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    Pretty similar - 2017 7th for 2018 7th.
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    Cale Fleury at 87, another D (and someone else we had in our mock to the Habs in the 3rd round).
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    Josh Brook, d-man to the Habs. That's who we had in our mock.
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    got a great name......Dave Schlemko..... just rolls off the tongue......Schlemko
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    Fleury http://lastwordonhockeyprospects.com/2017/06/05/cale-fleury-scouting-report/
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    Scouting Report http://lastwordonhockeyprospects.com/2017/04/14/ryan-poehling-scouting-report-2017-nhl-draft-16/
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    Despite what some may think here in our own fanbase, the fact is no matter who is GM here, once a few years start to go by, everything is highly scrutinized on a grand scale. The good moves get tossed aside in conversations and we dwell on the not so good moves vehemently, its the nature of the beast. First lets look around the league and find ONE active GM who has not made a blunder or 2 in the past 5 years in regards to Trades, Contracts, and Drafting. Once that task is complete and we realize there is no such GM lets move on to the next point. Just earlier today I saw Frank Seravalli talking on TSN about how Bergevin is widely regarded by his Peers as one of the most active, and capable GMs in the league. His ability to identify and make moves to fix issues within his roster over the course of the Summer is near the top in the league according to the GM who just won the cup 2 years in a row he said. They underlined the Drouin trade, the manipulation to nearly force Vegas to take Emelin, the very low cost acquisition of a top 6 dman earlier today. Bob Mckenzie is certain Bergevin is all over the phone searching for a top 4 Defenceman and a Center at the right price. Even if he doesn't pull it off, we can still see he has his sights set in the right direction, a direction not many of us would dispute are needs at this point. So lets stop acting like he hasn't made some good moves over the years, lets stop acting like all he does is incompetent ones, lets stop acting like we have missed the playoffs for 5 years straight instead of only the 1 year that we actually did. I look at his body of work, and I know it isn't perfect, but no one's will be, I know he has done a better job than the previous 4 Gms so far. It would seem he is highly regarded by those in his position around the league, all of that means something, It means it could be a lot worse, with very little guaranteeing it could be better. He hasn't screwed this team up to the point of not being competitive, and until he basically makes the wheels fall off we should just give him his chance to build a championship team. There are very good GMs who have been trying to Build Champions for much longer than he has, Bob Murray, Chuck Flethcher, Doug Wilson, Doug Armstrong to name a few. Why should Bergevin not get the same chance as long as he keeps icing a competitive team? Because we are a much more radioactive hockey environment than all the other places those quality GMs work for? Come on now..
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    So 28 pts for a 21yo forward Lehkonen is great. But 28 pts for a 23yo defenseman Beaulieu means nothing ?
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    Even when i defend management, Don is shitting on me.
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    I would think that with post like mine so eminently ignore worthy.. there'd be more appreciation for the move! Thanks for all the great insights on the trade guys!
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    Can the two of you please just put each other on ignore? You don't see eye to eye on most things, that's more than evident. It's starting to get a little too personal though.
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    Crosby seems a bit off mentally since his concussion in the playoffs. In my opinion he is playing with fire by continuing his career
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    I've been a fairly neutral observer of Crosby over the years. My first memory of him against the Habs was a game winning goal in a shootout which made me dislike facing him. On the other hand, I also hold dearly the game winning goal he scored against USA in the final in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics. I know some people aren't a fan of Olympic hockey but I've rarely been as nervous as I was during that final. I wanted to win on home soil. As a player, it seems as though he's received a very mixed bags of followers when you take into account how great of a player he is. He receives a lot of hate but I have to admire him as a player and I think, if I may say so, we're watching one of the only players who will ever be comparable to Gretzky. I would hate to grow old myself and watch Crosby the human deteriorate similar to some other greats like Mohammad Ali have and I hope the blows he has received aren't as serious as people make it sound. I wonder, is it that he really has received it worse than 99% of the players in the league? or if he would simply being extremely precautions. If it's the former, then one has to think he wasn't really crying all along and like CC said, this type of thing needs to be relooked, whether it's the protection of the players, clearer rules of what is wrong, or stiffer penalties to those who violate. Edit: All that being said, I've only heard what I've read here and since it's simply a rumor from his native town, I have a good feeling he'll be back.
