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    What kind of analysis is this? Our offense is defunct for multiple reasons, playmakers being the least of our concerns. What is more troublesome are how skewed we are, positionally, up front, we got Wingers trying to be Centers, Centers trying to be Wingers. We lack a legitimate 1C, probably even a 2C but lets worry about one issue at a time up there. Then we have a D core that is carried by 2 guys, both playing from the same side, also happen to be the only 2 capable of producing points on any kind of regular basis. We have no one on the Left side capable of eating minutes while driving some offense on a consistent basis for the forwards. Those are the real issues plaguing this offense, you have to be properly setup at the forward and defense position before you can even get into what style of players you need to compliment each other better and further upgrade that offense. You need a real 1C, you need a real top 6 with maybe only 1 guy out of the 6 being a bubble guy, the rest have to be hands down top 6 guys. You need at least 3 of your 6 Dmen to be very good all around players who are capable of playing big minutes, solid in their own zone, while contributing to team offense, whether on the PP or 5 on 5. We are obviously not there yet, and need to get there before we can even consider talking about how many natural goal scorers, playmakers, or net drivers we are lacking to make it better.
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    Can we fly Joe Lassiter and his Girl to the lottery?
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    "Attitude" is not helped when a team sees its management throwing its most distinguished veteran on the scrap heap even though he can still play, and then letting a blood-and-guts power forward who drives the team's offence walk as a UFA - and then proceeds to blame the players for assembling a transparently inadequate roster. The main attitude adjustment has to occur in the front office. I would love to see PK Subban hoisting Lord Stanley's mug and rubbing it in the face of all those constipated old boys and double-standard subliminal racists who declared him a 'problem' for committing the heinous sin of having a personality.
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    https://awinninghabit.com/2018/04/23/montreal-canadiens-news-congratulations-khl-andrei-markov-2018-gagarin-cup/ Andrei Markov with Ak Bars Kazan wins the championship. All reports shows he logged lot of minutes and key to the underdogs winning. attitude hey? MB was dead wrong here, you do not let Markov and his loyalty and wanting to remain in Montreal go. The exact attitude that is required to continue the Legacy of what is left of this team. Now how ironic if both these defencemen go on to win their respective championship titles ( PK Subban ) Bergevin,..now where is the attitude adjustment ? Is it the team or IS IT YOU MB? Well down Marc and bringing a once storied and class Team , now to its current state. With you at the helm, this team will sink further to an abyss that will take a decades to correct! Will we see this team win again for decades? Hmmm Go on and keep wearing your fancy suits and be proud MB what you have done, or NOT done!! ........
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    We Ok lets look at the Entire body of work: 2012 off-season. His first big free agent move was overpaying and wasting cap space on Brandon Prust. At the same time he made this move, he was overpaying Travis Moen, a contract he'd later have to dump, taking back the decrepit body of Sergei Gonchar just to get rid of him. 2013 off-season The next year, he took Michael McCarron in the first round, and Connor Crisp in the third round. Both for their character. More talented players like Anthony Duclair, and Pavel Buchnevich were available in the third round but had character concerns. He then signed Douglas Murray and George Parros in the off-season. He allowed Michael Ryder to walk, instead signing Daniel Briere. Later Briere was shipped out and Parenteau brought in. At the 2015 deadline Defense was improved with Petry. We needed more scoring.. what did we add for forwards... character in Torrey Mitchell, Bryan Flynn, and Devante Smith-Pelley 2015 off-season after we failed to score enough goals. We brought in Fleischmann and Semin instead of you know... talent. 2016 we flamed out. Subban was traded for Weber We overpaid for Andrew Shaw We signed Radulov, but only one year cause character was a question At the deadline when we needed scoring, we instead got Martinsen, Ott, Nolan, Benn. 2017 we let markov and radulov walk we grabbed character in Alzner. There are a shit ton of moves that can be traced back to ####ing character.
