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    Montreal is winning this one. Anaheim is beat up right now
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    Thanks for the thread Will. On my way to the Staples Center as we speak. 14 rows from the ice. I've been meaning to try and change our luck by wearing my new Weber jersey during a Habs game but keep forgetting. No excuses today.
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    Let's see Pacioretty with Hemsky and Mitchell. If Julien is going to play that game, then Pacioretty deserves some 4th line minutes
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    Galchenyuk was understandably integrated slowly when he was just 18 and gradually built his game up until two years ago when he scored 30. Even if a bunch of those goals were scored towards the end of that season when the Habs were basically eliminated and therefore the intensity was at a lower level during those games, 30 goals is 30 goals. Last year he was doing great until he got injured. Now let's face it, he has been horrible (with a few exceptions) ever since. It's not the coaches, it's not his line mates, it's him. He's mentally fragile since and is not showing a high enough level of intensity and desire for the coaches to have confidence in him. I'm disappointed, because the fans and the organisation had a lot of hope that he would solve our problem we have had at center for the past 25 years or so. He just doesn't have the hockey IQ to play center. He either works his way out of his funk, which I now have doubts that he's able to, or we move on and trade him, which is what I would do if we could get decent value. If not, let's stop trying to find who's responsible for his poor quality of play, HE is responsible. Let him play wing and hope he gets some confidence back and leave him alone.
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    Coaching change? His offense has dried up because the effort isn't there. He takes the majority of his shifts off. He's turned into another floater. All this blame on the coach.. what's CJ supposed to do? The Habs have been trailing a lot this season.. you don't give more ice time to minus players.
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    It's true .. I read the police reports...
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    The Montreal Canadiens continue their Caliornia swing and look to cap it off with a much needed victory. Yours truly will be attending the game and is therefore attempting anything to try and help them snap out of it and pull the win off. With Price in net, this is a winnable game although the Habs tend to not have much success in California. Anaheim won last year's meeting in California by a score of 3-2 in a rather close encounter. As far as I know, one of the storylines of the game is that Ryan Getzlaf continues to be nursing an injury and will therefore be out of the lineup. The Habs have a shot here. PROJECTED LINEUPS MONTREAL CANADIENS Pacioretty - Drouin - Galchenyuk Lehkonen - Plekanec - Hemsky Byron - Danault - Shaw Hudon - De La Rose - Gallagher Mete - Weber Alzner - Petry Morrow - Davidson PRICE Montoya ANAHEIM DUCKS Cogliano - Rakell - Silfverberg Ritchie - Vermette - Perry Wagner - Grant - L. Shaw Kerdiles - Rasmussen - Boll Fowler - Manson Beauchemin - Montour Megna - Holzer GIBSON Berra Lineups are not absolutely confirmed but two additional things to note are... 1) The hot start of Andrew Cogliano on the Ducks. Can he keep it up tonight? 2) Gallagher's presence on the 4th line. I'm assuming he spent some time there last game but he also took a puck to the hand (again) last game and hopefully there's not too much to that story.
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    I could only watch snatches of this one, but it sounds like the kind of game a team has when it's starting to come out of a slump. Both MaxPac and Galy seem to have been involved, and they are keys to the offence. Normally I would say, 'OK, this team is on the cusp of rattling off some wins.' What's confusing is the 6 GAA. If our bottom four D is really as bad as it's looked for most games this season, then this may be the fly in that particular ointment. Even IF the offence comes, this looks like a group that will suffer inconvenient breakdowns on a regular basis. Price simply has to revert to vintage form or this bunch is doomed; and even Price circa 2015 may not be enough. But for the sake of optimism, I'll nonetheless stick to the claim that the Habs are going to start putting together some kind of winning streak (maybe 4-5 games) within the next couple of outings. (In a weird wzy, though, I hope not, because Bergevin is a fraud who should be fired, and a nice recovery will allow Molson to keep swallowing his BS).
