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    Wth, why blame Molson for having to cater to the Hyenas waiting at the gate every time there is an anglophone behind the bench. He is doing what he has to quell a potentially irrational media frenzy over the fact Muller won't be speaking french at the press conferences, no idea where you are coming from with your reaction to this, just sounds like you're spilling the haterade all over.
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    We proved that this isn't a mismatch. I expect a long series.
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    Well, for everyone who was cheering for habs to lose. The MTL slot would be where nashville ball was placed. ( alphabetic order ). So there you have it. Just a guess, unless the balls fell differently, all things equal, unless Nashville ball was out, MTL wouldnt have won the draft lottery. A 12.5% chance or into playoffs we go. You always go for the win and keep team going. There you have it, lets now all get behind our team! ( have a positive feeling about it..) very similar to the 1993 run in a different way!! Let get after it!!!
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    That's a dangerous typo on a Montreal message board...
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    If we had a 100% chance of getting Lafreniere, maybe I’d think the best long term plan is to fail vs Pittsburgh. But the minute Lafreniere isn’t guaranteed, what just happened is the best thing for the Habs and their development. This is good for KK, for Suzuki any young player. To feel like a winner. This has to encourage Price. Even CJ ends up getting a boost since he clearly out coached Sullivan. I’d even add that the players that didn’t play like Romanov, Fleury and Primeau gain through all this. Maybe not Poehling who might not see where he fits. Possibly not helping Domi any (tho - remember, as a 4th loner, his line mates may be Swiss Leaguers (hello Weise), but he also should be getting the softer opposition avoiding the Pens top lines. As the regular season wound down, I was fine with getting a top 10 pick. When the first round of draft order was set, I was thrilled with the shot at Lafreniere. But I’m convinced that the best case long term scenario has just played out. I’ll take the success over Crosby, Malkin et al over a winger that will only hit prime after Price and Weber are backups.
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    Winning the cup is more valuable. I'll take a 3% chance at the cup over a 12.5% Chance at first overall. Even if you get first overall it still don't guarantee a cup.
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    My Weber jersey was still on for his goal.
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    It's the MONTREAL CANADIENS It's the PHILADELPHIA FLYERS EASTERN CONFERENCE QUARTER-FINALS GAME ONE WILL THE HEROICS OF PRICE AND "THE TRIDENT" CONTINUE? WILL CARTER HART RISE TO THE LEVEL OF HIS IDOL? WILL THE HABS' KIDS CONTINUE TO BE ALL RIGHT? WILL THERRIEN COME OUT OF HIS FOXHOLE? ANSWERS TONIGHT! Forwards Tomas Tatar - Nick Suzuki - Brendan Gallagher Jonathan Drouin - Jesperi Kotkaniemi - Joel Armia Paul Byron - Phillip Danault - Artturi Lehkonen Dale Weise- Max Domi - Alex Belzile Defense Ben Chiarot / Shea Weber Brett Kulak / Jeff Petry Xavier Ouellet / Victor Mete Goalie: Jesus Price Forwards Giroux - Couturier - Voracek Laughton - Hayes - Konecny van Riemsdyk - Grant - Aube-Kubel Farabee - Thompson - Pitlick Defensemen Provorov - Niskanen Sanheim - Myers Gostisbehere - Braun Goalies Hart (Elliott) Lineup guesswork courtesy of https://www.broadstreethockey.com/2020/8/12/21363920/nhl-philadelphia-flyers-montreal-canadiens-claude-giroux-carter-hart-preview-lineup
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    Learn us some swear words ol’ wise Tom. 🤬
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    And he is from Kingston, ON. I am sure that he could have picked it up growing up. But why dwell on the past: Captain Kirk, just beat the zest out of the Flyers 🍋
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    There is a reason I am not currently the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens - let alone a respectable organization 😉 And it's not because I don't speak French!
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    Learn us some bench maneuvers ol’ wise cucumber.
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    Possible. But I’m more concerned about the loss of Julien’s bench-management savvy. Look at how CJ owned Sullivan in Round One...the experience and Cup record...all that instils a confidence in CJ I don’t necessarily have in Captain Kirk, much as I love the guy.
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    Folks who suffer heart attacks are often advised to avoid stress. That does not bode well for CH’s future as a coach, sadly. But more important right now is just that he recover and get healthy. I found the reference to Muller’s unilingualism in the press release really irritating. As if they have to apologize for making an Anglo the temporary head coach in a crisis..,Jeebus
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    Slow clap. Start a thread with inaccurate information, haha fake news has taken over habsworld with their garbage tankist views. Lies!!!
