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    With the impending return of "Dad", I wanted to discuss how important he is to this team as a franchise defenseman. I don't think it gets talked about enough how losing a clear cut #1 dman for a full calendar year would impact ANY team in the league, and the flack this team has received in the last year should take this into consideration. It's been so long that it is easy to forget that our Habs actually WON their division with a healthy Weber in 16-17, and didn't appear to be near the train wreck of a team that they were after his injury last December. So I decided to look into the team record with and without the services of the newly appointed Captain since he was acquired: 55-37-12 Montreal with Shea Weber in the lineup 30-35-13 Montreal without Shea Weber in the lineup Quite a set of contrasting numbers there. Yes there were other factors into play, but that is a decent sample size of which to hypothesize from. I think that his reinsertion into the lineup helps so many problems that this team is currently facing and has faced in the past. Want to improve your powerplay? How about adding the hardest clapper in the league from the point? There isn't anyone on the team right now that the opposition fears when shorthanded. The zone entry has been good, the movement has been good, but it is missing a bomb shot. Defensive zone coverage has been garbage so far, enter Shea "I invented defensive zone coverage" Weber. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration but he will certainly help stabilize whatever it is our current dmen are doing out there. When he slots into the lineup it will have a ripple effect and Petry suddenly is playing on the second pair, where he and the team will excel. Having a guy like Weber step in and play almost half the game at an elite level can only be described as a positive. I won't get into the leadership aspect of it all, as some people don't believe in that. But on such a young team and based on quotes I've read from them, they certainly look up to Weber. I do think he will help with the already strong locker room and act like sort of a liaison between players and management. I just miss watching the damn guy play for us and can't wait for his return.
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    One lineup change for the Habs as Reilly's in for Ouellet. Braden Holtby still isn't 100% so Pheonix Copley gets the start in net while Washington's still without Oshie and Kuznetsov.
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    Habs go down by a goal with 10 minutes to play and my first thought was I wonder how they are going to tie it up. Man this team is fun to watch, this is what it is all about.
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    "Someday, you are going to be the Habs best forward, and it shall be glorious.....wait why did I just say that?.."
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    What's next appears to be a troll campaign on Twitter that is designed to criticize Ottawa's media coverage for their handling of the Uber fiasco while praising Eugene Melnyk (who had nothing to do with that particular incident). https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/how-a-collection-of-apparently-fake-twitter-accounts-launched-a-troll-campaign-to-support-the-ottawa-senators
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    If Price was right that it was just a mental issue, a game like this restores a lot of confidence
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    He doesn't need to be top 3 in the league. Just a bonafide #1.
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    The only question i have is how long it will take him to be Shea Weber after a year off. I dont think we should expect him to be 100% right away.
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    Oh and when Carey Price had his bad play and was "owned by Henrik Lundqivst and the Rangers" That is revisionist history. Here are the facts about the 2017 playoffs: - Price had a .933 save percentage and a 2.24 GAA in that series. Don't confuse the Canadiens inability to score on Lundqvist as Price playing badly in their net... He was excellent in that series. The team didn't score.
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    I think I'll just leave this here...
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    So is Reilly the new Andrei Markov?
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    No Oshie...no Kuznetzov...backup getting the start = this is a must-win. You can't squander gifts like this when they are presented.
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    8th overall and 4th or 5th in our own division--- tells me that we are in the toughest division in hockey-- as positive as the start has been we are still treading water-- Weber will help-- but still need to add
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    there is ZERO% chance Kotkaniemi is even considered for the WJC. zero!
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    At the 25% mark, the team is outperforming all expectations. Even from "glass half-full" fans like me, it has been a joyful ride up to now. Despite not having league leaders, all star goaltending and our best defender, the new system and attitude (yes, I have to mention it) have yielded positive results. Just based on Stats, it appears that the return of Weber in the next season segment shall help Danault's trio who tend to play against the other team's top lines. That should also improve Domi's line, because that means that Petry shall be playing behind them. If they can tighten their 5-player game, that should be a very dangerous second quintet. Peca, Deslaurier and Hudon are not producing much, and they are hardly holding their own against bigger/physical teams. I hope the logjam on D helps find better defenders to when they are on the ice. As for Kotka's line. They are doing just fine. Kotka is getting better. Even if he cools down during the next part of the schedule, I look to him holding his own on the Defensive-side of their workload. A break from the NHL to go to the world juniors may be good for Kotkaniemi, but I do not know how the CH may chose one over the other (NHL & WJ'19). The downsides so far have been the lack of powerplay goals, the defensive breakdowns they tend to have far too often, and the draft ranking in 2019. Also, the team still needs a top LD despite their record. It will be interesting to see how the team manages those long term issues while they are having short-term success.
