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    Man. All you have to do is concede that the original statement about building a new core every 5 years, was not what you were trying to get across, and this argument ends. Looks to me like you are both inferring the same thing, but picking out points to argue for the sake of it.
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    Wait... am I being traded too? Guys, come on, I'm trying hard out here, I'm just in a bit of a rough patch. Put me on a line with DON and The Chicoutimi Cucumber and I swear my posts will improve.
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    If you think the problem is the players, the problem is who acquired the players: management. If you think the problem is the media, the problem is the people who care what they say: management. If you think the problem is drafting, the problem is the people who draft: management. If you think the problem is developing, the problem is who runs the development: management. If you think the problem is coaching, the problem is who hired the coaching staff: management. The only thing that isn't the problem of management is the person who allows management to run the way they run: ownership.
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    I am just like the rest of you that bleed the Montreal color's. But its been hard to watch these guys play like ass night in and night out. So I am hoping all the good vibes that come from this topic can rub off on the team and bring them some much needed luck🍀 So only good vibes in here everyone.
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    Ya, being a fan of Putin is downright psychotic. He's a terrible leader and an awful human being.
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    I've been following the new "gender as social construct' theory of human identity but everything I've read in biology suggests this could be a very painful direction to press forward one might say. I've personally never accommodated anyone who has kindly suggested this common but unavoidably highly gymnastic option. Mind you ... when they called me an "A H", I was sure they meant "Avid Habsfan"! I've since been advised that this might have been an unreasonably optimistic reading ... Oh well...
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    Ok, ok, try this. The Montreal Canadiens are a massive money-making machine irrespective of performance. As we've seen with franchises like TO and NYR, this can create a culture in which, while everyone involved would like to win, winning isn't internalized as life or death. This results in people in management playing internal political games, jockeying for influence, protecting their allies from accountability, making hockey decisions based on ego rather than excellence, etc, etc.. Over time this corrodes the entire operation. That we have seen zero accountability in management - Therrien being protected long past the point when a serious organization would have canned him, Lefebvre remaining firmly in place despite a dismal track record - and dumb hockey moves driven seemingly by ego (Subban, Markov) - all suggest that this dynamic is a major factor in explaining the Habs' stagnation.
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    Sickening. I hate Julien's thinking in OT. Put #27 and #41 out there and just go for it FFS.
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    Too bad Simmons isn't a C. Basically, if we use serious assets to acquire a good player, it better be a C.
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    The dreaded 8 goal lead....let's not get ahead of ourselves here...
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    Don gave consent, so it doesn't count
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    I thought I'd hate Subban, because I do get why he caught so much heat, but to my dismay, I still love him F U Marc
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    Yeah. We have a newborn, so she's had issue with her posture due to breastfeeding + holding the baby + carrying the car seat, etc. Should be ok after her treatments on Friday. I hope our record can remain perfect tonight. Last season or 2 seasons ago, not sure, we thought we were done against the Red Wings as they were leading 1-0 after 58 minutes or so. But we scored a late goal and then won in OT.
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    I swear, if he doesn't sign with Montreal this spring, I will voice my displeasure on the internet! And I'll use a really angry-looking font!
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    Even though I agree we aren't a contender, I'd rather make the playoffs than throw in the towel. Even though sports are changing in general, I'm never as a fan, going to be able to start "hoping" 3 years down the road will be better if we "do things the right way" this season. I also feel as though the playoffs are attainable should we choose to go that route. Price needs to play better, Schlemko and Weber needs to get healthy, and we need to spend our available cap space in a positive manner.
