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    Trudeau apologized, showed regret, and promised he'd learned since then and will continue to learn. His actions have backed up those words. Cherry refused to apologize, didn't acknowledge the problem, and is loudly steadfast about his unwillingness to learn or grow. Proudly ignorant of his own damage, or worse: just plain proud of his own damage. If Trudeau's response to being called out for black and brown face pics was, "Nothing wrong with it, happy I did it, everyone is overreacting" then he wouldn't have a job now either. The people who are equating the Trudeau and Cherry situations while not recognizing that regret and intent to improve are important aspects of being forgiven... man, I dunno... get help. If Cherry had showed up with Ron on Hometown Hockey and said, "I'm sorry for what I said, I shouldn't have singled out anyone. I believe all Canadians should show more support for our veterans, which is a cause that is very near to my heart, and I'll be better at wording that from now on" then this would have died by Saturday, and those of us who dislike Cherry on the airwaves would have to go back to the other hundreds of reasons why he should have been fired a long time ago.
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    Everyone has a right to their opinion. Sure. No one has a right to a million-dollar salary and a privileged platform on a prestige national broadcast. With that platform comes responsibility. And that includes not using that platform to spew hateful opinions targeting vulnerable groups of fellow citizens.
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    "I believe others can treat you improperly without any repercussions, and if you voice your displeasure you're problematic." "I don't need to actually consider a side of the story that challenges my preconceived notions." "Life is good when I don't need compassion for other people's strife." "I judge groups that challenge me by their worst persons because it's easy and makes me feel better for not growing." "Taking in information from many sources is a "bubble," ignoring others is what makes you truly free." "Don't shine a light on ignorance and hate, and don't fight for what you believe in. Just ignore it and hope it will eventually go away while they get the spotlight." and finally: "You being fed up with my uncaring attitude is the only thing I'll latch on to from this experience so I can continue to dismiss anyone who dares to question my world view." - a dramatic reenactment by We, the Privileged Many
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    Lol so it's the people uncomfortable with racism and xenophobia who have the problem, not the people who are racist and xenophobic? Just because you live in a bubble and don't have these sorts of problems to deal with doesn't mean they don't exist for other people. You just sound like an ignorant old curmudgeon who is annoyed that he had to consider someone else's viewpoint for 15 seconds.
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    No, your refusal to consider others' viewpoints is a symptom of your privilege. You've never had to and there's no reason for you to start now. On the other hand, some people have no choice but to deal with racism and xenophobia in their day to day lives. So hypothetically, there is nothing that a TV personality could ever say that would offend you or make you think they should be de-platformed? What Cherry said wasn't offensive to you, but it was to many others.
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    Lol, avoiding the actual points I made and playing the victim. The right would be proud of your aversion to substance. If you don't want to be called an ignorant curmudgeon, don't act like one.
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    Cultural appropriation was definitely not as big as a concern back in the days than it is nowadays. Everyone was doing it for Halloween. All kind of costumes : Indigenous people, black/brown characters or music/movies stars, Hitler, etc. Halloween was free for all, nobody cared. You can't expect the same reaction today when it comes to actions or statements that were made in 2019, in an era where cultural appropriation as been elevated pretty high in terms of disrespect towards individuals or peoples. Finding out in 2019 that some words were spoken or some actions were made in 1999 is far less controversial than words or actions commited IN 2019. That's the difference.
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    Happy to see Kulak in the lineup again for tonight.
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    Lets be clear on what cherry said. Those who are saying he got fired for "you people" are being disingenious. He said, "You people who come here, you love our milk and honey." There is no doubt who he meant... and that was immigrants. Lets also not pretend that this is the first time Cherry has shown xenophobic, bigoted, or misogynistic views on the air. The history is long. This is the straw that broke the camels back. Cherry was also given the opportunity to apologize. He refuses to. He has in fact doubled down saying i know what i said and i stand by it. As for the Trudeau comparison. One was 20 years ago. It is also something he has apologized for. Hes also shown in his actions in government to be supportive of diversity. That doesnt seem to compare to someone doing something today, who refuses to apologize and doesnt understand why its wrong, and who has a long history of these types of comments that isnt going away.
