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    Well, obviously he'd be acquired to play center.
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    Watching Armia on the powerplay: Watching Armia on the penalty kill:
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    I figured if I didn't include the current year in the title it would set off a frenzy of posts from people scorned over the last few years. The focus of this thread is the moves made by Bergevin in the current year and how they have set up this team to it's surprising-to-most good start. The 18-19 Habs edition is noticeably different than it's predecessor, mainly by their style, but also by their.....attitude. There's that catch word everybody loves, yet it is apparent. Guys are competing every single shift, there is such an internal competition that it is pushing everyone to their max. Scratching free agent signing Plekanec and big contract Alzner to start the season was a Julien decision, and it wasn't held back by any fictitious Bergevin ego. This team now has an identity, and that is speed and attitude. I recall against Detroit when Drouin was hurt with a shot block and finally got to his feet, only to get shoved by Bertuzzi. Well here come like 3 Habs to his defense looking to fight him, haven't seen that in a long time. It seems like there is alot of cohesion on this team and it is fun to watch. Now let's look at the moves made in this calendar year in no particular order: *Hires highly successful Joel Bouchard out of the Q to coach Laval *Hires World Junior Championship coach Dominique Doucharme as an assistant coach *Trades life long Hab Plekanec to the rival Leafs for a pick and prospects, only to get him back for free via UFA *Trades a disgruntled Galchenyuk who never found a role with the team after 6 (!) seasons, for Max "100 times better than his Dad" Domi *Does not give in to Buffalo's demands in a trade for Ryan O'Rielly *Acquires Joel Armia for money that isn't his *Trades a 5th (!) round pick to Minnesota for Mike "looks like a top 4 D to me" Rielly *Signs Xavier Ouellet for maybe the minimum (I'm not looking it up) *Drafts Jasperi Kotkaniemi who looks like a stud so far, despite the majority of fans wanting someone else *Speaking of drafting centers, he drafts 7 of them (looked that one up) *Trades captain Max Pacioretty for Thomas Tatar, who in a small sample size looks to win the trade by himself and is under team control for longer for a lower overall cap hit, PLUS a 13th overall center prospect and a 2nd rounder (!) Do I even have to mention the return that LWs Jeff Skinner and Mike Hoffman got? *Names Shea Weber the 30th captain of the Montreal Canadiens despite him being out due to injury. It's not going to player vote this time guys Say whatever you want about the past, but it is hard to argue against anything that Marc Bergevin has done in 2018
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    Kovalev elbow on Tucker memorial month.
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    I do a lot with the Youngstown Phantoms of the USHL. I don’t know the set up for the league you might billot for - in the USHL the players often have their own transportation. But I would say this - for the players - it’s about the food. I’m not sure the hosts were paid enough to feed the players properly. That said - if your family loves hockey and feeds well and is basically sociable with teens (not too involved, not too distant) - then it’s an awesome thing to do. The players will be respectful and appreciative (unless you get a real dud - but I found those are rare) and you’ll create a friendship that will last for decades. (Unfortunately, Curtis Hall, a good kid I became friends with got drafted by the Bruins in the 4th round - i can’t easily root for him anymore) you can always message me if i can help more. Overall - if the transport is figured out and you feed well and are appropriately sociable .... GO FOR IT!!!!
