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    MONTOYA WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 more game with 30 minutes played to go. Edmonton plays 2 more back-to-backs, this weekend and next. I don't know why I'm this jacked to move up from ~131 to ~100 in the draft, but #### YEAH, 1 MORE GAME, LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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    It's the matchup that CBC was surely hoping for when this game was originally scheduled - Curtis McElhinney vs Charlie Lindgren. No Carey Price. No Frederik Andersen. No Auston Matthews. No Max Pacioretty or Shea Weber. No Leo Komarov or Nikita Zaitsev. What a captivating matchup this will be...and if you don't think so, the word matchup will be drilled into our heads all night from Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson as without so many star players, you can be assured that matchups will be the forced narrative as Claude Julien and Mike Babcock try to outmatch the line matching. Puck drop is around 7:15 and if it's the usual anthem singer in Toronto for this one, you'll want to keep it on mute until then.
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    I must have missed the memo when this was christened Andreas Johnsson night. Every time he touches the puck, the announcers are fawning over him. Even on Toronto's second goal, as soon as they scored, they panned over to Johnsson's reaction (from the bench). He's having a decent game but let's not get stupid here...
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    I don't want to risk an offensive explosion, but one goal would be nice...
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    Montreal Galchenyuk - Drouin - Lehkonen Scherbak - Carr - Gallagher Byron - de la Rose - A. Shaw Deslauriers - Froese - L. Shaw Reilly - Petry Alzner - Juulsen Benn - Lernout Niemi Lindgren Dallas Janmark - Seguin - Radulov Benn - Faksa - Pitlick Roussel - Spezza - Ritchie Elie - Dickinson - Shore Lindell - Klingberg Hamhuis - Pateryn Methot - Johns Lehtonen MacKenna Radulov with 9 goals and 4 assists?
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    Montoya starts today's game against Tampa. Need 30 minutes of solid play for a 4th. Then another 30 minutes of solid play to help The Tank. But first, 30 minutes for a 4th.
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    I know the tradition is that when the Habs win, whoever did the game day thread for that game does the next game until the streak is broken. I thinknin the spirit of Team Tank, whoever does the GDT for a loss should continue to do so until the next dreaded victory. Just my 2 cents.
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    Big week for MONTOYA WATCH!!!!!! as Edmonton plays 2 back-to-backs in 6 days starting tonight.
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    First off, welcome to the board. With regards to Laval, that's not on the table for him. For starters, he is ineligible to play there the rest of the year as he wasn't on the AHL roster after the trade deadline. He also has to clear waivers to get there (the GP threshold for ELC skaters signed at 21 is only 80 instead of the usual 160). He also has a European assignment clause in his deal if he was to actually make it to the minors. If this season is all about playing the youngsters now as many want to see, that will include Lehkonen who, at 22, is the second-youngest forward on the roster I believe.
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    MOTHER ####ING MONTOYA WATCH!!!!!!!!!! It's done. It's over. 5th round pick to a 4th round pick. Someone please get me a cigarette.
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    75 of those lost man games are Ales Hemsky, so they should be disqualified.
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    I am new at this chat stuff but am enjoying the Hab wisdom found here over the past week. Hopefully I learn the protocol and do my homework to avoid the correcting retorts. Having given that disclaimer to cover my ass, I have read a couple of references to something like, "if he was on a team that can score". Isn't that the point, the HABS need to be THAT team that can score. I agree with all the content and analysis, but if a guy will excel on another team that scores, it won't help Les Gorieux(😎) get better. I don't expect an answer to that except how can we get Molson to dump MB and Juju (BTW, great handle, Don). I am tired of avoiding the frothing Leaf fans after these embarrassments. Anyhow thanks for listening. Go Sens+Sabres Go.
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    Living in TO, I have learned to mute the CBC/SN "homers". They were like this when Toronto sucked, so its exponentially worse now.
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    Lernout made one hit but it was in the corner. Big Mike has been invisible except for sitting in the box. Hudon looks out of tonight as well. Just a good tank night.
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    Its Toronto media enough said.... They're just as bad as the Boston guys.