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    https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/video/raw-trevor-timmins/t-277437414/c-52325703 timmins on the kids
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    Here's the updated write-up on the site with all five picks from today in there: http://www.habsworld.net/2017/06/day-2-of-the-2017-draft/
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    Steal http://lastwordonhockeyprospects.com/2017/05/30/jarret-tyszka-scouting-report/
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    Ikonen from Frölunda... maybe they are hoping for another great developement like with Lehkonen. Since Lefebvre is horrible at it maybe we are using Frölunda as our development park? 😊
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    Of course! Centers and defencemen are all they need to focus on this year. Probably next year too. I like this stat about Walford. At the end of the season when another experienced defenceman on his team was injured, Walford got more ice time and scored 14 points in the last 13 games!
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    He was assaulted by his girlfriend. He was the victim for #### sakes, and he didn't hit her back. Thats his off-ice problem. I'm sorry, but i can't criticize him for that.
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    I don't recall anybody saying galchenyuk is doing hard drugs. There's a difference between partying, drinking and a young guy making a poor choice in who is going out with. the issue in Montreal is that the tabloid style media and rumour mill makes mountains or if molehills
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    Part of the issue in Montreal is the tabloid style "journalism" and fascination about their personal lives. I couldn't care less about what a guy does away from the rink. I remember In the 80's there was a show "he shoots, he scores", about the Quebec nationals. And the aging star was bas d loosely on lafleur. And that caused a bit of an uproar. Lafleur partied hard, cheated on his wife, was drunk when he drove his Corvette into a power pole. Did I care about his personal life? No!! All I cared was what he did on the ice. Along with Dryden he was my favourite hab growing up. When we played ball hockey I wanted to be lafleur. Did I know about, or care about his personal life, or want to emulate him outside of hockey? Hell no! Was I pissed if he was forced to prematurely retire by lemaire and savard? You bet! I couldnt care care less what happened between galchenyuk and his girlfriend, whether she is a skank or not, or who she even is. I just want him to help us win the friggin cup!
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    I Agree with some of your points for sure, but again I also see a whole lot of batting aside the positive and amplifying the negatives, Let me elaborate. On the aspect of player development, Bergevin should have made a change there with Lefebvre. However other than that we can't throw the fact that guys didn't come up and turn into 25 goal scorers annually on him, he isn't the day to day guy with these kids. His part of the blame lies in his philosophy for long term stability within his staff in all major parts of the team, whether its coaches, player development or scouting, and that has lead a couple times now to situations where someone should have been fired sooner than they did. on another note, development of a player evolves continually long after junior, and the AHL, up until the age of 26 or 27, and in that Aspect, Bergevin in your argument, is not being credited for positive situations he was a part of while at the helm. The development of Lehkonen is an easy one to see this season, McCaron looks able to handle a full time bottom 6 position with this team. Gallagher may not have been drafted by Bergevin but he is responsible for bringing him up to the NHL, and his development into the NHL player he is happened under Bergevin's eye. Danault was a depth player with potential when Bergevin acquired him, we could even go as far as saying Bergevin drafted Danault since it was his guy while he was in Chicago, and he believed in him when he traded for him. Now he has developed into a serviceable top 6 forward for us with still more time to reach his potential and it cost us a couple throw-aways to get him to boot. Lastly, Price, yup Carey Price is a player who reached his potential under the hand of Bergevin. Simply put Carey Price did not become the dominant league leader in goal until Stephane Waite came here and turned him into the guy we see today, and Marc Bergevin is the guy who saw the necessity in going after Waite to help Price refine his game. As far as good and bad moves are concerned, I agree with certain aspects of your assessment, The Subban trade is either love it or hate it and an endless debate we won't get into. The revolving door of stop gaps were all no risk type situations that didn't handcuff us or hurt us at all. As for good moves you can likely add the Drouin trade to that list already, as you mentioned. Lets not forget bringing in Radulov to help our top 6 last summer, the trade for Benn, and now Schlemko, both NHL d-men acquired for peanuts really. He did take too long to Fire MT as you mentioned, but again there MT wasn't all bad either, he had some good seasons, and some players did thrive under his coaching, some players also did anything but thrive under his coaching. That said there is no way he should have survived last summer, but as I mentioned earlier it is a philosophy that is being used there that may not always be optimal. Sometimes the need for swift change is necessary, and in that aspect I hope Bergevin does get more proactive in the future with his staff, as he has proven to be several times with his roster.
