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    I think the first meme that I've posted that I actually made myself
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    While it was definitely time to part ways with DD, and I am amazed we got back any sort of NHL asset in return for his services, unlike many hereabouts I do feel a bit sad to see him go. He was part of the Habs during some pretty decent years and *was* a good player for us for a number of seasons. I also think that his story - an undrafted, tiny, not-especially-fast player relying wholly on smarts, vision and guile to carve out a career in the big leagues against all odds - was a great one and under-appreciated by the fanbase. Best wishes to Davey, may he find a home in Edmonton.
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    Radulov's no look backhand sauce was so sexy I'm officially nominating it for Playmate of the Year
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    I'm not saying that I think Bergevin is the bee's knees, but people clamored for MT's head and to get CJ...he did. People have been complaining about DD for the past 2, maybe 3 years. He's gone. Everybody knew that Duchene and Landeskog were not getting traded until the offseason. That left Vrbata, who stayed put, and Vanek, who people didn't really seem to want anyway. Maybe holding on to that 1st when it could used for a trade in the offseason is better management than using it for a couple of months of Vrbata? Where is the mythical top 6 available player that should've been added? I'm not an Ott fan, but I do like King and appreciate the addition of Martinsen. Seeing him in person a few times, he's big and seemed fast out there. I'll appreciate those two on a bottom line instead of DD and Ghetto. Davidson and Benn make it seem like we won't see Nesterov in the lineup anymore. People seem to forget that most teams "selling" are getting assets for UFAs that would walk at the end of the year. Seriously, take a look at the forwards that were traded today. Look at the top UFA lists for 2017...most of those players are already on playoff bound teams. I know you can't please all of the people all of the time, but man, this fan base expects the moon more often than not.
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    This team has won ZERO FRIGGING GAMES since hiring Julien. Enough is enough. FIRE THE BUM
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    I simply don't get how trading the best offensive players on the team for offense makes any sense. We need to add offence not make a lateral trade that gains us (maybe) an extra goal or 2. Although Mark down Mark seems good at lateral trades that accomplish shite.
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    would love to have heard that conversation...glad to hear it ended on a positive... Chucky: "Are you SURE i'm a fourth line winger?" CJ: "Positive"
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    No... first we give him the one year deal Then... he explodes offensively and we give him a long term big money deal. Then after that we trade him for an older player with a more onerous contract. As is tradition.
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    man o man.... watching the stanley cup finals media scrums and i couldnt miss PK more so then i do right now... forget who is who on the ice. this guys a dude and we f#$ked up!
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    Ya is probably unwise to spam the forum which is so active discussing countless other topics.
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    According to last year's presser... Trading for Centres is impossible. According to this year's presser.... Drafting a Centre outside the top 10 is impossible. According to this year's presser, the Centre we drafted 3rd overall, we keep sticking him on wing. He's a winger. According to Engels. Shipachyov is mulling several big offers, and we aren't one of the teams competing with those big offers. Why does he have a job?
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    I call Torrey Mitchell with a goal tonight. Lets goooooooo take game 4 baby!!!
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    SUNDAY, APRIL 16TH: HABS VS RANGERS GAME 3 ROUND 1 PLAYOFFS MONTREAL CANADIENS Max Pacioretty - Phillip Danault - Alexander Radulov Paul Byron - Tomas Plekanec - Brendan Gallagher Artturi Lehkonen - Alex Galchenyuk - Andrew Shaw Dwight King - Steve Ott - Torrey Mitchell Andrei Markov - Shea Weber Jordie Benn - Jeff Petry Nathan Beaulieu - Brandon Davidson PRICE Montoya NEW YORK RANGERS Chris Kreider - Derek Stepan - Mats Zuccarello Jimmy Vesey - Mika Zibanejad - Rick Nash J.T. Miller - Kevin Hayes - Michael Grabner Tanner Glass - Oscar Lindberg - Jesper Fast Ryan McDonagh -Dan Girardi Marc Staal - Nick Holden Brady Skjei - Brendan Smith LUNDQVIST Raanta SERIES RECAP Game 1: New York 2 (Empty Net Goal) – 0 Montreal Unlikely hero Tanner Glass scores the game winner with a backhand top corner Grabner seals the deal late with an empty net goal Game 2: Montreal 4 – 3 New York (Overtime) Habs go up 2-1 in the first period only to lose the lead later in the game Plekanec ties the game up with less than 25 seconds in regulation and Radulov seals the deal late in the first overtime The Habs’ 58 shots were the most the New York Rangers have ever allowed in a playoff game. Thank you Bell Center shot counter bias SERIES STATISTICS SOG MONTREAL 31+58= 89 SHOTS ON GOAL (44.5 PER GAME) NEW YORK 31+38=69 SHOTS ON GOAL (34.5 PER GAME) SPECIAL TEAMS MONTREAL PP 0/3 + 0/4 = 0/7 NEW YORK PP 0/4 + 0/3 = 0/7 MONTREAL PK 4/4 + 3/3 = 7/7 NEW YORK PK 3/3 + 4/4 = 7/7 PENALTY MINUTES MONTREAL 13+20 = 33 PIM NEW YORK 15+ 8 = 23 PIM HITS MONTREAL 53 + 55 = 108 HITS (54 PER GAME) NEW YORK 45 + 73 = 118 HITS (59 PER GAME) TEAM LEADERS MONTREAL Goals: Radulov (1), Petry (1), Plekanec (1), Byron (1) Assists: Radulov (2) Points: Radulov (3) Penalty Minutes: Markov (10) Shots: Pacioretty (12) Time of Ice: Markov (28:24) NEW YORK Goals: Grabner (2) Assists: Stepan (1), Fast (1), Smith (1), Vesey (1), Lindberg (1) Points: Grabner (2) Penalty Minutes: Zucarello (8) Shots: Rick Nash (9) Time of Ice: McDonagh (28:52) GOALIES Carey Price 1-1 68 shots 64 saves .941 1.77 Henrik Lundqvist 1-1 89 shots 85 saves .955 1.73 1 shutout KEYS TO THE WIN FOR NEW YORK Can New York use the home crowd to their advantage? Score first KEYS TO THE WIN FOR MONTREAL Can Carey Price steal a win on the road? Shut down New York’s second line
