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    i think he likes wearing 92million bucks to practice
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    https://www.capfriendly.com/offer-sheet-calculator ^ Great tool for this. Shows you what you'd give up, and which teams can do it.
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    The trouble with Drouin is that, yes, he's 24, but he is also had five years in the league (four of them as a full-time player) and his production is no better now than in his rookie year. At some point you have to say 'well, he's never going to figure it out.' I'm not saying to close the book him or that he absolutely will never put it together. But I am saying that the preponderance of evidence so far is that he is more likely to be Andrei Kostitsyn or Alex Galchenyuk than Guy Lafleur Lite. The Kosty/Galy parallel suggests itself because those were also talented players who basically flatlined rather than evolved as NHLers, and what all three have in common is that they play an individual game rather than seeing the whole ice, reading the play, and using their teammates. You can have all the tools in the world, but if you lack hockey sense, then you've got no toolbox. Eberle is another story and I agree I wouldn't trade Drouin for him. But if I were a betting man, I'd bet on Drouin never becoming a whole lot more than he is right now.
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    Which of those is a puck-moving defenceman? Hell which of those is a top 4 defenceman? I think I'd rather just keep Kulak as the top 4.
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    The reported asking price is a third-liner for him. It probably wouldn't take more than a second-round pick to beat that price tag.
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    Puljujarvi is intriguing, a big guy with talent who hasn't been developed properly, wasn't ready to come to Canada when he did and should have stayed in Finland another year. I would definitely give up a second for him but the Oilers would want more. He is still a young guy, just turned 21 a month ago. The Oilers are in a tough spot with him. He is a big topic of conversation on Edmonton sports radio right now.
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    99.9% of the people who say "they should have drafted Kreider that year" are doing so without having ever watched Kreider before the NHL Draft. The other 0.1% watch Philips Academy High School Hockey, or the Valley Jr. Warriors in the EJHL... the two teams he played for in his draft year. The guy didn't play for Boston College until after he was drafted. Playing in those leagues he is absolutely a question mark. There is no way of knowing how that is going to translate against better competition. Obviously, he could skate, but how much of his power game was playing that competition and how much was real? Obviously now we know the answer, but at the time it was a legit question. The other thing is how would Kreider have developed from that to what he became in the Habs system? Would he have gone under Lefebvre. I mean Leblanc came up. Looked good, had 7 goals and 14 points in half a season, then went back to Lefebvre and turned to shit, and we all know Lefebvre doesn't have a good track record of developing talent. So flip those picks, is Leblanc in the NHL and Kreider a bust? I don't know the answer to that
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    The fun has already started - Boston lost in the Stanley Cup Final, Matt Niskanen is now in Philly, and Jordan Eberle re-signs with the Islanders. What else is going to happen? As usual, we'll use this thread to discuss the goings on around the league this offseason.
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    I wouldn't do that. I'd have a hard time justifying a second-rounder for him, to be honest. He has been brutal in Edmonton and it's not as if the Habs are in need of fringe players up front; they have a lot of NHL depth already. If I'm dealing #15, it's for an impact piece, not a lottery ticket.
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    Hopefully we aren't pressured into choosing a homeboy this time.
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    They use this seasons earnings... and then add an inflator. The CBA allows for up to 5% inflator. In the early years of the CBA it was simple... the players did the 5% inflator every year. This led to earnings not keeping up with the cap rise. The business wasn't growing 5% each year. This meant that escrow got bigger and bigger. Players wanted to stop that. The last few years have seen debates over the inflator. The teams are fine to go 5% each year. They know escrow protects them. If the cap is higher than 50% of revenues... escrow protects the owners. The players are the ones with the uncertainty as to how much of their cheque is eaten by escrow... some years as high at 18% on some cheques (and then they got part of that back at the end of the year). By reducing the cap increase, they reduce escrow. This also lets previous years catch up, and reduce the starting escrow percentage that has built up over the years. BUT, the PA can't agree on this internally. Players who are free agents... want a higher cap even if it means more escrow. With a stagnant cap, they won't see raises, and some might not sign at all, they will get squeezed. With a rising cap, the suitors for players go up and contracts go up even if escrow claws a bit of that back. Players who are not free agents want escrow to be lower next year. So the players have this internal fight every year now that they want to negotiate the 5% escalator and take something less than that.
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    This does make it more likely Ghost is traded IMO. Bergevin to Ghost right now.