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    To the point where they are at less than half the level of the worst team in NHL history. No, thats not the explaination here. I'm not buying that this team has half the talent of the worst team in NHL history. And takes far worse shots than them. Sorry that makes no sense. Especially when you look at shot location charts and heatmaps and you see that they are an average NHL team in shot location... and then you look at basically the same roster and you realize that they have been middle of the pack every year for 5 years now. Rationalizing that this is the real team, and not some weird aberration of unlucky shooting in a small sample size just doesn't match with the facts. This team wasn't the greatest team of all time when they were 10-0-1 last year with a 110 PDO They aren't the worst team of all time with a slow start this year with a 90.9 PDO. Things evened out last year with a long midseason slump that kept the club from being a 120+ point club.... somehow i don't think this is an 85 points and below club either. And Jeez, people are angry.... constant downvotes....
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    I can’t watch this team anymore. I’m done until something big happens. It has gotten so far past one player like Galchenyuk or Patches scoring. It’s done. It’s almost too late to fire Bergevin. Should have been fired the minute he came to Molson with the Subban deal. Bergevin: Hey boss I’m thinking of trading Subban for Weber straight up. Molson: you’re fired!! thats exactly how it should have went.
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    Yes..lack talent. Defence is not very good. No decent centres. Face offs are killing them. Lots of perimeter shots padding the shot clock. I said they are not as bad as this but they are not going to turn into a great team. The shooting percentage will get better, but I don’t see the defence improving much. You know what gets you a low shooting percentage? A team always behind that lacks finishers, but is blasting away trying to get back in the game.
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    Benn has been warranted this year. Petry, it is irrational hate IMO.
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    1) I have an idea, there is one poster here who has been downvoting me 2-3 times per day every day since i called him out. What a pathetic and petty little man. But honestly I don't give a shit about my number, I only called him out cause he downvoted everyone in that thread, including you. 2) The third pair has been a disaster. The only one who has looked decent on that pair is Davidson.
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    8PM MT here, son has hockey at 6:45AM tomorrow. Bah, late games are the few games I can watch in peace.
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    But but but....he doesn't speak french....the HORROR! Seriously, if Molson doesn't grow the balls to hire the best GM and coach availiable regardless of language, and tell the insecure Francos to go F themselves if they don't like it, this team will never have the sort of resurgence the Leafs are experiencing right now.
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    This team's shooting percentage right now is less than half of the worst shooting percentage in NHL history. Its not sustainable. They weren't the best team of all-time when they were 10-0-1 last year on an unsustainably high shooting percentage. They aren't a terrible team now, when they are 1-5-1 with an unsustainable low shooting percentage. Things will even out.
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    My perspective is that you're punishing yourself more than the organization when doing this. There's still going to be enough people who buy product or attend games. Especially people who have no idea about the current state of affairs in the NHL standings. One thing I will say somewhat on topic is that fans have complained about losing some of our best players in the past and then others want to rebuild by getting rid of our current stars. Trading Price? I mean, how is that actually going to help us in a 1 for 1 deal? One player isn't enough either way. Getting rid of Weber and Pacioretty will also have us longing for booming shot from the point and seeing Pacioretty go would leave us missing a player with his release. The Habs are missing some pieces but it's not clear exactly where they fit in the standings. Are they actually a bottom dweller? I don't think any of our recent hot starts would have happened with this October schedule anyway. We never win in California (1st time playing there in October in recent memory) and have played the Hawks, a Leafs team with a decent start, Washington and New York who despite their weak start, seem to have the mental edge on the Habs as we speak.
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    Yes. Pretty much since Corey forced the chelios trade to increase the québécois content. We were lucky to win another cup (most teams don’t recover from a horrible trade like that - we had a lot of depth than - unlike now when we have dumped Subban and Markov in successive years). Corey’s next move led to the dark ages and that’s the same vibe I get under MB and the ball-less Molson.
