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    Props to not caring about facts and just spitting negative feelings everywhere
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    So this turned into a brilliant deal. Bergevin turns a 4th rounder in 2020 - into a 2nd rounder in 2020 and a conditional 4th in 2021. Good luck to the MB haters trying to find something to criticize here.
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    I'd be very curious to see some source for those 2 statements.
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    For the record, I'm neither for nor against keeping Max fundamentally...for me it's all about value. I'd keep him if the money is reasonable. I would not even consider keeping him if he demands huge money though, as his numbers simply don't justify overpaying. Made that mistake with Price already....can't afford to do it again.
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    Does one good season = proven? I'm on the fence with Domi and I can certainly see your argument that he has proven himself because of his 70 point season but he has proven to be a mediocre in 4 out of 5 seasons. This may be a down year that he will bounce back from but it is very plausible that Domi is that mediocre player that had one good season. To me it is a risk to trade him and also a risk to keep him. If a great offer is there then why take the chance? 1 good season, 4 mediocre seasons...
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    I'm repeating myself here - Lord knows, we wouldn't want that! - but for me the issue with Domi is a longer-range one. He is quite obviously a go-to option at C for the current group, but there seem to be structural problems in his game at centre: bad at FOs, not great in his own end. But moving him to wing is not really an option, given that his production there is consistently mediocre. Now a contending team might be able to carry a C like as a #2 behind a real strong, stud #1C. But unless KoKo or Suzuki has it in them to be that stud #1, we will probably need a less flawed #2C if we ever want to vault ourselves into the ranks of the top teams. So I see Domi as a transitional C. Or at least, that's what he would be if the Habs ever become more than mediocre themselves. He's one of these players who is tailor-made to excel on relatively weak teams, but will tend to get crowded out on a really strong one. This doesn't mean we should get rid of him in the short term. Not at all. And who knows, maybe he will learn to fix those weaknesses in his game. I'm just saying that I don't see him as part of a medium-term plan to contend.
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    Hey I had to go take a cold shower after I felt sick 😎🤒
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    In Trevor Timmins' time with the CH, he has drafted the following on the top 50: A.Kostitsyn, Urquhart (bust), Chipchura, Price (elite), Latendresse, Fischer (bust), Maxwell (bust), McDonagh (elite), Pacioretty (elite), Subban (elite), Leblanc (bust), Tinordi (bust), Beaulieu (bust), Collberg (bust), McCarron (bust), DeLaRose, Fucale (bust), Scherbak (bust), Juulsen, Sergachev (potential to be elite) => That's a 50% success rate and 4 or 5 elite picks To me, it is the number of picks traded away that Timmins didn't have to hedge his late 1st round gambles: No 2nd in 2004, No 1st in 2008, No 2nd in 2009, No 2nd in 2010, No 2nd in 2011, No 2nd in 2012, No 2nd in 2014, No 2nd in 2015, No 2nd in 2016 That is nine top 50 picks, or half a dozen core players that he did not get a chance to draft. I do not think the problem is Drafting or Timmins at all.
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    I hear they are recruiting for members on the Leafs forum... #JustSaying
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    Yes. Price was a poor pick because he has yet to score 70 points in his career. /s
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    I'm sure whatever happens Bergevin is the worst! Can I get a hell yeah?
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    Because there are so many elite players available each year in the second half of the first round ... clearly our drafting must be incompetent. We should surely be able to pick a 50-goal scorer every year in the first round, a 40-goal scorer in the second and a top-pair defenceman in the third. Can't do that? Throw out the bums!
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    Kovalchuk? Danault? Pacioretty? Chiarot? Shaw? Weber? Those were deals that were desperately needed
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    Yeah never makes big trades Drouin Weber Pacioretty Galchenyuk for domi Petry Vanek Cole/ryder There are more. After all those minor deals, this trade is huge by MB standards. This is where your bias shows throw... ignoring facts, just to shit on everything MB does. Its why it's nearly impossible to take your critiques seriously.