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    - It's not about crippling. I've seen teams make bad trades and still be successful. Boston traded Joe Thornton for pretty much nothing and won a Cup five years later. Boston then traded Seguin in a bad trade and they are fine right now. Washington is in the ECF despite the Erat for Forsberg trade and signing Brooks Orpik to a dumb contract. You can even make good moves and not find success in it, such as Radulov and Bishop to Dallas and when the Islanders acquired Vanek. - "Perhaps there was a toxic work environment" is BS. I'm sorry. Chicago had LOCKER ROOM FIGHTS the last time they won the Stanley Cup with rumours of players sleeping with each others wives. Raanta got ostracized by the organization for talking about it. The Canadiens players in the 70s didn't like Scotty Bowman one bit and often ignored him or dogged it at practice just to rile him up. The idea that one player was so bad everyone had to get rid of him, regardless of his talent, it's a fabrication. - When Subban got traded to Nashville, Rinne and Hartnell were worried based on his reputation. Rinne said in Players Tribune that Subban was extremely positive and kept the locker room in good spirits after losses. Basically everything that was said to be Bergevin's problem (players not being angry after a loss) with the locker, was considered a positive in Nashville. So if anything was toxic, it was Bergevin's viewpoint. - Here's what you miss. Montreal had an aging LD puck mover (Markov), a failing LD puck mover (Beaulieu), an overpaid LD defensive D-Man (Emelin), a franchise RD puck mover, (Subban) and second pair RD puck mover (Petry). The team needed to find a new LD puck mover and get rid of the overpaid defensive LD. They got rid of the failing guy, but then traded the franchise RD puck mover for a more defensive minded, former franchise RD PP Specialist (Weber), which meant the organization now lacked two puck movers. Then they let the aging LD puck mover walk and let the overpaid guy get picked up, but replaced them with an overrated trash fire (Benn) and an overpaid broken LD (Alzner). They signed another aging LD puck mover thinking he could do the job (Streit) and he didn't even make it to the season. So now the organization lacked puck movement and puck possession. This isn't Weber's fault, but Weber isn't the kind of player Subban is. He doesn't move the puck like he does. Meaning even though Weber does other things well, the organization is now in need for that. And instead of filling that need, Bergevin went the other way. And that's why the D is now one of the worst in the league. So Weber didn't cripple the team, but it pushed the team philosophy in the wrong direction. It was a domino. The organization needed to add a Fowler type and didn't. Now it's praying the young D develop right and fill in spots while several spots are filled by trashfires. Weber isn't responsible for any of it but if they didn't trade Subban, the organization wouldn't be in such a desperation for puck movers and playing guys like Mete in a 1LD role as a freaking rookie.
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    I see what you did there...
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    The Habs are in 'win now' mode?!? No offence, but...
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    I do know Byfuglien was a forward and I also know Burns has been a forward. How is the fact that these two players can play forward as well as defense not a positive thing? That makes them worse? Less value in a trade because of that? You’re not taking everything into consideration and I think Burns for Karlsson would actually be a steal for Ottawa considering Karlsson’s contract is up at the end of this season and Burns still has multiple years. “The final years of his contract will be an albatross” because he’ll be an old man but again, that’s something to worry about in 5 years. You still haven’t made it clear who wins the trade between Winnipeg and Washington and Carlson is not comparable to Hainsey because in addition to being a 1st overall pick, he also led the entire league among defensemen in scoring. He’s not great defensively? Well, wasn’t the hypothetical trade for Byfuglien who was originally a forward? When Sergachev does well, it’s because Tampa Bay has an elite team to boost his points. When Subban has the most elite defensive core to play with and good players around him, it seems his success is in spite of those players and people assume he would make an iota of a difference on a Habs team that has no one. On Montréal, Subban would have had to carry the load to an enormous extent and that’s where both his positives and negatives get amplified. You attribute his success to better coaching. I attribute it to being on a more balanced team than Subban had when he was here and so he doesn’t have to do as much on his own. All in all the point is to say that it does not suck to watch the better defenseman on Nashville because we do have Weber. It only sucks to watch him when Weber is not active. When Subban gets hurt and Weber is healthy, the opposite happens because Weber is a quality player. This was the case early last year.
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    It’s rough now watching the better player on Nashville.
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    These trade proposals including our 3rd overall are terrible. Not only are we trading the 3rd overall, but we’re Adding Galchenyuks, Scherbaks and Paciorettys to sweeten the pot of our already sweet pot of 3rd overall. I’m not even huge into prospects but I want to keep the pick.
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    JJ and Lacroix were fired. Waite extended.
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    I suppose Bergevin didn't want to wait for my scouting report, as he has signed center Alex Alain from the QMJHL.