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    Not sure if an “injury” to a coach belongs here but I’m sure HW wishes CJ all the best and a speedy recovery. Looks like we will not get him back for the Flyers series. Lets hope the boys rally!
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    Complaining about biased refs for some reason isnt new, that is for sure.
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    I want nothing to do with him. One of those GM’s that throws stupid money at UFA’. Last year made zero sense. They pay stupid money for a UFA goalie AND use their top pick on a goalie. and yes. He fzcked yo big time with the vegas draft.
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    Even just hearing those words in a mocking, sarcastic tone makes me want to scream! There's a reason I didn't use the words "refs deciding the game" in my complaint! I did too, and I almost never get that excited or emotional watching games anymore. But the literally had me out of my chair. It probably wasn't really a penalty, but Jones' play earlier in the game DEFINITELY wasn't a penalty. His was literally a quick swipe at the puck with no actual holding. The fact that they made that call is why the no-call in OT is so aggravating. It's tough to know how to feel about that game. On the one hand, they were lucky that they got the game into OT to begin with considering how they were outplayed in regulation. But then in OT, they seemed to have the better of the play in at least three of the periods, which started giving some hope.
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    Caulfueld fell into our lap because of size concerns. Let’s continue to hope for the incompetence in drafting by other team’s so we can get a good player - great strategy. Kinda like anything can happen in the playoffs - let’s hope for the best approach. so we are essentially hoping that lots of teams make the same type of blunder as us, like when we drafted Kostitsyn at #10 in 2003 - which was one of the best drafts ever and passed on the following: - Jeff carter take a at #11 - Dustin Brown taken at #13 -Brent seabrook taken at #14 -Zach Parise taken at #17 - because if size concerns -Ryan Getzlaf the big centre we have been searching for 30 years and #19 -Brent Burns taken at #20 the only teams to make out worse than us in that draft was the horrible Atlanta Thrashers who took Coburn at #8 and equally incompetent Columbus who took The talented, but flaky Zherdev at #4 oh, btw, this draft isn’t nearly as deep as 2003. -
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    Post-Powerplay Goal? We had one of those in Game 4 that really swung the momentum...
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    As long as it wasn't Pittsburgh, edmonton or Toronto I am ok with rangers wining it. Wish it was us but as long as it wasn't those other 3 I am ok with it.
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    Beat me to it! Glad to see I'm not the only one who over analyzes
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    So based on assumptions if the Habs would have been in the lottery the pick would of gone to Nashville. The NHL dropped the balls in alphabetical order so having Montreal in there pushes those teams behind them back a slot. The fifth dropped ball would have been Nashville instead of New York. Just another piece of mind showing the Habs would not have won it. Pittsburgh not winning also helps. Now I haven't studied how the logo size on the ball would of messed with the weight or aerodynamics. Maybe pushed some balls ahead of others. I'll leave that to someone else 😜
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    Don’t have to keep him. If we moved Petry or Weber we’d have to get back a dman in return and I’d use Nylander or Drouin or even both to do that.
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    I can't believe the Habs finished another season ahead of the leafs.
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    Carter played two games. Only allowed one goal in each one but he also only faced four high-danger chances in each one. Price faced an average of almost 15 high-danger chances in the four-game series against the Penguins.
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    That's hog wash... They have had trouble signing UFA players because they've been sh*t over the years. That coupled with the inability to bang out or make good on 1st rounders for 5/7 years created this vacuum of mediocrity. Draft well and create a winning atmosphere with promise of a contender. Only then will players line up to win a cup in la belle province. Of course you cant compete with Stamkos wanting to stay in TB or Tavares wanting to go home to Toronto. But we will never be able to sign a Panarin when he has to guess who is C is going to be...
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    I’ll run with the underdog status all the way to the Finals. It’s a surefire method to solidify a squad against all the haters.
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    I believe he means when the picks are projected to be elite and your team is in the basement. Strategically selling for more assets/ picks while injecting youth into your line up essentially weakening the team and making you lose more without actually throwing games.
