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    And after staying up all night, the Beast is here. The hardest article to write all year (just cause the amount of time that is needed to put this thing into a coherent format). The Draft Grades https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/06/23/2019-nhl-draft-grades-lwoh/
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    Here it is https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/04/15/cole-caufield-scouting-report/
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    He did not "get dumped because he is a liability to his team". That's not true. He got dumped because his GM has mismanaged the cap and no one will take players who suck like Nick Bonino or kyle Turris, who they would rather dump but would have to include assets to do so (ala Patrick Marleau). A player who is an actual liability would need to have assets included with him in order to get another team to take on the contract. His value is depressed because of the contract... but it wasn't negative value.... the Predators got picks and two prospects. Obviously not full value because of the contract... but not negative value either. At least be accurate in your statement.
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    Maybe you got downvoted for smug trolling? There are clearly several factors in play here, including Nashville's cap and stacked D situation. We could also measure the trade by how many playoff series have been won by each team since then. Weber's also coming off a down year where he looked gassed down the stretch. That said, the Preds sure sold low on PK.
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    26 of my top 31 were taken in the first round. I consider Bob McKenzie the master at these rankings. He hit 26. I am now 2-1-1 head to head with him in the last 4 years. Sportsnet was showing quotes during the draft. They quoted our site for SIX different prospects. I'm buzzing.
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    A compilation of scouting reports on Caufield: http://www.habsworld.net/2019/06/habs-select-cole-caufield-15th-overall/
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    Flyers have a pretty solid D corps now, but need help up front, so Gostisbehere is expendable. This Flyers site proposes the Flyers asking for Drouin in trade (yes, please): https://www.phillyvoice.com/nhl-rumors-flyers-trade-shayne-gostisbehere-montreal-canadiens-listening-calls/
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    I'm OK to be a bridesmaid on this one, especially if it's $10M+. I really just want a quality defenceman for Christmas!
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    I have to think scouting US high school hockey has to be a huge challenge. There are just too many schools and leagues to scout effectively.
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    72 pages of debate in this thread alone plus the countless times it cropped up in others, and it all ends up with Nashville sending him away in a cap dump. We can now officially put this baby to bed. The end
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    He's small but the Habs need scoring in a big way. Caufield can do that. (And he's a right-hand shot, something they don't have much of in the pipeline as well.)
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    I don't think you pick Ryan Suzuki just because his brother is with the Habs. Sometimes brothers work out (Maurice and Henri Richard), sometimes they don't (Sergei and Andrei Kostitsyn). You only pick him if he is the best player available when their turns comes up.
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    It only makes sense. Commandant said it best last year. Always take bpa. Always. If your group can't decide on a bpa. Or there isn't enough difference between the available players, positional need can be added as a factor which would then make him bpa.
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    i think he likes wearing 92million bucks to practice
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    This is a big test for Bergy this summer IMO. He was in big for Lucic a couple years ago and Simmonds and Perry fit this mold. If he gives either of these guys a big multi-year deal then it shows he hasn't learned anything from his mistakes.
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    Carbonneau 3 time selke winner 3 time Stanley cup winner Top 2 way player of his time How is that a low bar????🤔 Zubov 2 time Stanley cup winner 2nd all time Russian point leader for Defensemen in the NHL. Hows that a low bar ???🤔
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    There are so few free agents I'd want to spend on. On defence now, its Gardiner and thats it (and I doubt he comes to Montreal for the media/fans we already discussed and how he was treated in the Toronto market) At forward its Duchene (likely going to Nashville) Panarin (Florida likely, maybe LA or New York), Lee (Islanders or Minnesota) Pavelski (age means he is looking for a contender, so not us). Nyquist (I'd take a chance on him to help the PP, but I wouldn't go huge money, similar to Tatar's deal). That's about it.... So at that point you are looking at trade options. My first priority would be a Gostisbehere or a Cam Fowler, or another mid-20s, puck moving defenceman for the Left side. If that is too expensive, then do the Armia/Mason deal again and get even more as teams are more cap crunched. I'd limit these to guys with 1 year on their deals, no Lucic. Crunched right now.... Vegas, Pittsburgh, Edmonton, Tampa (though the LTIR for Callahan helps), Philly (have 18m on capfriendly, but their RFA list is gonna cost a lot of that), Toronto,
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    BINGO. Its not going to end up subban for davies, santini and 2 seconds. It looks like it will be Subban for the cap space for Duchene, davies, santini, and 2 seconds. Cap space has value if there is a ufa out there who made it clear he wants to join you.
