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    Wait... am I being traded too? Guys, come on, I'm trying hard out here, I'm just in a bit of a rough patch. Put me on a line with DON and The Chicoutimi Cucumber and I swear my posts will improve.
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    I am just like the rest of you that bleed the Montreal color's. But its been hard to watch these guys play like ass night in and night out. So I am hoping all the good vibes that come from this topic can rub off on the team and bring them some much needed luck🍀 So only good vibes in here everyone.
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    Ya, being a fan of Putin is downright psychotic. He's a terrible leader and an awful human being.
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    Clearly, his upper body injury is brain related. lmao
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    Just got my son a new Canadiens jersey for Christmas. He is a 5th generation Hab fan in my family....whether he likes it or not
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    I love the Habs, even when they struggle. My kid scored his first ever goal last week.. it doesn't matter what Montreal does this year, it won't be as good as watching him raise his arms for the first time. Pure joy... what hockey is all about. Go Habs Go, through the good and bad!
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    I like Weber. A lot! He is one of my favorite players on the team. And if the team had a Sergachev or Markov type mobile defenseman to make up for his absence, I could, and have, justified the trade. But trading Subban, Serg, Beaulieu and allowing Markov to walk, is a huge failure. Losing all of your mobile defensemen, signing Karl effin Alzner to that silly contract. What are you thinking bergevin? PK was also a huge competitor. He could and would put the team on his back and will out a win. Weber is not that style player. The bad moves that MB made after the Weber trade, (not filling the mobile defense position) actually makes the Subban trade even worse. At this point, I totally regret the trade, and I miss PK almost every game I watch.
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    Patrick Roy as GM of the Habs looks terrible at any moment. The solution to Montreal's woes isn't replacing Bergevin with a hot-headed egoist who hasn't served in any managerial capacity in years, whose primary chip that was used to attract players in junior wouldn't be available to him, and who quit on his team because he wasn't getting his way. I'm sorry, but there is no scenario where it would be justifiable to hire Roy as a general manager. There's a reason he got no consideration whatsoever for any vacancies (coaching or management) last offseason.
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    We had an offer from a blue jackets board of three top poster prospects and a first round pick. Sorry bud.
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    If we're doing a retool this season... Montoya (when he's healthy) for Kari Lehtonen, Remi Elie, and a 2nd round pick. Dallas gets a better backup now and next season, but pays a price for getting significant cap relief for trade deadline acquisitions. Plekanec (at 50% retained salary) to Winnipeg for a 2nd round pick. They look like a team that could use a defensive 3rd line center... also Pleks is prepared for Winnipeg winters with his collection of turtlenecks. Then whatever assortment of 6th and 7th round picks you can get for Davidson, Mitchell, and Hemsky. I'd also loan Mete to the World Juniors in December, then send him back down to his junior team right after. No need to taint the kid further with this mentally fragile locker room. Call up Jerabek, but look to flip him at the deadline for whatever value he performs to. Finally, not sure what the value is on Pacioretty, but if you want to get a message across to the team that the locker room atmosphere needs a change, you deal the captain. I'd look to San Jose, L.A, Nashville, and Dallas (hey, check out all that cap space!) for the best offers. Maybe Carolina as well. #FallinforDahlin #SignTavares
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    The place to start is always UFAs... always..... 1) You want Plekanec to give you a return similar to Hanzal last year. As soon as you get a good enough return for him, move him. Open up his centre spot so Chucky can play down the middle. If the season is lost, let him learn to play centre. 2) Mitchell, Hemsky, Deslauriers... there is no value here. Bags of pucks will be fine. 3) Next you move on to Max. I say this because it might be a move you can make in season, or it might be a move where he is a guy that has more value at the draft. But I'd definitely want a pretty penny for him on that contract. You explore max now, but there is no urgency to move him for less than the boatload the Avs got for Duchene. At minimum Max is worth a 1st rounder and 2 top notch prospects (NHL ready or very close). If someone isn't giving that, you don't move him. There is no rush as even if you wait til the 2019 deadline, you are getting a 1st plus 1 top notch prospect.
