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    How can price stand without crushing his massive balls. That poke check.
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    If only there were one for me "whinny little girl" all would be settled
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    Exactly MB is arguably the most active GM on all fronts. One could also say hes one if the stingiest as well.
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    Yes, the way Petry has gotten better and better - hitting another level to his game at ages 30 and 31 - is something we don't see too often. He was always a quality player, but it took him about nine seasons as a regular to really hit his peak. Or maybe CJ's coaching has something to do with it. Either way, he's beating the odds for sure.
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    I’ll open by saying I missed the first half of the game due to work. That being said, the half I did watch, it was the habs game to lose. Barring a few breakaways, we had Tampa on the ropes nearly the entire 3rd. Had some good chances in the 3rd. Vasilevsky stole that game. It’s not a common occurrence to be outshot by 10 and win by 2 goals.
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    Flat? I didnt see that at all. They might have lost the game but i didnt think they were flat. Vasilevskiy played really well. I thought they were flat against Detroit. Last night? They just got beat by a more talented team
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    At some point, Petry will stop being one of the most underrated Dmen in the league, right?
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    Vasilevsky stole this game. Play this exact game and habs win 9 out of 10 times.
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    Had Carolina not matched on Aho, the Habs would have parted with first, second, and third rounders all from the upcoming draft in Montreal. That suggests to me that Bergevin is open to moving a pick from this draft in the right situation.
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    they have to have more than 4 scoring chances, they had 3 breakaways All there chances happen in high scoring zones, habs flip it towards the net from the blue line. Suzuki was ok, not sure what the complaints are, thought he played ok, needs to shoot more
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    Yes, and my highly-advanced GAA stat shows that they have scored more goals. There might be a relationship between these two?
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    My in-depth and highly technical analysis of the first two periods of this game: their guys shoot better than our guys.
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    Ya Commandant, get inspired to stop being informed on hockey players! Comm looks at advanced stats? Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd!
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    Ya, but has he cured cancer? Useless.
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    Was just about to generalize how amazing he is defensively based on that one play. Haha
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    I love that hip check by Petry on Kucherov!
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    I think its time to do a Mete plus a 1st rounder for a legit lefty to play with Weber. The youngsters are getting big contacts earlier these days, so cap crunch is coming. I think MB needs to create a window at this point. Not wait for it. The offensive depth of this team is fantastic. The young call up depth at forward is very good. Add to that Price Weber and Petry, and I really think it's time to seek a trade and potentially give up some picks, prospects, players to do it. It annoys me that this won't happen because the draft is in Montreal.
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    Ugh...hurts giving one up in the last 10 seconds of a period.
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    I think Habs will have an incredible effort tonight. Someone wins this 3-2
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    Kulak and Petry a top pair, come on. That only further exemplifies this team's deficiency on defense... Sorry, I forgot you're above down voting. You're only into handing them out like candy on Halloween
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    I might be too harsh on folin but i dont think a chiarot-folin pair will work cause who moves the puck. Would like to see fleury back in.
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    The question is how do you judge Bergevin. I've long said that coaches, GMs, scouts, etc... these people develop over the course of their careers just like players do. What Bergevin did earlier in his career is a lot less relevant to my evaluation of him than what he's done in the last 24 months. And when we look at that time frame, basically from when we all knew the 2017-18 team was flawed and needed to be fixed until know, he's done a darn good job with his moves; both building up the main roster and the prospect pool at the same time. Those recent results are encouraging and enough for me to want to see how he finishes the job. I made no secret that I wanted him fired two years ago, but he's changed my opinion of his work since that time.
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    Maybe dont complain about votes and people wont downvote as often. Complaining and showing that it makes you mad is a sure way to encourage people to keep doing it. But besides that... who cares? They are imaginary numbers that mean nothing. You cant trade in your points for anything. They dont get redeemed for anything. They arent airmiles or visa points or some shit. They are just figments of your imagination. I get downvoted all the time. Do you think i care? Nope... cause it means nothing.