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    I was actually listening to a Craig Custance podcast with Lawrence Gilman, who used to be the Canucks A.GM, and was hired by the league to help with the expansion draft rules. Basically, GMs made rules... and then he did an excercise where he looked at every team, looked at who they were likely to protect and projected what the rules would mean and what Vegas would look like. He mentioned a few things. 1) the original draft of the rules was even more generous to vegas. It required teams to put a certain amount of salary exposed, it would have made them even better as better players were exposed. The process he went through made the rules tougher on Vegas. 2) McPhee started to make his deals with teams at the trade deadline. This really helped them. These deals were registered with the league, but not announced. This was so if a GM got fired between the end of the season and the expansion draft, the deal would still be in place with the new regime. 3) One thing Gilman said would really hurt Vegas would be teams trading away players prior to expansion. Sort of like our Beaulieu to Buffalo deal. Guys one team couldnt' protect but another team could. This happened in a few cases, but not as many as Gilman anticipated. The really smart thing McPhee did was "The Pledge". Any team he made a deal with to take one of their players... or things like that... he forced them to agree that they would not make any other deals of this type to circumvent protection lists. This helped him keep as many players available as possible. 4) He leveraged his cap space and used it as a weapon. Taking on contracts like David Clarkson and Mikhail Grabovski in order to get better deal from the Blue Jackets and Islanders. Gilman thought a team might do that, but he praised McPhee as he got absolute max value out of doing it. 5) He built a team. He didn't just take the best players available necessarily, but he focused on a real concept of what he wanted from his team from day 1.... that concept was speed. 6) He maxed out on the number of D he was allowed to draft under the rules. Because of the rules, D were the best assets available. 7) It was one team of expansion, so he was able to plan his picks very methodically. He didn't have to worry about a second expansion team competing for the same group of players, like previous two team expansions had to. This allowed him and Vegas to keep running the same scenario over and over and absolutely maximize every asset they would get out of the draft. Gilman's main takeaway was that McPhee did an absolutely perfect job under the rules. He basically didn't make one bad move. At the same time he took advantage of team's like Florida and Columbus and Minnesota who gave him extra assets not to take their players. He felt teams overreacted to losing one player, and should have just lost that player and not made these multi-asset trades. The last thing (and this is important for the Habs), teams only had one year to plan for expansion. They didn't know the rules. Now GMs have 2-3 years to know what they will be facing, and can manipulate their rosters well in advance. This wasn't from Gilman, but my on though on how this applies to two players on the Habs... Kotkaniemi and Suzuki. The Habs are better off putting Suzuki in the OHL, where he won't accumulate a year of pro experience... and Kotkaniemi in Finland... where he won't accumulate a year of pro experience (he would in the AHL)... under the old expansion draft rules. Depending when Seattle comes in, this is the difference between protecting the players or them being exempt from the draft and giving us more protection slots.
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    Subban (You did say Who SHOULD be Captain? Not who could be captain?)
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    And after staying up all night, the Beast is here. The hardest article to write all year (just cause the amount of time that is needed to put this thing into a coherent format). The Draft Grades https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/06/23/2019-nhl-draft-grades-lwoh/
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    Another RHD? That's the wrong Seider
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    Aw ya baby! Victory is mine! Suck it ill will! Whoop whoop. The champ is here! the champ is here! Respect my authortai!
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    Flew my 7 year old boy and myself up to watch this game. I've seen a lot of great Habs games in person but it may have been my favorite of all time because of how much he enjoyed it. I even caught a stray puck during warmups that was likely off a crossbar and we didn't see coming till last second. And most importantly I didn't spill my beer!
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    A special All Saints Day edition of Habs hockey sees the Caps in town. Noted Saint Alexander Ovechkin has presumably not indulged in any of the Seven Deadly Sins since his summer of debauchery. Saint Lars Eller is so Christ-like and committed to non-violence that he allowed himself to be pummelled by the imp Marchand without retaliating in the slightest. On the Habs side, Saint Max Domi has never once let his baser impulses get the best of him. Saint Brendan Gallagher always maintains a cheerful disposition even when faced with the worst slings and arrows of the unbelievers. Captain of the Saints Shea Weber is absent while he convalesces from an injury comparable to that of Saint Denis: And of course, on a plane higher and more exalted (and better compensated) than all the Saints, we have in goal our one true saviour, Jesus Price. Note: the cast of apostles may have changed significantly since this picture, perhaps along with our faith in our saviour's saving abilities. Nevertheless, in our faith we find strength. Puck drop at 7:30.
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    What a contrasting difference from the GDT for Washington and this one, we go from wow what a team, to this guy is shit, that guy is dumb, the goalie is no good. Boy, we really are the bi-polar fanbase everyone makes us out to be aren't we. What I saw was a team trying and competing, a couple ill timed penalties swinging the momentum, and a couple individual bad plays leading to goals. Because guess what? We were facing one of the real elite teams in this league, and those things I mentioned, coupled with a few players having an off night, is usually enough to land you a big old L. Hudon had an off night that snowballed on him, doesn't make or break him as a player, he had the game of the season against Washington and an off night against Tampa, but he is judged and executed by the Tampa game only? Funny how that works. Price literally has no chance on the first few goals, rockets coming at him off cross seam plays or bad turnovers, only had a chance on the 4th goal with 4 min left in a game that was already over, but of course he was garbage somehow. We have a team that was supposed to be garbage, we wind up with a team that plays a fast entertaining game, some players really playing impressive hockey. But still, we can't figure out how to watch these games without allowing ourselves to be over reactive and toxic. It is frustrating as hell to watch us, and this fanbase in general, act like this despite the season we are having, and the game they just played against Washington. We can start acting like a roid raging, angry group when these guys are in the midst of a 5 game losing streak where they lost to teams they shouldn't have, playing uninspired,and lazy hockey we wouldn't be accustomed to this season. Until then, look in the mirror as a fan, and realize the toxic reactions are not warranted at this stage, and do better.
