happened, and sit down with the rest of us. Don't go in the other room where only Bergevin, a couple of his lackey's and a shamed Owner sit all by there lonesome, smoking cigars laughing about how the world will eat crow when Domi becomes a 75 point player. I beg you, stop this crusade, it is madness to see this trade as anything less than it is in its very simplest form, Unnecessary and not an Upgrade.
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    Here I am, stuck in the draft lottery with you... This Stealers Wheel remix needs a bit of work.
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    It's sad but it is what it is: Pacioretty -SAC-Scherbak Domi-SAC-Gallagher Lekhonen-SAC-A.Shaw Delaurier-SAC-Byron
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    And my uncle is a vagina away from being my aunt.
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    Unless we get a top centre we should be trying to lose. Doesn’t matter about plugging the holes on defence if you have no assets left to get a centre. MB traded Subban, Sergechev and galchenyuk in successive years and instead of adding a centre, we subtracted one.
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    The thing with trades is that it takes two teams to agree on the deal. Do we think Bergevin didn't inquire about those players at all? Swoop in and make Carolina take the deal? We should hire Habs29 to be GM.
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    What are you talking about? Montreal traded hockey to Edmonton! *looks up* Oh, Hayden Hawkey. Not the sport of hockey. My bad.
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    I haven't laughed so hard at a post on this site in a while. Thanks, Saku! I believe it was Habs29 who urged the Habs to swoop in on Carolina and see if we couldn't profit from their confusion. He lives in Calgary, so I guess the Flames got the memo instead.
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    Not gonna pretend I know much about our picks from Romanov down... but I’m of the belief that our fans would be complaining either way! we draft koky and we complain it’s not Hughes, draft Hughes we complain it wasn’t zadina, draft zadina we complain it wasn’t tkachuck and so on and so forth... He was never gonna get it right... Heres hoping Romanov turns into Andrei Markov 2.0...
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    Tavares said money wasn't the top consideration, winning the cup in the next 3-5 years is. I doubt habs are on the list
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    Looks like a solid trading of skill for character - Canes win due to increase in character
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    character and attitude will take care of goal scoring
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    So a game where he got 2 assists and was the probably the best player on the ice?
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    Isles are also showing an interest in assembling the best possible managerial talent. Habs haven't done that in...oh, about 20 years.
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    Yeah, sorry. People are acting way too confident in their assessments of these kids. Enough scouting reports did NOT have Zadina at #3 that I am not going to panic about him. I still remember the internet rage when we passed on Brule. I also remember the triumphant excitement when we drafted our future #1C phenom Alex Galchenyuk It's just premature to freak out one way pr the other
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    Hindsight is 20/20. You had a last place team, coming off a horrible season, and it was relatively healthy in that season, there was no Price injury to blame it on. Building through the draft, and taking the best Centre available in that draft was the right move. Developping him horribly as a Centre was the mistake.
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    The attitude change needs to happen at the management level and the media level. The management attitude needs to change with respect to young players. All around the league teams are going with younger, faster and more skilled players. As well as giving them more responsibility and more leeway in the things they do and how they represent themselves. That is not at all acceptable here, where they just want wallflowers and yes men who toe the company line. As well the media needs an attitude adjustment with respect to the French issue, and the negative spotlight they always seem to project when things go sour or even when they are good. It is absolutely idiotic in this day and age to pick the best available bilingual person for management jobs, which ensures that the best people available will most likely never be hired. It's insane. No successful business would run this way. I used to be a more frequent contributor to this site, and huge supporter of this team but have severely lost interest in this team over the last 8 to 10 years. I thought for a while is was natural as I developed my career and had a family, yet I started to watch more Football and Baseball But it's actually the horrible way the organisation is run, and realization that unless there is a drastic change in the way they run their operations and treat their players that they will never, ever win another Stanley Cup. They'll just be mediocre. They've been mediocre for 25 years now and it's not changing anytime soon.
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    Generally speaking, the easiest way to figure it out is to look at who shoots with what hand. Most of the time, that answers the question as to which side they play. That lines it up roughly like this: Mete - Weber Alzner - Petry Benn - Juulsen Schlemko Reilly They've tried to play Benn and Schlemko - both lefties - on the right side with limited success. In terms of others that could be in the discussion, Brett Lernout (RH) and Rinat Valiev (LH) are both waiver-eligible next season and could get a long look at training camp as a result. I suspect at least one of Benn or Schlemko will be moved at some point this offseason, partly with that in mind.