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    Where is the leadership and character that Bergevin supposedly brought in. ####ing Character. Outplay a team for 30 minutes, give up the first goal... what does a team with character do? Gets right back after it and pushes to tie. What does this team do? Fold up like a cheap suitcase. After 40 minutes down 2-0 when we really haven't played badly... a team with character regroups in the room and comes out flying for the third. This team ####ing collapses. Character my ass.
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    I'm not sure you should be allowed into the Bell Center during a live home game.
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    oooooookay, I'm all for negativity towards Bergevin at this point, but you're at a 10 and we need you at a 6.
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    Drouin puts up 90 points as what would be one of the best players in the league, but that trade might be even? You don't see any way how we win this trade? Umm, maybe Jonathan Drouin continues being the #1 center that he currently is and Sergachev is anything less than a #1 dman?
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    Do you really want that bum to be allowed to make another move??? His two free agent dmen were -2 against the worst team in the league. Alzner has been a pylon. Meanwhile Sergechev has more points and goals than Drouin and Weber
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    Bruins to the left of me, Red Wings to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with Drou(in)?
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    Now, that's a comment that crosses a line. come on sbhate
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    To me that is a leadership/coaching issue. You can't just crumble as a team when the opposition scores
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    I've got a long way to go before getting to that point. (Not to mention that would make it rather challenging to run HW...)
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    I think I know the next lesson: Stop caring.
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    Well if Molson wants to win, maybe it's time to start looking at all options. Not just a francophone
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    That's also from Garrioch. Reporting that the Habs "may be looking to shake things up" is akin to saying the sky is blue.
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    I do blame Julien a bit for this shit show too. There are players on this team who could 100% be brining more. Julien is not pulling that out of them. Should have hired a players coach in Gallant. These guys all apparently loved him when he was assistant here. I've said it like 10 times. Julien is Therrien with a ring.
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    Plenty of blame to go around. what caught my eye particularly was in 3rd period, still 3-0 game. Not out of reach yet. 4th line shift actually breaks out of own zone, des lauriers puts a shot off the goalie and out of play. TV time out ensues followed by an offensive zone draw. Who is on the ice? Our 4th line, wtf? Could maybe see it if it was a 4th line that consistently held pressure, established cycle...Maybe then, but habs fourth line has none of that, yet there they are when we need a goal. not that the rest of team is tearing it up but why the heck weren’t one of our offensive lines (if that exists) put out for that face off? De la rose isn’t exactly Mr. BigDrawWinner and hasn’t scored since he was in midget hockey. Lots of terrible going on, but coaching moves like that aren’t gonna kick off a come back. I’ve stopped letting my four year old watch habs games with me as I don’t want him picking up bad habits haha.
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    Well, speaking of stinking, the team has stunk out the joint ever since trading Subban (meanwhile, he merely went to game 7 of the Finals). A fitting fate for an organization stupid enough to trade him. This is what happens when you make hockey moves for reasons having nothing to do with hockey.
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    Come on, Trizzak isn't the problem - it's the MODERATOR! dlbalr has gotta go!!!
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    A scary thought crossed my mind this morning: What if Therrien was a genius after all ? He was able to get the most out of this team... while Julien just can't
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    I agree with this. IMO you move anyone over 26 not named Price and Weber. You keep those two around because not only are they our best players but they should be held onto to tutor the young guys especially in Weber’s case. We will still need veteran presence. Patches time here as captain is just about up and it’s not that I don’t like the guy but the team needs a new direction and management is the reason for this not Max.
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    Absolutely agree. You play hardball with teams looking to acquire one of the league's best goal-scorers, still in his prime. That is a move that can reshape the franchise - but it HAS to be done right. No rush at all.
