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    Well, obviously he'd be acquired to play center.
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    Ah, too bad zero isn't an option.
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    It always boggles my mind when fighters feel the need to fight in the preseason. Deslauriers is well-established as a fighter; he doesn't need to prove that part of his game to anyone so why engage with a minor league guy?
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    Difference of opinion on how the game should be played, there are no right answers here so just keep that in mind while you're riding around on your high horse.
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    It’s easy to look at a screen in our living room and say fighting is either necessary, entertaining, futile, or atrocious but what’s transpiring on the ice is often quite different than what we perceive. When I watch the 4th round of Wimbledon in tennis and one of the players isn’t playing up to their standard, it can be easy to overlook the often invisible reality that the player may be injured. We can’t see it from our living room, but the player is feeling the pain. That’s something that watching on television wouldn’t do justice. The same thing happens in hockey, actually. When the year finishes, we often hear of players having dealt with and played through week long fractures, for instance. Often these same players were criticized for not playing well. This type of thing ties in with a viewer’s perception of fighting. When you’re a professional NHL player on the ice and someone is chirping personal insults immediately after having chopped your ankle with their stick, it’s easy for a viewer to say that player A didn’t want to fight so he shouldn’t have to. Maybe that same viewer doesn’t know all the details; all they see is the end result. In the real world, these situations are no different. If someone were to take a crowbar and wack you on the ankle while calling your soulmate pretty, a fight may ensue. In no other sport do we have actual weapons that can be used against another player. If a player takes a slap shot at you after the whistle, a scrum will likely ensue. If a pitcher throws a ball at a batter, a fight sometime ensues. If a basketball player were to purposely elbow an opponent in the back of the head, or throw a basketball at their opponent, a fight would probably ensue. These incidents happen more often in hockey. When I was around 23 and still played hockey, my team was in the final and a player cross checked me in the back of the neck from behind right at the final buzzer. I left the ice right away and didn’t even shake hands but I’m pretty sure one of my teammates went after him and would have dropped the gloves. In this case I’m not sure the other guy was willing and they probably didn’t go beyond a wrestling match but I’m not sure how we can accept the fact that it’s fine to say that the opponent should only have to drop the gloves if he wants to in that situation. Regardless of what people say about the refs, that’s immediately when people will start taking liberties knowing they will face no repercussions. In the case of Domi, Eklbad was doing what every 13 year old is taught by their coach and smiling right in Domi’s frustrated face while “electing” not to fight. Who knows what else he was doing or saying that’s not visible from our television set and apparently Eklbad was indeed taking other liberties throughout the game. The outcome was the worst part, and Domi deserved to be suspended. Demanding that he absolutely should have been suspended for regular season games is going overboard.
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    I used to love hockey fights. But once you take concussions seriously, they become impossible to support IMHO. I think the idea of hockey as a combination of speed and physicality is what sells tickets. 'Physicality' needn't mean fights. Frankly, I doubt that anyone is shilling out for the high price of tickets today *primarily* because they think there might be a fight or two. And I never heard anyone come out of a good, close, intense hockey game saying it sucked that there were no fights. Besides all of that, I'm actually not convinced you need the 'physicality' element at ALL. Soccer, basketball, and baseball have no integral physical element and they seem to do all right. Heck, soccer in Seattle - faked injuries and all - outdraws the average crowd at a hockey game. Even if hockey banned bodychecking (which could conceivably be the end game of all this concussion awareness) it would still be at least as exciting as those other sports.