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    I don't think we should be arguing that Domi sucks, or even that Galy is the better-goal scorer, as if goals count for more than play-making. This is a classic rhetorical trap, exactly the same sort of trap that was set for critics of the Subban trade, who were accused of hating Weber. In fact they merely argued that Subban was a better overall player and was almost four years younger, and that the trade made zero sense because it solved zero problems. As subsequent events have proved 100% correct in every respect. There IS a legitimate concern about whether Domi is damaged goods. But assuming he's physically fine, the trade is not bad because Domi is a POS player. Rather it is bad because -Galy has a higher ceiling than Domi, a significant consideration when you're talking about two young players; -the trade is therefore at best a lateral move for the Habs; in other words, completely pointless, even as we bear all of the risk in the deal; -Arizona happily plans to use Galy at C. This suggests that we fans are not the only ones who believe Galy's usage in Montreal was completely asinine; and if they're right, we just traded away a top-6 C for a LW, which would represent one of the single dumbest positional moves in the history of this organization; -even if Galy is not a C, this trade is a LW-for-LW deal, an absolutely baffling failure to move the asset to address the gaping positional holes on the team. There is no need to be drawn into a discussion about goal-scoring EXCEPT in the context of arguing that Domi is damaged goods and can't shoot the puck.
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    If that's the case then all we have left is to hope that day does come soon, for all our mental well being, we have to hope that day does come where Molson can look Bergevin in the eye and say.. And we, the tortured fanbase driven to madness by years of confusing acts we could not comprehend at the time, get to finally celebrate the final reveal of the Grand Bergevin Plan. Our minds broken from years of abuse, we could celebrate and be proud we survived our journey through madness.. That is the only hope we have left.... Its all we have left....ITS ALL WE HAVE LEFT!!!!!............. sorry I think the madness has begun to set in
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    This is now my official template for every Habs line. Pacioretty - Somebody at Centre - Scherbak
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    Habs world logic: We hate the Subban trade because he is an all around better player. Some guy with an opinion: Well, Weber scored over 3x the amount of goals that Subban did, and this team needs to score goals. Habs world logic : Yeah but Subban creates offense, look at those assists. Montreal trades Galchenyuk for Domi: Habs world logic: We hate that trade, we need to score goals and Galchenyuk does it better. Some guy with an opinion: Yeah but their points per game are the same.... Habs world logic: Something about defensemen vs forwards?
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    I don't understand why the same people that are dumping on Domi's goal totals are the same people that argued against acquiring Shea Weber's superior goal totals. Subban had 6 (!) goals in his last year as a Hab while Weber had 20 for Nashville. "Oh but it is overall offense that matters" they said. But now we get Domi with identical points per game as Galchenyuk, but it is terrible because he can't score. Talk about hypocrisy
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    I hope you're right about ROR. As for Spezza, yes, it would be a low-cost move, and however he feels about Montreal, no other franchise would give him such a great opportunity to play big minutes and prove he can still handle a top-6 role.
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    For the most part - I think they had a solid draft. There were some things I'd have preferred to see them do but I'm hoping to have time today to do my usual grades and evaluations where I can dig into that in some detail.
