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    I'd bring in Karlsson and have Petry at 5.5 and be fine with it. And I don't think Karlsson is getting 11. I think he's getting like 9.5. His injuries cost him some money this past year. But even at 11 I'm still fine with it. I keep my top 3 defence... move one to the left side. If I need to clear space, I'm selling high on Andrew Shaw... you can get some savings there. If you sign Karlsson, Benn is allowed to walk so you won't have him on the books. Habs have 11.7 million in space right now, with 23 players signed for next season... so we'd have room to bring in Karlsson even at 11 with just a little move like trading Shaw and replacing him with a Suzuki or Poehling. Send Alzner to the minors, that also clears up some room. Send Dale Weise to the minors and that clears room. And the only notable RFAs to sign are Armia and Lehkonen. By the time next year comes around, and you need to make space again, you'll have another cap rise, you'll have Steve Mason's buyout off the books. You can trade Alzner a lot easier than you can right now, Dale Weise and Matthew Peca come off the books. You've likely got some other moves you can make too.
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    I'll follow up to my post now that the season is over. As for billeting, it was an ok experience. Our transportation arrangement fell apart about 2 weeks into the school year, which made for some challenges. In fact, the family that agreed to provide transportation more often asked us for help, so we severed that relationship fairly quickly. My biggest concern coming in was transportation, and that issue presented itself fairly quickly. As far as the player, he ended up not quite being the role model we expected. It turns out he's the talented kid that's been catered to thus far in his hockey career. He was the big fish in a little pond, and here, became just another fish in a big pond. He wasn't used to putting in the effort and earning his coach's trust. As such, it made for a difficult start to the year, to the point where we were expecting him to not return after the Thanksgiving break. He was benched a few times due to attitude issues. So while we had hoped he would be a positive role model and influence for our son, that wasn't the case. There was literally zero extra effort put in other than what the team had scheduled. Overall, he's a good kid, respectful, polite, and about what you'd expect from a 15/16 year old. Will we do it again? With our own son playing competitive hockey at a different association, no, we will not. The transportation became difficult, and my wife and I want to watch my own son, not divide and conquer during the hockey season. As an interesting note, our billet's 15u AAA coach has resigned his position after several years (and being named the 15u coach of the year) to become the 10u (Squirt) director at my son's association. My son will be a second year squirt this upcoming season, and is one of only 2 returning goalies. My wife and I are hoping he gets placed at his correct playing level, rather than a default AA goalie because of need. Last year, my son's team was again fairly strong (28-10-2). Their lowest placement in any tournament was 2nd, including an OT championship game loss, and a championship game shootout loss, and his team finished second in the state.
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    My two favorite teams are Montreal and whoever plays against Boston. For 2 weeks I love the Blues.
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    How can you not "care much" whether those reprobates, those jabbernowls, those scum-sucking, filth-chewing, stench-emitting, bile-spewing, face-licking bags of festering dog pus, the mother-frigging Boston Bruins, win yet another Cup? I propose that you have your lifetime membership in Habs nation revoked!! GO BLUES GO!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i think he likes wearing 92million bucks to practice
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    https://www.capfriendly.com/offer-sheet-calculator ^ Great tool for this. Shows you what you'd give up, and which teams can do it.
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    The trouble with Drouin is that, yes, he's 24, but he is also had five years in the league (four of them as a full-time player) and his production is no better now than in his rookie year. At some point you have to say 'well, he's never going to figure it out.' I'm not saying to close the book him or that he absolutely will never put it together. But I am saying that the preponderance of evidence so far is that he is more likely to be Andrei Kostitsyn or Alex Galchenyuk than Guy Lafleur Lite. The Kosty/Galy parallel suggests itself because those were also talented players who basically flatlined rather than evolved as NHLers, and what all three have in common is that they play an individual game rather than seeing the whole ice, reading the play, and using their teammates. You can have all the tools in the world, but if you lack hockey sense, then you've got no toolbox. Eberle is another story and I agree I wouldn't trade Drouin for him. But if I were a betting man, I'd bet on Drouin never becoming a whole lot more than he is right now.
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    Which of those is a puck-moving defenceman? Hell which of those is a top 4 defenceman? I think I'd rather just keep Kulak as the top 4.
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    I like Heinola and Stromberg because both have shown that they can play at the adult level, in Liiga and Swedish elite league, respectively. Heinola average 19 minutes a game against strong adult opponents and Stromberg 17, so I have at least some confidence that they have what it takes to break into the NHL.