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    Team Tank as you call it doesn't want to tank every season, it wants strategic planning to tank in seasons with 2-3 elite players available ... like 2016 (Matthews, Laine, Dubois), 2015 (McDavid, Eichel, Marner), 2010 (Hall, Seguin), 2009 (Tavares, Hedman) ... no reason to suck if the reward is Yakupov/Murray/Galchenyuk ... this season is reputed to be another "good" draft ... as is the 2021 draft. Sure, there is no guarantee that you get the top players, but it isn't like the last 26 seasons been a rousing success with the "hope to make the playoffs and see" approach ... with an occasional glimpse at a chance for the Cup Finals (twice) ... I was good with that for a long time but finally lost faith ... even with a decent collection of prospects for the first time in many, many years I don't see the Habs becoming any more than "a playoff favourite and see" team ... I can advocate for a rebuild while cheering for the players/team if management is happy with the hamster wheel they are on.
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    I know we're all excited, but Kulak has had four strong games after a disastrous season. Be careful about pencilling him in as a sure thing. Czar may be close to a guaranteed NHLer but Norlinder, really? We should also be thinking about who is going to eventually replace Weber and Petry on RD. Those guys are playing unbelievable, but for how many more years - ?
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    If only. He was a fantastic contributor! A loss would have meant a 12.5% chance of the #1 overall pick. I don't favour losing a series in exchange for those odds, personally.
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    That is totally possible that the KHL is more defensive minded; and they likely dont showcase top prospects that will soon leave. It is a shame he didnt win top dman in WJ in the 2nd year. I've definitely seen numerous clips of him in situations where they're boxing out, and he's constantly looking around and then adjusting and moving slightly into the correct places to be able to shut down passing lanes. It seems like he always mindful and puts a lot of forethought into where he should be and what he should be doing in any given situation. It sort of reminds me of Nicklas Lidström who was incredible at knocking the puck out of the air when people tried to go around him near the blue line. It seems like Romanov has the same sort of stick skills with passing lanes and being able to interrupt saucer and flip passes.
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    🤣 It's been along time. How have you been? It was funny I checked some of my last posts and they were from 2011, and 1 of them was a discussion about Webers new contract with Nash, and what Subban would get. I chuckled about the irony of that now.
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    Sir_Boagalott, now there's a name out of the past!
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    As we beat Pittsburgh we will draft 16th or later (depending on how the Habs perform from here on in the playoffs) ... from NHL.com: Picks No. 9-15 will be assigned to the other teams that lose the eight qualifier series, in inverse order of their points percentage. Picks 16-31 will be determined by the results of the playoffs. So Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Florida, NYR and Nashville are in the second lottery (to be held Monday night I believe), with Toronto, Edmonton and Minnesota on the brink of joining them ...
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    Kulak is back to what I expected after 18/19, entering 19/20 ... smart, underrated, solid defensively and capable of an occasional offensive contribution ... if he keeps this up he makes it easy to break Romanov into the NHL gently, on the 3rd pairing ... and, perhaps best of all, Brett is signed for two more years at a reasonable AAV (1.85) for a 2nd pairing defenceman
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    And nobody likes a smug, insulting "winner"/gloater ... ***IF*** the Habs get swept in the FIRST ROUND one thing I will promise is not to take the same swipes at you and "yours" ... what's done is done ... hope CJ sticks with his confidence in KK and Suzuki ... wouldn't mind Fleury and Poehling getting into the lineup as well ... IMO Juulsen has just missed to much time the last two seasons to expect him to step into "playoff speed" hockey
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    Oh I spoke too soon. a couple posters couldn’t help but use their “I’m happy, but...” oh no, we get a chance to play playoff hockey and not a top 9 pick. cry me a river ya sad sacks. nobody likes a crybaby.
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    Go Habs Go! The icing on the cake of this play-in win is noticing the lack of comments from the negative nellies who believe a high draft pick is the only path to success. The foolish posts that Weber is on the decline, Price is past his prime and this team can’t compete even in a league of extreme parity. Draft pick primos don’t mean squat in a team sport when games get tight. McDavid hasn’t won a team achievement even though he’s a stud who lays it all on the line, Eichel is wasting away no matter how hard he tries to do it all and round out his game, and we’re seeing a pattern in TO of talent meaning nothing without buy-in (see Islanders, Columbus) and heart (see Habs). They’re playing like a bunch of Gallagher’s because of the bar set by him, Carey and Weber to do whatever it takes, be humble, carry a big stick.
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    And Now we know why teams are scared of Carey Price.
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    I am fairly certain I made a post about that in the original trade thread, something like that he might start to focus on his celebrity more than hockey, among many of the reasons why I was defending the trade. Of course I would have been down voted into oblivion
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