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    Bergevin is "stupid" for signing Subban to a team friendly bridge deal? Is Tampa stupid for signing Point to a bridge deal? How about Laine with Winnipeg? Boeser in Vancouver? Or should we have thrown all the money at a young and unproven Subban at the time? Do you know how the negotiations went, did Subban even want that? Tell us again how stupid Bergevin is. Or how about how Bergevin was "reluctant" in locking down Radulov. I could have sworn that Bergevin was one of the only GMs to even offer him a contract from the KHL. And then he even offered him a multi-year deal when he was a UFA that was similar to what he signed with Dallas. What's the problem again? Let's get our facts straight It is sort of like how Montreal seems to be able to always have an elite goalie, but other teams can't get someone to stop a beach ball. All of the #1 centers in the world can't stop the puck. I'd like to think that 70+ point Max Domi has something to say about your argument. How about Kotkaniemi in a couple years? Could it be that some realize that it isn't 1977 and now there are 31 teams in a salary cap league? All things being equal, there is a 3.22% chance that any particular team will win the Cup. Even making the playoffs is a coin flip, but yes, let's dump on a GM that has actually been above average since 2012. Please tell us how you would fill the holes and tag Bergevin so he knows how to do his job. Is it through the draft? Well we got a few high picks, we drafted a "potential #1 center" in Galchenyuk, how did that work out? When he had another high pick, he "seen the hole" and reached a bit and picked Kotkaniemi. Do you hate that he tried to fill a hole and selected him? How about the hole at LD, do you hate how 4 out of his first 5 picks this draft year were LD? How about reaching for Romanov the year before? I could have sworn he also drafted Ryan Poehling as a center and he looks like he is a player. Let's talk UFAs. Do you remember just a couple months ago how he offered a contract to top center Matt Duchene AND left defenseman Jake Gardiner? Maybe you conveniently forgot that he tried to address the holes but sorry he didn't hold a gun to the player's head to sign here. He was however able to sign Ben Chiarot and Nick Cousins though, and they are NHL players so that helps "fill the holes". How about trades. Traded for Domi and Danault, our top two centers. Did he not come out ahead in those deals? He also traded a left winger for another left winger, plus Nick Suzuki who was drafted as a center. "But he didn't try to address our needs!!" He has offered contracts to UFAs, he has literally drafted to fill holes and he is on the winning side of pretty much every trade he has made, yet there is still a myth that he doesn't know what he is doing. This team right now is young, entertaining, has cap space, a top prospect pool and is competitive but yet that's not good enough to some. And no matter how much time I spend on a post like this, I will never change their mind. My advice is to watch the games, have fun, cheer loud and talk trash to other team's fans Otherwise not being a "serious contender", whatever that means, will make you a very cynical and depressing person.
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    Petry's play over the last two years, including a full calendar year of Weber on the sidelines is that of a number 1. As for it being easier to get a a #1d than a #1c... the equation here is simple. Montreal for 40 years now, since free agency became a thing in the NHL has had an incredibly tough time getting free agents. Doesnt seem to matter if its serge savard, houle, andre savard, bob gainey, gauthier or bergevin. So your #1 d or #1 c isnt coming that route. In trades... both cost a pretty penny. So lets call that even. In the draft. Quick look at every #1c in the league and where they were drafted. The Bergerons and Ahos who come from the second round or later are few and far between. Most true #1cs are top 10, even top 5 picks. Look at the D. Way more come from later in the draft. Way more werent hyped to be #1 d and developed that after being drafted. Late bloomers on d are more common. So thats why i say it will be easier to find a #1d even without a top 10 pick... where at centre we swung our swing on kk
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    LD a joke? I don't think so. Kulak is solid, Mete is still very young but improving. But the question is whether we can make do with three #2/#3 defencemen on the left side, without a real #1 LD, similar to how Julien has four fairly equal lines. My bigger worry at the moment is actually on the other side -- when will Weber be back to his normal self? If he's back to rock-solid, those first two pairs are quite workable.
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    Yeah but is he willing to move a prospect with that pick to get a deal done? I don't think so, which is why we haven't seen any trades.
