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    And after staying up all night, the Beast is here. The hardest article to write all year (just cause the amount of time that is needed to put this thing into a coherent format). The Draft Grades https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/06/23/2019-nhl-draft-grades-lwoh/
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    Here it is https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/04/15/cole-caufield-scouting-report/
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    26 of my top 31 were taken in the first round. I consider Bob McKenzie the master at these rankings. He hit 26. I am now 2-1-1 head to head with him in the last 4 years. Sportsnet was showing quotes during the draft. They quoted our site for SIX different prospects. I'm buzzing.
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    A compilation of scouting reports on Caufield: http://www.habsworld.net/2019/06/habs-select-cole-caufield-15th-overall/
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    i think he likes wearing 92million bucks to practice
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    I have to think scouting US high school hockey has to be a huge challenge. There are just too many schools and leagues to scout effectively.
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    He did not "get dumped because he is a liability to his team". That's not true. He got dumped because his GM has mismanaged the cap and no one will take players who suck like Nick Bonino or kyle Turris, who they would rather dump but would have to include assets to do so (ala Patrick Marleau). A player who is an actual liability would need to have assets included with him in order to get another team to take on the contract. His value is depressed because of the contract... but it wasn't negative value.... the Predators got picks and two prospects. Obviously not full value because of the contract... but not negative value either. At least be accurate in your statement.
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    Maybe you got downvoted for smug trolling? There are clearly several factors in play here, including Nashville's cap and stacked D situation. We could also measure the trade by how many playoff series have been won by each team since then. Weber's also coming off a down year where he looked gassed down the stretch. That said, the Preds sure sold low on PK.
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    72 pages of debate in this thread alone plus the countless times it cropped up in others, and it all ends up with Nashville sending him away in a cap dump. We can now officially put this baby to bed. The end
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    He's small but the Habs need scoring in a big way. Caufield can do that. (And he's a right-hand shot, something they don't have much of in the pipeline as well.)
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    I don't think you pick Ryan Suzuki just because his brother is with the Habs. Sometimes brothers work out (Maurice and Henri Richard), sometimes they don't (Sergei and Andrei Kostitsyn). You only pick him if he is the best player available when their turns comes up.
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    It only makes sense. Commandant said it best last year. Always take bpa. Always. If your group can't decide on a bpa. Or there isn't enough difference between the available players, positional need can be added as a factor which would then make him bpa.
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    https://www.capfriendly.com/offer-sheet-calculator ^ Great tool for this. Shows you what you'd give up, and which teams can do it.
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    The thing is, yes Alzner's contract sucks. But given that we have 23 players signed and 10 million in space on Cap Friendly (as Lehkonen and Armia sign and training camp come guys like Poehling will be off our cap if he doesn't make the team and Weise and Alzner won't be part of that 23. So realistically we have ~13 million to spend and Armia, Lehkonen to sign and one defenceman to acquire. Bottom line, yes Alzner's contract sucks, but we don't need to be in a rush to do anything with it. Its not hurting us right now.
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    I think Alzner becomes significantly more tradeable after his signing bonus is paid NEXT July, but he'd still be a negative value contract and will need to be shipped off with an asset. Can also couple that with the 2021 expansion draft and give Seattle an incentive to pick Alzner. Ideally, the next CBA comes with a compliance buyout like the last 2 have, but I doubt it happens.
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    Wheeler is a Leafs writer, and it shows. Pronman, love him or hate him, is far more neutral. Wheeler had the Leafs' draft performance at "W" (and one of the best) whereas Pronman ranked them C+ ...
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    I suspect PKP is referring to Péladeau ... QC politics!
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    Agreed, which is partly why I was so surprised at the number of players taken. Not to mention how easily some kids dominate at that age, but that isn’t sustainable. If they were drafting kids out of Canadian high school hockey or even top-tier Midget aged players, we’d be baffled I’m sure that they’d gamble on such young talent.
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    I don't downvote and being downvoted doesn't change my opinions. A good/great counter point goes further for me. SW is a Great Dman. I don't dispute in Anyway. PK (to me) is beyond the game of hockey. It doesn't help any1s counter point against it, if they know I have (been lucky enough) to shake the man's hand. Many players do the kind of philanthropic works he does but just like his game he brings that in the level of great as well. I like PK the hockey player. I put PK in hero class when I look at the person. Heros like that I want in my City. There is another in this city that goes by PKP and Ohhh My Word! He Is Sub-Human!!! Give Qc City a team quick so PKP can Leave too then!!!
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    To be fair, I would down vote this post as well if I argued for 3 years about how bad of a trade it was and it skewed my whole opinion about the organization. It sucks being wrong I imagine How about our Captain Daddy Weber being on stage with management announcing our first round pick? What a great moment!