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    Ah, too bad zero isn't an option.
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    I'd bring in Karlsson and have Petry at 5.5 and be fine with it. And I don't think Karlsson is getting 11. I think he's getting like 9.5. His injuries cost him some money this past year. But even at 11 I'm still fine with it. I keep my top 3 defence... move one to the left side. If I need to clear space, I'm selling high on Andrew Shaw... you can get some savings there. If you sign Karlsson, Benn is allowed to walk so you won't have him on the books. Habs have 11.7 million in space right now, with 23 players signed for next season... so we'd have room to bring in Karlsson even at 11 with just a little move like trading Shaw and replacing him with a Suzuki or Poehling. Send Alzner to the minors, that also clears up some room. Send Dale Weise to the minors and that clears room. And the only notable RFAs to sign are Armia and Lehkonen. By the time next year comes around, and you need to make space again, you'll have another cap rise, you'll have Steve Mason's buyout off the books. You can trade Alzner a lot easier than you can right now, Dale Weise and Matthew Peca come off the books. You've likely got some other moves you can make too.
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    I guess this is a relevant topic on the hockey forum, has anyone been a billet family for a player before? We’ve been asked by a friend who coaches a AAA 15U team if we’d host one of their players for the season. It’s quite a responsibility, but it might be good to expose my son to the work/dedication of a top tier player, too. My son will be a competitive squirt goalie next year. Just curious is anyone has any any experience either first hand or known anyone they’d billeted.
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    I humbly accept my award. I'd like to thank jesus. And my wife for supporting me through these trying times.
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    Well the Habs did comeback tonight to finish 44-30-8 for 96 points with 246 goals.. llWill predicted 95 points. 5th in the Atlantic, 9th in the East and 243 goals. BcHabnut predicted 97 points, 4th in the Atlantic and 11th in the East with 248. BcHabnut is the winner by a sliver. His goal prediction was 1 goal closer!!
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    How can anyone not love ol' Bob Cole when he's coming out with things like "Jordan Weal SEALS THE DEAL". The man was and is a gem... fumbling a few names be damned. If you want perfect grammar and semantics and proper enunciation and pronunciation and whatever, go read Shakespeare.
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    Weal to Danault to Armia on the PP, just how we all expected the Habs to score.
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    Whew! I was worried about that PP, but fortunately Petry took a penalty to even it out.
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    Mete be like, "PLEASE LEAVE HIM IN"
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    If coming back here rejuvenates his career, I only hope we can trade him for top 4 defenseman Raphael Diaz.
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    #6 Toe Blake. Member of the Punch Line. As a Player Stanley Cup champion — 1935 (with Montreal Maroons) Stanley Cup champion — 1944, 1946 (with Montreal Canadiens as a player, and as Team Captain) Hart Trophy — 1939 Scoring Leader — 1939 Lady Byng Trophy — 1946 NHL First Team All-Star — 1939, 1940, 1945 NHL Second Team All-Star — 1946 In January, 2017, Blake was part of the first group of players to be named one of the '100 Greatest NHL Players' in history. Member of the famous Punch Line In 1998, he was ranked number 66 on The Hockey News’ list of the NHL's 100 greatest players of all time to date. He scored the Stanley Cup-clinching goal in the 1944 Stanley Cup Finals at 9:12 of the first overtime of game four, helping the Canadiens complete a four-game sweep of the Chicago Blackhawks. 13 years as a Hab (player), 1 year with the maroons Habs stats 569 GP, 235 G, 294 A, 529 PTS Playoffs 57 GP, 25 G, 37 A, 62 PTS, 2 Cups Scoring.... 6 seasons in the top 10 points 1938-39 NHL 47 (1st) 1939-40 NHL 38 (7th) 1941-42 NHL 45 (6th) 1942-43 NHL 59 (7th) 1944-45 NHL 67 (3rd) 1945-46 NHL 50 (3rd) 4 seasons in the top 10 goals 1938-39 NHL 24 (2nd) 1939-40 NHL 17 (8th) 1944-45 NHL 29 (3rd) 1945-46 NHL 29 (3rd) 7 seasons in the top 10 assists 1938-39 NHL 23 (7th) 1939-40 NHL 21 (6th) 1941-42 NHL 28 (8th) 1942-43 NHL 36 (8th) 1944-45 NHL 38 (3rd) 1945-46 NHL 21 (10th) 1946-47 NHL 29 (7th) Quite Simply, Toe Blake is the Best Player in Habs history whose number has not yet been retired, and that is solely looking at his contributions as a player before we even discuss his coaching career which is Stanley Cup champion — 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1965, 1966, 1968 (head coach of Montreal Canadiens) Record 500‑255‑159 (.634 Win percentage) 82-37 in playoffs (.689 Win percentage)
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    Doctors use video of Montreal's power play to treat erections lasting longer than 4 hours.
