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    Yeah, it's called acting professionally
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    He should actually have been even traded the year before after the team sucked in the playoffs, but definitely at last year’s deadline. But our idiotic GM was a moron and said his defence would be better with the pylon Alzner, than with the General Markov. he was also stupid enough to think we were a contender.
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    Fair enough...but being able to adapt to different styles of play could also be considered an aspect of Hockey IQ. The guy has been in the league 6 years. He's a young veteran. I have no sympathy at all for the way the Habs jerked him around or perversely refused to use him at the position where he was most productive, and where they were not at all in a position to be choosy; but at the same time, there comes a point where excuses are irrelevant, and you are what you are. I hope he realizes that he's not likely to get a better shot to establish himself as more than Martin Ruscisnky than this season in Phoenix.
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    It's funny how, in the NHL, we question the hockey IQ of a player who refuses to dump & chase and tries to be creative with the puck but never question Aaron Asham's hockey IQ.
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    Yes we have to give Bruce Cassidy credit for Jake Debrusk, Charlie McAvoy, and the Bruins who broke out last season. At the same time, he developed Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, Milan Lucic, Torey Krug, Johnny Boychuk, Tukka Rask, David Pastranak, Brad Marchand and a number of other young Bruins players while he was coach. He took over a bad Bruins team and developed them into a cup winner and perennial contender, and working with young players was part of that.
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    The guy is almost 4 years older than Subban Patch is a few months older than Subban. Its not the same comparison... come on Don... you know this stuff, its intellectually dishonest to suggest that its the same comparison. Two guys who have nearly 4 years of difference (and play the same position were compared) and now two guys who are basically the same age (and play different positions) are being compared.
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    What I don't understand is why we think Patches will generate more value on the market now, or at this year's deadline, than at least year's deadline, when he still had a full year left on a dirt-cheap contract. Wouldn't teams have valued a top-line goal-scorer for 4.5 mil or whatever it is for two playoffs and a full season, plus whatever they can negotiate beyond that, more than they value a rental? So wouldn't last year's deadline have been the optimal time to move him? Water under the bridge, of course, but it still puzzles me somewhat.
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    Indeed. MaxPac is precisely the kind of middle-aged asset which, when you are a bottom-feeding club, you trade for future assets. That's the only way out of perpetual mediocrity. What is the point of saying that MaxPac might be able to help the Habs when he is 34 and they're a competitive club again? Trade him for assets which can help us 3-4 years from now AND for the decade after that. If you love Patches, then you need to recognize that his 'window' to contend with the Habs was sealed shut by Bergevin's incompetence. The Subban/Patches era was a wasted era, sacrificed to the ego and stupidity of one man and his ignorant flunky Therrien. There is no point in clinging to its remnants.
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    I want no part of a long term deal. The 2 great years will be when the team is not in a position to compete... The 2 underwhelming years will put us in a cap crunch when guys like Kotkaniemi and Poehling are up for their extensions. Trade him, get assets, rebuild the club.
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    O, ok. I was gonna say...
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    Eric Staal is the exception, and his game is not similar to Pacioretty in any way. Look around the league... most forwards start to drop off at the age of 32 or 33, but if you want to bet a long term, big money extension on a winger who relies on speed to be an exception to the rule instead of being part of the majority of these types of players because of emotional attachments to the player, thats fine.
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    hey hopefully im wrong and the drouin experiment takes off year 2 and the domi deal turns out to be diamonds and mete juulsen sherbak lehkonan hudon evans and at least one of the czech Dmen suprise us all and MB claims it was the plan all along.... then he gets a D+
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    at the end of the day... MB inherited a team with a -future hart trophy winner -future norris trophy winner -future 4 time 30+ goal scorer -a veteran LD puck mover who would be press for all time habs D record stats (if not for 2 major knee surgeries and some lost seasons to lockouts) - a heart, soul and guts player like gallagher -plus and a 3rd overall pick... and he completly shi*t the bed! what he's done to move this team forward with those assets is what deserves an F and i believe with all that in mind, know body can justifiably defend him... sure he was able to sign radulov for 1 year but botched his resigning... sure he was able to steal danault... pick up byron.... but as well as his depth moves have been at times the real assessment of your body of work is with the impact players!!
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    Yeah, well...Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, Molson aint.
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    the FLQ tried that didn't work
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    Unless he wears #6 for Habs, then is opposite eh?
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    Holy...do you happen to also see some winning lottery numbers in that crystal ball 29?