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    Maybe it's time for this team to just focus on winning and keeping talented players, instead of shipping them out everytime one of them is human being for even a second
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    Yeah it means either keep him or get a top line centre for him.
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    Are the top 2 centres available actually going to be that much better than galchenyuk? Everything I've read suggests that they maybe a few years away and are not even close to the Mathews level. I wouldn't want to give up that much and end up with radek bonk or Patrick Stefan.
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    Contender wasn't exactly the word being tossed around yesterday...
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    Everything is really hard for MB. I wonder if he used that phrase a lot in his job interview. "It's really hard being a GM, hard to make a trade, hard to develop players, hard to make the playoffs, and even harder to win the cup. The hardest thing so far has been firing his useless buddies.
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    By his reply, don would disagree with us
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    That's exactly how I feel about a Gally trade right now. Don't like him? Fine. Not in the long term plan? Fine. Want to trade him now at his lowest possible value? NOT FINE! There is a better way! See Yrzeman, Steve and Drouin, Jonathan for a textbook example
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    No more defensive woes; we've got Shelmco!
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    Another depth Dman. Can't have enough of em, right? Granted, we do have a need on the LD. For a 5th rounder, nothing to worry about here.
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    Emelin & 5th for Schlemko . Pure genius.
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    Great year by a great defenseman; sounds about right
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    I remember being disappointed on draft night last year that we didn't land one of the skilled forwards drafted with the picks right before ours. That we turned an unproven teenager into a high-skill scorer can only be counted as a huge win. Maybe Sergachev doesn't reach his #1 potential, or maybe he only gets there in six or seven years. Injuries will likely be key in evaluating this deal down the road, but we seem to be getting a much more proven commodity. I really hope we hold onto Galchenyuk. I'd rather stack the offence and let Carey save our bacon on the back end, since that's how it'll end up anyways.
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    So if they're taking Emelin, and we can ship Plex, my Draisatl dream is still alive ? 🙃
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    Bob McKenzie actually ranked him right at 25. Commandant's take: #22 Edmonton Oilers: Nicolas Hague, Defence Peter Chiarelli has done some really good things in building up the Oilers, especially on the back end. While ideally he would like a right handed defenceman, the size and skill of Hague is too much for him to pass up with this pick, as he continues to add to the blue line. Hague has been a force for the Mississauga Steelheads, helping them to the OHL Final. TheHockeyWriters write up on him: Nicolas Hague 2016-17 Team: Mississauga Steelheads (#41) Date of Birth: December 5, 1998 Place of Birth: Kitchener, Ontario Ht: 6’6” Wt: 220 lbs Shoots: Left Position: D NHL Draft Eligibility: 2017 first-year eligible Twitter: @nichague14 Rankings THW Alternate Rankings: 18th (January) Future Considerations: 17th (Spring) ISS: 14th (April) Bob McKenzie: 21st (Mid-season) Craig Button: 55th (March) Jeff Marek: 11th (March) It seems that with every NHL Draft, there’s a defenseman who towers over his competition because of his immense size. It’s no different this season with Mississauga Steelheads defenseman Nicolas Hague. His play in the second half of the season is one of the reasons why the Steelheads will play for an OHL Championship. He’s been a calming influence on the blue line especially since the departure of Sean Day. (Photo by Terry Wilson / OHL Images.) Hague finished the regular season with 18 goals and 46 points in 65 games. He has added a goal and 10 assists in 13 playoff games. Many questioned his offensive game coming into his draft year. Thanks to his influence and success on the power play, he has made strides to become an effective two-way defenseman. He has one of the best point shots in this draft. What will be interesting to watch is his upcoming