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    It is obvious that Domi let his emotions get the better of him which led to a bone headed, heat of the moment, stupid decision on his part. With that said though, there is WAY too much volatile reaction from some about it, Max is not exactly a league leader in cheap shots, and some of the reactions certainly can't be justified based on his track record. Yes it was dumb, yes it was illegal, yes it deserves a suspension. No it does not make Domi a gutless puke, no he is not his father, and no he is not a cheap shot artist, he is simply a young guy, with a big temper, who can fly off the handle from time to time. He will learn from it, I am sure the staff will inform him how they rather he play hockey than let himself get all fired up to the point of stupid decisions like that. He didn't skate from one zone to another and take someone's knee out, or elbow someone in the head unsuspectingly way after they got rid of the puck, he felt antagonized by Ekblad's wild stick work. For lack of a better term, he lost his shit over it finally, he took it too far, it is not something he should be doing then, or in the future. At least it was an over reaction on a retaliation, and not a head hunting injury attempt, as we have seen so many times from many other more heinous players in this league. So lets take a chill pill on the incident, put the flame throwers away, and react accordingly ourselves, as fans. We know the incident is wrong, we hope to not see that type of thing from him again in the future, we hope he learned something from it that helps him try to keep a more level headed approach to his game management. But it looks an awful lot like some fans are already turning their frustration with the trade that brought him here, into an over reaction about the incident. That is likely just the tip of the iceberg to how little slack this kid is going to have here with some of our fans this year, because he happened to be traded for Galchenyuk, a situation he had full control of, of course. I see it already, on social media, on here, some are already starting to let it boil over, just because of the trade, any Domi situation will start at defcon 3, and hit defcon 5 at marveling speeds. He punches a player who is not answering the bell, and he is the worst person in the league, not a hot head who needs to cool it. If he has a bad game, he will be untalented and a 3rd liner at best, not a young top 6 forward who has an off night like anyone else. It is like we are blind as a fan base, we have this sickening reputation of being volatile, harsh, overly critical, and a hard market to play for, and based on what I've seen from some of our fanbase on different social media platforms today, and anytime we go through a scrutinizing situation, we are only cementing it. Some say to become an attractive place to play for players, you need a winning team, everyone is so quick to blame our losing record for why real top players scoff at us during the summer without looking in the mirror, or the big picture. It is more than that, the on ice situation accounts for 50% of the equation, the off ice situations is the other 50%, and generally speaking our off ice situation in Montreal has just as much, if not even more work to do than our on ice situation, and that's bloody saying something.... Signed, A Hab fan who just doesn't get some of his fellow Hab fans
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    Or they could penalize the taking runs.
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    I am happy to see Peca on back to backs. So happy that Hudon and Lehkonen are in the same line If Ouellet is able to shine while playing with Despres, he would notch up in my D depth list I missed hockey so much!
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    Human garbage seems excessive, but Domi’s actions shouldn’t be defended either in my opinion. You don’t drop the glove and clock someone who clearly isn’t engaging in the fight. If you want him to retaliate, make him angry by playing hard hockey, and I don’t know, maybe scoring a few goals? It was dirty, and should keep him out of all remaining preseason. Also doesn’t make him human garbage. He was losing, lost his temper, and made a mistake. We’ve probably all done worse.
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    My god that's the softest crap I've heard. Hockey is a physical game. If a guy is throwing big clean checks and you can't accept it, you shouldn't play. Fighting is illegal. There's a penalty for it. Nobody should be resorting to illegal play because of your legal play. And if the checks are high? The referee is the one who should do something. This is the same crap expressed in baseball. Playing too well? Someone has to bean you so you stop making pitchers look bad. It's pathetic. Your job is to play hockey, not illegally play hockey because someone is mad that you're playing too good of hockey.
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    Seriously? So you just used your keyboard to 'sucker punch' a young hockey player? I wouldn't even call what Domi did a sucker punch. He was looking Ekblad right in the ey (or at least the chin) Ekblad, the much bigger player, could have defended himself. So we have a young hockey player, who is willing to play tough and we call him human garbage? Wow! Welcome to Montreal, where we throw Habs players under the bus!!! Terrible.
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    Thanks, dlbalr. I'm neutral on this as a pure hockey move, but he's certainly qualified and I love Captain Kirk for sentimental reasons, so - hooray!
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    His article says it all.. total character.. the right type of character this team needs. Without reading into it. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/nhl-max-pacioretty-were-going-to-vegas This team has very little identity left and first time ever..i have been a Habs fan since I was 2 years old. Even when I started kindergarten in Toronto I wore a Montreal jersey. And as an 11 year old in Edmonton. Not wanting to see Oilers win the cup. As I always was hoping was the Canadiens. When the team won in 1986 I gave it to my friends in Edmonton. Always true Montreal fan ever since I can remember. And this being first year I have lost a lot of that passion for the team. Because most important the way this team and MB treats the players that have put in their time and other than Plekanec.. all are put aside and as max on the above article says..looks forward to the enthusiasm and excitement of a new team. The excitement that the Habs should create to foster in their own team. NOW THAT IS CHARACTER MB has no business being the GM of a once CLASS and ICONIC franchise.
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    What kind of depth at center do you think the Habs have to put 3 of them on one line?!?
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    Trade the centre you refuse to play at centre for a winger you decide to turn into a centre. That trade is the gift that keeps on giving.
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    Just curious and wanted to move it from injury thread. Would Hockey be better if fighting called for immediate ejection of the two combatants, fines imposed and suspensions (at least for repeat offenders)? Obviously would always be hotheads and occasional fights, as happens in NFL-NBA-MLB but are pretty rare and costly.
