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    I beg to differ. Ovechkin - Danault - Kucherov Benn - Plekanec- Kane Marchand - De la Rose - Laine Gaudreau - 58 years old Guy Carbonneau - Tarasenko
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    We took the plunge and will be housing a teen this year. Curious to see how it goes!
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    There have been a few trades between the two teams since Bergevin came to the Habs...just none of the particularly relevant variety. January 14, 2013 - Habs trade Brendon Nash to Florida for Jason DeSantis (the AHL rights had already been swapped a few months earlier) June 30, 2013 - Habs trade their 2013 7th to Florida for their 2014 7th July 5, 2013 - Habs trade Phillipe Lefebvre and the 2014 7th they had acquired earlier to Florida to George Parros March 4, 2014 - Habs trade a 2015 5th to Florida for Mike Weaver
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    While the general sense among commentators here in town is that the Canucks want to move him and in fact have tried, it may be the case that they'd rather see if he can recover form than give him away at low value. The thing is, if a coach spends most of his season not liking you, it's hard to move the needle on that. So even if you're correct, I'd still keep an eye on the Canucks training camp and circle back if Hutton still looks to be on the outs. (Not that I have any illusions - he's a bit of a long-shot at this point). EDIT: one thing I forgot to mention here is the Quinn Hughes factor. Apparently Hughes will only sign for this season if he can expect significant roster time. This means that if the Canucks want him for this year they will need to move someone at LD. Hutton is the obvious candidate. So there may actually be some incentive to move him.
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    I guess this is a relevant topic on the hockey forum, has anyone been a billet family for a player before? We’ve been asked by a friend who coaches a AAA 15U team if we’d host one of their players for the season. It’s quite a responsibility, but it might be good to expose my son to the work/dedication of a top tier player, too. My son will be a competitive squirt goalie next year. Just curious is anyone has any any experience either first hand or known anyone they’d billeted.
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    You know, I just realized that Hutton is a LD. 25 points in his rookie season...25 years old...now he is on the outs, grossly overpaid, and can undoubtedly be had for a song. Plus he will be highly motivated, being on a expiring deal. I would toss a 7th round pick or something and invite him to establish himself as a potentially-useful puck-mover on our D.
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    It's fine if that happens. Look at Kadri in Toronto. Great contract, would be a #2C for any team with a #1 but now he plays 3C to Matthews and Tavares. Also Danault makes only $3M so if he does get pushed down it ain't like he is a heavy load eating up bottom six space. It's also possible that the guys we drafted at centre don't pan out for whatever reason. So we have to be aggressive in how much depth we create there and let them see who is best. If we don't have a C that plays a two way game, Julien will rely hard on Danault even if he isn't as offensively skilled as Poe or Kotka and that means top ES minutes.
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    Great deal for a young center who can put up 40+. We obviously need a top line center but Danault could be a solid second for us, or an awesome third.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Transportation is mostly accommodated, a lot will depend on which school he attends. I was initially a “no”, while my wife has been for it. I think I’m starting to sway a little bit towards the yes. We have the room, we have the money to afford any extra food. I know we’d get paid, but as you said, it’s more a supplement amount and not something that would cover all expenses. It could definitely make for an interesting hockey season coming up!
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    I do a lot with the Youngstown Phantoms of the USHL. I don’t know the set up for the league you might billot for - in the USHL the players often have their own transportation. But I would say this - for the players - it’s about the food. I’m not sure the hosts were paid enough to feed the players properly. That said - if your family loves hockey and feeds well and is basically sociable with teens (not too involved, not too distant) - then it’s an awesome thing to do. The players will be respectful and appreciative (unless you get a real dud - but I found those are rare) and you’ll create a friendship that will last for decades. (Unfortunately, Curtis Hall, a good kid I became friends with got drafted by the Bruins in the 4th round - i can’t easily root for him anymore) you can always message me if i can help more. Overall - if the transport is figured out and you feed well and are appropriately sociable .... GO FOR IT!!!!
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    This is quite true. To be honest I don't think this was a bad draft for Montreal. Wouldn't be surprised if we land three NHLers out of it. But I think with the picks we had, we always had a good shot at three NHLers with 6 picks in the Top 70. I just question if we maximized by selecting the best players. I've been open to the idea of being wrong on this draft. Kotkaniemi might end up better than Hughes and Zadina. We saw with Puj and Dubois that so far Columbus looks like the smarter team. But I can only go by what I know of these players, and I watched Kotka early when he was recovering from injury and later when he was dazzling scouts, and whomever thought he could be Anze Kopitar I think needs some eye drops. But again, I'm no expert. I can only go by what I feel, and I feel like Montreal got 80% of what they could have got in this draft.