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    Clearly, his upper body injury is brain related. lmao
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    I know we've talked a lot about what the problems are with our team. We have digressed from a few years ago. Instead of taking steps forward, we've slid back, at least into the middle of the pack, and by the end of this year, who knows where we'll be. Will we get it together and look like a good team like we have on our recent 5 game winning streak over the past few weeks or are our secondary players overachieving and will we end up being a team that scores sporadically. We know that most likely Carey will win us games and keep us in games but can we compete with the better teams ahead of us in the standings?? All valid questions. One of the most concerning things has been who we've drafted and how they've turned out. We traded PK because he supposedly didn't play the right way. We're probably going to trade a 3d pick in a draft, Alex Galchenyuk, a former 30 goal scorer, because he isn't the centre we thought he was and has regressed and is now being bounced all over the lineup. I get it that maybe he isn't playing right. Is it him or our system that has turned him into who he is today. Are there personal issues going on here behind the scenes like Mike Rebeiro?? Have we not taken proper care of our players development and futures?? Is this normal? Do all teams have these issues and what are other teams doing in this area? We drafted first rounders Nathan Beaulieu, Jared Tinordi, Louis Leblanc and they're all gone with hardly anything to show for them. We don't have any blue chip prospects, unless Noah Juulsen is considered in that category. We seem to have drafted some good players this year, but based on our track record how will they turn out. I look at our core, and while we have some good young players like Drouin, Gallagher, Paul Byron, maybe Arturi Lehkonen, and as of the past week maybe our new fourth line [but will they be able to sustain that energy and scoring touch?]. I look at even Max P. and I'm wondering is he done in Montreal or is it just a slump. Is he going to be another John Leclair and once he lands somewhere else he'll soar because he'll have better line mates and a different culture? He looks a bit like he's going through the motions and he's lost some desire and energy. For me our whole system right now seems frustrating. Something systemic seems broken. And it doesn't seem to be just one person. I don't know if frustration with our whole system is fair or if that really is the problem. Just a few years ago, with the players we had, incoming players were saying we had a great room. Now?? I know we've said all this before but other than Trevor Timmons I almost feel like we're descended into the former Leaf-like crisis. Do we need to change almost everything from the President right on down to our scouts and our AHL coach. Am I seeing the glass half empty or are we really in that place?? It's hard sometimes to put your finger on just one thing when there appears to be leaks in the ship all over! But in my mind I think the issue is leadership, starting at the top. I think these people are good human beings but I think our problem is primarily in the top levels of leadership. Our system seems broken. This is what I think has to change. Geoff Molson has to step aside and put in a very good hockey man as President , who then needs to replace our current GM with the best GM available, period. Then let him rebuild the front office leadership staff because based on results I'm beginning to think they're ver overrated, pst their shelf life, unfortunately like a lot of things Marc B. has done. Then remake our scouting and coaching staff so our whole system can be reorganized and we can return to being one of the best run organizations. I don't think just constantly changing players is now the answer. What do you think? Is there a solution possible with one or two player moves or do we need to clear the decks of our top level leadership?? If we need to clear the decks, as in from the President on down and come in with a new system and new leaders, I'm personally willing and actually would look forward to it, but to keep going year to year like this, lurching forward a bit and falling back a bit with seemingly not a solid plan in place frustrates everyone. I think this year is the time. Let's hope.
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    I think our development can be better. I also think that we can be better in trades and free agency as well. Yes, being adequate isn't good enough... you have to be elite somewhere. MB hasn't done enough with this roster to take it to the next level.
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    Sure that wasn't just a postmortem spasm....?
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    You are quite wrong here. Montreal's percentage of draft picks making the NHL is actually above average. What we have to do is keep the kids we draft longer. We are too quick to give away top prospects.
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    It didn't back fire with Radulov? Or signing Subban to a bridge contract, or when Subban missed time due to contract negotiations on his long term deal
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    1) By definition to be clutch, you have to elevate your game. If you are great... then you are just as good in the regular season as in the playoffs. There is no elevation. If Michael Jordan scores lots of points in the first quarter, and lots of points in the 4th quarter, thats not clutch... thats just being the best basketball player ever... and doing it at all times. 2) Sports at the Pro Level are not the same as having played and coached sports for 25 years and 10. Do normal people react differently to pressure? sure. By the time you reach the players who make the NHL, you are talking about the best of the best of the best in sports. Those 0.00001% of athletes made it to where they are, because they succeed in pressure situations, whether it is impressing scouts, outperforming peers to win jobs, doing well in junior hockey, AHL hockey, etc. Those who don't elevate, have been weeded out. 3) As for sample sizes. I don't make the rules of what is or isn't statistically significant. This is math. Means, standard deviation, sample size... all basic statistics taught in any intro level university science course. The studies have been run. The numbers have been looked at. There is virtually no evidence of any player, not Cammalleri, not Rivera, not Claude Lemieux, not Justin Williams, no one... to repeatedly perform better at a statistically significant level at a large sample size. Some (Claude Lemieux, Rivera, williams) is because when you look at all their games, they are the same in the regular season and playoffs. Some (Cammalleri) did well in 3 out of 5 playoff rounds (and sorry MOLG... 0 g 3 a in 6 games in Calgary is not good, even giving credit for the assists).... 5 playoff series in a career is too small a sample size to get any data of real predictive value.
