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    Nice to be back. Habs rookies and a poor offensive showing in the Rookie Showcase, name a more iconic duo. Sucks when most of your goal scorers are in Europe or in college, but I was hoping for a bit more offensive dominance from the 1st rounders and 2nd year AHLers. Harvey-Pinard would have a contract off his performance here if the Habs weren't flirting so closely with the contract limit. Leskinen might need a whole year in the AHL to get used to north american ice size, but the puck-moving skill is apparent. Evans might be the smartest player on the ice in every game he plays this season. Really feels like Suzuki's potential will best be met at center, but that gaping hole at 2nd line RW on the Habs might be calling his name too loudly. Brook, oof... not a good first impression with the coach. And holy shit is Verbeek ever fast, but too bad that's about it with him tho. Just something to keep in mind: Bergevin made the Pacioretty trade last year on September 10th - shortly after the Rookie Showcase ended.
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    Sure he said that but I doubt he really meant it. I doubt the owner is too happy paying close to the entire revenue the Carolina Hurricanes might make this year to a single player in the first year of his contract. Who knows though a smart GM wouldn’t get emotional about it and still look for the best deal available in any event.
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    Two things: 1) Apologies for the forum outage yesterday. We're trying to update some stuff but it hasn't been going as well as we'd hoped. It's still being looked at. 2)
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    Pominville's agent would be the one negotiating...
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    Drouin could become a top liner one day but he isn't one with the Habs so he isn't going to be perceived as one around the league. He ended on a low (terrible) note and then had surgery so teams won't be lining up for him right now. With four years left on what currently looks like an above-market deal based on his production, this isn't the time to move him if you're looking for top value in return.
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    Cam Hillis 2a in his 1st game, 7-5 loss Gianni Fairbrother 2a again in 2nd game Jacob LeGuerrier 1g in his 1st game. Some Q&A with Romanov and Finn
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    From the Canadiens website
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    Well, if by some miracle the Jets are (a) dumb enough to trade Laine and (b) dumb enough to prefer Drouin over Domi, why, we should be all over that like Ron Hextall on Chris Chelios.
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    Nope. Max Domi is our best forward and finally fixed our centre problems, plays a solid game and is a guy you win with. Laine is a player you add to play with Domi. Josh Brook is our best defensive prospect and hopefully Weber’s replacement when the time comes. I’m not sure if I would do Domi for Laine straight up.
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    https://www.nhl.com/news/twenty-eight-players-to-participate-in-the-canadiens-2019-rookie-camp/c-308688160 Camp culminates with the tournament against Ottawa and Winnipeg. I'm ready to see some hockey, but I'm also wondering if we should take bets on which Habs player gets injured playing useless games against ECHL thugs?
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    Last i heard Trevor Van Riemsdyk was out til november or december due to shoulder surgery.
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    As most expected, Gardiner had no interest in Montreal.
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    If the site is going to go down for awhile, might I suggest August?
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    "Please don't trade for Laine, please don't trade for Laine" - Nick Suzuki
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    Got the 2 tickets versus Dallas that I wanted!
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    How do you know he didn't? Why do people assume the highest offer automatically gets the player?
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    Yes, they have the regional contract.
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    All games can be seen on TSN.ca. I don't know about whether or not RDS will be doing the same or showing the games on TV. https://www.tsn.ca/top-prospects-headline-rookie-showcase-games-on-tsn-1.1360381
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    I would bet, Byron, McDavid, Larkin, Bure, Hull (not Chubbs) etc were fastest of their age group at 7, 10, 14, 18 yr old... with or without power skating.
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    There is always room for players to improve weaknesses in their game. But thats true of every player. Could Caufields skating get better? Sure. Its probably never going to be elite though. While players can get better its usually good becoming very good. Its usually not good moving all the way to elite like a russ courtnall was.
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    Courtnall has the jets, but his hands rarely could keep up with his feet. If his hands and feet matched his speed he would have been a 50 goal scorer. From what I’ve seen of Caufield, his hands, shot and hockey smart are probably better than courtnall.
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    Hes a 19 year old playing in a league where very few teenage defencemen play. We need him to be in north america so he can get serious AHL icetime next year
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    Pominville doesn't seem to think there's much to these talks:
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    The Jets are happier with Connor than Laine right now. That isn't meant to say Laine will be cheap, he won't. Its to say Connor will cost even more than Laine.
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    Is getting rid of gallagher romanov and a 2nd for Laine smart? How did that deal work out for Vegas? Patches for Tatar suzuki and a 2nd? And I get it that Laine is another level of goalscorer and 5 years the younger... I think I'd just like to build this roster Internally at this point and let the smart cap management continue. The general Markov is growing on me though. 1 million Plus bonuses is that doable 40 year olds 1 million +65 games 1 million +18 minutes 1million + 45 points 4million worth it...
