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    Inch for inch, pound for pound the Pocket Rocket is the toughest player I've ever seen to lace up his skates in the NHL. My hockey days go back to the big dynasty of the late 50's, so I've seen a lot of players in the NHL, and none were tougher than #16 Playing in the shadows of "the Rocket" and "Le Gros Bill" Henri , unfortunately never quite received the attention or the accolades he truly deserved. But anyone who watched him play, that understood the fine points of the game could see just how good he really was. And, just how valuable he was to the team (Toe Blake once referred to him as his MVP during their Stanley Cup years) At 5'-7" and the younger brother of "the Rocket" he was quickly challenged by the tough guys in his rookie year who thought they could intimidate him. They rather foolishly figured he'd be easy pickings given his size, but they soon found out he could hold his own and a whole lot more. He was every bit as tough, and almost as mean as his big brother was, and wouldn't need anyone to fight his battles. They quickly learned to respect him for who he was and the talent he had. He may not have possessed the sheer and overpowering dynamics of his brother, but looking back on his career I'd say he was the better of the two brothers. From the blueline in, "the Rocket" was the meanest, the nastiest and the most intense payer I've ever watched (Ovechkin comes very close to him) and Beliveau was the most graceful, elegant and classiest to ever grace the sports field anywhere, Henri Richard was the best overall player of the two. His game was more complete, and his roles more vital in the overall sense of the game. He was as good as any of the true legends and did it at both ends of the rink on a consistent basis. His legacy is one that will never be broken - that of 11 Stanley Cups in a career that spanned 20 years. The Pocket Rocket was a Stanley Cup champion in 55% of the years he played for the Canadiens. As an old and long time Habs fan, who hails from the town they played their very first game against (the Cobalt Silver Kings) I say good-bye to one of the best who ever graced the ice of the old Forum. (FYI - just a long time lurker that hasn't posted in ages)
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    Cant blow a three goal lead, if you dont get a three goal lead.
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    Julien: "Kirk, have you got the powerplay strategies ready?" Muller: "You know it, boss!" Julien: "Awesome, what have you got for me?" Muller: "We set up Weber for a blast from the point!" Julien: "Classic. Very old school. What else have you got?" Muller: "... else? ... uh well, we, uh we set up... Weber... for a blast from the... other point?" Julien: "...................... and your third strategy?" Muller: "We set up Domi!" Julien: Yes" Muller: "Who sets up Weber!" Julien: "plz no" Muller: "Who blasts it from just above the goal line!" Julien: "You're fired." Muller: "Weal will be on both PP units." Julien: "You're back in. Do you have room for Evans too?" ~fin~
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    Which is why I said 12 games instead of 14 or 13. Heck, if they want to improve Laval for their playoff push and send Ouellet or Alzner down, get Markov out of Russia and get him to 1000 regular season games as a Hab. Nothing wrong with good PR in a lost season.
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    Ottawa and Detroit are such better teams today cause they made these moves.
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    Habs pull the goalie for the extra man, so of course they revert to their good ol' method of setting up Weber from the point. Julien: "Kirk, stop this. It isn't working." Muller: "But think about how great it would be if it did!" Julien: "But it's not! Everyone knows it's coming, they can defend it easily!" Muller: "Good. We have them right where we want them." Julien: "So we'll change strategy and take them by surprise?" Muller: "No. We'll keep doing the same strategy and take them by even more surprise! We're playing chess while they're playing poker!" Julien: "What?!?" Muller: "Bingo, that's a yahtzee!" ~fin~
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    1 and 1/2 out of 5 on Sunday. 2 out of 3 on Monday (bonus win by LA for those whose faith in The Tank is truly the strongest among us.) Arizona and Chicago continue to find new ways to disappoint like me to my father when I quit school to join a commune and start a Dead Can Dance tribute drum circle but he just didn't understand that sometimes art can burst through you like a beam of white light and you're not even really controlling it but just a conduit to it's beauty anditcanbemorepowerfulthanafather'sloveeventhoughitwouldbenicetohavehimcallandjusttellmeheunderstandsIdon'tevenneedhimtobeproudbutjustunderstandmepapa. Get it together Yotes and Hawks!
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    Sure, yes, hindsight games are fun and easy. Columbus picked fourth overall and took Zherdev, missing out on Vanek, Suter, Phaeuf, Carter, Brown, Seabrook, Parise, Getzlaf, Burns, Kesler and Perry. Rangers picked 12th overall and took Jessiman, missing out on Brown, Seabrook, Parise, Getzlaf, Burns, Kesler and Perry. Islanders picked 15th overall and took Nilsson, missing out on Parise, Getzlaf, Burns, Kesler and Perry. San Jose picked 16th overall and took Bernier, missing out on Parise, Getzlaf, Burns, Kesler and Perry. If Parise, Getzlaf, Burns, Kesler and Perry were such obviously better picks, why did those other teams miss them, too? (And, yes, Kostitsyn looks elite now compared to Jessiman ...)
