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    For the first time in the Glorious 110 year history of the Montreal Canadiens, they have won a game in August.
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    That was fun to watch. Price was solid The kids were great Drouin is a bum Habs win in August
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    I dont think GTFO will be it neither.
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    I get it... we all want Lafreniere. BUT how can anyone technically cheer against winning in the playoffs. We want Suzuki and KK to fail? SUzuki was arguably the 1st star of this game if not for Petry scoring the winner.
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    This feels like the game when Plekanec scored against Washington in Game 1 OT.
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    You can probably make that point without the backhanded insult against Bergevin. Teams are pondering that procedure with lots of their prospects and some are leaning towards it and others against it. To suggest that Bergevin wouldn't do it because it's too innovative (ie, complicated) doesn't contribute anything of value to the discussion.
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    Well, I brought out my habs Jersey from when I was 4 years old. I took it out of the frame, and held it, well too small to fit into it, haha Last time I did it was the 93 cup run and the OT wins... I am not superstitious, but sentimental as life long Habs fan. Suzuki is coming of age fast, with Danault penalties, he stepped up with the PK's Solid effort!! Great to have hockey back!
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    Any team that “needs” Drouin will regret it. I’ve seen his kind too many times. Big hat, no cattle.
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    I don't want Lafreniere I want Stanley
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    Fans or no fans hockey players can not will not mail it in. God bless playoff hockey. And my 8yr old called it. Petry in OT for the win!!!
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    Like I always say...never count on Drouin
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    How many times are we going to tempt fate tonight?
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    Great work by the penalty kill that period. And what a 'playoff' debut for Suzuki so far.
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    why watch overtime playoff hockey when you can simply snort cocaine and ride a motorcycle out of a helicopter
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    Win or lose, im just glad to have this excitement back
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    Drouin... the king of fly bys, backhands and soft ay along the boards
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    SUZUKI The centre position looks good for the future.
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    They do. I'd suggest every other forward on the roster (Hudon, Poehling, Evans, Belzile) is already better. The one they cut (Dauphin) was better. But hey, Weise is a veteran and a good guy so he has to get the first opportunity for some reason. As much as Julien said he wants to play some youngsters in this series, this current lineup configuration does its best to hold as many of those youngsters out as possible. There is no logical reason for Weise and Ouellet to be even getting considered for the lineup but here we are.
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    Let's hope he lost a bet that required him to play this entire game doing his best impression of Alzner.
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    Yep, if I never see the Dutch Gretzky squandering a close-in scoring chance again, it'll be too soon. Hard to believe we don't have better than him somewhere in the system 😝
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    I’m looking forward to Domi taking his first shot.
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    It's a nice illustration of the problem of being Carey Price. At the end of the 2nd he had let in three and had a save % of under .700. And yet, all three goals were basically un-saveable, owing to defensive lapses or rebounds. When you have a weak D, you can make no mistakes and yet come out with horrible-looking stats and a big fat L.
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    Agree completely with Brian. Shocked that its only 1:30 difference between Fleury and Ouellet. I'd definitely go Mete- Fleury over Ouellet-Mete. Fleury is more solid and the fact I've barely notice him shows that. Mete is also better on his left side.
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    Dubnyk didn't play for the Habs but he technically was with Montreal briefly.
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    To me a successful PP has multiple options. The whole point of the PP is having 5 players while they only have four. That means if you have good movement and multiple options, you should always have someone open. If you limit yourself to just trying to set up Weber and Tatar it becomes predictable and teams can take that away. You need to use the fact that you outnumber them to your advantage to create high quality chances. Gallagher has scored 30 goals in this league, he can be a threat working down low and taking the pass to the backdoor. Drouin is really good at controlling the puck on the half boards or at the point. Its reported that his shot looks like it did early in the season before the wrist injury. KK has been working on that one timer. Suzuki is really smart and in the right positions. He makes really smart plays with the puck. Petry has been successful from the point too. Domi can play the Drouin role on a second unit. There is talent in this group. The best PPs in the league aren't always the teams with the most talent. Coaching plays a huge role. The Oilers are number 1 in PP, so yes talent helps. But look further down the list. The Blues are a balanced team. They don't have a big time gamebreaking scorer (especially since Tarasenko has missed most of the year). They are more about just having four really good lines. They are third in PP because they have a plan. The Bruins are second. Vancouver 4th. The Rangers 7th, The Wild 11th. Dallas at 13 I'm not expecting the Habs to be number 1, but multiple years at the bottom of the league and we have to look at coaching.