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    TSN guys won't stop talking about how ridiculous it is that Mete hasn't scored yet. (I'll risk the downvote, since I don't know if the TSN analysts have been properly vetted by DON as acceptable people to mention.)
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    The fam had fun at the rink tonight, although my son is still not a very good sport (despite the Avs being his second favorite team). The cool thing, my son got a stick from Tomas Tatar, so that made his night. He gave us a smile and a wink after the equipment guy handed him the stick.
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    I was one of those that ripped you on the Domi / galchenyuk trade. Now to be fare I always liked max as a player, and if we traded draft picks or prospects for him i would of been happy. But you traded galchenyuk for him. I thought you just traded one problem for another, and in this case I said I would of rather just kept galchenyuk and played him all year at center. But Max is proving me wrong and has grown on me. So to this i say I am sorry this was one of your better trades and I am man enough to give credit.
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    Apparently the bar is so low on Alzner now that "having a good game" equates to "didn't shit his pants while playing."
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    As a gold-plated droid assembled by a 5-year-old future Sith Lord before going on to have his memory wiped, get dismantled in a Cloud City, reassembled by a Wookie, and finally somehow acquire a red arm before becoming completely redundant to all subsequent events once said: WE'RE DOOMED
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    The St. Louis Blues are likely going to keep Robert Thomas. He is one year older than Kotkaniemi. They have a legit top 3 Cs in Schenn, O'Reilly and Bozak. Kotkaniemi has done more in pre-season than Thomas. By that measure, yes, you can justify keeping him. He's done nothing in camp other than play well enough for a spot on this team. Its a hard choice but I'd send him to Finland. 1) He can bulk up. 2) He can still get NHL games at the end of the Finnish season. 3) His dad is the coach in Finland and will give him first line C minutes. This isn't the typical Euro coach who sees a young kid and isn't invested in him long-term, and is only about the here and now and winning now and development of an 18 year old be damned. This is a coach who will truly care about Jesperi's development. 4) The Habs aren't winning... don't waste a year of his ELC, a year towards free agency, and a year towards him needing to be protected in expansion, on this season. He can come in next year with Suzuki and Poehling, and perhaps our 2019 pick and they can really grow all together.
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    This discussion is ridiculous. Now we're being told that the 2014 or 2015 teams were "28th overall teams" - a bizarre conflation of basic realities in order to save some kind of pathetic and desperate narrative that MB is a good GM. How about this. HE TURNED A TEAM THAT CAME WITHIN TWO GAMES OF THE FINALS (2014) AND FINISHED 2ND OVERALL (2015) into the living hunk of festering shit you see today. That's what his incredible leadership has brought us. He DID have a team on the cusp of true contention. The results proved this. Its key core pieces (all inherited) were young. Pleks and Markov were aging and anyone could see they would need replacing within 2-3 years. HE dismantled it for no reason that survives rational scrutiny. HE failed to add to the good core that was there. HE failed to plan to replace the aging veterans that obviously needed replacing. His big "solution" (trading Subban) solved ZERO actual problems and made the team older and worse. This team is garbage right now for one reason and one reason only: Marc Bergevin. In the hands of a competent GM, the Subban/Patches/Price core would be in the middle of its prime Cup window. Right frigging now. Has he learned from his mistakes and is now building a team properly? Hey, the next few years will tell that tale. But wheezing on about how the team was always bad, or how finishing 28th was all part of his genius master plan, is simply preposterous.
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    If the GM has a core that comes within two games of the Finals, it's HIS job to elevate that core, not blow it up.
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    Teams don't trade #1s... You were never getting Cody Glass, you were never getting Casey Mittelstadt, You were never getting Elias Pettersson. These are guys I would look at as 1As. They were never the guys we discussed at the deadline either. Suzuki is in the same class as the guys we talked about at the deadline.... Robert Thomas was in the 20s... Gabe Vilardi was in the 20s.... Sam Steel is in the 30s....Morgan Frost is in this area.... These are the guys I was looking at back in those trade deadline posts, and its exactly the kind of guy that we got. I never thought we'd hit the surefire #1 C with pacioretty. Teams just don't trade those, and if they do, its not for a winger.
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    Glad to hear you and Max's physiotherapist's hand has healed!
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    Just walked passed Max Domi in Toronto. I circled back and wished him a good season, "go habs." He thanked me and complimented my beard. Nice encounter, 8/10, would recommend.