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    given their cap situation, i don't see how its possible, unless they are trading another big ticket.
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    That's what I thought. And Karlsson's decision to sign seems a tad odd in light of that. He's basically committing to spending the rest of his career on a team that is standing on the precipice, at the very end of its very long run of excellence, and is most likely about to enter the trough of sustained mediocrity. Now maybe he loves San Jose and doesn't make life decisions based on the prospects for team success. But at face value this decision further reinforces a suspicion I've long held, i.e., that NHL players are often surprising unperceptive about the organizations they're signing up for. EK probably sees SJ as perennial contenders who will somehow stay that way forever - much as people used to think about Detroit, before Zetterberg and Datsyuk suddenly but predictably got old, and suddenly Detroit was nothing.
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    Sounds like Pavelski is gone given the cap issues. It was Pavelski or Karlsson, it was never both. Not with Karlsson at 11.5 million per. San Jose's prospect pool is barren. They have to decide, keep swinging or go into a long painful rebuild
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    I wonder where San Jose thinks they are in the team-building arc. Pavelski is 34 and Joe Thornton is approximately 4, 567 years old. Now they lock up Karlsson at huge term for 8 years. Presumably they think they will contend in the first few years of that deal. But this seems, at first blush anyway, to be optimistic about their situation at C. Anyhow, I leave it to better minds than my own to figure out.
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    I’d still be all over sending Meier a deal. Say a 7 year deal at 6.34 a year. That means we give up a first and a third. Meier is 100% worth that.
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    Not really a trade proposal, but we can probably add San Jose to the list of teams with poachable RFAs. Lebanc and Meier both need a new deal, and the Sharks are unlikely to be able to match even a 2nd round pick compensation offer.
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    I said it earlier that maybe his agent was using that as a way to get him more money. Guess I was right.
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    In a copycat league and the Blues winning the cup with only one defenseman under 6'2", I wonder if Seider's value jumped up in the past week. He could be gone by 15.
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    I'm wondering if we should offer both Gardiner and Karlsson solid offers. MB could have a plan in place to move salary (perhaps Shaw as the bulk) in the very unlikely chance that they both sign. It would transform the back end and change the offensive dynamic of the team.
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    Here is our two round mock 2019 NHL Mock Draft - Lottery Edition - Last Word on Hockey 2019 NHL Mock Draft - Picks 16-31 - Last Word on Hockey 2019 NHL Mock Draft - Second Round - Last Word on Hockey NHL Mock Draft 2019 – Picks 47 - 62 - Last Word on Hockey
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    Petry i look at differently. Anytime you trade for a player and have the chance to have him in the city for 2 months and sell him on that and change the perception of the team and the organization and the city... I think its different then attracting a UFA.
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    Thanks. I'd prefer to move Petry to LD. If we sign Karlsson, I want full Erik Karlsson, not a guy who may or may not be as effective because we've thrown him on his wrong side.
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    They don't need another winger. Put all the cap towards Karlsson. You basically get a winger and a d-man with Karlsson.
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    Age is an issue with drouin and Eberle, no question. Maybe Drouin will put it all together, or maybe not. This might be Drouin's ceiling, and there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe when people (me) accept that this is Jonathan Drouin, it will be a little easier to take the good with the bad.
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    There are exceptions to every rule. But if you want to bet on guys having career years at 29 and older... you are going to be wrong more often than you are right. Thats why id bet on drouin over the next 4 years to be better than Eberle will be in the same 4 year span
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    I say my vote is Chara too. If Marchand was on our team, I wonder if we would love him. Pests are always loved by their home town fans, loathed everywhere else. But with Chara, I’d forever be embarrassed that he was on my team after what he did to MaxPac or any other human being. That wasn’t him just being competitive, that was disrespectful on a human level.