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    Ok, enough goofing around. I think I've had enough fun already. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/team/david-mulder
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    They sucked again...perfect! I hope they can keep on sucking and put together yet another 8 game losing streak.
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    Just once, once, post something that isn't taking a shot at the organization. A picture of Weber missing an absolute haymaker and you have to comment about a trade that in your opinion is bad. Just an awful existence you must live watching what is supposedly your favorite team. I suggest getting another hobby, talking to a therapist, or both
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    So many fond memories of the Pocket Rocket. Certainly the cup winning goal against the Black Hawks stands out but one of my fondest memories was late in his career on a Saturday night. They were playing the Buffalo Sabres. The Pocket and Jim Schoenfeld were battling for position in front of the net. A slap shot from the point was deflected and hit the Pocket square in the forehead, blood was streaming down his forehead and he just skated calmly to the bench, never flinched, never went down. After the game they asked Jim Schoenfeld what he thought of Henri Richard, he just shook his head and said "what a competitor". He was tough as anybody out there. R.I.P. Pocket Rocket We will remember you!!
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    sure, go ahead: https://hfboards.mandatory.com/forums/buffalo-sabres.18/ https://hfboards.mandatory.com/forums/florida-panthers.28/
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    We have seen this from the CH a few times this year. When they drive the play they _CAN_ be dominant. And the way Price was gosling yesterday was just beautiful We have to give credit when credit is due. They will probably suck again in the next couple of games, but yesterday’s was a good game
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    No one laughed the last seventeen times you made the joke.
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    The Senators have a corrupt owner that uses the franchise for his benefit and doesn't care about winning. They are more like a farm team than an NHL team with aspirations. I do not know how you can make this claim about them. They suck and will suck for a long time
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    No... but the fact is that in any organization there are positives. You post NOTHING that is positive at all. Everything is negative, even in places where there isn't a negative, you still find one. Thats the point. You manage to find positives in Detroit and Ottawa, but you have none for the Habs.
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    He's always been more of a playmaker than a goal scorer, and he was a bit snakebit not to score some of the chances he had. He played really well and was dominant in many games.
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    I'm gonna run around the Vancouver airport, licking every surface I can find so I can get it, recover and move on.
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    Of course YOU would find some rathole to go down. Most teams do love to punt their #1 scorer at the deadline, as they are a dime a dozen and so easy to replace in July.
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    Ya, I don't think I ever actively root for the Habs to lose, even when the season is lost. I'm just not that sad when it happens now.
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    The Canadiens (31-29-9) visit Florida (33-26-8), with plenty of Habs fans guaranteed to be in the stands. The Habs' season looks to end early, but the Panthers aren't doing much better. Canadiens' projected lineup Artturi Lehkonen :: Phillip Danault :: Brendan Gallagher Charles Hudon :: Nick Suzuki :: Joel Armia Paul Byron :: Max Domi :: Jordan Weal Lukas Vejdemo :: Jake Evans :: Dale Weise Ben Chiarot :: Shea Weber Brett Kulak :: Jeff Petry Xavier Ouellet :: Christian Folin Charlie Lindgren Carey Price Scratched: Karl Alzner Injured: Jonathan Drouin (ankle) Tomas Tatar (upper body) Panthers' projected lineup Jonathan Huberdeau :: Aleksander Barkov :: Evgenii Dadonov Mike Hoffman :: Erik Haula :: Frank Vatrano Dominic Toninato :: Lucas Wallmark :: Brett Connolly Colton Sceviour :: Noel Acciari :: Mark Pysyk MacKenzie Weegar :: Aaron Ekblad Riley Stillman :: Anton Stralman Keith Yandle :: Mike Matheson Chris Driedger Sam Montembeault Scratched: Josh Brown, Aleksi Saarela Injured: Sergei Bobrovsky (lower body), Brian Boyle (upper body), Dryden Hunt (lower body) Current playoff probabilities (from The Athletic): Habs: 3% (projected to finish 23rd) Panthers: 21% (projected to finish 20th)
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    The Canadiens have had to many injuries. Maybe it is time to part ways with him ?
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    Wasn't talking about him, was talking about Kirk miller. I just took this post as a joke towards my post about Kirk muller. Doesn't seem like anyone in Montreal is being held accountable.
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    Well I guess most people have accepted the fact that losing in Montreal is normal now, so why change anything in Montreal, no need to become a wining team.đź‘Ś
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    I always had the hots for Scully.