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    I think this is one of those games that the result doesn't match the performance. Minus the first 5 minutes where both teams were feeling each other out. The habs were the better team I thought for ALL but 3/4 minutes of that game and TB scored 3 goals in that span. Goal 1 was scored in the middle of the top slot. Although Coburn (a dman) does circle back to the point, he was not Webers man. Maybe it was Webers fault as he should of laid down and blocked the rising shot that was deflected by drouin stick... sarcasm Goal 2 on the PP. Weber goes to help Lehkonan in the corner. Lehk falls down loses the battle in the corner and they rotate the puck to the point and across to stamkos... Maybe Weber should of magically got out of the corner to get to Stamkos and his sweet spot before he fires top corner. Sarcasm Goal 3 was a bad line change and on top of that TB's first pass out of zone connects all the way to our blue line where Weber does make it into position coming from the bench. He keeps his player wide and forces a cross ice pass on a 3 on 2 where Mete doesn't step up on the shot and is backing up with a 3rd TB player streaking/ splitting the 2 defencemen going to the net. Weber had 2 players there and neither scored as he collapsed to the net to get the streaking player. Maybe Weber should of brought a longer stick and intercept that cross ice pass on the 3on2 The point this was one the teams best defensive performances of the season. We needed to be better on D and we were exactly that. With that said, you cant give up the middle of the ice like that and not expect to get punished by a lethal finishing team like TB. And a bad line change after giving up 2 goals in a minute? UNACCEPTABLE! Weber needs to better for sure on the season overall! The whole team does though! But tonight, none of those 3 goals are related to his play on the night. As another note, we have all agreed that he needs help on the first pair. Of course, hes gonna slow down going into the tail end of his career. It's a inevitable. BUT, are we really blaming Weber for 3 critical team errors made in a span of 4 minutes that cost us against one of the most lethal OFF in hockey. And none were actually his errors? If so, this going to be one helluva long season on this thread.
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    If Kulak had scored a hat trick in the second we'd be leading. QED.
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    Analysis? Advanced? This is a forum of NEEEEEEEEEEEERDS! We're obviously losing because of Kulak.
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    I want to frame this post as the funniest post in the history of this board.
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    When you get down voted every other post for an opinion, something is going to be said. Bro, careful about chirps, you're the biggest nerd going
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    I've said it before... anyone who cries about being downvoted is getting an instant downvote for the post crying about it. They mean nothing, so suck it up sunshine and quit whining. Everytime you whine, you just encourage more.
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    Isolating a mistake and then making general statements about a player's defensive ability is sure to get tough a response. Kulak has been the third best defenseman in Montreal for a year.
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    Should I keep chirpin' Kulak or is your finger getting tired?
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    Down vote for saying Kulak is bad defensively. Kulak takes a holding penalty because he lost a step, Tamp Scores.... Ya
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    No dude, it's cause you're constantly pessimistic and antagonistic, and your posts about Bergevin are usually at best unnecessarily exaggerated, or at worst grossly uninformed. The anti-Bergevin shtick probably worked for you when the team was shit for a season. Since then most fans have been happy with the team's progress and the job Bergevin has done with the rebuild/retool. So you can keep on proudly conducting the Bergevin-Hate train that most Habs fans have stopped riding, but your pettiness towards those of us who are enjoying this team is tiresome.
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    Its been 5 games... 4 of which, yes, showed these problems. Last season this defence did a very good job in their own end. I think we should give Julien a little time to see if he can get them back to that level. Three of those four werent issues.last year (the pp was). That said we have four pp goals in five games so far so maybe even the fourth can be solved. If you look around the league now... most teams are having a forward quarterback the powerplay anyways so its not a huge issue if we run our pp with 4 forwards and one of weber and petry on each unit. Yes mete has struggled in the 4 games. He also struggled at the start of last season but was excellent after his week and a half in the AHL. There is no reason he cant get back to last years level of play. While its true that the D needs a top pair LHD to be a cup contender. It can still be a playoff team with that hole unfilled. Playoff teams arent perfect. They have holes.
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    I'm pretty sure I know which two users it is... the two who complain more about downvotes than anyone else. That said, I truly don't care. Its like whose line is it anyway... the points are made up and mean nothing. If i could redeem them for something it might be different.
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    Put it on your wall. Maybe it will give you some inspiration
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    Stop down voting everything you disagree with, without an explanation, SWEETIE.
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    There has not been any trades because no one in the NHL is making trades right now. We have a couple of deals where guys cleared waivers and then got traded, but we have not had one significant trade in the NHL this season. Not one. There is a reason for that and its the same thing that happens every year. Big trades never happen this early in the season. Its usually around American Thanksgiving that trading season opens. That said, we've seen a couple that are done a week or two before that, so maybe you can look at the second week of November instead of all the way to Thanksgiving, but don't expect anything to happen now.
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    I am not talking about now, talking about last 2 years.
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    Bergevin has made more trades than any other GM in the last two years. Being afraid to make trades isnt a criticism that is fair imo. Oh and with the domi, tatar, drouin, etc... trades its not like they are all small either.
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    Its not being afraid to make a trade, its being afraid to make a trade for a top player because he doesn't want to give up top prospects to get those type of players. Oh and as good as Domi has been he got lucky on that trade. Also Tatar was a throw in he didn't even want him so don't give him full credit on that.
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    Should have known you'd be an "internet bully" with past users names about you. Cheers fella.
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