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    The thing is, yes Alzner's contract sucks. But given that we have 23 players signed and 10 million in space on Cap Friendly (as Lehkonen and Armia sign and training camp come guys like Poehling will be off our cap if he doesn't make the team and Weise and Alzner won't be part of that 23. So realistically we have ~13 million to spend and Armia, Lehkonen to sign and one defenceman to acquire. Bottom line, yes Alzner's contract sucks, but we don't need to be in a rush to do anything with it. Its not hurting us right now.
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    I think Alzner becomes significantly more tradeable after his signing bonus is paid NEXT July, but he'd still be a negative value contract and will need to be shipped off with an asset. Can also couple that with the 2021 expansion draft and give Seattle an incentive to pick Alzner. Ideally, the next CBA comes with a compliance buyout like the last 2 have, but I doubt it happens.
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    I wanted to make this year's Draft Grades column a little shorter than last year. That didn't happen. Enjoy a way-too-long column on this draft class: http://www.habsworld.net/2019/06/grading-montreals-2019-draft-class/
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    Wheeler is a Leafs writer, and it shows. Pronman, love him or hate him, is far more neutral. Wheeler had the Leafs' draft performance at "W" (and one of the best) whereas Pronman ranked them C+ ...
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    I suspect PKP is referring to Péladeau ... QC politics!
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    Agreed, which is partly why I was so surprised at the number of players taken. Not to mention how easily some kids dominate at that age, but that isn’t sustainable. If they were drafting kids out of Canadian high school hockey or even top-tier Midget aged players, we’d be baffled I’m sure that they’d gamble on such young talent.
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    A wild Card Some info https://lastwordonhockey.com/2019/06/20/jayden-struble-2019-nhl-draft/
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    Guys, come on.. Are we really doing this thing again? This thing still can't have objective discussion? Weber ended his season belly up after a very strong start, which is usually the case with any player who misses the kind of hockey he did. Some players don't even make it off the blocks as good as he did, they just stumble through the whole year. If you are going to try to use that to validate your self fulfilling prophecy that his impending implosion as a player, due to his age and speed, is upon us, you will very likely end up being wrong, and still have several years to wait before you can jump for joy on the I told you so's. P.K Subban, was and still is, an incredible force on any D, yes he had a down year, yes he makes too much money to play on a second pair on a team trying to contend while dealing with self inflicted cap issues. No, this trade is not his fault as a player, he has delivered the merchandise in Nashville since his trade, he was dynamic, hard to play against, showed up every game and put up solid numbers. His trade today was not a weird victory for us on the trade which sent him to Nashville, it is literally a festering over spending issue that has taken place in Nashville needing an antidote before it all starts crumbling. In my estimation, Poile has to take the blame for the Subban trade, not Subban, salary cap hits for Turris and Bonino a long with impending salary cap jumps with Josi, have forced them to make an unpleasant sacrifice of Subban and his salary. There, I didn't even struggle to write that, just spoke truthfully, and what was on my mind, objectively, about the 2 situations. So I ask you guys, honestly, what the heck is so damn hard about it? Surely enough time has passed for everyone to be thinking clearly on the matter by now, to be able to see how very good these 2 guys are and how they are assets to any team they play for.
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    Weber's a good player, so obviously the Habs are better with him than without him. He did finish the year poorly, however, after missing a big chunk. So he had maybe a third of the season where he was the top player we need him to be. PK was a part of more playoff success before and after The Trade than Weber ever has been, and has good playoff numbers to back that up (along with some huge goals). Unfortunately, Shea has only made it out of the first round three times in his 14 year career. Let's hope he can become Captain Clutch in his mid to late 30's (gulp).
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    To be fair, I would down vote this post as well if I argued for 3 years about how bad of a trade it was and it skewed my whole opinion about the organization. It sucks being wrong I imagine How about our Captain Daddy Weber being on stage with management announcing our first round pick? What a great moment!
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    DIVERSITY! Oldest in the draft 2019: 1. Arsen Khisamutdinov (21) 4. Rafael Harvey-Pinard (20) Tallest in the draft 2019: 3. Kieran Ruscheinski (198 cm) Shortest in the draft 2019: 1. Cole Caufield (170 cm)
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    Simply looking at some of the rankings, this doesn't feel like an off-the-board pick. 5 magazines had scouting reports on him - snippets are in here: http://www.habsworld.net/2019/06/day-2-of-the-2019-draft/
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    Idiots on sportsnet don't even tell us what the trade was. Inferior to tsn.
