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  1. GDT

    wow you guys nailed it
  2. no prizes for Quebec participants I guess? I'm in anyways
  3. He should stop thinking he is Letang or Karlson because he is not. He has some great abilities though. Not the whole package but he should develop his play around his strengths.
  4. We need Emelin. Let's hope he gets his groove back in time for playoffs. He needs to start hitting again and stop the turnovers!
  5. Hear the noise too Stephane. LOL dlbalr ! that's bad !
  6. Serious hint: He is a Montreal Canadiens 1st rounder !
  7. wow you're good there is only 1 current NHLer from CT with more game played than Patches and Quick.. who is it ?
  8. Yes until you consider both are from Connecticut. Can you name another NHL player from Connecticut ? Nice compliment still.
  9. haha. you do well. there's however I think different factors to be more optimistic with Semin. Plus he's not 36.
  10. Still early in the Summer and training camp is a long way, but anyone here ready to predict Semin will get more points than Patches this season? Sure we don't know Patches' extent of injury, but that's part of the guessing game I feel like it's a hit or miss and I tend to think our PP can't get worse. It's safe to say Semin should really help the PP and it's also safe to say any player on a 1-yr deal tend to perform well. He's also only 31 so baring injuries, he should perform. My prediction would be that Semin will get more pts than our scoring leader from last season! Patch 72GP 32G 38A 70P Semin 74GP 31G 42A 73P
  11. It's like if Martin St. Louis was signing with the Zurich Lions.
  12. If the Nordiques enter as a Western Conference team, we'd get many double-headers nights.. lots of potential TV revenues. Watch the Habs play at 7pm then the Nordiques game at 9-10pm.
  13. My thought too. There's no perfect all-star sniper available for 1.1 M$ out there. He's not perfect for sure, but he's adding something we cruelly lacked, raw skill. I would like to see him with Galchenyuk. Hopefully this is the year Galchenyuk blossoms and maybe Semin will find a way to be a positive impact.
  14. Trade

    As long as we don't expect Kassian to be the next Bertuzzi it should be easier for him to develop himself and establish himself in the NHL.
  15. Thanks for the video kuternoga. Looks like we finally found our 1st line RW