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    The only forward we’ve had since the mid 90’s that can be considered a guy to build around, is a leader and makes everyone around him better was Koivu - and he was never the guy he could have been I’d he didnt blow out his knee. That’s a terrible indictment on the habs management teams for over two decades. maxpac and Kovolev are great complementary players you need to win, but they aren’t the straw that stirs the drink. We had one of those on the backend and dumped him.
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    I see many of you taking your shots, but he produced more and put on a better show than any forward on the current roster does. I'd rather watch him play hockey than Patioready any day.
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    Plus he specialzes in long walks by the Yangze earnestly discussing life.
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    After weeks or months of speculation, The Habs have locked down Joel Bouchard as their new head coach in Laval. Between Ducharme and Bouchard, I think we have a real solid duo that could be leading our team in 5 years. Their was some discussion that Bouchard could be hired in a management capacity, and I still wouldn’t be surprised to see him there someday, but I think being talented enough to both coach and manage is a great asset for Bouchard to have. Five years time, would anyone be surprised to see Ducharme as head coach of the habs, and Bouchard up as well, perhaps in a management position? Good for the future
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    "Okay guys get out there and either try or float your hardest, whatever you feel! And let's see those silky mitts too!" - Kovalev probably
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    I couldn’t actually careless about upvotes or downvotes. Most of the time I forget we even have that option here.
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    I’m no moderator, but I couldn’t agree more. Just as a regular poster, I’d love to see people only downvote comments that cross the line in terms of vulgarity or insults, or comments that take away from the discussion. IMO downvoting a comment simply because you disagree isn’t having a discussion. That’s why we have these boards. People have differing opinions and that’s the entire point.
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    You mean the trade that sent arguably the best goalie of all time to a powerhouse Avalanche team and got back garbage in return? The one where the player demanded a trade? Not even comparable to this deal. That's the crux of this discussion. People acting like we got garbage back in the deal. We were able to acquire a "lateral at best" player for what was perceived to be a problem in the room. Who cares if there was or wasn't a problem? If looked at as a hockey trade it is one great player for another. That should be the end of it. And what people are you referring to that never liked Subban? I haven't come across one on here that didn't like him or want him as a Hab at the time. I just want the Habs to do well. They did not this season but it had ZERO to do with this trade.
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    So do we get to talk about all the “pointless” “lateral” moves that “served no purpose” in the history of the NHL? Or just this one? There is without a shadow of a doubt a few players on the team who were happy with the transaction for whatever reason they feel. I would be surprised if there were a single player on the team who were like oh no we lost Subban and are getting Weber. While I do not know for a fact, it does seem that both sides of this argument are true. In that case, we got a player who is a 47% vs 53% at worst, judging by their career statistics and leaving defense out of the equation, but also had players on his own team happy to see him leave. It seems as though at least Gallagher felt that way.
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    I would like to commend all of those who downvote me over the years for their excellent perception and good judgment. Keep up the good work.
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    When i look at the chances of a player making the NHL, I'd rather keep our two 50s picks than get say 25. That said, most teams won't give you a pick at 25 for 2 picks in the 50s. Historical results... what is the trade value of a pick vs how often players in those picks succeed tells us that NHL teams generally are overvaluing late first round picks vs second rounders and have been for quite some time. Its a market inefficiency. I'd even trade down... something like my 35th pick for say 45, plus a 2nd rounder in 2019. The market hasn't caught up to the research right now... and generally in those spots you are better to lose a few spaces and gain extra picks. (The same may not apply to picks in the very top of the draft though).
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    Tinordi and Crisp were two of most recent trade-ups...how did that work? When were more skilled guys available, without trading up at all. But, I still think was a push from Molson to add size, so his team wouldn't be called smurfs any more. No, likely better value to trade down or even to next year's draft, to trade up you need to overpay in pick value. Here are two of a hundred different draftpick value bits: http://statsportsconsulting.com/main/wp-content/uploads/Schuckers_NHL_Draftchart.pdf https://www.tsn.ca/statistically-speaking-nhl-draft-pick-value-1.786131
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    On a different (but similar) note. I hate the team, but I look at what Bill Belichick does every single year in New England and it works. never trade up. Trade down and get more picks whenever possible. Statistically people overvalue the trade up. I already hear a ton of people saying we should trade 35 and 39 for a pick in the mid-twenties... thats dumb. Accumulate picks... take more swings... the more second rounders you have, the better. We have 4... if two become top 6/top 4 players and two bust out, we are already ahead of the game. There are a ton of centres and puck moving D in the second round. Guys who have real potential, but have one or two small flaws to work on. Take 4 of them... and figure out if a couple can fix that issue. There is very little statistical difference in players making the NHL and being impact players drafted at 25, or drafted at 30-40.... so keep the extra picks.
