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    Kovalev elbow on Tucker memorial month.
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    As a gold-plated droid assembled by a 5-year-old future Sith Lord before going on to have his memory wiped, get dismantled in a Cloud City, reassembled by a Wookie, and finally somehow acquire a red arm before becoming completely redundant to all subsequent events once said: WE'RE DOOMED
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    Armia is just a winger version of Eller, he certainly is a useful hockey player, he cannot be relied upon to consistently produce at a top 6 rate however. If we establish his role/niche, and let him play his game, while expecting a 3rd line player capable of several flashes of brilliance throughout a season, we will all be happy to have him on the team. I don't know why the pop shots at him, was anyone expecting the next Blake Wheeler or something? This is a big bodied 3rd line player with some hockey skills who can fill in on an offensive line from time to time. Double digit goals and 30 something points is about the max we can expect from him, and that is perfectly fine coming from the 3rd line.
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    Anthems should be banned anyway.
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    His problem is the 'Galchenyuk' problem - and I don't mean substance abuse, but rather that he still thinks like a junior player, trying to deke out the whole team single-handedly rather than seeing the ice, managing time and space, and using his teammates. At the NHL level this is a recipe for ineffectiveness. He's 23 and going into his third pro season...he's still young, but for him to still be trapped in this mindset is a bit unsettling. Some guys never do figure it out.
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    Lol this is getting a bit silly. Drouin just needs to get some confidence back and he will start putting up points.
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    From the NHL heights and weights article in the athletic. Habs are 2nd youngest team in the NHL (edmonton) Habs are shortest team and the lightest team Interesting facts... the league in general is getting smaller and younger. The average nhl player is below 200 lbs for the first time in 20 years. The average weight is the lowest its been in nearly 40 years. The average age is down to 27
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    And my uncle is a vagina away from being my aunt.
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    2-1-0 Record Scratches: Jarry, Oleksiak, Ruhwedel Injuries: None Projected Lineup Jake Guentzel - Sidney Crosby - Bryan Rust Carl Hagelin - Evgeni Malkin - Phil Kessel Dominik Simon - Derick Brassard - Patric Hornqvist Matt Cullen - Riley Sheahan - Daniel Sprong Brian Dumoulin - Kris Letang Jack Johnson - Justin Schultz Olli Maatta - Juuso Riikola Casey DeSmith Matt Murray 1-1-1 Record Scratches: Alzner, Peca, Scherbak Injuries: de la Rose, Deslauriers, Price, Schlemko, Weber Projected Lineup Tomas Tatar - Phillip Danault - Brendan Gallagher Jonathan Drouin - Max Domi - Artturi Lehkonen Paul Byron - Jesperi Kotkaniemi - Joel Armia Charles Hudon - Tomas Plekanec - Andrew Shaw Victor Mete - Jeff Petry Mike Reilly - Noah Juulsen Xavier Ouellet - Jordie Benn Antti Niemi Charlie Lindgren Team Leaders Pittsburgh Montreal Game Notes Goals Guentzel/Kessel (3) Paul Byron (2) Puck Drop: 7:00 PM EST Assists Evgeni Malkin (5) Max Domi (3) National TV: City, TVA Sports Points Evgeni Malkin (6) Paul Byron (4) Regional TV: ATTSN-PT PIMS Brassard/Hagelin/Simon (4) Andrew Shaw (10) English Radio: TSN 690 +/- Crosby/Kessel/Hagelin (+1) Paul Byron (+3) French Radio: FM 98.5
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    A lot of fans are waiting for the other shoe to drop. After the shit show last season nobody gets free approval. They have to prove that this team is for real. I'm not sure what to make of this team myself.
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    We've got pucks on sticks You've got no assists...
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    Chip off the old block there. No class bertuzzi.
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    Well! I'm really starting to worry now about what kind of draft pick we can get in 2019.
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    I'll never get a bus driver at this rate..
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    Now the bus driver I'd arranged to drag MB around Mtl for a week says he can't make it....I wonder if RONA will give me back the $38.16 for the rope?
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    Cleveland Browns must know the most about winning then...or your theory is not so good perhaps? Are numerous reasons 99% of draft picks #4 or later don't play in NHL in draft year, has nothing to do with losing being good for them. Go Habs Go! Battle of basement dwellers, so another on the Habs should have the edge in.
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    It's amazing what a couple of weeks can do. At the beginning of the month, Toronto had too many NHL goalies. They lost two on waivers (McElhinney to CAR and Pickard to FLA). Then their AHL starter (Kasimir Kaskisuo) got hurt. Now, Frederik Andersen is injured and they've been forced to call up an ECHL goalie, a throw-in they got in the Matt Martin trade this summer. Their NHL tandem until Andersen is healthy is Garret Sparks and Eamon McAdam. Suffice it to say, Toronto will be in some more high scoring games.