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    A great story by Arpon Basu in the Athletic today, about Mete training shooting with Tim Turk. Turk says Mete is very coachable, and is improving quickly. Turk is really good, and can take credit for some of Gallagher's improved scoring as well. I'm confident that Mete will put some numbers on the board next season, and hopefully take another step towards being a legitimate top-four LD. Athletic's story is subscription only (though they do have a free trial) but here is a preview from Turk's web site: https://www.timturkhockey.com/how-victor-mete-is-changing-the-perception-about-small-defencemen-by-being-an-excellent-defender/
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    I honestly think Karlsson will be wearing a Habs jersey, come October. The Atlantic has so much star power, if the Habs have any shot at playoff contention, they need some game breakers. If the rumors are true and Karlsson's wife wants to be close to home, then I would almost guarantee he will take a "home town" discount. 9.5 is a very likely number. Give us a guy, Bergy. This team needs a legit game changer, on the back end.
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    I'm going to go against the grain here and say, if we can get Karlsson to come here, it should be to play on his offside, on a top pair with Weber, and to play the minutes he will be paid to play. I don't want him playing on a second pair, I don't want Gardiner if we get Karlsson to then have to trade Petry, who is a better version of Gardiner while not costing us the same kind of cap and term Gardiner would. Karlsson, for me, is the main target, Gardiner is the consolation prize, but I honestly doubt he wants anything to do with another fishbowl market that will start social media raging every time he turns it over. A top 3 of Karlsson, Weber, and Petry is the stuff dreams are made of, handedness be damned, if anyone can handle playing his offside along side of Weber, it would be an elite defender like Karlsson. I've said it earlier in the offseason and i'll say it again, Karlsson should be target #1 on the UFA market, it doesn't mean we are going to get him, but anything else should be plan B.
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    There is absolutely no hockey reason for Drouin to be untradeable. If (hypothetically speaking) MB could get Gostisbehere in return for Drouin and parts and didn't pursue it, that would be gross negligence on his part.
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    That would make it an overpay imo, If we have to throw in a forward with our 1st rounder, it would have to be in the Lehkonen range of value, our pick is the 15th not the 25th. Either way I think there is something that could be done if we do in fact offer our 15th pick in a conversation that involves Gostisbehere, and i would be all for it due to his age. But there really is no one else on LD worth throwing our 15th pick at that could be available, it is literally only him because of his age, his contract, and skill set.
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    That’s what great about this site - the excellent input from knowledgeable fans, like Commandant 👍
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    Interesting. Before I read these posts I was thinking Leddy would be exactly that guy; one who immediately slots into our top 4, if not top pair. But if his production has honestly fallen off, well like you guys, I’m extremely weary. If we could acquire him more cheaply I’d still be willing to take a shot though. But thanks for the input, I didn’t realize Leddy’s game had a serious drop off!
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    I'd take a flyer for a cheap price. I've always thought he has talent. I actually think shooting right is an advantage for him. At RHD we can afford to have a 7th or 8th defenceman. At LHD anyone we acquire has to be a top 4, we have more than enough bottom pair and press box guys.
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    I wouldn't do that. I'd have a hard time justifying a second-rounder for him, to be honest. He has been brutal in Edmonton and it's not as if the Habs are in need of fringe players up front; they have a lot of NHL depth already. If I'm dealing #15, it's for an impact piece, not a lottery ticket.
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    This does make it more likely Ghost is traded IMO. Bergevin to Ghost right now.
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    That's what I thought. And Karlsson's decision to sign seems a tad odd in light of that. He's basically committing to spending the rest of his career on a team that is standing on the precipice, at the very end of its very long run of excellence, and is most likely about to enter the trough of sustained mediocrity. Now maybe he loves San Jose and doesn't make life decisions based on the prospects for team success. But at face value this decision further reinforces a suspicion I've long held, i.e., that NHL players are often surprising unperceptive about the organizations they're signing up for. EK probably sees SJ as perennial contenders who will somehow stay that way forever - much as people used to think about Detroit, before Zetterberg and Datsyuk suddenly but predictably got old, and suddenly Detroit was nothing.
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    I wonder where San Jose thinks they are in the team-building arc. Pavelski is 34 and Joe Thornton is approximately 4, 567 years old. Now they lock up Karlsson at huge term for 8 years. Presumably they think they will contend in the first few years of that deal. But this seems, at first blush anyway, to be optimistic about their situation at C. Anyhow, I leave it to better minds than my own to figure out.
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    I’d still be all over sending Meier a deal. Say a 7 year deal at 6.34 a year. That means we give up a first and a third. Meier is 100% worth that.
