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    Don't know where to post that, but exactly 4 years ago (Facebook memories), Commandant wrote this about Lars Eller : If I want to spend a night watching someone not score... i can take my friends to the bar." Still one of HW's epic quotes.
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    Yeah we traded a fourth round picknfor a fifth rounder in getting scandella, gave up a defenceman who is horrible and not exactly young, and then we signed a guy at nhl minimum without giving anyone up. Bergevin is really mortgaging the future here....
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    You just spent two pages complaining that bergevin doesnt get enough talented players for free and now you complain when he does.
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    Thats what i mean, They are in a rebuild i keep hearing but the keep making moves like this makes you wonder MB likes to have things both ways Trading tatar, petry or whoever isn't seperation, that would be following the plan to get picks and youth and skill
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    I suspect the injuries played a role here. We just called up Dale Weise. Wouldn't you rather Kovalchuk in the lineup than him?
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    *Christian Folin enters Bergevin office during a meeting with Claude Julien* Folin: "Hey, sorry to interrupt. I see that you traded Reilly. If you can find a place for me next I would appreciate it. Even if it's waivers and being sent to Laval. I just want to play." Bergevin: "I understand. I'll see what I can do for you." *Folin leaves* Julien: "Who was that?" Bergevin: "I dunno."
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    It isn't. The organization from the top down, owner to waterboy, committed to a multi-season retool centered around drafting and trading for a new young core. It's the direction that Geoff Molson wanted and still wants. It's why the only things the Habs gave up at last year's deadline to shore up NHL depth were career AHLers and dropping 20 spots out of the 4th round into the 5th round in the draft (Chaput for Weal, Thompson and a 5th for a 4th, Folin and Weise for Schlemko and Froese.) It's why Shaw was traded in the summer for picks without a guaranteed replacement in the lineup. Even the Aho offer sheet was calculated in what they were willing to give up for it to be worthwhile long and short term. It's frustrating because we all want to watch the team win games, and it's even more frustrating because the Atlantic is such a shit show this year, but the organization is sticking to their plan for long-term benefit. The plan frustrating to every fan, but is only flawed to impatient fans.
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    Holland has already said he won't move a first-round pick unless they were guaranteed to make the playoffs in part due to the risk of having that pick potentially move into the top-three. It was the primary reason that they withdrew from the Taylor Hall talks. So they're not an option. And we've talked about Calgary many times before. While Price would be a fit for them, their salary cap structure does not allow them to bring him in. Building a deal around primarily expiring contracts might work for this season (though your proposal would put them over the cap) but they're not going to take on some big money, long-term deals when they have to rebuild a big chunk of their defence next summer; a move like that would make doing so all but impossible. So no, they're not going to move an unprotected first rounder to willingly put themselves in serious cap trouble. They also played hardball with Matthew Tkachuk last summer to keep his AAV low; they have no desire to then turn around and bring in a $10.5 million goalie. They're not an option either. Nor are any other bubble/non-playoff teams. I would be shocked at this point if a non-playoff team traded an unprotected pick over the next 7.5 weeks before the trade deadline. It's just not realistic.
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    And now an update from Detroit ... In terms of $/point, Bernier clearly provides the best value.
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    Another 5+ on Carey Price. He's not just struggling a little, his numbers outright stink: Amongst goaltenders with at least 10 games played He ranks 41st in save percentage (.901) He ranks 41st in goals against average (3.03) He ranks 1st in goals allowed (95) The team defense in front of him isn't good...there is no denying that. But when you are supposed to be an all-star goaltender, and your team scores a pretty good number of goals on most nights to help offset some of their gaffes, you should be able to make enough big saves to steal more wins than Price does.
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    Barber played 3 minutes this game. Price allowed 6 goals. Claude's lineup decisions on back-to-backs really bother me. If you don't trust a guy to give you ~10 minutes of ice time, then dress someone else ESPECIALLY when it's 2 games in 2 nights. If you don't trust your backup to play at all, tell Bergevin to bring up Primeau.
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    I want to see the kid line again. Kk suzuki poeling
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    We may not always see eye to eye but that's because we all have a love and passion for this team. Wishing everyone a very safe and merry Christmas🎄🎄🎄🎄
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    Trade proposal: To Montreal: The 1st overall pick in 2020 To the other team: Whatever they want
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    Lots of fog this Christmas - we needed Rudolph on the top of his game. He came through for us last night. it’s Prancer I think that’s got to go! Replace him with Boxer or someone else with more toughness. Merry Christmas habsworld fam!!
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    #1 Pp in the league on the road. Top 8 PP overall. Drouin armia byron all hurt and the unit keeps scoring People love to complain about weal and cousins being on the pp, but lets look at the team's results for a minute.
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    Last night’s “Team Tank”only had Guru Scandella on it though, and he didn’t even play! Sensei Kovalchuk and Master CK ask you to reconsider and wait 8-12 more games before officially joining Team Tank.
