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    When you are rebuilding, the best strategy is to have numbers. Have lots of prospects. Lots of lottery tickets. If Mete makes top 4, great. If he doesn't, one of your others does. The idea here is to hoard prospects. If we want to finish this rebuild, we need to add prospects at the defence position, not trade them away for guys who are 10 years older. Mete should be one of many.
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    God bless you Dan Carcillo for having the balls to call out everyone associated with such disgusting and sickening acts. Shame on everyone that has ever done anything to hurt and harm young men and women who are working hard towards their dreams.
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    Just gonna leave this beauty here. Weber has 3 goals, 2 assists, +5, 20 hits, and a 60.5% CF in the 6 games since returning. Not too bad for missing a full year with two different injuries. If this is him "slowing down", I'd hate to see him at full capacity. Dad is home
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    Shaw deserves a of lot credit. The last 15 games, he's quietly played some really solid hockey
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    Here's the CBA excerpt: If a Player drafted at age 18 or 19 is a bona fide college student at the time of his selection in the Entry Draft, or becomes a bona fide college student prior to the first June 1 following his selection in the Entry Draft, and remains a bona fide college student through the graduation of his college class, his drafting Club shall retain the exclusive right of negotiation for his services through and including the August 15 following the graduation of his college class. The Club need not make a Bona Fide Offer to such Player to retain such rights. The Habs hold his rights through August 15, 2020, not the standard four years for college players.
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    The issue with that is that as long as Danault is the matchup centre, then his line is going to play the same minutes as the other team's top line... where Kotka's line is always going to be matched against the other team's third line. This means that Gallagher and Tatar now get less minutes than Lehkonen and Byron. I'm not sure that is ideal I also think that Julien wants at least one of Lehkonen/Byron/Armia beside Kotkaniemi to insulate against any rookie mistakes as they are strong defensively.
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    Keeping with tradition, here's my GDT after a win last game. I'm tied up at work so if someone else wants to post the lines and other stuff that'd be great
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    Jarret Tyszka returned for Seattle last night after missing the first couple of months with that concussion he suffered in the rookie tournament. To celebrate, he got in a fight.
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    Recommendation of a great Christmas gift for Sens fans.
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    Good to see Juulsen back i don't see anyone claiming him, but its no real loss if they do
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    Rock on, nice win. 43-21 in shots 9 shots for Gallagher. Domi 0 pts 4 hits 16:28 for #15, nice. Petry 1g1a +3 Habs pass Bruins for 1st wildcard spot and poor Sens now 6points behind.
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    I guess we'll see... Was a nice pass from Kotkaniemi there as I eat my words
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    Brutal might be a bit strong, but hes been soft on his passes and just not making good decisions. He has regress the past 6 or 7 games, which was bound to happen. I bet he does go to world jr s. I keep reading people saying he has nothing to prove in the tournament, but it acts as a refresh for him. Let him gain some confidence back and take a break from the nhl grind
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    Price had a very solid period. He seems to be back to being Carey
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    Drouin - Domi - Shaw Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Byron - Kotkaniemi - Lehkonen Agostino - Chaput - Peca Hudon - Deslauriers Kulak - Weber Schlemko - Petry Reilly - Benn Ouellet - Juulsen Price Niemi (lines from practice)
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    I don't think now is the time to try and accelerate things by getting a 30 year old defenceman. We are not near close enough on that. Which is why I lean towards, keep the kid, and prove your assessment correct or incorrect. Stay on the side of keeping the future assets because this move is not making us a contender. If we are talking a 24 year old dman instead of a guy who turns 30 in february, then yeah, i can see moving Mete.
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    no thanks... he looks great in his #15 habs sweater. He's not going anywhere.
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    A big CH presence this year, for sure.
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    they had access to the information that he spent to much time at Chez Nikita with his bombshell girlfriend eating Nesquik cereal and homemade cookies while playing fortnite till the wee hours... like every other kid... i have that access to... its called social media
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    Because they are Habs fans?
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    I dont see the team loaning out kotkaniemi. Hes not struggling in the way that mete was. Just look at the pass he made to lehkonen last night. As well as the fact his line is still getting a ton of chances. (Lehkonen two goals saturday. Byron many chances vs san jose). I just dont see it. I am also not sure that its beneficial to take a player succeeding at the nhl level and put him in under 20 hockey. If hes struggling in the nhl, sure. But now.. i dont think he would benefit playing a lower level of hockey.
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    "With 7:30 left to play, a soft zone clearing attempt by David Schlemko (who had been playing well up to this point) resulted in a turnover. With Petry and Peca both covering their players, Matt Duchene was able to find Stone alone in the slot as Schlemko did not cover his man. Stone, being the sniper that he is, took advantage of the space given to him to beat Price and make it 5-2. " If i remember correctly, Schlemko was standing alone behind net admiring his attempted clearing, then came late to front of net and weakly tried to block shot.
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    Sure - why not? The team could keep close tabs on him and he'd get more ice time than he has been getting lately (he was dead last in TOI yesterday in a three-goal game which is pretty telling). Here's a scenario I could see playing out - next week, Kotkaniemi gets loaned out (Mete was loaned on the 11th, for anyone wondering) and Evans gets the recall. If they want to assess his progress in a non-fourth line role, this would be the opportunity to do so; he'd have nearly a full month to showcase himself. If he falters, I could then see Peca getting a look on the third line - I think he'd fare better there with more skilled players than on the fourth line. This time next month, management can then decide whether to bring Kotkaniemi back or put him in Laval for the time being. He'd still have ~8 games left before accruing a UFA year so the demotion wouldn't necessarily be for the rest of the year; they could still bring him up at some point.
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    Dont know him, liked him as a hockey player.