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    If you think the problem is the players, the problem is who acquired the players: management. If you think the problem is the media, the problem is the people who care what they say: management. If you think the problem is drafting, the problem is the people who draft: management. If you think the problem is developing, the problem is who runs the development: management. If you think the problem is coaching, the problem is who hired the coaching staff: management. The only thing that isn't the problem of management is the person who allows management to run the way they run: ownership.
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    I've been following the new "gender as social construct' theory of human identity but everything I've read in biology suggests this could be a very painful direction to press forward one might say. I've personally never accommodated anyone who has kindly suggested this common but unavoidably highly gymnastic option. Mind you ... when they called me an "A H", I was sure they meant "Avid Habsfan"! I've since been advised that this might have been an unreasonably optimistic reading ... Oh well...
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    Ok, ok, try this. The Montreal Canadiens are a massive money-making machine irrespective of performance. As we've seen with franchises like TO and NYR, this can create a culture in which, while everyone involved would like to win, winning isn't internalized as life or death. This results in people in management playing internal political games, jockeying for influence, protecting their allies from accountability, making hockey decisions based on ego rather than excellence, etc, etc.. Over time this corrodes the entire operation. That we have seen zero accountability in management - Therrien being protected long past the point when a serious organization would have canned him, Lefebvre remaining firmly in place despite a dismal track record - and dumb hockey moves driven seemingly by ego (Subban, Markov) - all suggest that this dynamic is a major factor in explaining the Habs' stagnation.
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    Sickening. I hate Julien's thinking in OT. Put #27 and #41 out there and just go for it FFS.
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    LOL Of course the day Julien starts Drouin and Pacioretty in OT, and follows them up with Galchenyuk and Byron, it's Tomas Plekanec that score the game winner. Of course.
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    I know we've talked a lot about what the problems are with our team. We have digressed from a few years ago. Instead of taking steps forward, we've slid back, at least into the middle of the pack, and by the end of this year, who knows where we'll be. Will we get it together and look like a good team like we have on our recent 5 game winning streak over the past few weeks or are our secondary players overachieving and will we end up being a team that scores sporadically. We know that most likely Carey will win us games and keep us in games but can we compete with the better teams ahead of us in the standings?? All valid questions. One of the most concerning things has been who we've drafted and how they've turned out. We traded PK because he supposedly didn't play the right way. We're probably going to trade a 3d pick in a draft, Alex Galchenyuk, a former 30 goal scorer, because he isn't the centre we thought he was and has regressed and is now being bounced all over the lineup. I get it that maybe he isn't playing right. Is it him or our system that has turned him into who he is today. Are there personal issues going on here behind the scenes like Mike Rebeiro?? Have we not taken proper care of our players development and futures?? Is this normal? Do all teams have these issues and what are other teams doing in this area? We drafted first rounders Nathan Beaulieu, Jared Tinordi, Louis Leblanc and they're all gone with hardly anything to show for them. We don't have any blue chip prospects, unless Noah Juulsen is considered in that category. We seem to have drafted some good players this year, but based on our track record how will they turn out. I look at our core, and while we have some good young players like Drouin, Gallagher, Paul Byron, maybe Arturi Lehkonen, and as of the past week maybe our new fourth line [but will they be able to sustain that energy and scoring touch?]. I look at even Max P. and I'm wondering is he done in Montreal or is it just a slump. Is he going to be another John Leclair and once he lands somewhere else he'll soar because he'll have better line mates and a different culture? He looks a bit like he's going through the motions and he's lost some desire and energy. For me our whole system right now seems frustrating. Something systemic seems broken. And it doesn't seem to be just one person. I don't know if frustration with our whole system is fair or if that really is the problem. Just a few years ago, with the players we had, incoming players were saying we had a great room. Now?? I know we've said all this before but other than Trevor Timmons I almost feel like we're descended into the former Leaf-like crisis. Do we need to change almost everything from the President right on down to our scouts and our AHL coach. Am I seeing the glass half empty or are we really in that place?? It's hard sometimes to put your finger on just one thing when there appears to be leaks in the ship all over! But in my mind I think the issue is leadership, starting at the top. I think these people are good human beings but I think our problem is primarily in the top levels of leadership. Our system seems broken. This is what I think has to change. Geoff Molson has to step aside and put in a very good hockey man as President , who then needs to replace our current GM with the best GM available, period. Then let him rebuild the front office leadership staff because based on results I'm beginning to think they're ver overrated, pst their shelf life, unfortunately like a lot of things Marc B. has done. Then remake our scouting and coaching staff so our whole system can be reorganized and we can return to being one of the best run organizations. I don't think just constantly changing players is now the answer. What do you think? Is there a solution possible with one or two player moves or do we need to clear the decks of our top level leadership?? If we need to clear the decks, as in from the President on down and come in with a new system and new leaders, I'm personally willing and actually would look forward to it, but to keep going year to year like this, lurching forward a bit and falling back a bit with seemingly not a solid plan in place frustrates everyone. I think this year is the time. Let's hope.