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    Should try larger font, It would be a BIGGER TRADE
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    Wow, another 50 point player, fantastic, There will be more than a handful of players this year with more goals then 50, when is 50 points a high mark for a top 6 player? That is the problem with habs thinking, average is good Danault the habs top center is on pace for like 55 points or so, that is terrible
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    Same goes with forum writing... If “someone” goes on writing the same over and over with same results : it is the definition of insanity ! No tangible results from ranting on the last twenty years. No constructive contribution or insight.... #JustSaying
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    Fleury, Kotkaniemi, Ylonen, Romanov, Vejdemo, Poehling, Primeau are exciting picks Please start the washing machine and close the lights on your way out of the “rain on my parade” party
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    Is all right grumpy, team is tanking so is your time to shine!
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    I don’t give a crap if the team is better than it was two years ago. It’s still a crap team.
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    If Bergevin can't get a 1st for kovalchuk, I will package the 2nd round pick we just got from St.Louis along with kovalchuk for a 1st round pick coming back to us.
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    Lets just hope Weber is ok and he isn't holding of surgery or even needs surgery. Because boy will I be pissed if weber misses the start of next season because he has surgery in the off season.
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    I'm just quoting so I have a historical moment captured on my profile
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    Bergevin just got a 2nd for scandella. If he gets Bergevin a 2nd, then kovalchuk gets him a 1st. This is for all the Bergevin lovers on here well done Bergevin 👍
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    Back then, there were many other GMs looking for big, gritty centres, too ... not many of them foresaw the game changing the way it has.
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    So..... why don’t we throw 10 different negative angles that contradict one another out there and then maybe one of them will stick. The plan this season was to make the playoffs. MB didn’t do enough in the offseason to improve our team. Whether or not it’s true, that’s all that needed to be said. We were not rebuilding this year so all that trade Price and Weber talk is moot.
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    I was against trading Petry for the same reasons that Cucumber outlined but if the recent trades are any indication then Petry would bring us a mighty return. If we can turn Tatar, Petry and Domi (I'm not convinced that he is more than a one year wonder) into a grade A forward prospect, 2 grade A defense prospects and 3 1st rounders then we would be crazy not to do it. This kind of return would greatly speed up our reset. If by some miracle we can get a good return for Drouin then we jump on that and count our blessings.
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    Not just about NHL potential, but AHL pedigree. Peca should be doing much better than he has been. Weise has been a better NHLer than AHLer. Varone and Barber are underperforming at least slightly considering their previous numbers. Olofsson is way off his AHL standard (but did miss an entire year to injury.) The defense as a whole should be much better with guys like Ouellet and Alzner playing at the slower AHL pace... And while I was typing all this Brian swooped in and made all my points.
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    But look at the veteran supporting cast. Varone has been a top AHL scorer, Barber had a huge year last year. Ouellet is a top AHL d-man. Olofsson's not too shabby. Alzner is a stable shutdown guy. Peca's no slouch at this level either. They got Folin for a bit (and he's back now). That's one of the better veteran groups in the league but pretty much every one of them has underwhelmed this year. That's a coaching issue.
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    You dont seem to like the Habs either.
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    Tomas plekanec 2009-10, 25 goals 45 assists 70 points. Fake stats once again?
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    I know - 'recalled' beside Ryan Culkin is never a good thing...
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    Tampa has done a fantastic part in developing their players and don’t generally rush in 18 year olds. I can’t think of anyone other than stamkos and posssibly Hedman who came in in their draft year. You can draft later if younc give guys a few years to develop in the minors which most of Tampa’s core did - they weren’t rushed in for PR reasons just because the team sucked. We rushed in Kk, we rushed in Mete, just like we had Riad he’s in latendresse and ribeiro in the gainey regime. Yzerman also made sure he had good development people, not his buddies he grow up with as kid. There no friggin way Lefebve would have lasted over a year with Yzerman and you can bet Therrien would never have been hired and I’d the mistake to hire him was made, he would have been fired within his first 3 years.
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    Brett Connoly is another top 5 tampa bust. Again, you cant judge drafting success/failure by only looking at firsts.
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    Tampa does very well in the later rounds (as has Timmins over the years). Which is why judging by first rounders only is not that informative. Vasilevskiy was also tampa's second first round pick that year. Koekkoek was taken 10th overall and hes a bust.
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    don't see how anyone can reasonably come to that conclusion... hes shown great signs of future success but also shown that he needs more time to develop and mature. For heavens sakes he's 19.