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    DIVERSITY! Oldest in the draft 2019: 1. Arsen Khisamutdinov (21) 4. Rafael Harvey-Pinard (20) Tallest in the draft 2019: 3. Kieran Ruscheinski (198 cm) Shortest in the draft 2019: 1. Cole Caufield (170 cm)
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    Simply looking at some of the rankings, this doesn't feel like an off-the-board pick. 5 magazines had scouting reports on him - snippets are in here: http://www.habsworld.net/2019/06/day-2-of-the-2019-draft/
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    Actually I agree on the long-term contender philosophy. What you do is build an elite team and then rely on probabilities: all things being equal, an elite team is more likely to win the Cup than a Cinderella team. It's no guarantee, but you stack the deck in your favour. But I also look at Weber and Price and how the team has done absolutely nothing with them. MB says he doesn't believe in a 'window;' and I just don't understand this logic. What I see from MB is a guy whose main philosophy is 'make the playoffs and anything can happen.' That's not building a perennial contender, it's building perpetual respectability - or mediocrity - without actually winning.
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    I like this pick. There was probably a few other guys I would've considered, but this is a good "swing for the fences" kind of pick IMO.
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    Probably shouldn't post the entire Athletic article here...
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    Me April first. Since then I though of him as unrealistic. He’s TOO good for 15. He’s a Hab.
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    Please MB, dont take the token Frenchie, They should get one of Krebs or Caufield
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    Sooo, Seider at 6th means someone slides!
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    Booing of the commish is old, stale, and annoying.
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    I'm a stickler, so it feels a bit weird to talk about other teams' picks and trades in a thread originally about who the Habs will be taking. But I expect I'll get over it. Or I won't, but it won't matter. The stakes are pretty low...
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    I wouldn't take him at 15. The second half of the season had him slip for me.
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    It'd be nice, but I still think the likeliest outcome is that Bergevin does nothing to address LD other than dumpster-diving and patch-ups.He'll just shrug and say the price is too high. Or that we have an internal answer coming (eventually) in Romanov. Or whatever. This would fit his established pattern when it comes to dealing (or rather, not dealing) with glaring roster holes.
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    Timmins - "Picking 15th overall, we don't expect this player to play this year or maybe not even the year after, so we're not addressing an immediate need. If we have an immediate need, then Marc will go outside the organization looking to make a trade or sign a free agent." This sounds like the hole at Left D won't be a factor in the pick. To me it sounds like a BPA philosophy. Now maybe BPA turns out to be Broberg, Seider, etc. But (and I'm glad of this) Timmins won't pass up a Krebs or perhaps a Newhook if he's available. This is want I want to hear.
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    FWIW - 10 "quasi-realistic" options at 15 i favour: Krebs (likely gone) Newhook Broberg (likely gone) Caulfield (likely gone) Seider York Boldy Harley Lavoie Soderstrom
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    One of our 5th pick maybe. I like that proposal.
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    Puljujarvi is intriguing, a big guy with talent who hasn't been developed properly, wasn't ready to come to Canada when he did and should have stayed in Finland another year. I would definitely give up a second for him but the Oilers would want more. He is still a young guy, just turned 21 a month ago. The Oilers are in a tough spot with him. He is a big topic of conversation on Edmonton sports radio right now.
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    He scored 54 points last year in 71 games... I kinda think he would have go 1-6 points if he wasn't hurt. Thats the season he's coming off of.
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    That's what I thought. And Karlsson's decision to sign seems a tad odd in light of that. He's basically committing to spending the rest of his career on a team that is standing on the precipice, at the very end of its very long run of excellence, and is most likely about to enter the trough of sustained mediocrity. Now maybe he loves San Jose and doesn't make life decisions based on the prospects for team success. But at face value this decision further reinforces a suspicion I've long held, i.e., that NHL players are often surprising unperceptive about the organizations they're signing up for. EK probably sees SJ as perennial contenders who will somehow stay that way forever - much as people used to think about Detroit, before Zetterberg and Datsyuk suddenly but predictably got old, and suddenly Detroit was nothing.
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    Sounds like Pavelski is gone given the cap issues. It was Pavelski or Karlsson, it was never both. Not with Karlsson at 11.5 million per. San Jose's prospect pool is barren. They have to decide, keep swinging or go into a long painful rebuild
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    I wonder where San Jose thinks they are in the team-building arc. Pavelski is 34 and Joe Thornton is approximately 4, 567 years old. Now they lock up Karlsson at huge term for 8 years. Presumably they think they will contend in the first few years of that deal. But this seems, at first blush anyway, to be optimistic about their situation at C. Anyhow, I leave it to better minds than my own to figure out.
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    Not really a trade proposal, but we can probably add San Jose to the list of teams with poachable RFAs. Lebanc and Meier both need a new deal, and the Sharks are unlikely to be able to match even a 2nd round pick compensation offer.
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    I said it earlier that maybe his agent was using that as a way to get him more money. Guess I was right.
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    Thanks. I'd prefer to move Petry to LD. If we sign Karlsson, I want full Erik Karlsson, not a guy who may or may not be as effective because we've thrown him on his wrong side.
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    There are exceptions to every rule. But if you want to bet on guys having career years at 29 and older... you are going to be wrong more often than you are right. Thats why id bet on drouin over the next 4 years to be better than Eberle will be in the same 4 year span