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    Connor is a legitimate top-line player. The package you're sending doesn't have anything like that - Drouin's value is probably at an all-time low given how badly he finished the season, Juulsen's is also down after missing so much time, and a pair of seconds doesn't amount to much either. To get Connor, it would probably take a better player, a better prospect, and a better pick. People talk about how good of a scorer Laine is - Connor outscored him last season.
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    The KHL season kicked off today. Romanov was listed as the seventh d-man for CSKA but still managed to play 12:32.
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    More behind the scenes at the draft. Also LOL at the blurring.
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    Friedman said on Tim and Sid yesterday that the Habs still have interest in Gardiner. It's Defensemen Blackjack and Bergevin keeps saying, "Hit me."
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    My guess is that they take on a contract from a team who needs room to sign one of their rfas The question is. Will they get an actual player for super cheap? Or are they taking on a bad contract and adding prospects and draft picks.
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    Given that I'm one of the inexplicably small number of Habs fans who actually thinks MB should have done something to improve the team, I sure would welcome a September surprise. Here's hoping.
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    When I saw this thread bumped, I thought it might be for this: I wonder what they're still discussing...we know they made a big move last September.
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    It's the offseason so there's very little to write about. That's why on my other site, we've rebooted our Redraft series. We're focusing on 2007, a draft class where the Habs did extremely well to the point where their big three from this group all went in the top seven. If anyone cares to vote on who they should pick in the redraft, here's the ballot with the Habs on the board at #12: https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2019/08/2007-nhl-draft-take-two-twelfth-overall-pick.html
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    I was hoping there was going to be an interesting newcomer or two that wasn't at Development Camp but no luck there. I'm a bit surprised to see Evans on the list but this is a roster that skews a little older than usual. That's what happens when they have a lot of college/international prospects. I did a quick piece on the invites (and those on AHL deals). http://www.habsworld.net/2019/08/a-look-at-the-2019-rookie-camp-invites/
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    That's 28 including Teasdale ... so 27. Five players with some playing time in the ECHL. Only two of them with any substantial penalty minutes (98 for Adams-Moisan and 48 for Crevier-Morin) so hopefully not much thuggery will be on display.
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    Bit of behind the scenes at draft. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/video/behind-the-scenes-2019-nhl-draft/t-277624088/c-68725603
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    100% If you can build a trade around Drouin being the main piece you do it. I like Drouin and still think he can be a impact player but like we all know Laine could become a superstar. Domi I’m definitely very hesitant though.
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    Its a tough deal, and if we didn't have the centre depth in Kotkaniemi, Danault, Poehling, Suzuki, I'd say no cause we've looked for a #1 centre for so long. but I think I would do it at the end of the day. Its just hard to trade the centre for the winger, but hey Laine is better long-term I'd say (even though Domi had more points last season).
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    Yeah, much as I love Domi, Laine is a potential superstar. You make that deal.
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    Personally I don’t. For one, although Domi Isn’t the pure goal scorer Laine is, I’d argue he’s actually the better all around player at the moment (the Laine could blossom in the next couple year. Second, Brook has high potential to be a legit top 4, 30+ point D man. Third, Laine’s struggles last year are flashing a few warning lights for me. I get that he has superstar potential but he also has enigma potential.
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    Let the rumours fly: On twitter posted at 4:27pm Aug 16th. Michel M (@MichelMoquin) If you are Bergevin and Kevin Cheveldayoff offers you Patrick Laine for Max Domi + Josh Brook ..... do you do it ? #habs
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    I've sat all over the rink and there isn't really a bad view in the place. The only thing I didn't like sitting near the very top in the back was that the sound didn't travel very well up there from the game and the fans. If you don't get your tickets directly from the site you'll be paying market value on the reselling sites, and based on the games you are deciding between, the prices will be inflated. Saturday nights are always more expensive and the teams you mentioned would be as well.
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    I sat in aa white once year. It was good value. You could see the whole game. I only go to one or two games a year so I like premium seats as a rule.
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    It will also be one of the first to sell out. Youll need to get lucky and be one of the first granted access from the virtual waiting room
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    At least in Toronto, a Leafs-Habs game will always be one of the most expensive tickets.
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    I'm not. Probably that Bergevin was offering something like $12M for 2 years. Gardiner has a bit of an anchor contract written all over.
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    so if Laine woud take what Neech said what about a counter of : to MTL; Connor to WIN: Drouin Juulsen 2x 2nd would that work? I would rather not give up Romanov. Being in same position next year with no "blue chip" prospect on LD seems like a major loss. (edit) a downvote for a question? when I am going of another proposal above?? wow ok! I must have offended some1 core. Sorry you and I are Snoflakes
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    Carolina probably didn't even want Gardiner, but they heard Habs were interested... I don't like Gardiner, but that's a really good contract. There has to be some back issues, those numbers make no sense.
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