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    Congratulations commandant. You are right up there with the best!
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    I like this pick. There was probably a few other guys I would've considered, but this is a good "swing for the fences" kind of pick IMO.
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    The Internet has killed a lot of the high-quality in-depth journalism. Pay sites like the Athletic are a way for good journalists to make a living. I subscribe to the Athletic, to Autosport and three different newspapers. And it’s all for longer content, not the snippets you get on most free sites.
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    Here's hoping he turns out like Martin St. Louis
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    Me April first. Since then I though of him as unrealistic. He’s TOO good for 15. He’s a Hab.
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    Caufield it is.. Scorer, risk / reward pick Pure scorer , elite level with potential shortcomings... but that's the draft.. Maybe huge pick for the habs: ( as just posted I thought Krebs would have been it, more complete safe pick ) but hey don't mind this pick either, had to be one of the 2. Both final rankings consensus top 10! " ....USNTDP teammate Jack Hughes said: “His shot can find the smallest openings. He can catch a pass, with no stick handle, and put it bar down. You give him two good looks, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll score on one. He has a drive to score every game. If he’s not scoring he’s pissed.” "...project Caufield to be a star NHL winger due to his world-class shot, his elite hands and his great hockey sense. He should be a regular on the goal-scoring leaderboard in the NHL..." full article from athletics: https://theathletic.com/984647/2019/05/29/pronman-why-you-shouldnt-underestimate-prospect-cole-caufield/ USNTDP winger Cole Caufield scored 72 goals in 64 games this season between the USHL, NCAA and international play, so he obviously merits some consideration as a top prospect. One of the best goal-scorers to become eligible for the draft in recent years, Caufield is No. 5 on my draft board. The Shot You are going to be shocked by the assertion that I believe a 72 goal scorer has a pretty good shot. Now that we’ve gotten past that drama, let’s delve into that part of his game. Caufield’s shot is special because of his wrist shot. “My shot is quick. My release is very quick, it fools goalies at times,” Caufield said. “I also think it’s very accurate. I can put pucks in places that nobody else can in my opinion.” It’s hard to argue when you see the tape. Caufield scored some absurd goals this season. Picking corners where he gave goalies no chance. The two goals he scored this season that always come back to my mind both came from the February U18 5 Nations tournament. This first one versus the Czech Republic is an incredible snipe. It almost seems like the puck teleports from Caufield’s stick to the top left corner. How quickly and accurately that puck comes off his blade is unique. It’s shots like this that led to Caufield getting an 80 grade on his shot. The goalie had no chance to make this save. Then there was this shot versus Sweden. Caufield gets the puck in a tight spot, with a large goalie blocking most of the net except for a few inches in the top corner. His shot is so quick I can’t even see it go in. I had to ask him after if it went top corner (it did). Picking a corner isn’t novel, but to do it at that angle, with that little space, and to have it go in as quickly as it did is another example of a special shot. Goalies are never safe, as he can snipe a corner when they least expect it. And he can snipe when in stride Plus he can score in a variety of ways. He gets hard goals in the paint. He’s good for regular breakaways. And he has a good one-timer. But his wrist shot is what makes him unique and is why Caufield is such a dangerous goal-scorer. Puck Skills Figuring out what to make of Caufield’s skill level was a two-year endeavor for me. There were stretches where I didn’t see anything particularly special about his puck game and touches, but I’ve grown to really appreciate that part of his game, giving his skill a 65 on the 20-80 scale, indicating I think it’s near elite level. “I’ve never seen purer hands coming through the NTDP. When he catches a puck, it lays flat. Every pass or shot explodes off his stick. It’s not the flashy dangles, it’s pure, it’s clean,” said USNTDP coach John Wroblewski. Caufield has the flashy hands to make the cute plays. And despite his reputation as a goal-scorer, he does have a lot of offensive creativity. “His ability to create his own chances is a huge part of his game,” said Wroblewski. Here are examples of how he can dangle opponents: But what makes his hands stand out is, as Wroblewski specified, how pure his touches are. Caufield’s handles are so crisp. Every time he gets the puck he’s moving the puck back and forth very quickly to either confuse defenders or get it into shooting position. He catches tough passes very well. Look at this play where he corrals a saucer pass in a perfect shooting position and launches it top shelf. Or in this instance where Caufield catches the puck while breaking down the wing, and without making a second touch and fending off a check, lets the puck roll up his stick into shooting position and then launches an absolute