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    Hey, there is nothing wrong or unnatural about ##### one's self. Masturbating is a normal healthy act and if any of you are not #### yourself you are either fibbing or don't have use of your hands. You should all go ##### yourself, and put smiles on your faces! Merry Faux-Christmas one and all. I fly to my ship tomorrow so am celebrating with my kids. Probably #### myself later tonight so I am not overly excited and shoot too fast when I see my beautiful Russian girlfriend on Saturday!
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    I think our development can be better. I also think that we can be better in trades and free agency as well. Yes, being adequate isn't good enough... you have to be elite somewhere. MB hasn't done enough with this roster to take it to the next level.
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    Sure that wasn't just a postmortem spasm....?
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    You are quite wrong here. Montreal's percentage of draft picks making the NHL is actually above average. What we have to do is keep the kids we draft longer. We are too quick to give away top prospects.
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    The media since the Nordiques left. The French language is slowly killing everything in this corrupt Province. The Habs are not exempt. Salut, bye.
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    It didn't back fire with Radulov? Or signing Subban to a bridge contract, or when Subban missed time due to contract negotiations on his long term deal
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    And why I always maintained ..leadership starts from top down and starts by respecting the tradition of players that come by once in a decade or longer..and honour their loyalty and commitment. MB shows his true colours.. He was quoted on Radulov " ...loyalty you only get from your dog...and no loyalty shown.." Well he turns around and roles reversed on Markov. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/report-andrei-markov-felt-disrespected-canadiens-bergevin/ Perhaps this is in back on current minds of the team or potential future members. But from top down.. 1. Molson should step down as President and appoint a hockey / or career sports executive ( Toronto, Chicago, and so forth .) Not many owners are also Presidents of their team. 2. Bergevin has lost all respect and integrity on this. And the tipping point of the fortunes of this team.. He will trade #27 for depth players I am sure and his so called more " Character " He should lead by example and he himself should show " Character " in this case how he treated or perceived to treat Markov, a Career habs.
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    NEW JERSEY DEVILS @ MONTREAL CANADIENS - DECEMBER 14TH, 2017 - CENTRE BELL The Montreal Canadiens have had 4-5 days rest and face the New Jersey Devils after the long layoff. On the New Jersey end, Taylor Hall is out with an injury and it should be interesting to see how newly acquired Sami Vatanen fits in with his new team. Brian Boyle is also a nice story for them as he continues to play through his battle with cancer. On Montreal's side, look for a strong outing from Carey Price and Jonathan Drouin. Victor Mete is away from the team on loan to team Canada for the World Juniors. MONTREAL CANADIENS PACIORETTY - DANAULT - BYRON GACHENYUK - DROUIN - SHAW HUDON - PLEKANEC - GALLAGHER DESLAURIERS - FROESE - CARR BENN - WEBER ALZNER - PETRY MORROW - SCHLEMKO PRICE NIEMI NEW JERSEY DEVILS BRATT - HISCHIER - STAFFORD COLEMAN - ZAJAC - GIBBONS WOOD - ZACHA - NOESEN HAYES - BOYLE - LAPPIN MOORE - VATANEN GREENE - SANTINI BUTCHER - SEVERSON SCHNEIDER KINKAID
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    I'm guessing that Plekanec was aiming for the middle of Schneider's chest but missed and went 5 hole
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    Plekanec is so starting the next 10 OTs
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    Hudon what a beast Out battles three Devils... Hah!