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    Ah, the Blues. In the league since 1967, yet never won a Cup. Nonetheless they have had, it seems to me, a disproportionate number of strong teams over the years, and have never, to my knowledge, "tanked." They're like the ultimate in consistency, missing the playoffs only five times since 1980. Unlike the Habs, they are often rated as contenders, yet - exactly like the Habs - never break through. Classy logo and old-school jerseys too, with some distinguished players over their impressive history. They have a neat name of the type that would never, ever be chosen in today's shiny super-corporate NHL. And they seem to be rock-solid in terms of the fan-base. Kind of an interesting and under-appreciated franchise, all things considered. Living in the Vancouver area, I find myself wondering if their fans are as whiny and self-pitying as Canucks fans, who feel tragically hard done-by by the fact that they've never won. Not totally unlike Canucks' fans, Blues fans are both privileged - they have a good team, year after year after year - and long-suffering - they never win or even come close.
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    Horseshit. As if there aren't some NHLers who have made it there more on their skill than their mental fortitude. As if others don't compensate their lesser physical abilities with heightened determination. As if a player mentally approaches a regular season game in November the same as they do game 7 of the SC final. It's the freaking playoffs; stakes are higher, nerves are higher, the opportunity to achieve a lifelong dream is being crushed or realized. Just because they're good at handling more pressure than others doesn't mean they're immune to it when it increases tenfold. Water rises, pressure builds, dams break. NHL players aren't robots programmed to hockey (despite what reading hockey interviews might indicate). Some players play differently in the heightened drama of playoffs, and - if you'll forgive a lazy analytics insult - trying to suggest otherwise reads like you are upset that you can't quantify human nature on a spreadsheet.
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    Well no shit. Who wouldn't do that trade
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    Pacioretty is to Montreal as Kessel was to Toronto. Both prolific goalscorers who score in bunches, but are maligned for not being saviors. Everyone chirps Pacioretty for not blasting down the wing and letting that wrister go, but which defenseman is springing him to do it? Pacioretty is who he is. A goal scorer who can kill penalties and play in all situations, and just like all coal scorers, when he isn't scoring, he doesn't look like a top line player. He is due for another streak soon.
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    One more goal and Detroit has to trade Howard to, like... Philly for Neuvirth. It is destined.
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    I loved Theodore. Then I hated Theodore. Then I wanted Theodore to come back to backup Price. The pretty ones are always the most difficult.
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    Same here. But.. on the other hand... he didn't think much of me either...
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    I checked my last Facebook status about our streak and it was 10-0. We're now 11-0 as a couple. I suffered a loss or two with friends or with my father for the Saku Koivu night against Anaheim, but never suffered any with my girlfriend. Awesomely weird.
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    Desharnais is quoted in the book saying after a bad game Therrien didn't talk to players at practice on ways to improve their game, instead he'd call them individually into his office 2 hours before the next game to rip into them, leaving them angry, frustrated, and unable to concentrate. There is this 24ch video of Michel belittling Subban, and then when PK starts to ask a question he gets interrupted, given meaningless direction, and ignored. Ryan Whitney has told numerous stories about how poorly Therrien interacts with his players. Briere's story isn't a non-story. It is added context as to why players tune him out after 3 seasons.
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    Brace yourself. I'm supposed to be attending the game with my girlfriend tonight. (if her back doesn't hurt too much to sit for 3 hours...) Our record together is like 11-0 or 12-0, not sure. Promising.
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    Don't forget the angry emoticons...
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    Watching Carey when he is on his game really is a treat. That’s our franchise player we all know and love.
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    Sergachev would have scored there...
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    Man, arenas really like playing wrestling themes. Pretty sure I just heard Finn Balor's theme going into the commercial break. Last year the Predators were playing Bobby Roode's theme a lot too.