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    Cool, so the Habs will finally get Hossa!
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    Some might say the fact that they always got scored on in bunches is a character flaw. Not being able to recover from adversity. If that is the case.... then the GM who preached character from day 1, and whose team in year 6 has a serious character flaw... should be fired.
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    Man I just don't get why one needs to get gunned down to raise up the other, that aspect has been annoying and incomprehensible to me from the moment this trade took place. We see it page after page, every time it is brought up, Its take a shot at Weber to play up Subban, take a shot at Subban to play up Weber. It is obvious enough to see these are 2 top pair Dmen we are talking about here, elite players at their position. Subban had a fantastic year, is a Norris finalist, there really isn't a need to harp on him for his "Meh" game 7, there were a handful of bigger issues that caused that demise, than Subban. Subban might be the better type of Dman to have in this current NHL, but that does not take away from Weber still being an Elite Player who does not deserve to be harped on just to play up Subban. Believe it or not, it is POSSIBLE to praise Subban for an excellent year, without throwing popshots at Weber to make the point. It is also possible to Praise and appreciate what Weber does, without having to cut down Subban's game.
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    I like it when people make me look more clever than I am. Keep up the good work, Joe!
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    I think the other big difference is size of the players and just how much stronger all players are now. I loved watching the fights like the one in the nordiques playoff series where almost the entire team fought. Back than,not everyone that fought trained 12 with weights all year and they weren’t “fighters”. Only the goons really trained as fighters (not withstanding when Savard brought in a boxer to train the team during the smurf years 🙄,), so there was less of a chance of guys hurting someone Now with all of the training that the players being bigger and stronger, they can do a lot more damage to each other. It’s no surprise that it is mainly the dedicated fighters (who were bigger/stronger than the average player and fought a lot more), are the ones who mainly have the brain injuries. i see no reason for fighting anymore. You can police the rats by giving them meaningful suspensions. If someone low bridges, or gives a viscous slash or head shot, start suspensions at 10 games and that will weed out those actions. Expand the unsportsmanlike to be an option a major and add suspensions that start at 5 games and you won’t have Pinocchio kissing or licking players anymore.
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    I tend to agree here 3rd overall is a gift, if teams want to move down to get it they are the ones who need to offer the moon and the stars. Not us dangling it out there like a well seasoned carrot acting like it is a very expendable gift horse. You keep that pick, you screw Button's list, and you pick Zadina, and enter the next phase of your plan knowing you have now added an elite winger in the mix, making wingers already on the team the ones you are willing to give to fill needs. The only reason to deviate from this plan is if someone makes an offer we can't refuse for that 3rd pick. I am not even sure why we are debating how we can give this pick up for this, that, and the other thing, we don't want to make a trade with this pick, we want someone to blatantly overpay for it, or we use it, plain and simple in my books.
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    There has always been a huge double standard about Subban. Remember the 'controversy' when he scored on the Leafs and clutched the CH on his jersey when celebrating? Well, have a look at goal celebrations nowadays. Crest-clutching galore. The low-fiving with Price is another example of a ridiculous criticism that never would have been made if Subban had been, first, a quiet, personality-free cyborg and, second, white. If Subban did even half the crap Brad Marchand does, he would have been drummed out of the league or given the ol' Chara attempted-murder treatment long ago. But Marchand just gets tut-tutted, because he is a Good Canadian Kid (plus, white!) who just happens to go too far from time to time - poor guy, he needs to be reined in a little. As for on-ice mistakes, yep, PK makes them. And so does everybody else, including star players who are hailed as sublime hockey perfection. Remember Scott Neidermeyer coughing the puck up in OT in the 2010 gold medal game? No one ever mentions that. But if PK does it, hoo boy, that just 'proves' that he is an irresponsible punk. People emphasize PK Subban's mistakes because he is PK Subban, not because he makes hugely more gaffes than other players who eat big minutes and play an assertive game. Weber is an excellent player. But I agree with Habs29 that Subban is a better overall player. Subban is a puck-mover who coordinates the offence and leads the rush, as well as playing a strong D-zone game and bringing a cannon from the point. Weber is a first-pass guy who really brings only the last two elements at an elite level. But, he's a white old-school cyborg, which is what our idiot now-fired coach wanted, so that's all that matters.