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    Fortunately, Dunn can be acquired with either one of those options. Dunn is set to become a restricted free agent at the end of the season. Given the Blues cap troubles, having roughly $2 million in cap space with Alex Pietrangelo and Vince Dunn to sign, they will need to move out a significant amount of salary to get both under contract. The Canadiens could step in here and offer sheet Vince Dunn to a contract worth between $3 million to $4 million per season on a four or five-year deal. At this point, it would be something the Blues would not be able to match. That would put them above the salary cap ceiling and Pietrangelo is sure to cost at least double that amount. Read more here: https://lastwordonhockey.com/2020/07/18/montreal-canadiens-offseason-target-vince-dunn/
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    What if we as usual have our autumn 19 wins in 24 games now instead of the beginning of regular season? We will win the cup! 🤪🎉🍾👍
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    The nickname 'The Tsar' was coined by EOTP's international writer. He uses it frequently in an effort to get it accepted as Romanov's actual nickname when in reality, it's only what he wants it to be. (Same with his Khisamutdinov = 'Firestarter'.) I find it really annoying when I read his posts and hate when it comes up here as well.
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    In the NHL, over 800 players were tested multiple times.. 2600 tests last week... there were 2 positives. The NBA and MLS bubbles have 0 positives in their latest rounds (in florida). If they take the steps needed and players stay in the bubble.. they will be fine. If players violate the rules... they are screwed.
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    I have been asking for a pp that has someone doing a one timer in that spot since chucky left. Weber at the left point and that one timer in the right circle will mean the opponent cant focus on one threat. My body is ready.
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    I agree that we should be excited to see the Habs in the "playoffs," or "playins," or whatever the hell we want to call this bizarre configuration. They're in the mix even though it wasn't earned, and that's really just fine by me. If they do some damage, then that's great - you take what you're given and make the most of it, and no apologies should be needed if and when you do so. If by some miracle the Habs win the Cup, I will have no time at all for the "asterisk" crowd. I think what is informing GHT's post is a frustration common to those of us who are tired of Habs mediocrity, i.e., that a huge chunk of the fan base seems to have completely given up on the demand or expectation that the Habs excel. Instead, they go cowabunga with enthusiasm over a team that misses the playoffs (2019) and buy uncritically into magical thinking about how we're going to contend "in just a few years now." And it is far from implausible to think that "making the playoffs in 2020" will indeed become part of the Bergevin spin cycle. I can almost hear him in 2021: "you look at it, we got playoff games last year, this year we're only a few points out and had a lot of injuries...our young players made good progress. Winning in this league, it's tough, but I like the direction we're going." And a huge portion of fans will lap it up.
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    Why should we care that there would even be a narrative that the Habs made the playoffs this year? Nobody out there truly thinks they earned this opportunity in normal fashion. Even if this were a narrative, as Habs fans we should be happy that they are in this position. It’s not like fans are going to start buying more merchandise, or Bergevin and Julien’s jobs will be saved just because we are in a play-in series. They weren’t going anywhere regardless. Us not buying into a narrative also won’t make the GM sign free agents he wouldn’t have otherwise. The Habs didn’t earn, and still haven’t earned a playoff spot yet this year. With that being said, why not let someone who mistakenly calls these games against the Penguins a playoff round enjoy themselves with the thought that the Habs have some competitive games ahead of them? Acting as though the Habs aren’t deserving is stating the obvious, but also a very negative outlook that leads nowhere anyway. If the Habs do well, and it has some type of ripple effect, it will be a positive anyway. I swear there will still be Habs fans who will say we suck and that people should be fired even if we were to win this cup this year... Because the win will have an asterix associated with it 🙄
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    Bring back the 91-92 third jersey... . 30 years later there is money to be made there. Or the 24-25 jersey http://www.nhluniforms.com/Canadiens/Canadiens05.html Haven't sold that one yet I don't want a jersey that honours the Montreal Maroons or the Quebec Nordiques... NOPE... when they existed, they were the Habs biggest rivals. No jersey to honour a different franchise, and one that was a rival.