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    If playoff overtime hockey could be bottled and injected into veins, it would only be available in the darkest of back alleys.
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    Assuming King's thought process while on that breakaway was something like: "I'm clear! Forehand? Backhand? He's showing me fivehole, but is it a trap? God I miss LA. I wish they never traded me. The sun... the fans who don't know when I'm playing poorly... Should I call Lombardi on July 1st or would that be too desperate? Oh ya I'm on a breakway, I should half-ass a shot I guess."
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    Depending on how boring the game is, the one he's calling might be more interesting than the one that's actually being played.
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    Miller had a heck of a night according to Sportsnet! Has to be a record!
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    I was going to do this joke, but thought it might be a bit played out. I see now that it is not. Take my upvote.
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    I always find it weird, I don't see much complaining anywhere about Weber himself, just about the trade itself. Even that is mild at this point. Personally, I was never a fan of the trade, and yet I support Weber, and have enjoyed what he has brought so far. I also recognize that 6 games into a season isn't a whole lot to make an assessment of performance. Why can't PK and Weber both be lauded instead of constantly being bashed from one side? I would agree that in the beginning those of us against the trade were far more vocal about it; we were passionate and upset. Now that the fires have burned out, it seems like the Subban detractors keep going. He's also playing at a point per game. These are both elite players. Weber is plus, Subban is minus. Weber has terrible possession stats, Subban has good possession stats. Different people put more significance in one than the other, and that's alright. But why is there still this soreness against Subban since he did absolutely nothing but give it all while he was here? It's not like he left as a UFA.
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    Not a used Condon... I mean really...
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    Welcome to the new look forum. This is what has caused all the downtime on the site over the last week or so but I believe we should be good to go now. There are still some things being slowly returned via a background install (to avoid any overloads on the server) but I don't think anything of note is missing. There are some new features on here that we'll discover as we go along. As you find new ones, feel free to post them here. A few that I'm aware of: - Embedding media - For tweets in particular, all you should have to do is copy/paste the URL inside the post. It should, within a second or two, convert to the actual tweet. That's better than having to convert to HTML to post tweets like in the past. This should work for YouTube videos and other media (Instagram, Vine, etc) as well. - Replying to partial messages - If you want to reply to only a certain part of a post, you can highlight that text and then a little 'Quote this' bubble will pop up. Click it and a reply will open up with only the part that you highlighted as the quoted text. - The PM system has changed. For starters, notifications are bit more visible - when I logged on I had a notification on the bottom right on the page, just a little bubble that popped up. There are a couple of other tidbits - if you're interested, click here. I'm sure there are many more but I'm in the middle of trying to figure out where things are in an entirely new admin panel. (I did figure out how to upload a certain smiley at least...I can't find a corresponding 'sarcasm off' one though...) If any of you have any questions/comments/feedback, feel free to post those. If you see anything that doesn't look quite right, let me know as soon as possible (and if you can, send a screenshot).
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    This is the defination of a shit post, ing grade A shit post.
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    Raise your finger if you got traded out of a terrible organization today
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    Josh Brook, d-man to the Habs. That's who we had in our mock.
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    I'm not sure Galchenyuk is a 30 goal scorer at LW. Look where he scores his goals from. He needs to be allowed to float over to the right face off circle and shoot that one timer if he is going to maximize his goal scoring. thats not going to happen at Left wing. So even if he's a winger, left wing isn't his spot IMO.
