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    From comments I have come across around the web and social media, it seems as though people are really giving the Habs a good chance against the Pens. While I have enjoyed being an optimistic Habs fan for most of my life, the Habs were sellers at the deadline and the Pens were buyers. Players like Zucker were added (albeit at the “expense of Galchenyuk) and we lost a player like Kovalchuk. I noticed by the deafening silence after my most recent post that I am one of the few who still dwell on the loss of Kovalchuk. While I understand there would be a chance to win the series, the Habs got rid of a performer and the pens added one at the deadline. One would have to assume that just the mentality of the organizations would be different from one another heading into these playoffs. With that being said, there should be less pressure on the Habs, if that makes sense, and it would be true to argue that Kovalchuk was acquired in order to fill a void on a depleted team. We have some players, like Drouin, for example, who will be back and healthy. Come to think of it, and this is as important a point as any, I remember watching a Tampa Bay versus Pittsburgh playoff series a few years back, and Drouin was outclassing Crosby. Sincerely, my fondest memories of Drouin are from that series. Here’s to hoping.
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    Do not count on Drouin. Word to the wise.
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    The Chicutimi Cucumber (and others) have made the point time and time again that the Habs should aim to build a deep talented team to become a perennial contender. Harris, Norlinder and the others may or may not pan out. We I read the article it got me thinking on how to replace the AHL-fillers we have on LD with more talented AHLers. I was hoping to push Olofsson, McEneny or Culkin out if Chisholm is an upgrade. I would love for the Habs to have to make a tough decision on which LD prospects to keep because we have too much talent.
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    It appears no, and that his ELC starts in the 2020-21 season.
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    Apparently a 24 team playoff is complicating things, cause players are scared of facing Carey Price in the playoffs. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Don't they realize that the team in front of him is shit? https://nypost.com/2020/05/19/fear-of-carey-price-part-of-nhls-complicated-return-equation/
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    Some wise words. There. I just offered some wise words. ..ya .. I know.. its the times. Or perhaps the post... Cheers guys.
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    I think a rested, not overworked Price is something to be feared, especially in a 3 out of 5. We've seen him be a lot better when he even gets one or two games off. He was also darn good from January 1st to the end of the season.
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    While Carey Price is still an excellent NHL goalie - especially if you discount the November funks he's had over the last couple of seasons - I think the overstated fear of Price illustrates a belief I've long had about NHL players: they go by reputations rather than by an up-to-date assessment of either players or organizations, and those reputations are very "sticky." Look at someone like Karlsson signing with San Jose. Now maybe he just went for the coin, but I suspect he had strongly in his mind that San Jose is a "contending team" - failing to understand that the core is aging rapidly and that he is likely looking at spending most of his remaining career on a rebuilding team. Yet anyone looking at them objectively would have seen this. For years and years, we heard Detroit still spoken of as some sort of organizational gold standard, long after they had quietly declined into middling-to-mediocre quality. Or, Babcock. Spoken of as some kind of great hockey mind, even after he hadn't won a playoff series for years. Another example is when we dumped Koivu and signed Gomez. I remember quotes from players saying that showed the Habs were finally getting "serious about winning." This assessment was based purely on Gomez's rep as a two-time Cup champ and a guy with a massive salary, rather than on an objective assessment of the two players. (If the Habs ever become a good team, incidentally, it will likely take us a number of years to overcome the longstanding, and currently quite accurate, view among players that the organization is mediocre.)
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    2 years.. 11-12 million (5.5 - 6 AAV)
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