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    I think a lot of people would say that Sakic doesn't really know what he's doing in Colorado either...
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    I still hold on to the fact that Radulov should have been paid. I know it's a lot of money, but this team's winger situation is one of the best in the league with Radulov still here
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    If he's capable of what most are saying about him, he fits in the top 4 more than any LH shot D on this roster.
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    As of 11:59 PM EST, yes. (Along with Kerfoot watch, Toninato watch and it sounds like Doyle Somerby may garner some interest as well.)
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    News...let's see - the Habs will officially lose the rights to Colin Sullivan at midnight. He may have set a new low bar for the complete and utter uselessness of a draft pick. (To be fair, you didn't say you wanted news of any sort of importance...)
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    Game changer no, I never suggested that anyway, what I do know is Drouin + Jagr would easily make up the production of Radulov, so there is a production upgrade there to be happy about if they were in the lineup. Also Markov's loss on the back end would be non existent and our D core could slot back in to the spots they belong in, and the small upgrades made at various positions there could remain as such because Markov being gone isn't forcing a 1 step forward 2 steps back scenario on our D. That, as a whole, is bit of a game changer, at the very least it would have ensured us of an upgraded roster on paper, and Like i said I could get behind that. In context, We were talking about early July, there is no way Jagr coming off a 46 point season takes less than 3 mill for 1 year in the opening days of July. While you are right to a certain extent, we could fit both under the cap, Is there really a point to signing Hemsky just to play on the 4th line? Our RW situation would get weird, Drouin replacing Radulov as the top RW, followed by Jagr and Gallagher and Hemsky. I am not sure Hemsky would enjoy the role nor do I think it necessary to acquire him if he is not a top 9 RW for the team.
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    CC said. "I'm Chicoutimi Cucumber and I endorse this message" Hahahaha..
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    Welcome to the new look forum. This is what has caused all the downtime on the site over the last week or so but I believe we should be good to go now. There are still some things being slowly returned via a background install (to avoid any overloads on the server) but I don't think anything of note is missing. There are some new features on here that we'll discover as we go along. As you find new ones, feel free to post them here. A few that I'm aware of: - Embedding media - For tweets in particular, all you should have to do is copy/paste the URL inside the post. It should, within a second or two, convert to the actual tweet. That's better than having to convert to HTML to post tweets like in the past. This should work for YouTube videos and other media (Instagram, Vine, etc) as well. - Replying to partial messages - If you want to reply to only a certain part of a post, you can highlight that text and then a little 'Quote this' bubble will pop up. Click it and a reply will open up with only the part that you highlighted as the quoted text. - The PM system has changed. For starters, notifications are bit more visible - when I logged on I had a notification on the bottom right on the page, just a little bubble that popped up. There are a couple of other tidbits - if you're interested, click here. I'm sure there are many more but I'm in the middle of trying to figure out where things are in an entirely new admin panel. (I did figure out how to upload a certain smiley at least...I can't find a corresponding 'sarcasm off' one though...) If any of you have any questions/comments/feedback, feel free to post those. If you see anything that doesn't look quite right, let me know as soon as possible (and if you can, send a screenshot).
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    Great job with the new site and features. Looking forward to another good season of news and insights! Habsworld has come a long way from its early days. Keep up the great work. Cheers! Go Habs Go!
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    That site is the absolute worst for clickbait.... every article.
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    They're citing an interview where the person being interviewed admitted that he wasn't sure which team Jagr's agent talked with. That's not really anything newsworthy. And boy, that site really believes in click bait headlines, wow...
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    Danault earned his top 6 spot last season, he did nothing to deserve being moved to wing on the 3rd line. I don't want him to be a top line center, but I have no problem with him offering 40+ points a season from the second line. He showed he could play with some quality wingers, do the dirty work for his line and compliment different type of players in valiant fashion. Though I do like a lot of different combinations I see suggested, If i had to pick one to start with as experiment #1 i'm sticking with this to see how it goes. Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Drouin Lehkonen - Danault - Gallagher Byron - Plekanec - Hemsky Hudon - McCarron - Shaw Alzner - Weber Schlemko - Petry Streit/Jerabek - Benn
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    After being loaned by Frolunda in Swedish league, Ikonen plays 1st pre-season Finnish league game tomorrow morning. Hopefully he gets lots of icetime this season, is productive and I assume given his summer showcase offense, that he is very likely to play world juniors in Buffalo this X-mas.
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    Does the kid return to friggin Wisconsin every summer, no? But I suppose who would, even Belorussia is more appealing.