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    I really like this move. Probably it will amount to nothing: Kovalchuk will suck and we will send him down and his contract will end up being terminated. This is the most likely outcome and it cost the Habs basically nothing. All the other outcomes look pretty good for the Habs. He could recover his game a bit and provide a few PP goals. If he looks even remotely productive I suspect some playoff bound team will trade a 4th or a fifth or even a third round pick for him. We could even retain 50% so even a cap trapped team could afford him. Hell, I bet even the Leafs could fit him under their cap at the deadline. This is a zero risk move that probably leads no where but could yield some nice bonus for us.
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    I’m happy with the move. There are some people who literally want the Habs to miss the playoffs and so of course they would not see anything in this move. Those same people consistently request that the Habs make themselves worse because in the long term it will apparently be a sure-fire method of making our team better. Because this course of action is not a guarantee and in fact the only guarantee is the initial stage of making our team worse, I will never be able to be on the same page as those fans. Expectations should be low but he will indeed score some goals for us and if the Habs do make the playoffs, it won’t hurt to have him. I’m not comparing our team to Boston, but Boston was said to have been interested in signing Kovalchuk and again, it would have been a serviceable move for them come playoff time when depth is important. It’s not necessarily going to be a significant move but it’s one of my preferred Bergevin moves at this point in time.
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    Maybe he can lure Romanov here
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    Yeah, that is a common reaction by a handful of regulars; shouldn't discourage you from contributing. On my end, it motivated me to read-up more about the teams, players and to learn more about what is valuable in a player at different stages of their career or the team's needs. Case in point, the LAK-CH-Kovalchuk love triangle
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    and perhaps to the playoffs?
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    If they wanted to sell, they'd be keeping the youngsters up and giving them bigger roles, not sending them down. Laval isn't exactly loaded with young talent up front yet. Of the top-25 in our prospect rankings heading into the season, only four are forwards that are under contract. Suzuki and Poehling are two of them and another is Joel Teasdale who has been out for the entire season. That leaves Jake Evans as the only prospect of consequence that hasn't been recalled. (For what it's worth, I've have recalled him over Weise.) There are a few good forwards in the system (it's D-heavy at the moment) but they're not signed. Shortly after his contract termination, it was reported that at least six teams had shown interest (Montreal wasn't among them, by the way). He was being selective as he wanted to go to a contender but those teams either didn't have interest or a roster spot available. He also let the KHL signing deadline lapse last week because there was enough NHL interest. So this probably isn't a case of no other team being interested. I don't think he'd have trade value but if he did alright on the power play and a contending team had a rash of injuries like Montreal's, maybe there's a late pick or something they could get but it wouldn't be anything of consequence.
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    This is amusing. Although I am still not a Bergevin fan, he has done an outstanding job of acquiring talent for nothing or winning trades. Armia for cap space= Mtl 1 Jets 0 Danault and the pick that became Romanov for Fleishman and Weise Mtl 2 Chi 0 Suzuki, Tatar and the pick that became Mattius Norlinder and Jacob Leguerrier for Pacioretty Mtl 2 VGK 1 but has the potential to be a huge win for Mtl Kulak for nothing Mtl 1 Cal 0 Byron Waivers Mtl 1 Cal 0 Drouin actually cost us a significant asset in Sergachev Mtl 1 TBL 1 Winner TBD In his actual 3rd/ 4th line trades Weal for Chaput Mtl 1 Ari 0 Thompson and a 5th for a 4th Mtl 1 LA 0 Cousins Ufa signing Barber ufa Folin and Weise for Froese and Schelmco Mtl 1 (.5 for each player) Phi 0 Now if he could only work his magic for a Backup goaltender and a better LD than Scandella
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    Trading Price would have been a desperation move. Trading Tatar, Domi and Danault (like Ottawa cleared house) would be a desperation move. This is just fine, smart cap management and protection of prospect pool
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    but we're not talking about playing kids. We're talking about Dale freaking Wiese. Sign me up for Kovalchuk over him.
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    I agree with you 100%. Price and Weber should be on team's contending for the cup. Not on a rebuilding team like we are.
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    Don’t get me wrong, I give Bergevin full credit on the return he got for Pacioretty and galchenyuk. But i also understand why those trades were made. He mishandled the team and had to trade Pacioretty because of it to full other hole's. The galchenyuk trade for Domi, he traded one problem for the exact same problem. Which is why at the time a lot of people didn't understand it at the time. But it ended up working in Bergevin favor because Domi turned his career around. He has made good move's and bad one's. But i for one am not going to act like he's the best GM in the world.
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    That is my entire point concerning Price. If he won't be part of the future glory then why keep him now? I can understand keeping Weber as a mentor, trainer, leader but why bother wasting Price? Trade him and use the assets for our future.
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    Getting lucky is a bullshit argument just to take credit away from good work and good pro scouting. If he loses the deal... fire bergevin If he wins the deal... he got lucky. Its just bullshit to not give the guy credit. Come on now.