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    Midway through November, and Domi is definitely superior to Chucky! Yes, Domi had back to back 9 goal seasons, but he's already got 10 goals this year. He's on pace to score 99 points. Even if he does slow down (which I expect he will), he has a very good chance of finishing with at least 70 points this season (which would be amazing!) Not to mention that unlike Chucky, Domi is a way better defensive player!
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    What I want to see, more than anything else, is for Carey to bring his A game again tonight. If he puts back to back great games together, it likely erases whatever negativity was going on in his head and sets him right going forward.
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    Can't talk for Easy Ryder , but in my case there are two reasons: *) it is time that the CH drafts talent and builds through the draft a strong core of a cup contending team instead of a "get to the playoffs and hope for the best" *) the same way we maximized Pacioretty and Plekanec ( and missed doing for Markov and others) the CH needs to manage assets ahead of the expansion draft and with regard to winning a cup. Enough of having a myriad 3rd line wingers that play "big" but score little The CH still needs a top pair point producing LD. Trading some of the 27+ year old players to get that makes some sense
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    I get why you would want to maximize your assets and get the most for older players in trades, not hat he's old, but why does everyone want to get rid of a player when he starts excelling in Montreal? So far we should trade Petry, Shaw, Byron, Tatar, etc. Seems like a good group of players to just dump away for picks and prospects at this stage. Wouldn't a more pragmatic approach be to hope that the team plays well, can make a run in the playoffs and that Shaw is big contributor in the teams success along with the other players that are over 22?
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    Let's hope this is the start of a trend for Price...if he plays like that, we will win a lot of hockey games.
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    It's nice to be able to say this for a change, though!
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    Yes agree, he still has no 1st pairing partner yet like a Josi, so he cant be expected to do all the heavy lifting by himself.
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    Welcome back. We used to have a multimedia thread ages ago but it was used so sporadically that it was basically left for dead.
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    Weber at 70% is probably the Habs second best defenceman, i agree. That said, I still want to temper my own expectations of what differences he's going to make.
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    Agreed. I figure at his age, it will take 3 or 4 weeks worth of games for him to get up to speed.
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    Doubt 'everyone' expects the same, some seem to see alot as 1/2 empty; but, many others see as 100% positive and will be very pleased that #6 will be back on the ice.
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    1) He doesn't play head to head with Lundqvist. The goalie isn't taking shots on the other goalie. If Lundqvist plays great in the other end, (and no doubt he did), that isn't Price's fault. That is the shooters on the Habs not being good enough. I can't blame a goalie with a .933 save percentage in a series for losing. He gave his team every opportunity to win the series. That they didn't is not the goalies fault, its the players in front of him. 2) The downward trajectory did not start before the 2017 playoffs. That is again revisionist history. Did he play shitty last season? sure. Has he been shit this year? Yes. His last 4 starts in particular have been a disaster (he had a .922 save percentage after the Boston game). But that doesn't mean we need to say 2016-17 was a bad season... it clearly wasn't.
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    I've always laughed at career stats against X team. As if today's performance have anything to do with how you played against X team 9 years ago.
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    This team is .500 in the last ten games... they are young and hard working, but the terrible defence and lack of goaltending is catching up fast...
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    Okay a couple beauties not found in rec
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    I would like to say i think will happen today, but dont...Mete finally getting his 1st?
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    Hey all. I haven't been here in a while but I'm getting tired of HF and this community is smaller and far more reasonable and polite so expect to hear from me far more from now on. On another note, I just completed a new Habs tribute video. I would have placed this in a multimedia thread but I couldn't find one. Video Description: Part One is a introduction to some sad dark days with the ending of the 2017 season at the hands of the Rangers. I could have utilized footage from 2018 but it seemed more fitting to recall a playoff exit and not random games from last season. Part Two is the Habs coming back to life and the restoration of hope. It underscores only the new players coming in this season. Part Three is random goals and footage featuring some of the current players. Part Four is team business, the team goofing around and media events prepping for the future with behind the scenes from the home opener. Part Five is a tip of the hat to the storied franchise of 24 championships and legends. There was going to be a part 5 with this years lineup with the Montreal Public Address Announcer introducing the players but the introductions were inaudible. I tried and tried and surrendered. Due to time constraints and lack of footage and condensing material, not all players &/or moments are recognized so please keep the criticisms low. If your favourite player is not featured - TOO BAD! This took me days to produce and there's always some rotten person criticizing minute details even when the production of a whole is awesome. Well, I think it is even if I am blowing my own horn. Enjoy.
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    Benn had his worst game of the season last night. I thought he's been good up to that point though. Mete is a guy I see going to the AHL when either Schlemko returns, or when Weber returns.
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    I definitely did not check but it seems like this team has already come back to win more games than all of last season. #attitude
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    Hell not be the same. Maybe never. Father Time is not nice to mid thirties who lose a year. He’ll be good of course. But a top 3 league defense man? Nah! Not again. And just how long is left in this forever waiting game?
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    Maybe we should play Niemi at home and Price on the road? Is that the answer to the "upstairs problem"?