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    Didn't see a thread, never made one before and I don't know what I'm doing! Feel free to add stuff..rosters...etc...
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    This strategic mastermind, this managerial wizard, gave us all a look behind the gilded curtain of his overpowering visionary acumen at the presser yesterday: "The goal is to get younger, faster with character, and that’s what we’re going to try to do moving forward...We’re going young with speed and character." - Marc Bergevin These penetrating words, which so brilliantly cut through to the nub of the matter and demonstrate a far-seeing, prophetic insight into the future direction of the game well beyond that of his colleagues - most of whom are, of course, have yet to make the realization that MB has arrived at in year six of his rebuild, i.e., the pressing need for youth and speed - come from the same Napoleonic mind that brought you -Shea Weber -Karl Alzner -Jamie Benn -Dwight King -Steve Ott All players who made the team inestimably younger and faster. One can only be uplifted by this track record and the new revelation of how consistently our GM has built upon this clear and inspiring vision of the Montreal Canadiens. No doubt, given another decade, he will come to the realization that the league has legalized the forward pass! Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak at next year's edition of your Montreal Canadiens:
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    MONTOYA WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 more game with 30 minutes played to go. Edmonton plays 2 more back-to-backs, this weekend and next. I don't know why I'm this jacked to move up from ~131 to ~100 in the draft, but #### YEAH, 1 MORE GAME, LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    It's the matchup that CBC was surely hoping for when this game was originally scheduled - Curtis McElhinney vs Charlie Lindgren. No Carey Price. No Frederik Andersen. No Auston Matthews. No Max Pacioretty or Shea Weber. No Leo Komarov or Nikita Zaitsev. What a captivating matchup this will be...and if you don't think so, the word matchup will be drilled into our heads all night from Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson as without so many star players, you can be assured that matchups will be the forced narrative as Claude Julien and Mike Babcock try to outmatch the line matching. Puck drop is around 7:15 and if it's the usual anthem singer in Toronto for this one, you'll want to keep it on mute until then.
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    I must have missed the memo when this was christened Andreas Johnsson night. Every time he touches the puck, the announcers are fawning over him. Even on Toronto's second goal, as soon as they scored, they panned over to Johnsson's reaction (from the bench). He's having a decent game but let's not get stupid here...
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    I don't want to risk an offensive explosion, but one goal would be nice...
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    Montreal Galchenyuk - Drouin - Lehkonen Scherbak - Carr - Gallagher Byron - de la Rose - A. Shaw Deslauriers - Froese - L. Shaw Reilly - Petry Alzner - Juulsen Benn - Lernout Niemi Lindgren Dallas Janmark - Seguin - Radulov Benn - Faksa - Pitlick Roussel - Spezza - Ritchie Elie - Dickinson - Shore Lindell - Klingberg Hamhuis - Pateryn Methot - Johns Lehtonen MacKenna Radulov with 9 goals and 4 assists?
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    As much as I hate bergevin and what he’s done to this team, if I was going to cheer for another team, I would have done so during the reign of the unholy trinity (Tremblay-Corey-Houle). I’ll stop watching hockey before I start rooting for another team. Having said that nothing would make me more happy than Subban winning a cup with the Predators, bringing it to Montreal and rubbing in Bergevin and Molson’s face. The last two Molson owners have done everything they could to turn the greatest franchise in sports history into a Mickey Mouse outfit.
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    Mete out 6 weeks with a fractured finger. His season is done. Pacioretty out 4-6 weeks with a knee injury. His season is likely done. Habs overcome the odds and go on an insane winning streak and finish just outside of a wildcard spot. All Habs fans get concussions from banging heads against walls. Out indefinitely.
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    I think what Bergevin really means when he says “character” is chemistry. Alas, per Mike Piazza, this is a total waste of time. “Chemistry is bullshit. I’ll tell you what gives you good chemistry. Winning. Losing gives you bad chemistry.”
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    The one who has been peddling "same crap every day" is Marc Bergevin. For six frigging years. And as long as he continues to shovel it at us, I'm gonna keep calling it what it is.
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    If he didn't get hurt, he already has fared better than the last rental centre the Habs dealt to Toronto at a trade deadline.
