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    https://www.capfriendly.com/offer-sheet-calculator ^ Great tool for this. Shows you what you'd what you'd give up, and which teams can do it.
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    i think he likes wearing 92million bucks to practice
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    That's what I thought. And Karlsson's decision to sign seems a tad odd in light of that. He's basically committing to spending the rest of his career on a team that is standing on the precipice, at the very end of its very long run of excellence, and is most likely about to enter the trough of sustained mediocrity. Now maybe he loves San Jose and doesn't make life decisions based on the prospects for team success. But at face value this decision further reinforces a suspicion I've long held, i.e., that NHL players are often surprising unperceptive about the organizations they're signing up for. EK probably sees SJ as perennial contenders who will somehow stay that way forever - much as people used to think about Detroit, before Zetterberg and Datsyuk suddenly but predictably got old, and suddenly Detroit was nothing.
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    Sounds like Pavelski is gone given the cap issues. It was Pavelski or Karlsson, it was never both. Not with Karlsson at 11.5 million per. San Jose's prospect pool is barren. They have to decide, keep swinging or go into a long painful rebuild
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    I wonder where San Jose thinks they are in the team-building arc. Pavelski is 34 and Joe Thornton is approximately 4, 567 years old. Now they lock up Karlsson at huge term for 8 years. Presumably they think they will contend in the first few years of that deal. But this seems, at first blush anyway, to be optimistic about their situation at C. Anyhow, I leave it to better minds than my own to figure out.