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    I think Wilson belongs in there. He won a norris, was an all star in an era with a lot of good dmen. I think he should have been in years earlier. I hate the Lowe induction. Mogilny should have been in by now. But the Hockey hall of fame is probably the most fxcked up HOF in sports. I like baseball, where you rarely have someone selected who doesn’t belong and it truly is a best of all time, with better ways to measure and determine HOF worthiness with much better transparency. hockey is still run like a private old boys club.
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    That was the last time he had 2 first rd picks, in 2001 Habs had 2 and picked Komisarik (7) & Perezogin (25). https://recrutes.ca/trevor-timmins-drafting-record-top-class/
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    If it was a normal 16 team playoff (based on pts %), and this lottery.... Winnipeg would have the 1st overall pick and Montreal would pick 9th....
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    It's not just about having one facility. Where are the hotels (5-star, of course)? Are there multiple practice rinks nearby that can be part of the bubble? How many sets of dressing rooms are in the arena (and are they NHL-sized)? That's some of the bubble 'infrastructure' needed to make this work which takes most, if not all non-NHL markets out of the question.
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    The state of the NHL in a nutshell:
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    I would, if I could ... because I don't see the Habs as anywhere near a Cup contender and want a MAJOR re-set (since "rebuild" is apparently a dirty word around the Bell Centre) BUT, a full tank would (for example) mean playing Lindgren, sitting Weber, Petry, Gallagher, Drouin, Domi, Suzuki and Tartar ... the NHL might then take away the Habs first rounder as a penalty for obviously tanking ... more subtly, I suppose they could do things like: "force feed" KK as the 2C ... but getting eaten up by Crosby or Malkin may regress his development sit Domi for health reasons, or move him to LW (which seemed to make Max sulk when last done) to make room for Poehling as 3C ... but that could screw the relationship going forward) play Peca, Barber and Weise as the 4th line manage Weber and Petry's minutes ("because of" the layoff followed by inadequate training camp) and play Folin and Alzner as the 3rd pairing 18 minutes per game But even that would be a fairly obvious tank (if not perhaps punishable by the NHL) and annoy the players (if they are going to play they want to try to win) Sadly ... I think they have to count on the Pens just being better
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    In the no-AHL scenario I would play ... oh, crap, I don't know how to even make this work. If there are to be no spectators allowed, what the NHL should do is fund AHL teams so that they can continue to play. It's not a massive cost to the NHL. And otherwise the teams will not be able to develop their prospects. And will, in the worst case, lose them to a European league or KHL.
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    Prediction: Montreal takes Jake Allen in a cap dump move that frees up space for the blues to re-sign pietrangelo. Montreal also gets promising LHD who is an rfa in Vince Dunn in the deal. Lindgren is part of the return.
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