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    Therrien 2.0, Julien 2.0...so we all can see it coming and Vigneault 2.0 will be next retread.
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    I don't care what happens to Julien either way. But I think the likeliest scenario may be that, were MB to be fired, the new GM would agree to keep him around for a while, if for no other reason than to save Molson some dough. Julien has a lot of 'cred' so an incoming GM would probably be willing to do that. The issue with Galy is a ricochet off the underlying error of not firing MT after the 2015-16 season. Had we done what any normal organization would have done and fired him after that debacle, we could have had a new coach come in in the fall of 2016 and offer a comprehensive re-assessment of the players assembled under the Bergevin 'rebuild.' We then could have acted at last year's trade deadline in a fashion informed by that assessment. Instead, we traded PK Subban for no discernable reason other than to please a coach who ended up getting fired soon after, and now we are 98% likely to be dumping Galy at his lowest possible value in order to please that coach's replacement; meanwhile we wasted yet another prime year of the Price/Patches era in 2016-17 to the ensuing chaos. All this, because Bergevin does everything he can to shield his bum-buddies from accountability. Like I say, it's all a symptom of this underlying problem.
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    I'm not super-crazy about Julien, but do we really believe that he is the problem? I come back to my standard theory: apart from a handful of maybe five elite coaches and a couple of duds, most NHL coaches are basically interchangeable. I'd also note that the Habs won two Cups and reached a third Final with three different coaches in the Serge Savard era: the incompetent Jean Peron, the formidable Pat Burns, and the gutsy Jacques Demers. Funny how the 'bilingual coach' requirement didn't stop those teams from contending. Oh yeah, that's right - those teams actually had good players. Imagine. The real issue with our coaching is that we clung to Therrien several months after we should have dumped him. This is symptomatic of the smug complacency and self-protective lack of accountability in the MB regime.
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    Man, it's quite rare to read a new or original position on this tired issue, but you pulled it off! It's a great point.
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    I'm just tired at this point of people point to French. Because it's not like the Montreal Canadiens are cream of the crop at attracting French Canadian talent. The best French Canadian coach not coaching in the NHL? He's coaching for Tampa's AHL team. Habs AHL coach? A complete putz. We're not attracting the best coaches from Quebec, or the best scouts from Quebec, or the best management from Quebec (Stan Bowman works in Chicago why? Why was Scotty going to Chicago instead of Montreal after Detroit?), we're simply attracting a bunch of former NHL players from Quebec, usually with no experience prior to the Habs. So until this team is attracting the best Quebec has to offer, and still can't win? Stop blaming it on the French Canadian culture. Right now the problem is there's nothing elite about being a member of the Montreal Canadiens anymore.
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    Why would they want a colonial in England?
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    Do we really want a league where star players up and move all the time, and don't get identified with their teams anymore. Isn't it good to have someone be the face of a franchise for 10-15 years.
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    However, if Sergachev wasn't traded and started here with similar production, HabFans would be darn excited and would likely call him untouchable. He has such a heavy shot which should serve him well, that last goal he got was pretty sweet 2017-18 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 29 7 13 20 14 9
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    Unfortunately, I think you nailed it.
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    PLAYOFFS! What say you Jim Mora? "What’s that? Ah — Playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game! Another game."