performance in the OHL Finals. Regardless of the opponent, he’ll likely face some tough smaller competition who can skate. Although he towers over everyone at 6-foot-6, smaller, faster skaters have found success against him creating scoring chances. If he can solidify this part of the game, he can become an effective NHL defenseman with a long career ahead of him. NHL Draft Projection Given what all Hague brings to the table, expect him to go mid-late first round. There are some documented concerns that could see him fall out of the first round. But given his overall improvements in his game and tantalizing size and reach, someone will grab him before he falls too far. If he falls out of the first round, watch for teams to move up in the draft to get him. Quotables “Hague should be the first defenceman taken from the OHL, he has a tremendous package of size, skating and offensive ability. His performance this season has not been as dominant as I had predicted but big defencemen sometimes develop a little slower. The point is he has developed this year and his ceiling is very high. To acquire defencemen of his abilities in the NHL you have to draft them so look for Hague to go off the board early in the first round.” –Peter Harling, Dobber Prospects “I’m sure many will focus on his size and projection as a shut down type of defender. But I’d rather talk about the interesting progression of his offensive game. He’s not your prototypical offensive defender. He’s not a particularly dynamic player off the rush and I don’t think he’s got a natural feel as a puck carrier/distributor. But, he uses his size exceptionally well in the offensive end. Consistently pinches in deep to keep pucks in, and actually plays a lot below the hash marks, using his size to work the cycle. He’s smart about it though and doesn’t get caught up ice all that much. Then there’s the big point shot. He does a great job of finding scoring lanes and he actually does a good job of using different releases to get it through to the net. I don’t know how much that will translate to the next level, but the improvements and confidence in his ability to make things happen in the offensive end is worth noting.” – Brock Otten, OHL Prospects Statistics Strengths Size and reach Puck Moving Skating for his size Under Construction (Improvements to Make) Ability to play in tight spaces Physical game NHL Potential Hague has a range of outcomes possible in the NHL. Some believe he can become a number-one defenseman while others believe he will top out as a second or third pairing defenseman. It’s for this reason he is a little harder to project than most players. His puck moving skills and ability to run a power play make him an intriguing prospect. If he can reach his full defensive potential by being a complete shutdown defender, he could have a long career ahead. I see him as a solid second-pair defenseman who can help your special teams out. Risk-Reward Analysis Risk – 4/5, Reward – 4/5 Fantasy Hockey Potential Offence – 6/10, Defence – 7/10 Awards/Achievements Nicolas Hague has always excelled as a rookie in different leagues he’s debuted in. He was GOJHL Midwestern Rookie of the Year in 2014-15. He followed that up by being named to the OHL’s Second All-Rookie Team in 2015-16. He was also named the OHL Scholastic Player of the Year. Interview/Profile Links Scout’s take: Sportsnet
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    I'd rather trade Galchenyuk. I seriously can't agree with the other side on this. Pacioretty is one of the few players who have a defined role on our squad and people would trade him over Galchenyuk who has been thrown all over the place and never been trusted in a role. People are literally saying they'd rather keep someone who ended the season on the 4th line than our 1st line winger. Whether or not we agree he should have been on the 4th line is besides the point. I rarely use this expression but it's easy to be an armchair GM and coach here without thinking about how our actual brain trust view these players. This is not to mention much of our current core voted Pacioretty their captain. I'd like to keep both but I would trade Galchenyuk over Pacioretty as long as it's not for terrible value. Since I'm not convinced we would get fair value, I agree that I don't want him traded. I guess the same thing could be said for Pacioretty. I would include Pacioretty in say a Tavares type return trade, I just don't see that happening out of the blue. Pacioretty is older but has proven a lot more than Galchenyuk. The modern NHL is tough on old players but I do see him being able to put up 30 at an older age simply as a result of his release. That's not going away any time soon.