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    I was always aware that the lineup I suggested won’t be the lineup. It’s just the manner in which I would configure things.
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    Emelin knocked Pavelski all the way into the Stars 😌 and their locker room
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    Sheesh, the body isn't even cold yet.
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    Have read it is good ... even if not quite matching mete, it sounds like the other elements of his game are superior ... actual top 4 potential
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    I don't think that second line has enough D capability. Putting Armia on there makes a lot more sense,.
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    Be more like: That trade shall be NI !!!
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    I am fairly certain I made a post about that in the original trade thread, something like that he might start to focus on his celebrity more than hockey, among many of the reasons why I was defending the trade. Of course I would have been down voted into oblivion
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    I dont see the logic in lending out a player to say "europe" and expose them to injury or illness during a "pandemic" only to bring them back in November for the new season. What team is going to agree to that let alone the player.
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    Even at his salary, losing an asset like Price for nothing in return would be some kind of very very awful management.
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    Good news ... of greatest importance (IMO) is the CBA extension ... nice to not have the clock ticking on September 15, 2022
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    Well, I was not one of those chronic complainers. I liked the team in 2010 and strongly felt that the 2014/15 team was "almost there." The thing is, I was looking for the latter team to make additional runs, building on the 2014/15 failures. You lose before you win; a team matures, learns, grows, and eventually breaks through. That takes more than two seasons, usually. Instead of those seasons being the beginning of something, they were the end of it. And now I'm being asked to look back upon a brief interlude of high-quality hockey and told I should be happy with two years amidst three decades of garbage. The goal is not to "get back there," i.e., have a team knocking on the door for a couple of years, then disintegrate. The goal is not to just "have a shot." Rather the goal is to have a sustained run of excellence as one of the league's top teams over several seasons. Boston is the best example; Tampa, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Washington, and St. Louis are others: teams which, for roughly a decade, have consistently been in the mix as plausible Cup picks. They have better or worse seasons, better or worse playoffs, within that time-span, because sh*t happens, and because it's very hard to win a Cup; but on a year-in year-out basis, such teams are on all the lists of probably contenders, and are universally respected and feared as heavy-duty clubs to be reckoned with. The Habs have not been in this category since the early '90s. What frustrates me is that a significant chunk of the Habs fanbase no longer seems to even recognize this as a goal, or else seems to think it is axiomatically impossible for the Habs to get there. Instead it's either wave pom-poms for mediocrity, or else fantasize about getting lucky and having a year where "everything goes just right." The loser mentality has become baked in.
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    He may be a third pair D right now... he's 20 years old and his biggest minutes in the KHL have been around 15:00 per game. Played some 2nd pair there, but mostly 3rd pair, and in playoffs got fourth pair ice time. (KHL dresses 4 defence pairs). I'd strongly consider letting him play 25 minutes with Bouchard in the AHL for half a season. (COVID complicates that though, I can see the NHL playing with no fans cause there is tv money. The AhL has no significant tv revenue... they aren't playing without fans, so he might be forced into a situation of play in the NHL, or sit in the press box, and in that scenario, let him play 15 minutes on the third pair). His potential is limitless.... he can become a franchise guy, get norris votes, do it all potentially if he's developped properly. He's a top 5 player not in the NHL today according to guys like Craig Button, a top 10 prospect in the Hockey News. Top of everyone's lists. He dominates his age group... was best defenceman in the WJC in 2019, should have been best defenceman again in 2020, but it seemed they didn't want to give it to him two years in a row, but was absolutely dominant. Doesn't look out of place in the KHL, but defencemen take time. The defensive game is there... the question is how much offence can he bring, can the offence be developped into that Norris level?
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