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    Ah, too bad zero isn't an option.
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    This discussion is ridiculous. Now we're being told that the 2014 or 2015 teams were "28th overall teams" - a bizarre conflation of basic realities in order to save some kind of pathetic and desperate narrative that MB is a good GM. How about this. HE TURNED A TEAM THAT CAME WITHIN TWO GAMES OF THE FINALS (2014) AND FINISHED 2ND OVERALL (2015) into the living hunk of festering shit you see today. That's what his incredible leadership has brought us. He DID have a team on the cusp of true contention. The results proved this. Its key core pieces (all inherited) were young. Pleks and Markov were aging and anyone could see they would need replacing within 2-3 years. HE dismantled it for no reason that survives rational scrutiny. HE failed to add to the good core that was there. HE failed to plan to replace the aging veterans that obviously needed replacing. His big "solution" (trading Subban) solved ZERO actual problems and made the team older and worse. This team is garbage right now for one reason and one reason only: Marc Bergevin. In the hands of a competent GM, the Subban/Patches/Price core would be in the middle of its prime Cup window. Right frigging now. Has he learned from his mistakes and is now building a team properly? Hey, the next few years will tell that tale. But wheezing on about how the team was always bad, or how finishing 28th was all part of his genius master plan, is simply preposterous.
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    If the GM has a core that comes within two games of the Finals, it's HIS job to elevate that core, not blow it up.
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    It always boggles my mind when fighters feel the need to fight in the preseason. Deslauriers is well-established as a fighter; he doesn't need to prove that part of his game to anyone so why engage with a minor league guy?
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    Thanks, dlbalr. I'm neutral on this as a pure hockey move, but he's certainly qualified and I love Captain Kirk for sentimental reasons, so - hooray!
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    His article says it all.. total character.. the right type of character this team needs. Without reading into it. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/nhl-max-pacioretty-were-going-to-vegas This team has very little identity left and first time ever..i have been a Habs fan since I was 2 years old. Even when I started kindergarten in Toronto I wore a Montreal jersey. And as an 11 year old in Edmonton. Not wanting to see Oilers win the cup. As I always was hoping was the Canadiens. When the team won in 1986 I gave it to my friends in Edmonton. Always true Montreal fan ever since I can remember. And this being first year I have lost a lot of that passion for the team. Because most important the way this team and MB treats the players that have put in their time and other than Plekanec.. all are put aside and as max on the above article says..looks forward to the enthusiasm and excitement of a new team. The excitement that the Habs should create to foster in their own team. NOW THAT IS CHARACTER MB has no business being the GM of a once CLASS and ICONIC franchise.
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    What kind of depth at center do you think the Habs have to put 3 of them on one line?!?
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    Trade the centre you refuse to play at centre for a winger you decide to turn into a centre. That trade is the gift that keeps on giving.
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    As weak as this roster is, I'm still happy hockey is back That little thrill never goes away.
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    Such hyperbole. We have 15,000 wingers.
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    Now this is how you announce a contract extension: Seguin gets eight years with a $9.85M cap hit.
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    Jesus Christ...do your arms get tired from working those pom-poms as you play cheerleader for Bergevin?
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    They weren't a 28th place team in 2014, they were 2 wins away from a Cup final. It was obvious then, when David Desharnais was the first line centre, what was needed. He didn't get it done and the team has aged and the window closed in the mean time. Seems to me that Buffalo found a #1 centre, heck they might have 2 of them now. Toronto has 2 Ottawa made their deal to get a top centre. San Jose has had Couture, Thornton and Pavelski. St. Louis is deep down the middle now. Vancouver is hoping Elias Pettersson is going to be a number 1. Those teams weren't starting with what Bergevin was given in 2012 - A top veteran defenceman in Markov - a young kid who would win the Norris Trophy. - a winger who just had his first of 5, 30 goal seasons. - A reliable 2-way centre in his prime, in Plekanec. - a captain who could still score 20. - an ageing LW who just had 35 goals. - a young goalie on the cusp of being the top goalie in the league. - A rookie RW who would become a consistent goal scoring threat - the #3 overall pick, two second rounders in 2012, and his first, plus two more second rounders in 2013. - a young Centre who would become a strong number 3, even good enough to be the number 3 on a cup winning squad. Ray Charles could see that we needed a centre when Bergevin came on board. And I don't care what Bergevin tried, he didn't Get It Done.
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    This isn't the "try league" this is the "get it done" league. If you can't get it done, eventually they're going to find people who can" Bergevin failed to improve the team, he failed to get a centre when it was clear this team was a centre away from being a legit threat at the cup. I don't care what he tried, his job was to get it done.
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    It was Bergevin who decided to stand still in the summer of 2014 after his team got to the ECF. It was Bergevin who decided to stand still in the summer of 2015 after his team had the second best record in the league. He could have added a centre. He could have added a real 1RW. He could have fired Therrien for a better coach. Instead he did nothing until 2016, when his big decision was to subtract Subban and add Weber.
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    I'm not crying for a tax on the 1%, sorry.
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    Subban (You did say Who SHOULD be Captain? Not who could be captain?)