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    Drouin played more RW last season than LW. Lots of talk he might be tried as a C. Radulov is yet to be re-signed and Shaw can play anywhere except effectively.
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    Any professional can play any position if they need to, it doesn't mean that's where they are the most effective. You just named 4 players that are predominately LW and Pacioretty is a staple as a first line LW, so take your pick who else will play behind him. You also didn't mention Radulov, Gallagher and Shaw who are RW, so we are running out of spots for wingers.
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    Something cool about former NHL guys now involved with medias is that they tend to talk a lot and have good stories. Alain Chainey is one of them. Former head scout with the Ducks (responsible for Getz and Perry, among others). Link is in French : http://plus.lapresse.ca/screens/d1f75d0f-1aa0-4e35-a94c-072dab72132c|_0.html Some cool stuff : 1- Getzlaf was 5th on their list. Perry was 8th. Around the 14th pick, the GM asked everyone if Getzlaf had some issues off the ice. Chainey told him that some night, he would take it a bit light, but he was young and would mature. He was really nervous when the Caps went with their pick because their head scout was from Regina, same as Getz. They went with Erik Fehr... 2- Chainey insisted that Bryan Murray trade for a late 1st to scoop Perry. They asked the Stars about two 2nd picks for their late 1st and they said that they would wait to see if their guy would still be there. Good for the Ducks, their player got picked so they agreed to the trade. 3- Corey Perry and Ducks 1st pick in 2004 were traded to the Oilers for Mike Comrie. The next day, traded was cancelled because Oilers wanted the Ducks to pay the 1M$ bonus to Comrie and they refused. 4- Erik Karlsson !!!! 2008, the Ducks owned the 12th pick. All scouts were on Karlsson but the GM would not draft a small offensive dman. They traded down to 18th just to get an extra 2nd rounder. Sens traded up and scooped Karlsson. When Chainey asked his Europe scout what he thought of Karlsson, he asked him to rate skills from 1 to 5. His scout gave him 4.5/5 for skating, 4.5/5 for skills with the puck, 4/5 for his shot and when he asked for his Hockey IQ rating, the scout said 6/5. All they had to do was not trade down and just pick Karlsson with 12th.
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    I think he really is capable of being our first line center. That's also on a team that needs top 6 centers so he should be valued even more. My opinion is also not what it is because we need top 6 center(s). He had 6 game winning goals last year and even ended the playoffs with something like 3 points in his last 4 games while no one took notice. As an organization we clearly don't value him that high, so it's probably best not to deal him away. I'm not trying to bring up Duchene specifically again but just as an example, I would have preferred that type of a deal than trading him for a defenseman, soon after trading Beaulieu away for only a 3rd rounder. There's a decent chance Leddy and Beaulieu end within 5-10 points of one another next year and we just traded him for a 3rd rounder. Sergachev will likely get some points as well. I think it's because of the trades we've already made that I wouldn't trade Galchenyuk unless it was for a heavy duty defenseman coming back. I'd rather trade him for a legitimate top 6 center if we were to trade him at all and I still wouldn't necessarily love it.
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    Lol it's hard for me not to respond to such ignorance of reality. I won't make posts personal from here on out
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    Here's the pool link: http://www.habsworld.net/2017/06/hw-expansion-draft-pool/ Hudon isn't really a centre though. They tried it for a bit in 2015-16 and it didn't go anywhere. He may have had the odd game this season there by default but he was predominantly a left winger. Even if Vegas doesn't take him, he's not a candidate for the 2C spot.
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    I see you ignore the fact that NGH and Eberle have been in the league a lot longer and their production has been declining. Talk about manipulating stats to support your favourite management teams next blunder.