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    If Montreal has great players, nobody will care what they speak. But the media has made it clear that if the club sucks? It better suck with local players. Same with coaching and GM. If the best coach or GM wants to come here, they will be accepted. They just don't have a very big window to get it done. But if we are going with someone with no experience, people want a local and they want to hear their own language. Kovalev got Lafleur comparisons for an 84 point season. That's how starved this franchise is for top flight players. That's why I say tank and rebuild. If we got Hughes first overall and he proved to be a 100 point centre, nobody would care he's an under six feet tall Yank. They would celebrate him all still. The first language of the Habs is success and we forgot how to speak the native tongue.
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    Listen...any organization worth its salt would have flushed this turd down the john by now. Hell, when a GM is tasked with a full-blown rebuild, they usually get 5-6 years to show that they've built a contender or near-contender. This guy is handed excellent, top-end pieces and in 6 years builds a bottom-feeding laughing stock. The only way he actually did his job is if he was hired by the Boston Bruins to destroy the Canadiens as a threat.
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    at the end of the day... MB inherited a team with a -future hart trophy winner -future norris trophy winner -future 4 time 30+ goal scorer -a veteran LD puck mover who would be press for all time habs D record stats (if not for 2 major knee surgeries and some lost seasons to lockouts) - a heart, soul and guts player like gallagher -plus and a 3rd overall pick... and he completly shi*t the bed! what he's done to move this team forward with those assets is what deserves an F and i believe with all that in mind, know body can justifiably defend him... sure he was able to sign radulov for 1 year but botched his resigning... sure he was able to steal danault... pick up byron.... but as well as his depth moves have been at times the real assessment of your body of work is with the impact players!!
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    "this isn't the "try league" this is the "get it done" league. Eventually they're going to find people who can get it done" A baseball player said this, but it applies to all pro sports. I don't care what he's TRIED I care that the biggest problem he inherited in day 1 was lack of a #1 C He opened the 2012-13 season with Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller at C He opened the 2013-14 season with Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller at C He opened the 2014-15 season with Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller at C He opened the 2015-16 season with Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller at C He opened the 2016-17 season with Galchenyuk, Desharnais, Plekanec at C He opened the 2017-18 season with Drouin, Danault, Plekanec at C He appears that he will open the 2018-19 season with Drouin, Danault, Plekanec at C When it comes to solving the biggest issue on the team, we are entering year 7, and he has not... Got It Done I don't care about trying. His job is to get results, and if you don't get results GTFO
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    Thanks for the feedback. Transportation is mostly accommodated, a lot will depend on which school he attends. I was initially a “no”, while my wife has been for it. I think I’m starting to sway a little bit towards the yes. We have the room, we have the money to afford any extra food. I know we’d get paid, but as you said, it’s more a supplement amount and not something that would cover all expenses. It could definitely make for an interesting hockey season coming up!
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    Our Biggest, Most Comprehensive Draft Review Ever http://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/06/24/2018-nhl-draft-grades/
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    And my uncle is a vagina away from being my aunt.
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    I wonder how the best GM ever in history David Poile feels about being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. I mean, every move he has made in the last half dozen years has been brilliant in comparison to our dummy GM, so how can the Preds lose? What happened to Tampa? I thought there was no point for any teams to load up at the trade deadline because the Cup was already handed out to the Lightning. One of the best regular season teams of all time didn't win 1 playoff game? Surely we all had Colorado over Calgary in 5 games. It wasn't too long ago that the Avs were in the hunt for 2 shots at the #1 draft pick, but I guess they had other plans. Carolina predicted by most to finish near dead last in the league going to game 7 with the defending Cup champs? What a bunch of jerks spoiling our preconceived notions of what a winning team is. Man I wish the Habs were in the middle of this chaos, I like my team and I think they would have just as good of a chance as any to make a deep run.
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    All the Habs to Lehkonen after he fails to shoot at an open net twice:
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    Anthems should be banned anyway.
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    Armia is just a winger version of Eller, he certainly is a useful hockey player, he cannot be relied upon to consistently produce at a top 6 rate however. If we establish his role/niche, and let him play his game, while expecting a 3rd line player capable of several flashes of brilliance throughout a season, we will all be happy to have him on the team. I don't know why the pop shots at him, was anyone expecting the next Blake Wheeler or something? This is a big bodied 3rd line player with some hockey skills who can fill in on an offensive line from time to time. Double digit goals and 30 something points is about the max we can expect from him, and that is perfectly fine coming from the 3rd line.
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    If the habs were acting professionally MB would have been fired by now.