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    I’m not saying this to be negative or to argue this specific scenario but you can’t really evaluate how the Habs have handled their centers in the recent past with any consistency. Galchenyuk, for instance,couldn’t crack our lineup as a center while we were in desperate need of one, and now may find himself as a top 6 center on another squad. I’m indifferent towards De La Rose and McCaron, relatively speaking, but it’s certainly possible that another team would handle them differently than the Habs have. Overall, I wouldn’t expect either of them to get claimed should they have to clear waivers. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they did.
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    Deslauriers is trying to make the roster. These guys aren't dumb. We've all looked at the number of wingers this team has, and its too many.... Deslauriers very well could be one of the players waived and sent to Laval if he doesn't impress at camp. He is by no means a lock to be on the roster. If we know that, he also knows that. He has to impress to make this team. If Shaw was healthy, I wouldn't want Shaw fighting in the preseason, cause he will be on the roster, there is no reason for it. For Deslauriers, its unfortunate what happened but I can't blame the guy. He knows what his spot on this roster is, and how it is not guaranteed. Despite 10 goals last year, he hasn't earned a spot on the fourth line yet. Just check the opening night roster thread. All of De la Rose, Scherbak, McCarron need waivers to go to the AHL... so he doesn't even have that benefit. This is even assuming Kotkaniemi and Suzuki are cut, and Shaw is IR. Here is a possible forward group... its not set in stone, but i can see a scenario where these are the forwards, and Deslauriers is waived. Drouin - Domi - Armia Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Byron - Plekanec - Lehkonen Hudon - Peca - Scherbak Extras: McCarron, De la Rose IR: Shaw That's 14 forwards + one IR spot... and that's a realistic roster, and doesn't include Deslauriers. He needs to perform better than some of those players if he wants a spot.
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    Kirk Muller is now locked up for the next three years after the Habs gave him a two-year extension. http://www.habsworld.net/2018/09/habs-sign-kirk-muller-to-a-two-year-extension/
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    2nd full game I’ve watched of koky... the WJC gold medal game and now this first exhibition game. I saw nothing wrong with his speed outside of his awkward/lanky stride which had zero effect on his ability to keep pace. He showed great vision and stick work. I thought he did really well... lots to be happy about thus far! -Mete hasn’t missed a beat! -juulson was good as well. - Schlemko blows -Despres is definitely on the outside looking in...
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    He could play in Laval I send him to Finland, where he will be the number 1 centre on his team. His dad is the coach of his Finnish team, we don't have anything to worry about in terms of him getting jerked around for ice time. And there will be no temptations from the media and fans saying "call him up to montreal" everytime he has a good game. Let him develop, let him leave for a year, and not have that pressure from the fans and media in montreal.
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    Unlike in Montreal, if Domi could play centre, he would have never been moved.
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    I got a feeling Peca will be 2C by December.
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    Wow, I got a poll to work! Hooray
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    The annual best shape of his life. I have more endurance interview that mccarron has given 4 years in a row
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    We should put the finns together on a line see how they do. Lehkonen - Kotkaniemi - Armia Could be interesting to see them play together.
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    Even if Galy clocks in at 50-60 points, that still likely makes him more valuable than Domi, due to positional considerations. Only the Montreal Canadiens could be stupid enough to trade a top-6 C when they quite literally do not have a single legitimate NHL top-6 C on their roster.
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    Byron is a 29 year old forward on a cheap deal. He should be traded for the exact same reasons that Pacioretty is traded. His game relies on speed, and he will likely want a good raise on an extension. By the time this team is ready to compete, he will not have the same speed he has now. I love the guy, but Get what you can, while you can for him.
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    https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canadiens-weber-confident-can-good-not-stronger-healthy/ Captain Weber
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    I don't disagree that Karlsson would have filled a huge need but what you're proposing is a lot easier said than done. Edmonton isn't swimming in young assets to deal which is what Ottawa would have coveted. They'd want to add Karlsson to their existing core which means Nugent-Hopkins and Klefbom realistically would probably be off the table to move even though that would have made the money factor a bit easier. That would leave enticing a taker for Lucic. The problem is, what would they be offering? San Jose dealt one guaranteed first and encumbered two more with the conditions, all by 2022. Let's assume Edmonton would have had to do the same. Unloading Lucic's contract without taking any money back would cost multiple firsts. Because they've dealt/encumbered 2019, 2021, and either 2020/2022 for Karlsson, that means the best picks that the Oilers could offer is the remaining 2020/2022 one and 2023. If I'm a team like the Habs, I'm not waiting five years to get a draft pick that might be three or more years away from actually playing. I don't think there's a team out there that would. Maybe sub in Yamamoto for one of the picks but even then, if you're Edmonton, that's as many as five potential firsts (plus whatever prospects/players they'd have lost for Karlsson as well) for a rental. That doesn't seem like a strong move to make for them, no matter how much Karlsson would have helped.