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    Bergevin if this keeps up any longer
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    Set Galchenyuk up on the right and let Drouin do the rest. The goals will come. Hudon-Drouin-Galchenyuk Pacioretty-Danault-Lehkonen De La rose-Plekanec-Gallagher Mitchell-Shaw-Hemsky/ Byron Flip the script here. Team needs a shake up
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    The lack of hockey sense at the highest level can be mind boggling. Makes me miss Markov
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    4 on 2, and 3 Habs skate to nowhere and give the puck carrier no options. This team's offensive zone identity is a newborn fawn learning to walk.
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    Sharks score right after I was going to jinx Price for starting off strong and Drouin roofs it 16 seconds later to tie it... 1-1
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    Reusch note; Mete was 5 months old the last time Habs won in SJ. http://intentionaloffside.com/?p=44645
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    I'll be at the games in Los Angeles and Anaheim so although I'd like to see a win tonight..... I'll probably be lucky enough to see Montoya's first start of the year, and he'll likely be facing Quick since Kuemper played their last game. I vote for Price to play this whole swing. I can almost guarantee a loss tomorrow if what I said is the case. I've been going to the SoCal games for 4-5 years now and have yet to see a win. I've believed in the Habs during other runs as well. It's all about perspective. As I keep overstating, this is the first year I can remember having my doubts about the Habs and their chances and yet obviously other people felt the same way I do now, last year, and the year before that, etc. And technically they we're right. I just find it interesting to hear the same noise when the tabloids say things like "and people are already calling for heads after 4 games". I hear that, but the 4 games is only a small sample size if the eye of the beholder can see light at the end of the tunnel. I have in the past, while those same things were being said. This time I look at that comment differently. I'm not sure it means I'm right one way or the other though. Some people truly believe we have a contender this year and some people truly felt we had one last year and some people felt the same ways in 2008, 2010, 2015, throw other years in between. Others didn't, like yourself in 2010, which admittedly saw us outplayed by that same Washington team, and they would have been right. With that being said, it does not mean that the Habs truly did not have close to as much of a chance as San Jose or Washington. I get what you are saying but similar to the fact that there can be certain types of players who excel in the playoffs or the regular season, there can be teams as well. The Habs have generally had teams filled with players like Gionta, Gill, Moen, Gomez etc. These are players who have won rings before and can exhibit veteran leadership and experience in the right moments. The Sharks and Capitals have all star players who have never won anything at the NHL level. At a certain point this mental barrier becomes a hurdle and so while I agree that San Jose and Washington have had more top end talented teams, I'm not so sure they've rightly been labeled as higher favorites than the Habs. In the end, they have made the final recently which is more than can be said for us. This year I would peg Washington as a higher favorite than us to win the cup, but I would probably place them 3rd favorite in the East, let alone the entire league. I don't think that correlates with skill compared to other teams and rather this mental barrier I alluded to due to much of their core and coaching staff remaining intact.
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    Letting a first line winger walk because he wants a bit too much money. Now we have a bit too much money to spend...
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    It's an interesting dilemma to be a Sharks fan. That team, along with Washington, have been contenders and semi-contenders for almost a decade. Certainly I'd rather have been in that position than watch the Habs flail around pointlessly with lateral moves and bad management under Bergevin or bomb out under Gainey and The Goat. But there has to be something so infinitely painful in seeing a team stacked with legit star talent crap out in the playoffs year after year after year. I'm still scarred by the bait-and-switches of 2008 and 2015, where it looked like we had a team on the cusp, only to have it all crash down again. Imagine going through that every frigging season!!!
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    He didnt float in the playoffs. He had the most shots in the series (either team) and was a huge positive possession player... just could not score.
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    I've been struggling with offensive explosions recently. Diet?
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    I wonder if he's taking a look at de Haan. He's a rental blueliner but he'd help stabilize the left side and provide a hedge in case Mete falters as the season progresses.
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    If only Habs had of drafted Lidstrom instead of Eric Chouinard, then grabbed Datsyuk instead of Mike Riberio, could of had Zetterberg the next year instead of Buturlin and got the #1 pick in 2005, if he had we would be on cup #27 or 28 by now.