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    Drouin was no where near as bad as the hyperbole suggests, he is at the moment, the frustratingly real example of why french Canadians don't want to play here, and the crap they very likely would end up dealing with. He is still very young and growing and maturing into the player he will be in his prime. He gets crapped on so much more than he should from fans and media, simply because he gets extra attention for being who he is on this team. He manages to average 50 point seasons as a 22 and 23 year old marred in positional experiments and confidence sapping situations, he is getting trashed left right and center for not being a player he never will be or has been. It is too much to expect any young player to deal with and succeed to his maximum capability, every turn over feels like you are costing a game 7 cup final, every failed back check makes you the laziest player in the league. Hilariously though, when the season finally derails and the player is completely without confidence and it shows every night, we still act so shocked and appalled, not once considering the kind of shitty environment we are creating for this one particular player. At some point, it just reaches an agonizing to hear, read, and watch level, I see a kid with an immensely high ceiling who plays the game in typical "highly talented enigmatic player" way. He is far from the first or only player torn from this cloth in the league, and for every time we crucify him for having a passive game or being crap defensively, he pulls out magical moments like his end to end OT winner among other things. Imagine if Florida had essentially given up on Huberdeau when he was 23 or 24 years old because he was too enigmatic and his work without the puck was lacking, how foolish would they look today? Players with a skill and talent ceiling you can hardly see when you look up, are way too risky to judge before the age of 26. Also, expecting a player who never was a 200 foot player, or a corner digger, to suddenly become one, is not putting him in a fair position, or one he can succeed in. Can he improve in those areas over time? Sure, but will they ever be strengths in his game? Not likely, his strength is the ability to pull off things few if any players on his team can, and on any given night, break a game open like only he can when he is on. It would be like the fans and media trashing Gallagher because he never goes end to end and dekes a few players out before scoring a goal his game is lacking game breaker capability, therefore he must be whipped for it. Absurd isn't it? We are honestly sitting here right now, throwing him under the bus so hard, that we are talking about swapping him for a 31 year old who has averaged less points than he has in the last 2 seasons.
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    My friends seem to be torn over which was sweeter: seeing Marchand cry like the snot-nosed little puke he is, or seeing attempted murderer Chara slumping his despondent way through the handshake line. Personally I vote for Chara, whose nearly crippling deliberate assault on MaxPac I will never forget or forgive.
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    I like the part where B(rat) Marchand was crying. It was my favorite.
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    WE THE NORTH !!! Sucks that so many startes were injured for the Warriors though.
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    THANK F***ING GOD SUCK ON THAT BOSTON Sweet to see that dirtbag Chara slumping his way through the handshake line EDIT: O'Reilly drops an F-bomb in the interview! Ha ha. (The O'Reilly trade is a nice example of how you have to take risks to win, incidentally).
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    You could just swap the dates for the draft and free agency, that wouldn't have as much impact on vacation dates.
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    Peyton Krebs with the Achilles tear is the forward who might drop and would be a hell of a pick at 15. Top ten talent if healthy.
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    A great story by Arpon Basu in the Athletic today, about Mete training shooting with Tim Turk. Turk says Mete is very coachable, and is improving quickly. Turk is really good, and can take credit for some of Gallagher's improved scoring as well. I'm confident that Mete will put some numbers on the board next season, and hopefully take another step towards being a legitimate top-four LD. Athletic's story is subscription only (though they do have a free trial) but here is a preview from Turk's web site: https://www.timturkhockey.com/how-victor-mete-is-changing-the-perception-about-small-defencemen-by-being-an-excellent-defender/
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    He just went through being a scapegoat of the media and fans in Toronto. I would be shocked if he ends up signing with the Habs. I bet he wants to play in some city that doesn't have 25 beat reporters at every game.
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    Breath bud. Eberle turned 29 a month ago. Drouin is a Hab, Eberle isn't. So I hope for the best from Drouin... I just saw how many costly plays Drouin made last season and how many times he would turn the puck over after trying to dangle through the entire opposing team. Then turn into a huge baby, and make a dog ass line change because he was mad. I don't LOVE Drouin because of his character. 3 points in his last 18 games is rough, but it's more about the IQ and compete level.
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    Your living in lollipop land to even propose signing the top 2 d-men free agents...you know how unlikely that is, better chance Mete scores 50g next year? I will stick with hoping for a Jake Bean-type of younger upgrade on left side, for a Pick/Prospect+Shaw, Lehkonen or Byron.
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    Shaw and Petry is Still a huge overpayment.... You massively undervalue Petry, which was a theme last year in your trade proposals including him too. You also assume that we can sign both of those guys, which is by no means a guarantee. And you want PP units with 2 defencemen on each? When nearly every good PP in the league has 1 d and 4 forwards. None of this makes sense.
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    I am not undervalue petry. I think gostisbehere is better then petry and a petry for gostisbehere trade isn't enough to get it done. Maybe you're overvaluing petry. I just think that if we do sign Karlsson then petry could be used as a trade piece to improve other areas.
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    Sure let those gms look for those guys. We have a karl alzner we can trade someone.