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    This game is crazy entertaining
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    Also we know that Eugene Melnyk is Cheap as Hell right now... and the Habs have a ton of cap space. What about getting creative with that cap space and Molson's money. The Sens want to include Bobby Ryan's contract in the karlsson trade. What if it wasn't a Karlsson trade... what if we'll take Bobby Ryan, but we are raiding your farm system? You don't even have to buy him out in year one, if you really wanted to role the dice, play him a year and see if he finds his old game... but you have the cash to buy him out immediately. If eating one year of Brian Bickell, was worth Teuvo Teravainen, What is eating 4 years of Bobby Ryan worth? Thomas Chabot and a Centre prospect (Brown or White)? More? hmmmmmm... Just thinking out loud here, lots of reasons its implausible.
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    I agree that the effort was astounding My expectations are also that the the Habs will win Coincidently I happen to be in your area today Organizing a get together over the internet is far fetched though Maybe sometime in the future we could attend a game In the mean time I’ll just keep watching on TV No better promise that the Habs will continue their other streak Go on now, enjoy the rest of your day
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    Hey I just want to be clear Everyone enjoys your GDT Largely due to the care and effort that is involved Please, be sure to do more in the future. We appreciate the hard work All of us could learn something from it. Sitting here and admiring the effort So, the rest of us totally believe you. Even in my wildest dreams, I wouldn't bet on dlblair to hurt you Never could i imagine such a scenario. Tonight the Habs will win in your honour.
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    I just want to put to rest thr rumours that I am doing this GDT under threat and duress. dlbalr did not kidnap my loved ones, and if he did (which he did not), he certainly would never mistreat them as leverage to get me to do this GDT. I enjoy writing these, I do so with enthusiasm, and dlbalr is best poster - no equal, everyone loves dlbalr!
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    I down vote the whole discussion of down voting.
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    Montoya starts today's game against Tampa. Need 30 minutes of solid play for a 4th. Then another 30 minutes of solid play to help The Tank. But first, 30 minutes for a 4th.
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    I know the tradition is that when the Habs win, whoever did the game day thread for that game does the next game until the streak is broken. I thinknin the spirit of Team Tank, whoever does the GDT for a loss should continue to do so until the next dreaded victory. Just my 2 cents.
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    Big week for MONTOYA WATCH!!!!!! as Edmonton plays 2 back-to-backs in 6 days starting tonight.
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    First off, welcome to the board. With regards to Laval, that's not on the table for him. For starters, he is ineligible to play there the rest of the year as he wasn't on the AHL roster after the trade deadline. He also has to clear waivers to get there (the GP threshold for ELC skaters signed at 21 is only 80 instead of the usual 160). He also has a European assignment clause in his deal if he was to actually make it to the minors. If this season is all about playing the youngsters now as many want to see, that will include Lehkonen who, at 22, is the second-youngest forward on the roster I believe.
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    Worst team? Probably not. Worst to watch though...? ZzzzzzzzZzzzzz
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    Those are some heavy metaphysics for a hockey board, my friend! There is a rich irony in the thought that moves supposedly made to bolster our 'character' have in fact left us a soulless shell. Watching Price this season, he seems to have been mentally preoccupied or half-checked out all year. Who knows why, but it may be partly informed by MB's foolish chemistry experiments. Amazing to think that in 2015 the chemistry was so good everyone raved about it, Petry was blown away when he arrived, etc.. Now they're a listless, lifeless bunch except for the wonderful Brendan Gallagher.
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    I hear that criticism a lot and I suspect its true. Not knowing the game we're playing would count as a negative for any GM I'd consider. But I'm mostly pissed at trading our black hearted soul and the report of indifference experienced by the great Hab Markov and Rad. I don't see any great grounds for confidence in the owner either. We just disappeared. We became a collection of players.. mostly unidentifiable.. and not a team. I used to like us. Now I just have you guys. And you just have me. How bad is THAT!
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    My seat for the evening. If there's something you'd like me to tell them just let me know
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    Amen, brother. The analogy between Subban and Gretzky is obviously ridiculous - much as I respect PK, he's no Gretzky. But that trade transformed my understanding of Marc Bergevin in a split second. Whereas prior to that, it was possible, for me at least, to think (despite the Therrien hiring) that we had a forward-looking young GM who understood the contemporary game, the trade exposed him for what he really is: a GM who prioritizes his own ego and loyalty to his managerial team of mediocrities over winning, who reaches for lazy scapegoats (Subban, 'character') rather than intelligently analyzing problems, and who is heavily old-school rather than forward-looking in his approach to the game. In an organization that had glaring needs, especially at C, his big signature move was to make a thoroughly pointless trade that, best-case scenario, can be described as a lateral move that traded a player entering his prime for a player beginning the downslide. Indeed, as good as Weber is, pretty much the ONLY thing that trade has really accomplished is to create a brand-new glaring organizational need, i.e., an elite puck-moving defenceman. The definition of dumb. Most of his subsequent moves have reinforced what the Subban trade taught us about him. He is retrograde, ego-driven, and quite possibly rather stupid for a man in charge of a half-billion dollar organization.