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    I wish Lernout would make this his niche. He already looks like an insane viking, and if he acted like one in front of the net I think he'd have a job in the NHL for ~15 years.
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    delaRose 6:51, most of the forwards.
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    Sens win and Wings lose, both now sit 1 point worse than Habs. All 3 teams with 26 wins.
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    Gotta cheer for something 🖖
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    Leclair was a monster in the playoffs in the last cup win. The following season, the habs brass kept moving him around too much. IMO the leclair trade was the start of a series’s of bad moves.
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    Mitchell played 78 games last season and at least some of the games he missed were as scratches. That at least covers the healthy part... In terms of healthy and productive, that's a lot trickier. Rod Langway maybe in 80-81 (45 points in 80 games)?
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    0 help from anyone else on The Tank. Buffalo, Detroit, and Arizona all lose. Chicago too, although I don't mind them finishing low since we have their 2nd. The worst part about tanking isn't that you're cheering for your team to lose, it's that you're cheering for other bad teams to win. Disappointment is abundant.
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    Remember when he was being shopped around and quite a few of us went on about how we didn't want that "fat bum" on our team?
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    I remember Chris Nilan talking about Vesey on his TSN690 show that spring. Vesey's dad is good friends with Nilan. Chris was dropping a pretty big hint that Vesey was considering not signing with Nashville, although Nilan speculated he would sign with Boston. Later after he signed with New York, there were rumours that Boston was in the mix too. I wasn't too surprised because I thought I read a rumour that Nashville was really trying to get Vesey to leave college after his junior year.
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    I am fine with a legal open ice hit which is not blind side, boarding, charging etc... not fine with punching someone who is lying on the ice unconscious. Was there an effort to concuss or injure? Or was there an effort to lay a hard legal hit and let the other team know it isn't going to be an easy night?
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    Thanks, its a bit of work on it, but its a labor of love.
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    I read the other day that 30/31 teams have already reached out to his 'family advisor' (also known as an agent but college players technically can't have agents). He's the prize of this college FA class. I wanted Schuldt last year and I still want him this time around. Robby Jackson (another St. Cloud guy) was at Montreal's camp as well and should draw some attention. (Jon Lizotte was the other from that team at the development camp but I wouldn't be surprised if he stays another year.) By the way, nice work on the annual College FA series on your site. Regarding Evans, Corey Pronman of The Athletic believes he's leaning towards signing with Montreal. Given the Habs' lack of centre depth, it's hard to think there is a better opportunity for him out there.
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    Quite honestly, using Pateryn's own words, and seeing the video from behind the net, you can kind of conclude he knew what was going on when he punched Shaw after he was on the ice.
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    It was distasteful to take pot-shots at a guy who is injured. There is also the question of the play in question. Pateryn punched shaw after he was already down. After the game, he said he saw his eyes roll in the back of his head and that he know he was unconscious. So there is something distasteful about that too. He knew he was out cold and still punched him. That's douchey.
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    Niemi is bad for the tank. He is playing great and I hope he gets a good contract out of it (not from us)! Lekonen will likely be in the press box with a performance like that - a la Carr I too worry about Shaw and he should seriously consider another career before his brains give out on him. As much as I want to loose so we get that high pick, it is great to see our young guys playing well.
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    First the post wasn’t going through on the iPhone, than 5 messages show up at once
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    He produced fine at the start of the 2016-17 season, in fact, that was his best run of production. Its mere hot and cold streaks, like every scorer.
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    I hope Radulov brings a dog onto the Stars bench.
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    i agree with that, filler player at best. There was talk of him as the #3 centre. I don't think he will ever be that.
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    Sherbak played great with Galchenyuk and Drouin before getting sent down. Gets called up again, plays third line role and does absolutely nothing....Gets an off shift with Gallgher during a game and scores a nice goal.... notice a trend? The coaching strategy on this team is so questionable. Sherbak needs to be surrounded with Talent, not grinders. Its the same scenario with Gakchenyuk. I think Julien hurts this team more than people realize.
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    New career high in goals for Gallagher.
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    I think he means that he doesn't care much about the games currently being played....clearly we all still care about the franchise.
