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    Let's hope it crashes and burns spectacularly
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    Nice to be back. Habs rookies and a poor offensive showing in the Rookie Showcase, name a more iconic duo. Sucks when most of your goal scorers are in Europe or in college, but I was hoping for a bit more offensive dominance from the 1st rounders and 2nd year AHLers. Harvey-Pinard would have a contract off his performance here if the Habs weren't flirting so closely with the contract limit. Leskinen might need a whole year in the AHL to get used to north american ice size, but the puck-moving skill is apparent. Evans might be the smartest player on the ice in every game he plays this season. Really feels like Suzuki's potential will best be met at center, but that gaping hole at 2nd line RW on the Habs might be calling his name too loudly. Brook, oof... not a good first impression with the coach. And holy shit is Verbeek ever fast, but too bad that's about it with him tho. Just something to keep in mind: Bergevin made the Pacioretty trade last year on September 10th - shortly after the Rookie Showcase ended.
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    http://nhl.bamcontent.com/images/assets/binary/309033752/binary-file/file.pdf 57 players are attending training camp, and 12 players were already released from rookie camp. 6 of those players were Habs prospects returned to their respective junior teams (Harvey-Pinard, Fonstad, Hillis, Houde, LeGuerrier, and McShane), and the other 6 were tryouts. I know the rookie camp covers most of what they need to know about the junior level prospects, but I'd still be a fan of those guys getting a couple practices in with Julien and NHL vets before being sent back to their junior teams.
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    Gotta love this. https://twitter.com/CanadiensMTL/status/1173350228726095874?s=20
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    Small sample size with 57% of his shifts starting in the offensive zone. Also playing sheltered minutes against third and fourth lines. Hudon is also a career 54.7% Corsi (+4.6 relative to team), with 59% career offensive zone starts and playing against third and fourth lines. There isn't a whole lot of difference. Both have done well with heavily sheltered minutes but don't have the trust of coaches to do more than that.
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    I was hoping Bergevin would target Honka at last year's deadline. Undersized, but what does that really mean anymore Apparently, Carolina is another team that's interested in Honka. Are they just trolling Montreal or....
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    *meanwhile at the Defenseman Blackjack table* Bergevin: "HIT ME" Julien: "Marc, I have enough guys. You can stop now." Bergevin: "HIT ME, DAMMIT!" Julien: "Please stop." DJ Khaled: "Another one!" Bergevin: " You're god damn right. Hire this man! And HIT ME." fin
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    I have no idea why I clicked on an article about top chess players and how they lose so much weight in tournaments despite sitting the whole time but this actually turned out to be quite the interesting read: https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/27593253/why-grandmasters-magnus-carlsen-fabiano-caruana-lose-weight-playing-chess
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    The road runner and big bird would today be "corny" or "ives" and "robsy" Lame.
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    I'm getting a sign in issue where I click to sign in, but it stays on the login page and doesn't tell me if I'm in or not. If I try to sign in again I get an error. If I click off the page back to "Community Home" it shows me as logged in and I can post as before. However, if I close down my browser I have to go through the whole process again. My sign in isn't being remembered by my browser like it did before.
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    Last i heard Trevor Van Riemsdyk was out til november or december due to shoulder surgery.
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    As most expected, Gardiner had no interest in Montreal.
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    If the site is going to go down for awhile, might I suggest August?
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    "Please don't trade for Laine, please don't trade for Laine" - Nick Suzuki
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    Sure he said that but I doubt he really meant it. I doubt the owner is too happy paying close to the entire revenue the Carolina Hurricanes might make this year to a single player in the first year of his contract. Who knows though a smart GM wouldn’t get emotional about it and still look for the best deal available in any event.
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    so if Laine woud take what Neech said what about a counter of : to MTL; Connor to WIN: Drouin Juulsen 2x 2nd would that work? I would rather not give up Romanov. Being in same position next year with no "blue chip" prospect on LD seems like a major loss. (edit) a downvote for a question? when I am going of another proposal above?? wow ok! I must have offended some1 core. Sorry you and I are Snoflakes
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    From the Canadiens website
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    I'm not. Probably that Bergevin was offering something like $12M for 2 years. Gardiner has a bit of an anchor contract written all over.
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    Carolina probably didn't even want Gardiner, but they heard Habs were interested... I don't like Gardiner, but that's a really good contract. There has to be some back issues, those numbers make no sense.
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