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    Just got my son a new Canadiens jersey for Christmas. He is a 5th generation Hab fan in my family....whether he likes it or not
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    I like Weber. A lot! He is one of my favorite players on the team. And if the team had a Sergachev or Markov type mobile defenseman to make up for his absence, I could, and have, justified the trade. But trading Subban, Serg, Beaulieu and allowing Markov to walk, is a huge failure. Losing all of your mobile defensemen, signing Karl effin Alzner to that silly contract. What are you thinking bergevin? PK was also a huge competitor. He could and would put the team on his back and will out a win. Weber is not that style player. The bad moves that MB made after the Weber trade, (not filling the mobile defense position) actually makes the Subban trade even worse. At this point, I totally regret the trade, and I miss PK almost every game I watch.
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    Patrick Roy as GM of the Habs looks terrible at any moment. The solution to Montreal's woes isn't replacing Bergevin with a hot-headed egoist who hasn't served in any managerial capacity in years, whose primary chip that was used to attract players in junior wouldn't be available to him, and who quit on his team because he wasn't getting his way. I'm sorry, but there is no scenario where it would be justifiable to hire Roy as a general manager. There's a reason he got no consideration whatsoever for any vacancies (coaching or management) last offseason.
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    We had an offer from a blue jackets board of three top poster prospects and a first round pick. Sorry bud.
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    If we're doing a retool this season... Montoya (when he's healthy) for Kari Lehtonen, Remi Elie, and a 2nd round pick. Dallas gets a better backup now and next season, but pays a price for getting significant cap relief for trade deadline acquisitions. Plekanec (at 50% retained salary) to Winnipeg for a 2nd round pick. They look like a team that could use a defensive 3rd line center... also Pleks is prepared for Winnipeg winters with his collection of turtlenecks. Then whatever assortment of 6th and 7th round picks you can get for Davidson, Mitchell, and Hemsky. I'd also loan Mete to the World Juniors in December, then send him back down to his junior team right after. No need to taint the kid further with this mentally fragile locker room. Call up Jerabek, but look to flip him at the deadline for whatever value he performs to. Finally, not sure what the value is on Pacioretty, but if you want to get a message across to the team that the locker room atmosphere needs a change, you deal the captain. I'd look to San Jose, L.A, Nashville, and Dallas (hey, check out all that cap space!) for the best offers. Maybe Carolina as well. #FallinforDahlin #SignTavares
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    The place to start is always UFAs... always..... 1) You want Plekanec to give you a return similar to Hanzal last year. As soon as you get a good enough return for him, move him. Open up his centre spot so Chucky can play down the middle. If the season is lost, let him learn to play centre. 2) Mitchell, Hemsky, Deslauriers... there is no value here. Bags of pucks will be fine. 3) Next you move on to Max. I say this because it might be a move you can make in season, or it might be a move where he is a guy that has more value at the draft. But I'd definitely want a pretty penny for him on that contract. You explore max now, but there is no urgency to move him for less than the boatload the Avs got for Duchene. At minimum Max is worth a 1st rounder and 2 top notch prospects (NHL ready or very close). If someone isn't giving that, you don't move him. There is no rush as even if you wait til the 2019 deadline, you are getting a 1st plus 1 top notch prospect.
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    Where is the leadership and character that Bergevin supposedly brought in. ####ing Character. Outplay a team for 30 minutes, give up the first goal... what does a team with character do? Gets right back after it and pushes to tie. What does this team do? Fold up like a cheap suitcase. After 40 minutes down 2-0 when we really haven't played badly... a team with character regroups in the room and comes out flying for the third. This team ####ing collapses. Character my ass.
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    I'm not sure you should be allowed into the Bell Center during a live home game.
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    oooooookay, I'm all for negativity towards Bergevin at this point, but you're at a 10 and we need you at a 6.
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    Drouin puts up 90 points as what would be one of the best players in the league, but that trade might be even? You don't see any way how we win this trade? Umm, maybe Jonathan Drouin continues being the #1 center that he currently is and Sergachev is anything less than a #1 dman?
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    Do you really want that bum to be allowed to make another move??? His two free agent dmen were -2 against the worst team in the league. Alzner has been a pylon. Meanwhile Sergechev has more points and goals than Drouin and Weber
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    Bruins to the left of me, Red Wings to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with Drou(in)?