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    This game has been a masterpiece. But Radu is the crowning touch.
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    No no no. This is an Internet fan forum. You are not allowed to be unsure of yourself. Whatever you think is supposed to be presented as the absolute truth, and anyone who disagrees with you is a moron.
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    Galchenyuk is what he is-a solid first line winger or 1A center that has some adventures in his own zone. I can see what the coaches see, in that during the time after his penalty when he got stuck on the PK, he was lost. They were still on a defacto 4v3. He bunched up to the other forward and the box looked like a rhombus. You have to take yes for an answer. If he gets you two goals, and costs you a half goal per, don't turn the guy into Chris Kelly.
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    King held onto that Tampa player like he holds onto his love for LA.
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    Hey, whoa now, I thought there was a silent but universal agreement that if there was something about the team we liked we would credit Julien, but if there was anything we didn't like we would blame/scapegoat echoes of Therrien's system. This thread is encouraging nuance and discussion, and I won't stand for it!
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    I provided it. I never get the credit I deserve around here
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    He's no Duchesne but at least I will be inspired to watch dodgeball again.
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    Normally, I'm all about 'asset management,' but in this case, letting The General retire a Hab actually serves the interest of both team and player. What a warrior he has been for us, through some very tough times to boot.
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    The pieces are coming together for a deep Cup run
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    That was excruciating. I stopped watching after the 2nd period, knowing there was no WAY a comeback would be forthcoming. If we put in a few more games like that, I will start to believe the 'they've quit on the coach' narrative. Because they sure were not interested in competing last night. Part of it is probably - and ironically - the relative success they had in riding out the injuries. Guys like Danault, who really stepped up, are probably tired from that extra effort, and the returning players (especially Galy) have lost their groove. I've seen this before and predicted as much. But I also wonder, though, how much of the malaise has to do with Price. That 2nd goal last night represents yet ANOTHER goal that 'normal' Price would stop. He has been basically an average goalie for several weeks. Now this is a team that always looked to Price as its leader, and always drew confidence from the belief that he was invincible. After a sustained run of mediocrity from him, maybe they're somewhat adrift, no longer finding those extra reserves of collective belief created by faith in their superstar. Otherwise put, the team ultimately goes as Price does. And he has been going nowhere for some time now. (How to explain that is yet another question. I would not at all be surprised if having a kid has something to do with it. He may be having a harder time focusing, because he'd rather be with the kid than on the ice; or maybe he is just suffering 'new parent' syndrome, i.e., being unbelievably exhausted all the time due to lack of sleep. Lord knows, I've been there).
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    I've hidden the offending comments, so this might seem out of context... but just a reminder that there is no tolerance for personal attacks.
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    Backhand sauce from Galchenyuk right to the tape, jesus christ that's so sexy I might be pregnant.
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    It also could have been avoided had Shaw decided not to cheap shot a junior defenceman from behind in a preseason game. This was entirely avoidable on his end and he deserves whatever suspension is coming simply for his own stupidity. It's a preseason game and you already have a spot on the roster. Don't let your emotions get the better of you in a meaningless game and then compound the problem by potentially going and getting yourself suspended. Yes, he got slew-footed but that doesn't excuse anything that Shaw did afterwards.
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    "Subban seems to have been chosen to previous teams more out of tokenism than anything else." Oh go yourself. He won the Norris the year before the Olympics. He was the top defenceman on the 2009 World Junior Team and led the tournament in scoring. Give me a ing break man. You're ed if you think the reason he was selected is the color of his skin.
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    Right, now suddenly Sutter and Josi are hall of famers and Weber is a bum for the past 8 years. You didn't see Weber dominating at the olympics in ice time and coaches trust? at all star game after all star game you think those were all fluke appearances? Perhaps his Norris nominations should have gone to his partners instead? This is the type of thing i'm talkin about, people are so emotional about the trade they can't keep any opinion objective when it comes to the Subban trade. Are we seriously trying to say that Weber has not been an elite force on the blue line for the past 5 to 6 years? have we seriously convinced ourselves that Weber is mediocre and has been since the start, that it is actually his partners who make him good and they should get the credit? Are we trying to say it is grand larceny that Sutter has not won a Norris while in Minnesota away from Weber? That Josi doesn't benefit AT ALL from Weber as a partner but Weber reaps all the rewards of playing with Josi? Cause if so then i'm officially mentally checking out from this debate until Weber proves to you people that watching Nashville highlights on Sportscenter is not the same as watching Nashville games night in and night out, watching all he brings to the table as a player for his team. Because quite frankly every hockey person who watches the guy closely has nothing but good things to say about him, but not here, oh no, the tiny island of Montreal has looked through the all seeing mirror, and they see a steaming pile of poop when it comes to what Weber has to offer any hockey club.
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    Simple, to make my life easier.