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    They put him at centre and he tore it up. Played his ass off and scored 30 goals. He was rewarded for his hard work and results by being demoted. He is simply not the type of player that CJ likes. If CJ could have 23 Plekanecs on the team he would. Chuck is not blameless but the majority of this belongs at CJ's feet.
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    Just an opinion, but I 100% blame Chucky. Nothing is given in the NHL. You have a bad week you likely get less playing time. You gotta play out of it. He didn't like being on the fourth line? He should have performed to get off of it. His start to this season has been brutal. He seems uninterested, lazy. You don't get back to the top line playing like he is. Want to be a Center? Dominate on the wing. Win some face offs when your Center gets tossed. He doesn't do either. He's making it too easy on the coaches to play him where they are. He's one of the most talented players on the team. His play needs to reflect his talent.
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    I lay most of the blame at the feet of the Habs organization! Chucky had 30 goals playing at center, and suddenly he's not good enough to be a center. They've moved him around so much, that the kid doesn't know where to play anymore. Once again, the Habs will ###### up a good young player and he'll end up being traded away!
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    22:26 for Mete, I think he even had a couple chances to score, 6 blocked shots also. Benn had least icetime of the 6, proper thing and again would prefer to see him sit and Davidson play with Schlemko (if one of the can play right d OK?) Great to see Galchenyuk with sweet shot and Drouin get 2pts. Only gave up 22shots... .save percentage of 818% and Priced earned that shitty stat.
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    It's honestly a joke with Galchenyuk. Pacioretty has done absolutely, but you'd never see him playing on the fourth line. Say what you want, it's bad coaching.
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    I noticed that too, and also found it strange. If the kid has an issue with confidence, that goal would have put the wind in his sails. Assuming that the objective is to get him on track offensively, surely that's the moment to empower him with big minutes and top linemates? What gives? On another note, it's amazing to me to read the amount of anti-Price sentiment all over the web from Habs 'fans.' The failure of fans to appreciate superstars when they have them never ceases to bemuse me. I saw it in Van for years with the Sedins, and I even saw it with Roy all those years ago. Dumb.
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    Son of a bitch. Again dominate the game.
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    The rational side to me is looking at this period and thinking, "Okay, they're outplaying, outhustling, and outchancing them. If they play like this more than not, they'll win more games than not." The irrational side to me is screaming into a void, "JUST SCORE A GOAL YOU ####ING ####S!!!!!!11111"
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    There is blame to go around but I believe most of this falls on the coach. He plays centre for most of a year and scores 30 goals. The next year they tell him he isn't a centre and use him up and down the lines looking for the right fit. In comes CJ and now he is on the 4th line in the playoffs and now here we are again in a new season and he is going to be on the fourth line again... Wouldn't you be thinking "but I scored 30 goals when playing centre, WTF is going on here"? Teams need offensively gifted players that are offensively minded. He is not an all around player like say Plex no matter what they want him to be. If the vision for this team is to be a grinding, wear you down, trapping, dumping team then he doesn't fit. Why not try him at centre with Drouin on the wing? What have we got to loose!
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    Time to move on, friend. Let's get the thread back on track.
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    Well when you say it only to me then yeah, it is only being directed to me. To top it off you call me out for downvoting but it's ok for others to downvote me first and call me names but I get the criticism for responding in kind. Hmmm, i don't think I need legal council on this one. Open and shut case your honour.
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    Bull shit, lol. I disagree and I think you're the one with skid marks all over your face. Fancy calling me a child and baiting me and downvoting and then getting all bitchy when he gets the same medicine.
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    Statistically he improved year after year, and was close to a PPG pace before getting hurt last season.
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    Max Pacioretty's goal totals in the last 5 full seasons: 33, 39, 37, 30, 35. Max Pacioretty's center for most of that: David Desharnais, with a sprinkle of Philip Danault So tell us exactly again how it's the "same problem any winger has if they are in this organization".