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    Indeed. The young 'uns on this board probably don't remember the rumours that the Montreal Canadiens might be leaving town. I doubt these were ever super-serious, but just let that sink in. It was thinkable that the Habs leave town. That's how crap the entire situation was from top to bottom. Bergevin is an inept imbecile, but at least he had all the qualifications needed to be a serious candidate for GM. Houle was basically a beer-shilling PR man thrown into the job because Corey couldn't find anyone else on short notice after his panic decision to fire the accomplished Serge Savard. As bad as Bergevin's moves and non-moves have been, he committed no atrocity on a scale comparable to the Roy trade (imagine if we had traded PK Subban for Karl Alzner, now you're getting the picture); nor did he hire any coach as catalclysmically unqualified and moronic as Blueberry. It is difficult to overstate the sheer amateur-hour ineptitude of the Houle era, it really is. I like to read this thread thinking, not of the worst Habs teams, but the most disappointing Habs teams of my recollection. My ranking is as follows: 1. 2008-09. The 100th anniversary team was supposed to be the culmination of the Gainey rebuild. Instead it became a tire-fire, leading Gainey to launch the most radical reconstruction of an organization I've ever seen. 2. 1991-92. Team that led the league in the overall standings for much of the season crapped out down the stretch and put in one of the most lacklustre, impotent playoff performances I've ever seen a supposed contender put in. Deep problems in the room and with the coach, both corrected in spectacular fashion by GM Savard. 3. 2015-16. Team that should have been poised for "the next step" and which completely dominates the league for the first 20 games loses its goaltender and absolutely collapses. Subsequent decisions in response to this exposed Bergevin as incompetent - thus the season was the harbinger of doom for our hopes for the new regime. 4. 2011-12. Pretty promising, if imperfect, team craps out due to injuries to Markov, the complete evaporation of Scott Gomez, internal rebellion against the coach and GM , and the GM's farcical attempts to grapple with the mess. 5. 2017-18. The profile seemed clear: the Habs were a solid bet to make the playoffs and an equally solid bet to be an early exit. But Bergevin's asinine decisions, plus Price's mysterious descent into mediocrity, deprived us of even the modest pleasures of watching a non-contender make the playoffs, turning the year into the world's longest funeral dirge.
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    Evans said in an interview fairly recently (paraphrased), "Montreal believed in me when nobody else did." and had indicated he would sign in Montreal as Commandant noted. As far as pure speculation towards his intent, well... he's Canadian (from Toronto), so probably has no problem living in Laval like some American-born players might. Habs depth at center is so bad he might be the #1 or #2 guy in Laval next year, and could be a #3 center in Montreal the year after... so he's probably not going to get a better trajectory towards the NHL anywhere else. And by signing his contract this year with Montreal, he banks himself an extra year of a signing bonus. I'd speculate he has more reasons to sign with Montreal than anywhere else.
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    Memories of a soul for sure CC.
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    Price's mediocrity this season has been puzzling and, if I were the frettin' type, worrisome. It's almost an under-played story, because Machine is right. If he'd showed up, this team would probably be burbling around the playoff threshold and we could all still be fantasizing about some sort of inexplicable miracle run, despite having a garbage roster.
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    Worst team? Probably not. Worst to watch though...? ZzzzzzzzZzzzzz
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    I've always really liked the word "stupid" .. its a fave... but I'll withhold it here while agreeing with you. I honestly didn't know we absolutely needed a rushing defenseman.. but always assumed any team would automatically have one. But we traded our soul and as Aquinas and Aristotle said.. the soul is the act and ordering principle of the body. The mind over matter. We are lifeless things without our souls, abject objects not agents pursuing destiny. And because our intellective soul presupposes free will.. MB is responsible. He's set up for life so he wouldn't have endured a hardship in parting. We have endured a wound to our souls in his not parting perchance. What say ye soul brothers.
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    Radulov said he wanted to re-sign but alluded that he didn't like the negotiation process. Markov outright said he felt disrespected by the process. If Bergevin treated Radulov like he treated Alzner, Radulov would be a Hab. Full stop.