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    The first round was a bust, but from what I've seen if the Nashville and Vegas series, the second round is indeed the pinnacle. If only the reffing was more consistent...we seem to be getting the refs pocketing the whistles, then suddenly reverting to a by-the-book call for no obvious reason.
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    Sign Tavares first, worry about the cap later.
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    Jeebus, what is your problem? I didn't downvote you, my friend. Get over it FFS
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    that Vegas-San Jose 2nd period is dragging on.. bring on the intermission already !
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    That was the best thing that happened all season long!
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    Ducharme is also doubling down on Drouin. Getting the kids junior coach to help him.
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    I will definitely be wearing a lucky jersey, my St. John’s icecaps jersey. Only icecaps game I went to I caught a game puck, so it’s clearly blessed. We have it on lock down
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    Just like in minor hockey and beer leagues, the NHL also has separation in mental fortitude. Everyone isn't created equally. Responding to pressure is a perquisite in making the NHL yes, but that doesn't mean that every does so at the same level.
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    The only attitude adjustment I am concerned with now is Geoff Molson’s. He needs to realize a. What a dreadful mistake he made , and continues to make, with Bergevin and b. Realize that he needs a hockey lifer between him and the GM. Unfortunately, I don’t see either of these things happening without another lost season😢
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    The theory was that it was fixed for SKA St. Petersburg to win... then they went out in the conf finals. Then the theory was that it was for CSKA to win... then they lost in 5 games to AK Bars in the finals. The theory was debunked pretty quickly. (That said CSKA and SKA have clear advantages in that league financially, acquiring players, etc... but that doesnèt mean the actual games are fixed).
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    Man I hope not. I would love to see ovie win the cup. Guy is a beauty. One of my favorites in the league. And number 1 for player I'd like to go drinking with.
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    I think you make that move at the draft, if there is someone that has slipped a bit that you really want and don’t think will be around in the 2nd. I don’t see the point of making a move like that earlier, not knowing who will be on the board when you pick.
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    I think the point may be that the message from management has been that their is a character or atitude problem. Not that there's a talent problem. That would put it squarely on MB shoulders. He deflects by saying there is a character problem and then proceeds to sign character players. I agree that the first pairing right d is not the reason that the team sucks. But it wasn't before either, so why make the trade in the first place?
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    With the way the NHL has gone with the 5 day period for contacting players before July 1st, no I would not trade for a UFA's rights
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    I'll admit that I haven't seen him play much other than 2 games a couple weeks ago, but I found it to be an underwhelming performance for a top 3 NHL pick. Especially since his 4th place team was facing elimination against the 9th place team. He only seemed to turn it up when he had the puck and was sort of a rover out there positionally. I paid very close attention to him as I knew there would be a chance the Habs could draft him. The lone goal he got was a puck that popped out to him in the slot and he had an open net, other than that he didn't do much. Believe me I want him to be a star and I hope he proves me wrong
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    The (fairly obvious) claim is that you need to draft elite players outside of the upper echelons of round one if you want to contend without tanking. Mete is far from an elite player at least at this point. Gallagher is closer, but even that is a stretch. So Subban is indeed the last unambiguously elite player that qualifies, when it comes to Habs drafting. Figuring out why the Habs have been so bad at this is another question. I can think of three answers: 1. It's basically luck. After all, no one drafts a guy at #60 knowing that he will become a star. The dice just haven't fallen the Habs' way since Subban. 2. The Habs traded away too many 2nd- and 3rd-round picks, minimizing the odds of finding an all-star player prior to the late rounds when you're down to the dregs 3. Something in the Habs' scouting formula leads them away from players with high ceilings who come with risks or questions attached. That is, in the crunch they are more likely to pick to guy who stands to become a decent 2nd or 3rd liner (Hudon) rather than the boom-bust guy. Over time, this leads to a dearth of all-stars. I have a feeling that #3 plays some role in the equation. But I'm not a scouting expert.