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    Your post sums up my feelings on the matter. The leftist cancel culture sickens me. That feeling is compounded when you factor in the double standard that is applied: when a leftist does something offensive, it's always brushed under the rug or at least minimized by the media and goes unpunished. A conservative does something equal or lesser, and it's an onslaught of false moral outrage and an attempt to destroy. Trudeau blackface: no big deal. Don Cherry states something he observed that doesn't mesh well with the narrative the left wants out there: destroy him. For the record, I'm not saying I want leftists torn down either...I'm against ubersensitive PC snowflake cancel culture equally across the board.
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    In the past 5 years, here are the Habs defensemen who have scored more than 5.5 goals. 1) Shea Weber (17, 14, 6) 2) P.K Subban (15, 6) 3) Petry [13, 12, 8] 4) Markov (10, 6) 5) Kulak (6) If one goes back 10 years we can add a bunch more to some familiar names 1) P.K Subban (14, 11, 10, 7) 2) Markov (10, 7, 6) as well as 3) Marc-Andre Bergeron (13) 4) James Wisniewski (7) 5) Roman Hamrlik (6) In the past 5 years 5 defensemen have scored 6 or more goals 4 defensemen have scored 7 or more goals 4 defensemen have scored 10 or more goals In the past 10 years 8 defensemen have scored 6 or more goals 6 defensemen have scored 7 or more goals 5 defensemen have scored 10 or more goals
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    Belleville Senators (6-6-1) visit Laval Rocket (9-5-1) tonight. Ryan Poehling should be back in action in Laval, assuming the traffic wasn't too bad this afternoon! https://twitter.com/RocketLaval/status/1194626726560772096?s=20
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    6-8-3 record Forwards Defence/Goalie Alexandre Texier - Pierre-Luc Dubois - Cam Atkinson Gustav Nyquist - Alexander Wennberg - Oliver Bjorkstrand Sonny Milano - Boone Jenner - Josh Anderson Eric Robinson - Riley Nash - Emil Bemstrom Zach Werenski - Seth Jones Vladislav Gavrikov - David Savard Scott Harrington - Dean Kukan Elvis Merzlikins (conf.) Scratches Adam Clendening, Nick Foligno (susp.), Kole Sherwood Injuries Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Murray, Markus Nutivaara 9-5-3 record Forwards Defence/Goalie Jonathan Drouin - Phillip Danault - Brendan Gallagher Paul Byron - Max Domi - Joel Armia Tomas Tatar - Nick Suzuki - Artturi Lehkonen Ryan Poehling - Nate Thompson - Nick Cousins Victor Mete - Shea Weber Ben Chiarot - Jeff Petry Brett Kulak - Cale Fleury Carey Price (proj.) Scratches Christian Folin, Mike Reilly, Jordan Weal Injuries Jesperi Kotkaniemi Puck Drop National TV Regional TV Radio 7:00 PM EST N/A TSN 2, RDS, FS-O TSN 690 | FM 98.5
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    Why, an arrogant & bigoted mouthpiece got what was long overdue. We should be celebrating the move, no?
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    Great play by Suzuki on the tying the goal. The Habs have now forced OT 4 out of 8 times when trailing after two periods.
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    2 point larceny. Get out of the building before the cops show up.
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    Don saying "you people" was meant to be "everyone" doesn't hold much water when the full sentence was, "You people who come here, who love OUR milk and honey, who love OUR way of life." Ya, no, that is definitely not "everyone." A shame the reporter kinda sucks here. Sportsnet not even asking Don to apologize pretty much proves they were done with his shtick long ago. I would have liked to have seen him get the chance. Saying "I would have apologized" is not the same as actually apologizing. You still can, Don. You don't need your show back to do the right thing.
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    The irony with the mr blowhard is that yesterday he was saying he stands by his word and wouldn’t want to be be on if he can’t say what he wants. Today he said he was going to apologize on Saturday. He should have been fired two decades ago. Still remember him calling a finish coach the dog food name guy.