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    Fighting is a part of the game as much as elbowing, roughing, cross checking, spearing, etc. Do we like those penalties? This is a man's sport. If you're not a man, don't play it. There are plenty of men that would love the opportunity to do so. If a guy viciously slashes me (illegal), I would punch him in the face (illegal). Why is a slash to the wrist or legs acceptable from some prick but if a guy stands up for himself with a punch he is the bad guy? Or we can just take contact out of the sport all together and skate around in tutus, either way.
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    I’m not sitting on the fence with zero opinion, I thought I made my opinion quite clear. It’s an libertarian opinion of you are a big boy you can make up your own mind if you want to do this or not. Hockey had fighting since the beginning and in a way has been ingrained into the sport and in some way and I can only speak for myself, drew me closer to the game because it had fighting in it. I’ll be honest I watch other sports and sure they can be entertaining at times but hockey is my favourite sport. I love everything about it the skill, the speed, the commeradery, the physical aspect and yes the fighting.
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    I absolutely hate fighting and would prefer players be ejected when they do. That said, I love watching puck scrambles in front of a fallen goalie (so long as nobody is throwing crosschecks. Guys like Pronger got away with that for too long), I love corner battles, I love two players jockeying for position for the puck, and it's great when players get angry at each other and in their face. At the same time I don't care for the "scrum with players after a blown whistle because they got too close to the goalie" crap that got popular in the western conference. I'm fine with physicality. But after Todd Ewen, a guy who never wanted to fight but was pressured to due to being huge, then got so many concussions and had so much regret he eventually killed himself, I'm done with unnecessary physicality. If two guys want to punch it out? Fine. But get off the ice and go home after so the actual hockey players can finish the game.
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    The act was troubling because it brings to mind Shaw's first season with us, where he seemed so determined to live up to his rep that he acted like an ass and hurt the team. And let's face it, when you've been traded in return for a player that practically the entire hockey universe believes was an overpay, making such an idiotic play is practically begging for backlash. Fortunately for Domi, the NHL has no interest in protecting players by issuing meaningful suspensions, and so this rash and classless move brings no real ill-effects for him or the team. But he needs to avoid a repeat if he wants to avoid stoking the flames of fan resentment. This will be doubly true if Galy excels in Arizona. Domi has to bear down and play his very best hockey; if he keeps acting like a jerk-off, well, we all know how unpleasant Montreal can be when it turns on a guy.
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    Domi made a mistake I'm not sure a guy who averages 70 PIMs a year, and averages 2.3 fights per season (7 fights in 3 years) is a "goon"
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    He may not have character, but I like his attitude.
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    The great thing about Finland is that the season ends before the NHL season ends. You tell him... look kid... go to Finland, have a good season, have a good World Juniors, work on x,y,z and when the season is done we'll give you a few NHL games in March/April. We only get 9 games with you, so we want to save them. That is also a time of year when there is no roster limit.
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    I would send him to Finland. I absolutely would not rush him. Too much of the future of this team depends on him developping properly I'd be more willing to consider 9 games for Suzuki as he's a year older. Remember, not only is Kotkaniemi an 18-year-old, he is also one of the youngest players in the draft, compare him to Tkachuk and hes like 10 months younger.
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    No one of course. Is a re"tooling" year.
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    If someone has to stand up to defend a teammate, that's fine (and although some might classify Byron's scrap as that, I wouldn't). The pre-arranged stuff (like Deslauriers' fight against New Jersey) can go away and not come back. Imagine if Byron reaggravated his shoulder injury, would anyone have been happy about him dropping the gloves? Players need to be smart and through two preseason games, we've seen a few stupid decisions from the Habs already.
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    Yes, I’m sure Emelin loves having a steel plate in his face - probably requested one even though it wasn’t needed so he wouldn’t have to fight 🙄
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    South park when cartman is the NCAA slave trader. Funniest thing ever
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    Why? You think he is gonna retire or something?
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    The preseason is here and the Habs will look to start on a winning note as they take on a New Jersey split squad. Johansson - Zacha - Palmieri Studenic - Zajac - Stafford Coleman - Seney - Anderson Baddock - Gignac - Speers Mueller - Severson Butcher - Lovejoy Strait - Jacobs Lack Blackwood Lines are based on the practice combos but these are the players that are expected to suit up. Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Deslauriers - Kotkaniemi - Lehkonen Shinkaruk - Plekanec - Hudon Chaput - de la Rose - Froese Mete - Juulsen Alzner - Schlemko Despres - Valiev Niemi Lindgren Puck drop is at 7:30 PM EST on TSN2 and RDS. Regional restrictions apply.