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    I'm aware that this draft is deeper. I'm also aware that teams aren't going to be afraid to move a 2nd round pick if they get someone that they think can make an impact for them and teams have moved 2nd rounders in deep drafts for capable rental players before... If Byron's playing at a 20-goal pace, there are going to be a lot of teams interested in him. They're not all going to hold firm at a 3rd rounder or bust. If Bergevin plays his cards right, someone will up the ante to Montreal's benefit. Now, if Byron reverts back to his performance in Calgary, then I agree, a 2nd would be unrealistic. But if he plays like he has, they should get a 2nd for him, deep draft or not. And if every GM is so terrified of moving a 2019 2nd (even though seven have already been dealt or encumbered), there's always 2020.
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    Byron's coming off back-to-back 20-goal seasons and is cheap. Michael Grabner, a similar player to him, fetched a 2nd and a decent prospect at the trade deadline. Assuming Byron has a similar year, they should be able to get a 2nd for him, especially from cap-strapped teams who want to add but don't have much cap room; he'd automatically be a top target for those squads.
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    If we got this return for Weber we'd be pissed.
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    It’s the millions of dollars Molson owes MB regardless
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    6 wins from a Cup, followed by a 2nd overall performance. Yep, that team had no chance of contending. Thank god the GM blew it up We will be lucky if the current rebuild yields anything better than what your buddy destroyed. Cheer for the team, sure. Praise the GM as anything other than a disaster? Sorry, that's Leafsland. Not for me, thanks.
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    Pacioretty wrote a piece for The Players' Tribune: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/nhl-max-pacioretty-were-going-to-vegas
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    If it was truly a problem (it isn't) the NHL could just factor tax difference into the cap. I don't think the owners have ever given it thought. This is the stuff bad teams complain about. California teams pay high taxes. Didn't stop the Kings and Ducks. Didn't stop the Sharks from making the final. Low taxes certainly haven't helped the Oilers or Flames either.
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    It's so easy to blame Bergevin for these "circumstances." Pacs likely asked for a trade last season (I believe Molson). Pacs was the guy usually scoring 30 and not managing to get to 20. He lowered his return. Then Bergevin moves him to LA and Pacs nixes that deal. Lots happen behind closed doors that we will never know about. Given the "circumstances", Bergevin did very well here. Suzuki is a better prospect than you think.
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    I think I went to pick Youppi! and picked Byron instead haha. Team vote is what got us Carbonneau/Chelios splitting the C and Pacioretty. Of course, the issue with Pacioretty is nobody could pick Carey Price, who everyone felt was the real leader of the team, and allegedly nobody could pick Andrei Markov. There were reports he refused the C, then he denied that, and there were reports when they chose captain they couldn't name him. In hindsight, Markov should have been named captain in 2010, with alternates for when he was hurt. Either way, he was the leader of that locker room until Price matured, and even then he was the real leader on the ice. Everyone respected him and looked up to him. I hope Markov writes a book one day, because there's so much that just doesn't smell right with Markov's career with the Habs now and I wonder what it was.
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    Who should be our next captain? Who do we want traded next 🤔
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    Rebuilds in the NHL don't have to take 4-5 years. More and more young players are having an impact in the NHL, and this has shortened the time for a rebuild. Elite goalies are good at 33, 34 and much older... look at Lundqvist, Luongo, Brodeur, Hasek, Roy, etc... its the position that lasts the longest at a high level.
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    I was happy to see Bouchard take this stance. For far too long the Canadiens organization has behaved this way, not standing up for teammates that have been cheap-shotted or standing idly by when skill players are harassed/intimidated. There are some here who think the rough stuff serves no purpose in the 'new' NHL, but I could not disagree more strongly. The prime example that I can think of was in this past Stanley Cup Final, when Coburn pulled Backstrom's jersey off during a scrum and tossed it to the ice. Were that a Habs skilled player, nothing would get done about it 9 times out of 10. The Caps, however, stand up for each other...Tom Wilson lost his mind and immediately tried to get at Coburn...and it took a hell of an effort by the linesman to prevent it. The whole time he and Coburn were in the box, Wilson was livid...and told him about the ass-kicking he was going to give him the entire 2 minutes...I don't think he even sat down once. As soon as the box opened, he was on Coburn like white on rice...he didn't give him a choice, they were fighting. Right then and there, by the reaction of the Caps bench, I was more sure than ever that they were going to win the Cup; they were a TEAM in every sense of the word. If Bouchard can start to instill that in the up and coming Canadiens in Laval, that is as much a vital part of the rebuild as re-stocking the talent pool IMO.
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    It came out last night that Brampton (ECHL) will be the affiliate for Ottawa instead of Montreal. Considering that the Habs put in zero effort at all to stock that team or prop it up with a bit of financial support, that's not a big surprise. In Joel Bouchard's press conference today, he acknowledged that the Habs are hoping to send some players to Maine, the Rangers' ECHL team (that happens to have Daniel Briere as GM). They may have to come up with similar arrangements with other teams if they have quite a few players that they have to send down. (Actual depth - wouldn't that be something...) I think there's an arena being built in Trois-Rivieres in the near future. I can't help but wonder if the Habs are eyeing that as their affiliate down the road and are just going to go with temporary options between now and then.