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    Oh I have tried that. Hasn't worked so far.
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    Your not listening his not adding top talent to this team his trading talent for talent. Got Weber for Subban that's not adding Got Suzuki and Tatar by trading Pacioretty that's not adding He got Domi by trading galchenyuk not adding Only top players he added to this team without taking away from it was Drouin and Danault.
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    Weber Petry Domi Tatar/suzuki Drouin Ryder Vanek Danault Armia Shaw Who else is making this many trades for top 9/top 4s? Only trades for 4th liners? Thats some bullshit right there.
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    Julien hasn't been happy with either Kulak or Reilly this season. Scandella will probably slot into the 3rd pair with Fleury and battle with Kulak for that spot. Also possible he gets the "thank god I'm out of Buffalo" bump in his play and pushes Mete down from the 2nd pair. Edit: Scandella is from Montreal, and is the nephew of TSN690 broadcaster and former Habs player Sergio Momesso.
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    Looks like Bergevin is done his meditation in the Buddhist temple
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    That's bull if we're a team close to wining a cup players will sign here. Also theirs always the trade route, so stop using the disadvantage as a excuse.
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    I think if his calling this a retool, the retool should be done. We now have the cap space and the prospects that we can make trades to add to this team. We didn't have that 3 years ago when we started this. But if he is going to continue to not add to the team and let the kids play , its a rebuild. he should not be giving fans false hope that we could make a cup run now. When he has no intention of making a cup run.
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    You don't, but can you stop screaming into the wind about Bergevin's tenure as a whole? On January 2018 he was fired from his job as Playoff Push GM. He was re-hired as Retool GM, and has been faithful to that role. How has he performed under the retool parameters given to him by Geoff Molson? How has this organization's youth focus, drafting, and long-term outlook been since 2018?
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    And add an elite all star forward, a puny Patrick Kane would be OK I guess, even though he isnt a big forward, he isnt a soft Swede or temperamental Russian neither, so could still be Harold Ballard, Chris, or Don Cherry approved.
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    My problem with Bergevin is if he's going with youth over NHL star players, then call it a 5 year rebuild plan so fans know theirs no playoff expectations. If we make the playoffs that's great and good for the kids to build on, but don't expect a cup, in the rebuild. Don't try and sell this as a reset, then when you're at the point where you have the cap space and top end prospects pool you do nothing to improve the team. Fans don't know what to expect from this organization. Are we going to make trades and sign free agent's to improve the team and push for a cup run. Or we going with youth and building from within so don't expect a cup run. The last 2 years he's done a great job rebuilding our prospect pool and putting us in a better spot for the future, then this team was 4 years ago. But i feel if its a retool or reset like Bergevin said, we should be looking at adding to the NHL team to make it better, and trying to win a cup now. Because we now have the cap space and prospects to make trades and make this team stronger. Something we didn't have 3/4 years ago.
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    According to EK Colorado is interested in Drouin . So I guess he's not going there well because after all its EK lol.
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    I'm not even mad. This is a fun game.
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    Just turned on USA v Russia. First shift I see Romanov and he scores on a slapper... Not to mention, his mom is HOT!
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    I do not know if which is worst, your lineup of nobodies, or this lineup made of prospects who we counted on to be the team of the last decade (to Lehkonen's credit, he is living up to expectations): *Pacioretti-Nattinen-Leblanc Lehkonen-Galchenyuk-Collberg Scherbak-Bozon-Kristo Andrighetto-DeLaRose-McCarron Vejdemo *McDonagh-*Subban Sergachev-Juulsen Tinordi-Beaulieu Y.Weber/Thrower Fucale/Hawkey *That 2007 draft was pretty special for the CH
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    Don't like it one bit, you got Turcotte and Zegras, 2 great playmakers scattered around while a line of them 2 with Caufield would be wrecking havoc at any given moment. They would both benefit from a high percentage finisher like Caufield, and he would benefit from players able to find him every time he gets lost in the weeds. U.S coach obviously has a strategy of his own, but I simply don't get it or like it, if you weren't planning on using Caufield as your version of Stamkos, why even bring him a long? Surely someone else would have been better suited to play 13 min with minimal PP time than him.
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    I don't understand it, after he scored so many goals in pre tournament, you'd think he'd be on the first PP and top line. That said he's not been at his best as he was in the 4 goal game either. Its a short tournament, remember Suzuki kinda sucked in this tourney last year, but it didn't take away from a great season in the OHL, and look where he is now.
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    This doesn't seem right... this is a Habsworld thread. Shouldn't someone be saying Santa should be fired for not bringing in a top centre reindeer to replace Rudolph? 🎅🎄🎁
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    39-36-2-5 = 85 points 5th in the Atlantic 11th in the East 237 goals for I'm predicting the injury bug hits pretty hard this year. Not really based on anything just a guess
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