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    That’s the thing. I think people forget that your team having a terrible offence means naturally the other team is likely to put up solid gold attending stats. We’re talking about the goalies as if it’s a complete individual stat. No doubt the goalie plays a huge part, but your own teams defence, and the opposing teams ability to score plays a massive amount into it. lets stop acting like it’s all in the goalies hands, and recognize that it takes the full team. We don’t have the full team. edit: Goaltending not gold attending Hahahah. Hilarious autocorrect
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    The Habs roster has to stop turning other team's goalies into .950 goalies.
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    The moment you realize your GM is betting on long shots, the ship is already full of water.
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    Man I hope not. I would love to see ovie win the cup. Guy is a beauty. One of my favorites in the league. And number 1 for player I'd like to go drinking with.
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    I'd like to see Niemi, Cracknell, and Terry retained from the UFA list, but I doubt they all resign. Lindgren just signed a 3 year extension earlier this season, so I doubt Niemi stays unless he re-signs for the same amount of money or if the Habs are looking ahead to the next expansion draft. Cracknell and Terry would be good for Laval, but I have a feeling that Terry will look for greener pastures. Cracknell I'm not sure of. Hemsky is gone for sure. Not much use for him this season and I don't see much use for a player like him (always injured) in the future. Out of the RFAs, Parisi is the only one that I think will be let go for sure. Gregoire, Eisenschmid, Fucale, and Shaw are question marks. Danault gets resigned for around $3M is my guess. I think the rest get re-signed mainly because they are young and probably have some value to both the team and in potential deals.
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    Maybe you are correct and Habs should re-up and offer Pacioretty an extension ASAP. A 40 year old Markov, not sure would call him a thoroughbred, or one ready for glue-factory?