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    I watched very little hockey those years, but I probably stopped a year earlier. Followed the habs by habit, just really couldn’t watch them - kind of like now.
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    Finally, some quality tanking.
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    We're a contender, man. Get your shit together
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    Bob Cole doesn't call the game any more, he guesses it.
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    Habs are well out of the playoffs with nothing to play for. They: 1. Lose their top defenseman for the season to injury 2. Have their franchise goalie miss many games to injury. 3. Trade their top defensive centerman for no immediate help. 4. Have their best young, puckmoving defenseman get a hand injury and miss games. 5. Have their best pure goalscorer and team captain get a lower body injury and miss games. And this ####ing team goes on a 7 game point streak. Habs are so bad they can't even be bad badly enough to benefit the organization.
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    I kind of agree that Laval would be a great place to groom our next “up-and-coming coach” but don’t necessarily think that it’s something we should have to rely on in terms of hiring a replacement coach for the NHL. There should be a lot of other options as well. There’s arguments to be made but I haven’t necessarily thought so highly of Detroit’s replacement for Babcock Blashil or Philly’s new coach Haxtall. They aren’t bad by any means but nothing so obvious that this “new age” wave of coaching is necessary in order to be successful, whereas Quenevilles and Hitchcocks wouldn’t be better choices. With Levebvre’s terrible track record, that doesn’t excuse him by any means. He should be replaced with someone better. I guess I am one of those who are disappointed in the organization’s limitation when it comes to choosing a coach. It’s a hard argument to be made that we aren’t attempting to hire the best available person (in terms of NHL experienced coaches), when Michel Therrien is fired the moment Claude Julien becomes available. The problem isn’t only that we aren’t in on the potential of hiring a great coach like Mike Babcock, it’s that we are limited to play a certain style. If the pool of English speaking language coaches is 25 and the pool of French speaking coaches is 5, you may have 20 defensive coaches and 5 offensive minded coaches. When we realize that 25 to 5 is the same as 5 to 1, we also realize that 4 of those French speaking coaches should be defensive and only 1 should be offensive. If he’s already hired? Well Claude, you’re the best available in the world. We’re going to have to go with your style. Having a plan B in Laval would certainly be helpful but perhaps it’s even more important for our organization than others.
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    All media narrative bullshit that doesnt actually win games. Give me Skill over everything
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    Off ice... yup... its all bullshit... I agree 100% On-ice there is something to it. Pacioretty and Drouin just don't gel together, we've seen this time and time again. Basically there is two types of chemsitry.... the harmony of a locker room, which is bullshit... the Hawks won their last cup while everyone was fighting in the lockerroom. And there is two players gelling on the ice together which is different and important.
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    In the past three years I can only think of two trades that made the team better: the Danault trade, and the Deslauriers trade. I like the Eller trade a lot but it didn't exactly make the team better. It was just a good deal. Only Danault and Deslauriers. Man.
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    Offhand, I'd say Poile and Yzerman are the class of NHL GMs.
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    All that scouting of the Wild has paid off
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    I like the return, I just think we should be careful overrating Kerby Rychel
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    Very well said Chips. Some of us should try to contact him on the team sites to express our appreciation and gratitude for the sacrifice and dedication this great athlete has blessed us with. A wonderful Montreal Canadien. We should rightly miss him.
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    Okay guys, we've all been a bit negative about the team around here so I'm gonna try to start this GDT as upbeat as possible. The time for a big playoff push is now! Even though the Habs need a lot of points to get there, And their two best players are now injured, plus Many of the fans have thrown in the towel. These are trying times, but if we All cheer loud and proud for the Habs it's Not impossible for a comeback that starts tonight! Keep the faith, and Go Dahlin Habs Go!
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    I am really going to enjoy the day Mete realizes he's one of the better players on the ice.
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    It was in full swing when both were in the lineup.
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    Why? Why is there another game? Can't we just cancel the rest of them?
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    well our GM did trade for Ott, King and Martinsen to solidify us for the playoffs. Is there any other dumb GM's to take advantage off??? Where's Milbury when you need him? IMO, they should start a new GM award - the Mike Milbury award - MB would have won it the last three year's running, with Dorian a close second this year.