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    That... and I'm not a competent analyst by any means.... is what I think unplugged the team. I don't even know if it was a good trade or not. We lost a bit of our soul. With PK.. we were the Habs. And I think Markov re-signs.
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    I've gotta wait until Francis goes to the big leagues!
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    You know who had character? PK f**king Subban, that's who. And that's why they got rid of him - the cowardly, plodding snowflakes who run the team couldn't handle the threat to their precious egos.
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    Yeah, I noted this in the game thread. Predictably, they zeroed in on Patches as the most likely to be moved, and weren't wrong in noting that a far inferior player - Matt Duchene - commanded a damned nice return. I'm OK with a dismantling because this core is clearly not going to win a frigging thing. What I'm not OK with is empowering the dribbling dumb-ass who mismanaged us into this position in charge of the re-tool/re-boot/re-build or whatever the hell the dummies running this sinking ship want to call it.
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    2-15-3 Record Scratches: Cousins, Leighton, Mermis* Injuries: Bolland, Chychrun, Hjalmarsson Projected Lineup Max Domi - Derek Stepan - Clayton Keller Tobias Rieder - Christian Dvorak - Christian Fischer Brendan Perlini - Mario Kempe - Anthony Duclair Jordan Martinook - Brad Richardson - Zac Rinaldo Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Jason Demers Alex Goligoski - Luke Schenn Kevin Connauton - Joel Hanley* Antti Raanta Scott Wedgewood 8-9-2 Record Scratches: Davidson Injuries: Hemsky, Lehkonen, Mitchell, Montoya, Price, Scherbak, Schlemko Projected Lineup Alex Galchenyuk - Jonathan Drouin - Paul Byron Max Pacioretty - Phillip Danault - Andrew Shaw Charles Hudon - Tomas Plekanec - Brendan Gallagher Nicolas Deslauriers - Jacob de la Rose - Byron Froese Jordie Benn - Shea Weber Karl Alzner - Jeff Petry Victor Mete - Joe Morrow Charlie Lindgren Antti Niemi Team Leaders Arizona Montreal Game Notes Goals Clayton Keller (11) Gallagher/Pacioretty (7) Puck Drop: 7:30 PM EST Assists Domi/Ekman-Larsson (9) Drouin/Weber (9) National TV: N/A Points Clayton Keller (17) 4 tied with (12) Regional TV: TSN2, RDS, FS-A PIMS Jason Demers (15) Andrew Shaw (22) English Radio: TSN 690 +/- Dylan Strome (E) 3 tied with (+1) French Radio: FM 98.5
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    I don’t think Molson can grow what will never be there - I found out all I needed to know about Molson in le’affaire cunneyworth.
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    The only scenario where I would be happy with finishing in the cave is drafting Dahlin AND to sign UFA John Tavares on July 1st.
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    Well guess what. Your buddy Marc single handedly build[destroyed] this d-corp
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    Marc Bergevin lives vicariously through stay at home d-men
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    I am going to be nice.....i am going to be nice........i am going to be nice............i am going to be nice 🙏🙏😡😡
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    Some of Lindgren's issues in the AHL have crept up tonight - his rebound control and positioning have both been pretty shaky for the most part. He did make a big save on Keller at least that helped lead to the Morrow goal. Nice set play off the draw on Weber's goal to allow the Habs to come out of the period without their tail completely between their legs.
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    Need to change his name to Carrierre, then he would of got the call.
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    With PK back there I thought that anything was possible. A romantic notion I know.. and Markov... sigh... That"s not to knock Weber by the way..
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    I have no idea what this means.
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    This was just in response to my thread "The Habs Need a Better Backup"
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    No sense beating ourselves up about any of Sergachev's success. We knew we were trading what could be a top 2 dman in exchange for some scoring punch up front. Also locking in Drouin at 5.5 is a steal. And what would the offense be like if the trade didn't happen?