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    I’m not saying this to be negative or to argue this specific scenario but you can’t really evaluate how the Habs have handled their centers in the recent past with any consistency. Galchenyuk, for instance,couldn’t crack our lineup as a center while we were in desperate need of one, and now may find himself as a top 6 center on another squad. I’m indifferent towards De La Rose and McCaron, relatively speaking, but it’s certainly possible that another team would handle them differently than the Habs have. Overall, I wouldn’t expect either of them to get claimed should they have to clear waivers. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they did.
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    Deslauriers is trying to make the roster. These guys aren't dumb. We've all looked at the number of wingers this team has, and its too many.... Deslauriers very well could be one of the players waived and sent to Laval if he doesn't impress at camp. He is by no means a lock to be on the roster. If we know that, he also knows that. He has to impress to make this team. If Shaw was healthy, I wouldn't want Shaw fighting in the preseason, cause he will be on the roster, there is no reason for it. For Deslauriers, its unfortunate what happened but I can't blame the guy. He knows what his spot on this roster is, and how it is not guaranteed. Despite 10 goals last year, he hasn't earned a spot on the fourth line yet. Just check the opening night roster thread. All of De la Rose, Scherbak, McCarron need waivers to go to the AHL... so he doesn't even have that benefit. This is even assuming Kotkaniemi and Suzuki are cut, and Shaw is IR. Here is a possible forward group... its not set in stone, but i can see a scenario where these are the forwards, and Deslauriers is waived. Drouin - Domi - Armia Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Byron - Plekanec - Lehkonen Hudon - Peca - Scherbak Extras: McCarron, De la Rose IR: Shaw That's 14 forwards + one IR spot... and that's a realistic roster, and doesn't include Deslauriers. He needs to perform better than some of those players if he wants a spot.
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    2nd full game I’ve watched of koky... the WJC gold medal game and now this first exhibition game. I saw nothing wrong with his speed outside of his awkward/lanky stride which had zero effect on his ability to keep pace. He showed great vision and stick work. I thought he did really well... lots to be happy about thus far! -Mete hasn’t missed a beat! -juulson was good as well. - Schlemko blows -Despres is definitely on the outside looking in...
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    What am i thinking? No. What do I see Bergevin and Julien thinking? Grittier, more of a defensive game, wins more battles on the boards and helps down low in the defensive end
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    He could play in Laval I send him to Finland, where he will be the number 1 centre on his team. His dad is the coach of his Finnish team, we don't have anything to worry about in terms of him getting jerked around for ice time. And there will be no temptations from the media and fans saying "call him up to montreal" everytime he has a good game. Let him develop, let him leave for a year, and not have that pressure from the fans and media in montreal.
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    Unlike in Montreal, if Domi could play centre, he would have never been moved.
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    These are the lines game 1 of the preseason I'll read into what the lines are the last 2 games of preseason For now i just care how the kids play
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    I got a feeling Peca will be 2C by December.
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    Kirk Muller runs the powerplay. Despite only winning 29 games, Montreal had the 13th best powerplay in the league. The only teams in the Top 20 powerplay with less than 40 wins were the 6th place Islanders (35), 9th place Canucks (31), and 20th place Sabres (25). Out of those teams Montreal had the least powerplay opportunities (though were only separated by 2 with Vancouver) at 245. In 16-17 the Habs were 13th again, albeit with a lower percentage. But they also were 27th in opportunities. In 15-16 the powerplay sucked and was 25th (pre-Muller) but also was 11th for PP opportunities. Between 12-13 and 15-16, the Habs were 6th in PP opportunities and 23rd in PP. 16-17 to 17-18 (smaller sample size I know) we're 23rd in PP opportunities but 11th in powerplay. You can draw your own conclusions on some of that. I should add that between 12-13 and 15-16, Subban was 4th in PP goals and 1st in PP points with Markov 11th in PP goals and 4th in PP points so it wasn't like the firepower wasn't there. Muller is making a serious contribution to the team in the way they play the powerplay in ways the crappy coaches Therrien brought in before Muller couldn't.
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    I think Gallagher is the #1 choice. Hard working leader of the crew.
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    And I applaud his commitment to continuous improvement.
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    The annual best shape of his life. I have more endurance interview that mccarron has given 4 years in a row
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    With the whole Montreal - thou shall have a French GM and coach rule, it’s ironic because that the two worst GM’s are French. Maybe a reason to rethink this rule?
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    It’s the millions of dollars Molson owes MB regardless
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    Pacioretty wrote a piece for The Players' Tribune: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/nhl-max-pacioretty-were-going-to-vegas