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    I sincerely feel it's more Habs fans who have such negative thoughts about the team and management than the players themselves. I should hope this would be the case, especially in times of difficulty. Price knows he can't control who Bergevin puts on the ice and I don't personally believe he would necessarily have any doubts about Bergevin doing he best for the team, like some Habs fans would question. The Habs are coming off a playoff year and while there are better options out there, there certainly are worse as well. Furthermore, even if he were to dislike management, which I don't believe, it certainly is easier to stay in one place. Price is on the most famous hockey team in the world, and certainly has many positive memories in the city. As has been mentioned by a few posters, it probably is a large factor in him having potentially not even considered leaving to another team. I then again hold a personal viewpoint that the team who has had a player should have some type of inner lane in regards to resigning them. This was part of the reason I was disappointed that we didn't take advantage of having tried to encourage Radulov to resign during the season. Although I've seen it mentioned that he was never going to consider resigning in the middle of the season, I also saw similar comments from Bergevin's side stating that it was "too soon" to see if this was the "real" Radulov mid- season. As an owner, manager, fellow teammate, I would have certainly tried to plant some seeds in order to make him look forward to resigning. I think I tend to prefer the parity in the NHL. The playoffs in the NBA often result in sweep after sweep. It would be nice if the Habs were the Warriors in such a scenario, but if the Habs were stuck in the middle, they'd literally never have a chance. In the NHL, most playoff teams have a chance.
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    So that was another dreadful performance by our boys last night. It seems that these lousy performances are occurring on a more regular basis! I'm getting the impression that we are doomed to repeat this lousy cycle of winning a few games, and losing a few games! We'll continue like this for the rest of the season and probably end up with something in the neighborhood of 85-90 points which will be insufficient to make the playoffs, but it will show a semblance of being competitive to the masses. I have a bad feeling about where this team is headed in the next 3-5 years!
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    It's really quite simple. When Price is close to or at his peak, this is a solid playoff team good for one or two rounds before getting eliminated. When Price is merely average, or when someone other than Price is in net over a number of games - even if he plays well - they are a bottom-tier team that can't fight its way out of tissue paper. It's Price + nothing.
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    Been a busy day at the restaurant, was going to ask how the game was but then saw the score. Did the guys forget we had a game?
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    There are studies that show a series of microdoses of magic mushrooms can cure depression. If this season continues to be dismal, I might be tempted...
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    Let's see if we can at least hold them to one goal on this power play!
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    3 goals in 5 periods against 2 AHL goalies. This team is a mess
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    So Price ####ed up a board battle and it led to a goal. Will he get the Galchenyuk treatment?
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    1.8 players per team, per draft, will play 100 NHL games. You are already at 6 in 6 years who will get there. On top of that, its way too early to judge the last three drafts. (Though its already a good bet that Mete and Sergachev will add two more to that total, giving us 8 in 6 years) You also have Michael McCarron, likely to get to 100 games Thats 9 in 6 years already.... plus a number of guys way too early to write off. The big issue is the 2008 - 2011 drafts which produced basically Gallagher and nothing else. We are suffering from trading too many picks in those years. We see that this scouting group was one of the best in the NHL from 2004 - 2007... averaging over 3 players per draft. Then a bad spell... and now its started to turn around again. But that gap from 2008 - 2011 is players 25-28 right now... guys in their prime... and thats a bit of a hole in our team. Our under 25 talent is actually pretty good.
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    Yes, there was actually a very good write up on that in here not long ago. The avg draft only nets teams something like 1.5 players that get an substantial NHL time.
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    Bergevin trys to set a standard in negotiations. He wants to be known as a hard ass. It's now back fired multiple times.
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    Ugly with a capital H. Ya.. I know..
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    Ya.. We're all human. OK..me..not so much .. but ,..most of us... sorta...
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    Here to overly support Pacioretty and I see that's already been a theme this game day thread Decent backhand pass to Danault from Pacioretty for a 2-1 lead
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