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    Co-worker said he saw a report earlier this afternoon that a sports talk-radio show in L.A said word on the draft floor was a deal was done with L.A and Montreal which included Pacioretty and high ranked prospects from the Kings's system. The deal hinged on Pacioretty signing long term with the Kings, after the contract extension negotiation went south this morning, the deal was off, and they signed Kovalchuk a couple hours later. Now hours after that, we find out Pacioretty fires his agent and goes in a different direction. It certainly seems to add up to one big picture now that he fired his agent, one thing seems pretty certain though, L.A is no longer in the race for him now after giving Kovy 6.25 per. Bergevin could have also been talking to Walsh for those 10 min. about what transpired earlier in the day, and regarding future contract negotiations with potential trade partners. They are likely all going to want Pacioretty locked up beyond just this season to give up any type of big package for him. It is really in Pacioretty and Bergevin's mutual best interest that the Agent be able to workout a good and acceptable extension to facilitate a trade with whoever is trying to acquire him. Who knows I guess.. *insert Days of our Lives Theme*
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    Overall a meh draft in my opinion. I was fine with taking Kotkaniemi. I my wasn’t the greatest value pick, but it addresses a need, and I think it will turn out to be a good one in the end. I’m fine with Ylonen at 35, though not in love with it. Time will tell here. Really don’t like the Romanov reach though at all. Could have had him in the third round I feel. We could have drafted a centre like Akil Thomas I think, or d man McIssac. That would have been a solid first three picks. Liked picking up Olofsson, as well as Hillis, McShane and Fonstad. Houde looks like a wasted pick to me, and Harris looks like a project that I can’t assess. Same with Gorniak and Stanley. I just don’t feel like we hit the home run we needed in the early going. But I hope I’m wrong. I look at Detroit and the Islanders first 3 picks and I’m jealous. I really hope these prospects prove me wrong or we have a dark future.
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    Very wise words. These GMs are supposed to be the elite, the best hockey minds on earth. In fact a huge percentage of them are Good Old Boys, hired by ignorant owners due to contacts and schmoozing, and aren't any brighter or better-informed than some of the people on this site. In some cases, markedly less so, because they allow personal biases and ego to get in the way of winning. As for the draft, it is usually a mistake to be either too excited or too angry. The single biggest problem with discourse around the draft is the tone of certainty that informs it. Machine is quite right to note that this is mostly guesswork, and a whole whack of things can go either right or wrong for each of these picks over the next 3-4 years. As Mr. Price once said: chill.
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    This is Trevor ####ing Timmins with another 5th round pick, you will show some respect!
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    Eric Engels posted something about pcs deal immanent? for whatever thats worth. These guys will be bottom feeders until MB and scouting / drafting crew are gone
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    They probably believe that...they are proving they need a total overhaul at the top. Bergevin, Timmins, all of them. Total gutting.
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    Time to get your Redenbachers into the microwave peeps!
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    Don't... Just sit and take 2 players
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    I want to see swagger in guys who are supposed to fill the net. Ovi has it, Laine has it...ect
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    There's no point in discussing a full rebuild. First, there is zero reason to believe that the Habs have any interest in this option. Second, MB is the last human being on earth who should be entrusted with a rebuild. His regime has an absolutely atrocious record of dealing with elite young talent.
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    Habs did draft M. Hossa at 16th.
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    Ryan O' Reilly? Next year's 1st (top 10 protected), Toronto's 2018 2nd, Nikita Scherbak, and Andrew Shaw.
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    Either that, or Molson is convinced the money will keep rolling in, defining "success" in the same way Harold Ballard did.
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    It's a serious concern. So is the fact that nearly everyone agrees we traded away the player with the higher ceiling. And so is the fact that we traded that player - one of our better trade chips - without addressing any actual team needs.
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    Your logic is bad. I addressed it. The only forwards with less than 10 goals and with 35 or more assists are Max Domi and Henrik Sedin. Unless we think, boy, now that Max Domi is here, he's gonna put up 50+ assist seasons, this is not a good thing. Except to you, since you are trying to find some weird point of hypocrisy.
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    The Tim Thomas controversy was one more media driven and Bruins owner/Mgmt srivwnz Obama didn’t revoke the invite, because Thomas didn’t attend, or tweet our absurd responses like a 9 year old who feels they have been insulted. i have no issues with athletes using their position to take a political stand, or create awareness for what they believe in. I for one think it’s a shame most hockey players are to afraid of rocking the boat to take a stand when at times they probably should - even if it’s to their own detriment. In ability to go against the status quo, out of fear of rocking the boat, is the reason why the NHL had the weakest union until the the early 90’s and guys like Eagleson were able to rip off players, while guys like Harvey who took a stand got blacklisted. But than I was a big fan of Mohammed Ali growing up, for both his ability as a boxer and the stand he took. I also didn’t have an issue with kaepernick - it’s too bad his peers didn’t support him when he first started his protests. On the other hand i do have an issue with a wing but leader of the free world who behaves like an adolescent anytime anyone criticizes him or has different beliefs than him.