rocket off the crossbar from an awkward position. On this play, Caufield receives the puck and makes five incredibly quick touches with the intent to both evade a check and get the puck into shooting position. This is the type of play he made often. In this instance, he must make at least a dozen touches on one rush, while looking off a defender before firing a bullet off the iron. How quickly he handles the puck is very deceptive for a defender to read what he’s trying to do. This final play is a good summary of his puck skills. Caufield makes a dangle to get past a defender, doesn’t complete the play, recovers the puck, makes two or three quick touches to move into a good spot past a checker and the puck into a shooting position, and away it goes. Vision It’s easy to look at the 28 assists versus 72 goals for Caufield and come to the lazy conclusion he’s not a great passer, but Caufield sees the ice very well. He often executes seam passes like these, especially when he’s set up on the flank on the power play. But he’s also shown the ability to make creative plays where he finds teammates: I wouldn’t call his playmaking his biggest strength, but I think it’s a very good part of his game. “I like to have the puck. I want to make plays,” Caufield said. Often Caufield is the shooter on his line or on the power play. Plays are developed to finish on his stick so he’s asked to make these kinds of plays often. With that said, he has it in him, and if he doesn’t have a Jack Hughes on his line, he can be a driver with his vision. Skating Caufield is a good skater. He’s above-average and at times I’ve seen flashes of high-end speed from him. It’s an area of debate about his game among scouts. Wroblewski pointed out how often Caufield gets breakaways and how well he pulls away from defenders with his speed. At the end of the day, I gave Caufield’s skating a 55 grade, but it’s certainly a strength of his game. He’s probably not the most explosive 5-foot-7 forward you’ll ever see, but his speed doesn’t hold him back. The Inevitable Alex DeBrincat Comparison So the Alex DeBrincat comparison to Caufield is inevitable. I’ve had dozens of conversation with hockey folks the past year about Caufield, and 95 percent of them had at least a passing mention of DeBrincat. When I asked Wroblewski if Caufield could be as good as DeBrincat, the coach agreed, while mentioning he doesn’t know DeBrincat as well as Caufield. “I watched (DeBrincat) a lot when he was playing with Connor McDavid in Erie and I fell in love with the type of player he is,” said Caufield. “I try to model my game a little bit after him. He’s a little more feisty.” Caufield is a better skater than DeBrincat was at the same age and has more goals. The comparison is more interesting when you think of how they are perceived. There are some NHL scouts who are not enamored with Caufield. They claim he doesn’t drive offense at an elite level, he’s the benefactor of Hughes and he’s not an elite skater for such a small player. These similar claims were made about DeBrincat as he entered his draft season. I was particularly high on DeBrincat when he was 18, ranking him 15th on my 2016 board, which in hindsight was still way too low and a clear error. I saw good feet but not elite, a high skill level but also nothing special for 5-foot-7. I did like his elite sense, shot and tenacity. I didn’t like how he played at the U20 level internationally. The question then becomes does the fact Caufield is a highly skilled and quick 5-foot-7 forward but scores at an elite level circumvent any nitpicks about his game? Maybe history isn’t repeating itself perfectly in this instance. They aren’t 100 percent the same player, and their situations differed, but history is rhyming here. Production Caufield’s list of accolades is long. A 72-goal season for the USNTDP, destroying Auston Matthews’ record of 55 after scoring 54 in his U17 season. A six-goal game in the USHL. A 14-goal IIHF U18, tying Alex Ovechkin’s tournament record. Being named MVP of the U18s. Caufield scored 29 goals in 28 USHL games. Only 25 U18 players have ever scored more goals in a USHL season. A USHL season is typically 60-plus games, which the NTDP 18s don’t come close to playing. He was arguably the best U18 goal scorer in the USHL since Thomas Vanek. Did Hughes, his most frequent linemate, make Caufield? It’s hard to really do splits on how well they played apart because it was a rare occurrence this season. “Does Cole need Jack on his line? No. Look at his production right after Jack got called up from the U17s to the U18s last December. Cole rattled off two or three hat trick in January,” argued Wroblewski. Hughes is obviously a superior player, but there was certainly some give and take between the two players. It wasn’t like Hughes’ numbers were clearly better than Caufield’s indicating one player was lugging most of the weight. Caufield was only the fourth NTDP player to ever clear 100 points in a season, joining Hughes, Matthews and Clayton Keller. Hockey World’s Impression An NHL scout said: “Elite goal-scorer. I’ve seen him score every which way. He’s got quick hands, his knack for getting open is impressive. He’s got a bullet of a shot. He could play on an NHL power play right now.” An NHL executive said: “He’s obviously a top goal scorer, but the most important point is that he scores goals in all different ways. He scores goals in the paint, off the half wall, off rushes, etc. The hardest thing to do in