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    Not really a trade proposal, but we can probably add San Jose to the list of teams with poachable RFAs. Lebanc and Meier both need a new deal, and the Sharks are unlikely to be able to match even a 2nd round pick compensation offer.
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    Thanks. I'd prefer to move Petry to LD. If we sign Karlsson, I want full Erik Karlsson, not a guy who may or may not be as effective because we've thrown him on his wrong side.
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    There are exceptions to every rule. But if you want to bet on guys having career years at 29 and older... you are going to be wrong more often than you are right. Thats why id bet on drouin over the next 4 years to be better than Eberle will be in the same 4 year span
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    I say my vote is Chara too. If Marchand was on our team, I wonder if we would love him. Pests are always loved by their home town fans, loathed everywhere else. But with Chara, I’d forever be embarrassed that he was on my team after what he did to MaxPac or any other human being. That wasn’t him just being competitive, that was disrespectful on a human level.
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    WE THE NORTH !!! Sucks that so many startes were injured for the Warriors though.
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    THANK F***ING GOD SUCK ON THAT BOSTON Sweet to see that dirtbag Chara slumping his way through the handshake line EDIT: O'Reilly drops an F-bomb in the interview! Ha ha. (The O'Reilly trade is a nice example of how you have to take risks to win, incidentally).
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    Even if Duchene doesn't happen I still wouldn't be opposed to seeing if trading Drouin, Tatar, or Shaw can bring in a LD with term. There are other free agent forwards available that would fit the Habs nicely.
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    I think Duchene would be a mistake signing. To me, he's more of a 65 point player. That's not worth 8 or 9 million per.
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    https://www.capfriendly.com/buyout-calculator/karl-alzner#results Not sure if that link works, but the cap hits for an Alzner buyout this summer are: 19-20 - $1 069 444 20-21 - $4 194 444 21-22 - $2 194 444 22-23 - $1 069 444 23-24 - $1 069 444 24-25 - $1 069 444 Wait til next year and the cap hits are: 20-21 - $3 958 333 21-22 - $1 958 333 22-23 - $833 333 23-24 - $833 333
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    They key is to offer endorsements galore to swing the deal I your favour...
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    It's just a feeling, but EK was pretty embedded in Ottawa. I find it believable that his family wants back. Habs could be in an excellent position if they want him. I love offensively gifted d-men and would like to see it happen. It would bring the added bonus of putting paid once and for all to the myth that UFAs won't sign here.
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    Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun, not sure how reliable this is
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    It can be in play but its about who its in play for Gost sure due to age and contract. But it shouldnt be in play for 29 and 30 year olds . We shouldnt be doing what vegas did with us for pacioretty or what they did for stone or what sj did for karlsson etc... we arent where they are in the build cycle either
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    Drouin and a first is likely an overpay. Yeah Maybe Drouin and columbus' 2nd round pick for ghost
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    Drouin for Gostisbehere?
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    I would move the first rounder for gostisbehere but only because he is 26 and has 4 years of a great contract ahead of him. It wouldnt be on the table for a lot of other LHD options out there who are older or have less favourable contracts.
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    Heights/weights from the combine: https://thehockeywriters.com/2019-nhl-combine-heights-weights/
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    3 recent examples; Matt Barzal 16th Dylan Larkin 15th Thomas Chabot 18th Lots of great prospects picked mid-1st round, but thanks for letting us know you arnt interested anyways.
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    As Trizzak noted above, Jevpalovs' deal won't count as it's an AHL-only contract. The Habs are at 39 contracts for next season: http://forums.habsworld.net/index.php?s=&showtopic=17394&view=findpost&p=379859
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    Yes, one of my favorite all time habs players, but he is toast and too slow for the NHL I would offer him a coaching position
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    Tournament MVP for Teasdale. Nice.
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    Damn im good. 3 for 3 on guessing close to the cap hit. Though 3/4 cause i said thompson would walk.
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    I do look at ages, but... he's still 18. Yes he turns 19 in September... but the fact he is 18. He's also in his 3rd year in the QMJHL. Ok great. We are all excited about what Suzuki did in the playoffs right? and he's another year and a half older than Lavoie. Imagine we had a player we drafted in 2018. I don't know, lets just imagine Fonstad (turned 19 one month ago). scored 20 goals in 23 playoff games. If that happened, we'd be pretty excited by that performance one year after the draft (and Fonstad is 5 months older than Lavoie). So while age matters, I don't think you can ignore just how dominant Lavoie has been. And he's a third year QMJHL player at 18, this isn't some overager in his 5th year at 20/21.