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    Blake coleman to tampa for Nolan Foote and Vancouvers 2020 first round pick. I concede... if thats the price for blake coleman, trade everyone. Tatar, Kovalchuk, Petry, Thompson, Cousins, Weal, trade em all. Blake f'ing Coleman is worth 2 firsts. Tatar is surely worth both Lafreniere and Byfield in this marker.
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    vs Three games into this four-game stretch, the Habs have yet to take a point. Will they turn it around tonight, without their captain, or will it be another step toward a lottery pick? Canadiens' projected lineup: Tomas Tatar -- Phillip Danault -- Brendan Gallagher Ilya Kovalchuk -- Nick Suzuki -- Joel Armia Nick Cousins -- Max Domi -- Jonathan Drouin Artturi Lehkonen -- Nate Thompson -- Jake Evans Brett Kulak -- Jeff Petry Ben Chiarot -- Victor Mete Marco Scandella -- Xavier Ouellet Carey Price Charlie Lindgren Scratched: Christian Folin, Jordan Weal, Dale Weise Injured: Shea Weber (ankle), Paul Byron (knee) Stars' projected lineup: Roope Hintz -- Tyler Seguin -- Corey Perry Jamie Benn -- Jason Dickinson -- Denis Gurianov Andrew Cogliano -- Radek Faksa -- Blake Comeau Mattias Janmark -- Joe Pavelski -- Jason Robertson Esa Lindell -- John Klingberg Miro Heiskanen -- Stephen Johns Jamie Oleksiak -- Andrej Sekera Ben Bishop Anton Khudobin Scratched: Roman Polak, Joel Kiviranta, Taylor Fedun Injured: Martin Hanzal (back), Alexander Radulov (upper body)
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    Watched the game on the PVR. Like the CH, I am dialing it in On teh positive, due to injuries Mete and Ouellet are playing on their off-side (ahead of Folin, which does not bode well for him). They are doing OK, but get burnt on the outside a couple of time each game. I liked Evans game centering the 4th line more than what I remember of Poehling playing that role. My memory is sh!!#@t, so take it for what is worth Suzuki has clearly established himself as the CH's 2C. Which makes Domi expendable, Even id Suzuki struggles next year and doesn score as much, his defensive awareness and positioning makes him a decent option on the 3rd line next year. If the CH doesn't sign a top LD, I hope they re-sign Scandella. He is an NHL-level LD that can shelter Mete or even Romanov (if he makes it) next year. Kovalchuk is cooling off, but Drouin tends to get hurt for long periods every second year and is inconsistent at best. I would keep Kovalchuk next year as an insurrance policy to cover for Drouin when we need to sit him We need a backup goalie more than an LD. F*..!ck this "ride the $10M man" thing and get a solid backup
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    Reffing was horrible but the stars took away the neutral zone halfway through the second and for some reason the habs decided to give the puck away every time they had it. You have the lead. If there's no play dont force one. Especially with the lead. Deserved loss I says.
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    Gallagher and Domi both go to the dressing room. The "Habs can't have nice things" file is an entire cabinet now.
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    Suzuki tied 3rd rookie scoring. After 1:10 and 1a yesterday, Mete now has played total of 3:20 PP time this year, maybe Weber's injury will allow him to show that he deserves more?
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    Something tells me he would be okay with that period. Lots of shots and some decent chances which wasn't the case early on. The production wasn't there obviously but I thought the effort was and if they made some adjustments to try to kickstart the attack, then it wasn't all bad.
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    And their doctors suck too, can’t diagnose a sprained ankle
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    That guy got a promotion, some of you guys make excuses for everything, drafting has been pathetic,
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    I guess MB is alright for an above average GM
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    Its pretty good to be top 3 in prospects. You can say we only have 2 elite guys, but most teams don't have any elite guys And this team also.has a 20 year old top 5 in rookie scoring who is no longer counted as a prospect 2 Dmen who are 21 and have played significant NHL time this year who are no longer considered prospects. A 19 year old centre who is starting to find his game in the AHL again and if he was a prospect would be considered an elite prospect. So yeah there is that. Then there is primeau who is a top 10 goalie prospect.
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