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    Is it time to part way's with him after the season's end? He's been the guy running the powerplay since he came back to Montreal to become assistant coach again. The powerplay hasn't done anything under him. Do we keep him on and take the powerplay duties off him? Or part way's completely?
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    That’s nothing new. It’s the players fault that they brought him up as an 18 year old and kept him in the NHL too long this year. I listened to that Travis Green podcast with Friedman and it was refreshing to hear a coach talk about an actual development plan for players. With Paterson they knew he wasn’t a very good face off guy and was struggling, but they were willing to live with his mistakes. They also didn’t bring him over until he was ready. and yes I know he got over 30 points last year, but yakapov also had a good rookie year and was in a 20 goal pace - but who’s did that work out for his long term development. with the habs it’s always the players fault - it’s not a poorly constructed rosters - both in Montreal and Laval. But yeah, the plan is to build through the draft and rush players in before they are ready.
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    He was the first Hab I remember liking. One of my earliest memories is watching Habs games on black and white tv and loving to see #16 skate. btw - he only celebrated his 21st birthday last week on Feb 29th.
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    #TeamTank had a pretty good night with the teams directly ahead of the Habs all gaining ground, and Chicago climbing to within a point (with 2 games in hand.) The Hawks will be looking to push the Habs down to 8th-last Friday night when they take on Detroit. Buffalo is just a sad sack tho, wow. 5 straight losses. The only part about tanking they haven't mastered is ending it. The Habs' best hope for 7th-last might be a surge from the Devils. On Friday we cheer for the Devils to beat the Blues, Chicago to beat Detroit, Winnipeg to beat Vegas, Arizona to beat Calgary, Vancouver to beat Colorado, and Anaheim to beat Toronto (not because it matters much in the standings, but because we almost always cheer for Toronto to lose... we might be #TeamTank, but some things are sacred.)
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    Surprisingly this was the first game that we got shutout all season (technically we got shutout twice in preseason). Getting to game 69 is actually a pretty good feat.
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    13 points in 12 ahl games for kk.
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    It looked terrible the second the trade was made - just like the Alzner signing did.
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    Didn't someone say that the FLA Panters had a better core than the Habs ? From 31 thoughts: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-marc-bergevin-sees-canadiens-present-future/
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    Tried the new Trade Machine at Cap Frienly: https://www.capfriendly.com/trade-machine/ Looks cool, and it did accept my trade proposal
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    I don't know anymore Don, I think I lost track of what mole I am trying to whack here via GIPHY
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    Who was saying the Senators are better setup for the future than the HABs?
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    Not true, team still playing for playoffs. only 7 points behind with 14 games to go. I do not believe they will make it, but the CH has a no-quit attitude this year. They played well, that is the fact. Your narrative if yours to enjoy
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    3-0 We are in big trouble.
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    That is expected given how late they were drafting and how many times they didn’t have 2nd round picks. The last two drafts are a good step forward. This year should be positive too
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    9:33 for Romanov in game 1 of playoffs, a 3-0 win https://www.quanthockey.com/hockey-stats/en/profile.php?player=48962
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    My question was "So he scores at a good level, his defence is excellent. Tell me again why he can't be a second line centre on a good team?"
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    The only time hes had really low minutes was last year in playoffs. In regular season he averaged over 12 minutes a game. Remember that khl game day roster is 22 instead of 20. They have 8.defence instead of 6... playing 4 pairings.
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    As far as point 15, that sound asinine. By the time the trade was made, it was already clear the Drouin was picked too early - Jones and monohon proved they were clearly the better picks. Rationalizing that in the 2013 Drouin was a better prospect and trading the guy considered the second best dman in his draft class when Drouin hadn’t planned out is just stupid. Even more so, considering the hole we had on LD.
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    Um... no one is saying the team that missed the playoffs 4 out of 5 years is good. What im saying is that from 2008 when they had the most points in the eastern conference... to 2017 when they again had over 100 points and won the division... they were more than a bubble team. 2 runs to the final 4... multiple seasons over 100 points. Multiple seasons finishing atop the division. Thats a decade of not being a bubble team. At the end of it... in 2018 they crashed and have to rebuild... just like the sharks have crashed now and are gonna need a rebuild too. There are cycles... it happens to every one, even multi time cup champs (who yes were better than montreal and san jose) in chicago and LAK. They are going into down periods now. Eventually pittsburgh and washington will too.
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    Winning the division multiple times in a stretch where they also went to.the final 4 twice is a blip. But the blues sneaking into the playoffs after missing the playoffs the previous season is the kind of true contention to strive for? Or the sharks making one cup final and constantly failing in the playoffs. The preds making one cup final out of 8th spot. One other final four and other years failing to win a round? Guess thats what you get when you look at the habs with glasses that suggest everything they do is wrong...
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