hockey is to score goals and he does that. Can’t teach that type of skill.” An NHL scout said: “He’s the second best player on the NTDP this season. How many more did he need to score to prove to people how good he is?” USNTDP U18 coach John Wroblewski said: “His shot is so accurate. He hits so many crossbars and elbows in practice it’s insane. He loves the game. He’s got a smile on his face all the time. Our goalies love stopping him, but they can’t do it.” USNTDP teammate Jack Hughes said: “His shot can find the smallest openings. He can catch a pass, with no stick handle, and put it bar down. You give him two good looks, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll score on one. He has a drive to score every game. If he’s not scoring he’s pissed.” And what will Hughes miss the most about playing with Caufield? “Easy points,” Hughes joked. Cole Caufield said: “I try to find spots in the offensive zone that not many people can. I’m not the biggest guy, but I feel my shot and release are pretty elite. I don’t mean this in a cocky way, but I feel like I’m the best goal scorer in the draft.” Projection Caufield scored 72 goals this season. I’ve said it many times but it bears repeating. It bears repeating because it’s easy to pick apart his game. I’ve done it for two years. I’ve done it in conversations with scouts, coaches and fellow media members. And every time there’s a mention of the fact he doesn’t have the most elite speed or Johnny Gaudreau’s dangles, I would say to myself, “Yeah, but it’s a lot of goals.” When he had that six-goal game against Green Bay, I wouldn’t have called any of them highlight reel goals. But it was still six goals. It’s a lot of goals. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s a part of being human. You live and you learn. The learning being the key element in this discussion. You don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Caufield presents that opportunity. I underrated Alex DeBrincat. When I wrote about that mistake, I mentioned how an NHL executive who also missed on him said the lesson he learned was “don’t underrate goals.” I project Caufield to be a star NHL winger due to his world-class shot, his elite hands and his great hockey sense. He should be a regular on the goal-scoring leaderboard in the NHL. Don’t underrate goals. Cole Caufield scored 72 goals. It’s a lot of goals. (Top photo: Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
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    At this point If we pass on Krebs Caufield or Newhook I’m crying for a month
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    Please MB, dont take the token Frenchie, They should get one of Krebs or Caufield
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    This tweet is how doctors treat erections that last more than 4 hours.
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    Sit on your derriere for Lafreniere
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    I agree that a hudon swap makes a ton of sense. further, I’d like to acquire Ghostibehere, and one of our wingers (Shaw) is probably the best way to do that. Opening a spot for JP
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    He scored 54 points last year in 71 games... I kinda think he would have go 1-6 points if he wasn't hurt. Thats the season he's coming off of.
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    I wouldn't do that. I'd have a hard time justifying a second-rounder for him, to be honest. He has been brutal in Edmonton and it's not as if the Habs are in need of fringe players up front; they have a lot of NHL depth already. If I'm dealing #15, it's for an impact piece, not a lottery ticket.
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    Hopefully we aren't pressured into choosing a homeboy this time.
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    They use this seasons earnings... and then add an inflator. The CBA allows for up to 5% inflator. In the early years of the CBA it was simple... the players did the 5% inflator every year. This led to earnings not keeping up with the cap rise. The business wasn't growing 5% each year. This meant that escrow got bigger and bigger. Players wanted to stop that. The last few years have seen debates over the inflator. The teams are fine to go 5% each year. They know escrow protects them. If the cap is higher than 50% of revenues... escrow protects the owners. The players are the ones with the uncertainty as to how much of their cheque is eaten by escrow... some years as high at 18% on some cheques (and then they got part of that back at the end of the year). By reducing the cap increase, they reduce escrow. This also lets previous years catch up, and reduce the starting escrow percentage that has built up over the years. BUT, the PA can't agree on this internally. Players who are free agents... want a higher cap even if it means more escrow. With a stagnant cap, they won't see raises, and some might not sign at all, they will get squeezed. With a rising cap, the suitors for players go up and contracts go up even if escrow claws a bit of that back. Players who are not free agents want escrow to be lower next year. So the players have this internal fight every year now that they want to negotiate the 5% escalator and take something less than that.
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    This does make it more likely Ghost is traded IMO. Bergevin to Ghost right now.