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    If you truly believe that 'If you feel uncomfortable about what other people say, then you have the problem', then you've never had to deal with racism, or xenophobia, or anyone's bigotry infringing on your own life, and worse still, you sound close-minded towards people who have had different experiences than yours. Sure, and Sportsnet can fire him if they feel he's negatively affecting their brand.
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    Again you have to go to insults. the left will be proud of you.
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    Social media has given an amplified voice to diverse views that wouldn't have been heard in the old media landscape. Sure, there are strong and weak points to the 'woke' culture you bemoan, just as there are strong and weak points to small town Canadian culture. Each is a type of 'bubble'. If you truly believe that 'If you feel uncomfortable about what other people say, then you have the problem', then you've never had to deal with racism, or xenophobia, or anyone's bigotry infringing on your own life, and worse still, you sound close-minded towards people who have had different experiences than yours. That's why I said you sound like an ignorant curmudgeon.
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    If you feel uncomfortable about what other people say, then you have the problem. Life goes on, its ok to have a different opinion, im pretty sure i dont agree with Basu's beliefs and i could care less what his opinions are, im sure being "Woke" gives his life meaning same with trudauex and his apology tour get off your soap box, social media platforms , facebook and stop tweeting Life is pretty good outside the PC "Woke" social media culture
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    He apologized, Don didn't. Is that so hard to understand?
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    Thats fine. He could easily have said, everyone needs to buy a poppy. That would have been fine. he wouldnt' have gotten any flack for that. It was blaming immigrants as the people who don't buy poppies and don't respect veterans but want the canadian way of life that was the problem. He got into hateful us against them ideology. There also is the question, how does he know the people who aren't wearing poppies are people who "come here"... that they are immigrants.... is he checking their passports? The answer of course is that he doesn't know, he is assuming based on their appearance, accent or color of skin. There are major problems with those assumptions.
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    He's been consistently xenophobic in the past. In the 80s he was already ranting about European hockey players. And in this latest (final) incident he specifically called out immigrants for (paraphrasing) coming here for milk and honey and not respecting the contributions of the veterans. He could have made a powerful message about the need for everyone to recognize and remember the supreme sacrifice of the war dead, but he chose instead to blame the immigrants.
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    The cause Cherry was/is promoting is just as relevant, if not more relevant in a positive manner. When Cherry visits the graves of the fallen soldiers it chokes him up every time. He is passionate about the cause and does not have any select target outside of those who don’t wear poppies. If one happens to be an immigrant and wears a poppy, they shouldn’t be offended because he was not talking to them. Canadians who do not wear poppies now also think of themselves in a specific manner when they realize they didn’t support the cause because they didn’t wear a poppy either. I have to say, if I were a 30 year old immigrant in a foreign South American land and a voice on television was telling me that I should wear a purple and pink pin to remember a great cause and that immigrants like myself were shameful for not doing so, my first thought would be “where can I get one because that’s next on my list” not “fire that man”.
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    He actually double downed more then once to. He had a chance to "clear the air" and chose not to But to suggest that there is NOT a double standard being upheld, depending on what side of an aisle your on is just as disingenuous. And I'm not talking solely on the prospect of immigration. I'm speaking generally across all topics and ideas. Its sickening. I'm gonna stick with Cherry should of retired long ago. His firing over these comments was a very easy decision for Roger's Sportsnet. anyways this is an NHL thread... Politics should have no place in Sports.
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    I am obviously the minority of 1, I like Cherry and had no problems with his comments, he also was let go for those comments, actions have consequences. I'm sure he could care less about being fired and will have another platform. The PC police and selective outrage is just too funny, You are allowed to have opinions as long as it conforms to what the libs and PC tell you, otherwise you are labeled a bigot, blah, blah, blah
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    It seems as though anyone who is joyous about the Don Cherry firing already wanted him gone long ago. I haven’t seen a comment on here from those who are actually content which addresses the actual comments he made. I was fairly indifferent in that I watched Coach’s Corner a lot over the years, but would not go out of my way to watch it any more often than a regular Saturday night second intermission. With that being said, I don’t think what he said was intended to be overly offensive and even those who say that he could have chosen his words better are mostly saying so in order to not seem politically incorrect. From what I remember as a child, remembrance, or armistice day, was religiously engrained into our system as an important day to celebrate. Those who weren’t born here weren’t raised with that same mentality. While it is one hundred percent true that native Canadians also forgo wearing poppies, it’s only natural that a national celebration wouldn’t be as celebrated by those who weren’t born in the nation. I think Don Cherry was only encouraging those who weren’t brought up with that nature to adopt it and I have real life examples that would seem to confirm that it’s actually true that wearing a poppy wouldn’t even occur to some who weren’t born here. There’s nothing “wrong” with it or anything accusatory, it’s just a reality. I love diversity and constantly defend against racism. This wasn’t that.
