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    It's official: Mete's hockey sticks are made at a facility built above an Indian burial ground.
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    Was at the game last night. The fight definitely balanced the momentum cause Montreal was awol before that. There’s something about leaving the Garden victorious that warms my heart.
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    I honestly get more excited when a powerplay is about to end. Finally an opportunity to score again! Habs should rename their powerplay to energy sapper.
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    59% for Danault on faceoffs. 19:35 for Mete and played fine. Petry 25:00, Weber 21:36? Conserving him for Florida? Benn 20:36 and +2, nice 41saves .953% for #31. Petry with 2more pts, 11th in d-scoring with 33 pts already.
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    It feels way too early to scoreboard-watch, but Edmonton is up on Buffalo 5 -2 in the 2nd. Buffalo remembering they're Buffalo would go a long way for the Habs playoff push.
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    Their fighting literally and hanging on in this game. I like how Kotka is playing in the top line. Reilly is doing his Hall Gil impersonation tonight and Mete is having a great game thank God we have Carey being Carey again
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    The bad thing is the refs are not calling penalties against the Bruins. The good thing is the refs are not giving Habs a power play.