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    The pp last year was a lot better with petry than weber. I say give petry some time back there. It hasnt been great but 4 games is a little early to panic
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    Game four ... it's still pretty early in the season, but this team is a whole lot easier for me to like than what I expected. Can they still get better from here (this season) or will the talent of other teams catch up with them? Some very promising players (Hudon, Kotkaniemi) and others that need to improve (Armia, Drouin) but it's pretty early still to be drawing definitive conclusions, especially for players new to the organization and to CJ's system.
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    My wife calls him ‘cook and it’s yummy’
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    I think the general feeling is the the Patches trade was pretty good return (Nick Suzuski & Tartar) was a pretty good return, and still early to evaluate. That has nothing to do with the Domi trade which is too early to evaluate. If we make a killing like the avs have on the Duchane trade that would be good.
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    I am enjoying the 2018-2019 CH. I will be happy if they play .500 hockey this year but continue playing this way. The new D-D-L line was very good and I am glad on how Hudon is playing
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    Wont be the popular choice, but Kots is likely gone by game 9. Not sure if it’ll be Finland or Laval but he’ll be sent somewhere to dominate, get big minutes. With Kots, Poe, and Suzuki.. gotta be excited for the future!
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    I think CJ is a bad choice of coach for the direction of this team, but Kotkaniemi has to be sheltered
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    Tatar now has more goals and points than Pacioretty in three less games
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    Kid looked great tonight boy.
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    Tatar (2g, 1a, +3) > MaxiPad (1g, 0a, -1) so far also.
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    I hope you're right. But remember, he had a shi**y season last year and is picking up right where he left off. Until he actually starts playing well - if he ever does - it is quite reasonable to express concern about him. Beyond that, if he fails to become a legitimate top-line player, that trade will be sheer folly, just another case of Habs management crapping the bed on major trades.
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    As part of an article on The Athletic (paywall), there's a report that the Habs intend to sign Ryan Poehling as soon as his college season ends. No big shocker but it wouldn't be surprising if he's in Montreal's lineup down the stretch depending on how St. Cloud's playoffs go.
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    Easy. No more ceremonies, until there is something to be ceremonious about.
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    Well, without any more championships to draw from over the last quarter century, what the hell else can they use as the basis for these ceremonies? Jesse Belanger Night? Scott Gomez bobbleheads? Pierre Gauthier Celebration Night - ? Remembering the 'great' run of 2010? Holy slim pickings, Batman.
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    I expect this will be a running complaint all season. The lack of natural talent means we will likely see a lot of blown chances.
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    It seems to me that the CH's attitude this year is definitively better than last season. The changes made are positive and the players that are now part of the roster and the AHL/depth chart are going about business in a more positive way. "Five years ago, we had a core group of players that was a very promising young group of players that we decided to build around. And we did well but just not well enough. So this summer we decided to make some adjustments to try to get to the next level and so far it’s been a good start.” [https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/montreal-canadiens/geoff-molson-says-time-had-come-to-change-the-canadiens-philosophy] I believe that the team "hearth transplant" in now complete and that this new core group will get better and better as the prospects graduate to the NHL and there is a good infusion of talent.
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    I’m not thinking 30, but I share your thoughts about Hudon. Think the guy will hit 40-50 points
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    Obviously too early to get wrapped up in this debate already. With that said, Domi has looked great, no comparisons and arguments and especially rekindling of old debates needed, the player I see is a player I can appreciate having on this team. A playmaking version of Gallagher is exactly what I was hoping for, and it looks like what I am seeing at the moment, and if that's the player we are getting all year, I don't need to compare him to anyone I will just be thrilled to have him here..
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    As an 18 year old kid making the team, I viewed Galchenyuk as a player with all of the talent in the world but just had to put the pieces together to become elite. As a 24 year old young man, I STILL view Galchenyuk as a player with all of that talent, but he can't seem to put it all together. Watching Domi work hard and make smart plays is a breath of fresh air, and I can very much assume that his teammates feel the same way.
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    You were close, Weber finished 6th in Norris trophy voting that year while PK didn't get a single vote
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    Well, obviously he'd be acquired to play center.
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    Its the same bullshit attacks in the media we saw after Subban was traded.
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    Hey guys. I'm calling it now. Shea Weber for the 2016-17 Norris! What a trade.
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    Don't get too giddy-- Looks more like a recipe for the ""Hughes Sweeps"
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    No one will give you a top 4 for Drouin....he is starting to look like alexander dagel...lots of talent but can't put it together.
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    Someone forgot to take his Flinstones vitamins again ? Today it's the flu tomorrow treatment day and after that exhaustion...
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    Personally I think it’s Petry that needs to be dropped from the top PP unit and replaced with mete... And armia with kotkaniemi
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    You learn to win by losing in sports, you can see what type of character a person is going through losing more than wining.
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    His problem is he thinks he is entitled to be a superstar without working for it. That has always been his problem that his why he refused to go to the minors before. After 5 years of being in the league he has not gotten it. So I have little hope he ever will. MB was dumb to make that trade, especilly after he gave up Subban for an older defence man. It will take another 6 years to recover from MB