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    With the way that Sportsnet cut people en masse over the offseason, they won't be hiring anyone for that spot - it would cost too much. (Plus, they're probably still paying Cherry's contract.) I wouldn't be surprised if Kelly Hrudey's second intermission segment after Headlines goes to there for now and then they'll spend more time after Headlines to shill for the next Hometown Hokey. Brian Burke, not Sean Burke.
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    My favourite is the "free speech" argument...as though Cherry is ENTITLED to a platform on a prestige national broadcast and a million dollar salary for spewing antediluvian gibberish. 🙄 F**king alt-right twats. Fantastic news that they finally dumped that ignoramus. He had his time, but that time passed 30 years ago. I will be even more impressed if his replacement turns out to be someone who isn't already part of that hockey media mafia. If they're smart, they will not try to replace Cherry with some lesser version of an ignorant blowhard. What I'd really like to see is a segment that actually increases our understanding of the game, like Howie Meeker used to do with his video analysis. How about someone like Ken Dryden? Or you could try a rotating cast of commentators - former GMs, agents, coaches. I like that idea quite a bit, but they won't do that, I'm sure. In a few years, PK Subban should get the slot 😄
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    Unbelievable they finally fired that dinosaur! Hopefully he won’t be replaced by other bafoons like Burke or Milbury.
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    The boom was for the idiotic comment that Poile matched the offer.knowing there would be a recapture. turris has been playing better this and even Friedman said that he thinks turris will be moved if he is producing. I think we should trade Weber because he is going to be on the decline if and when. Our kids are ready and we actually ever have a potential contender. I’d try moving him to a team like Edmonton, but yes given the contracts, I’d rather have Subban. and as far as a poll who cares, most were happy with the Weber trade and the preds went to the finals and Subban was a Norris contender. Like is said earlier id happily take 4 years of Subban than keep Weber past 40.
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    He crossed the line there. I have a grandfather who was a Ukrainian immigrant who fought in ww1. Uncles who were immigrants from england in ww2. What's the difference? They got the you people treatment as well. Especially my grandfather. Bad form don. I will miss him though. I loved coaches corner. Guy cracked me up. I wish people would piss off with mixing politics and sports.
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    So glad that anachronism is off TV. I wonder what they'll do for the first intermission going forward?
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    I get the sense that this discussion is priming people to argue that if MB takes 20 years before building a contender, that's OK. No, it isn't. Beyond that: the defence of MB is currently based on our prospect pool and the belief that in 3-4 years it will elevate the team to the top 1/4 of the league, an elite team and reliable contender. I think Habs29 is right to point out that in this time frame Weber, Petry, and possibly Price will likely be close to being done, so the structural problem remains. But even discounting that problem, my personal take on it is that I have heard this song and dance about everything being hunky-dory in 3-4 years too many times to uncritically believe it this time. If it works out, then great, MB will have delivered the goods. Until it does work out, however, MB remains a GM who has accomplished dick-all in my book.
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    The idea is that poile and wilson kept their jobs cause at least they have made the cup final and bergevin hasnt. Wilson made the final in his 12th season (13 years due to 04-05) after taking over as Sharks GM in 2003. Poile made the final in his 18th season (20 years after being hired, 1 year pre expansion draft and 1 year lockout). So yeah they both would have been fired by your 7 years and no cup final logic for bergevin.
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    1. Any GM in an expansion market, already having lost Suter would have matched. What was important was the no trade protection. And if you had a half a brain even you would have known he matched before the cap recapture penalty was put in place. It’s bergevin who was dumb enough to trade for a player with a cap recapture penalty- because montreal is now knowingly on the hook for the cap recapture penalty - a portion of which Poile was smart to dump. BOOM. To your first stupid point. 2. Nashville had 4 guys that could be on the first pair on any team - including Montreal, had Josi to resign - which is now done and other young promising dmen. Poile also recognized that he needed a top centre for a chance a t the cup because turris wasn’t getting the job done and was untraceable (he has been better this year and is actually contributing, but now can be moved if needed. Poile made a move from a position of strength to fill a need to be a true contender. MB on the other hand made the Drouin deal by creating a Grand Canyon wiz while on our left D. It was again MB who signed Subban to that stupid contract by insisting on a bridge deal, only to have him win the norris. He was also a top three for the Norris twice after signing the contract - how many times was Weber a top 3 contender?? For what NJ paid for Subban, our unused cap space and Swiss cheese ad, I would have picked him up in a heartbeat. And yes I’d rather have the 3 or 4 years on Subban’s contract than the 7 or 8 on Weber’s. 3. Why are other teams constantly able to trade for a top centre, or sign one (Poile managed to do both multiple times). while Man constantly whines how hard it is. Why didn’t duschane want to come to Montreal - one reason was a MUCH better guarantee of being in the playoffs and a chance at the cup. MB even. ####ed up the offer sheet by not offering more money to Aho which would have given the Canes more draft picks and made them think harder about taking the picks. Every friggin analyst said IMMEDIATELY that there was no way that the canes wouldn’t match such a low offer sheet with so few picks going back and that MB did the canes work by negotiating Aho’s contract for them.
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    So much to dissect from the original post but I don't have all day so I focused on one of my favorite topics. 1. Weber's "stupid cap hit length salary" Poile is the one that matched the offer sheet. And Nashville is going to be decimated in cap recapture if Weber retires early. 2. Trades for Subban when they had a stacked defense already, but trades him because of the same stacked defense? How "stupid" is Subbans contract that he had to salary dump him and the only team that would take it without salary retention was NJ? Would you trade Shea Weber for Subban right now? 3. Bergevin "failed" to sign Duchene? You say that as if Mark Bergevin single handedly is the reason why Matt Duchene is in Nashville. Like Duchene is picking between GMs and was so wooed by David Poile the man that he made a decision for himself and his family to go with Poile. Tell us how MB could have sealed the deal. Change the income tax in Quebec? How about creating a warmer weather system? Buy some guitars for the entire city so they can learn country music?
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    I was thinking his ceiling might be 10 this year.
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    😅😂 The Chiarot-Weber pairing is an intriguing, Back to the Future concept. I suspect it will not be sustainable because really fast teams will feast on its mangled corpse - and also Chiarot looks like the kind of guy who will be 'exposed' by top-pairing minutes. But I really like the Petry-Mete combo, and you have to hand it to Julien - he identified that the B's killer line is not super speedy and that it could be contained by two 'heavy' d-men. The man can coach.
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    Chiarot was asked post-game about the reasoning behind the new pairing. He said the idea was to put two defensemen that aren't fun to play against (Weber and Chiarot) against the Bruins' best line. I didn't get to watch much of the game so I have no opinion on if it worked, but it's definitely ballsy to put your 2 worst skating defensemen on the ice against Marchand-Bergeron-Pastrnak and thinking, "Well they'll definitely be paying the price when they cross our blueline."
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    Boston 15 Games 56 goals Toronto 16 games 56 goals Montreal 15 games 56 goals
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    Got lucky with that offside call, and neither goalie was amazing. Can't believe Mete didn't shoot for the hattie on that breakaway, some poor schmo in the crowd would have had to marry his girlfriend as per his sign.
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    So just thought I would let everyone know, Mete is leading all Habs defenceman in goals scored for the season. Who would of imagined that?
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    I watch every game and I’ve missed both of Mete’s career goals. The first one I was on the drive home from work and the second one I was supposed to make it home in time but got asked last minute to stay an extra hour. I’m looking forward to the first one I see live. The last time I saw Mete score live was the preseason 3 years ago.
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