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  1. Bobby Smith doesnt deserve a job in Montreal. He has done nothing worth the mention. And Gainey was an average GM who only benefited from Hicks' deep pockets in Dallas, which ultimately blew in his face in 2001-2002. Enough of these stupid nostalgic picks... [Edited on 31-5-03 by Habs77]
  2. Roy isnt simple the best goalie in the history of the game, but also the best money player the league has known, with 3 Conn-Smythes to prove it. This marks the end of an era. Farewell Patrick.
  3. I dont know why some medias bring this up and make it look like its some "revelations". Its very old news. After the Kings' practice, McSorley forgot his stick on the bench. The Habs stepped on the ice and practiced too. That's when Carbonneau noticed the stick and had the trainer mesure it. Watch the game (I have it on tape). By the end of the 3rd period, its actually Carbonneau that tells Demers to call for a mesurement.
  4. Garon might be worth a young talented underachieving headcase. Garon is NOT worth one of the league's best powerforward in his prime, injury prone or not. Garon might be worth a late 1st-round/early 2nd round pick. Remember this guys: Garon haven't dominated the AHL until this year (his 3rd in the pros); and haven't showed any consistency at the NHL level. What has been raising Garon's value the most lately is coming out of Anaheim. Garon is a lot like Giguere: a big guy, a franchise goalie in juniors, a up-and-down AHLer and a late-bloomer at the NHL-level. Teams looking at how Giguere
  5. With the amount of squabbles I had with Markov79, he'd had a first row seat to learn all about "Koz-type arguements"....
  6. How can you compare Higgins' style to Drury and Rolston, when Drury and Rolston's style dont even compare to each other???? *sighs* Enough of this. I'm already starting to hate Higgins because some guys overhype him way too much.
  7. Wooo... Drury, Rolston? Drury is a crafty offensive go-to player with some of the best 1-on-1 moves in the league. Rolston is a versatile 2-way powerforward who can produce on any line. Higgins will be a Mike Fisher: a nice little dynamic and complete 2-way center. That's what he was drafted for, that's his NHL potential, and that's what fans should expect from him. No more, no less. Its getting old how Habs fans put prospects on pedestals so fast. Then when their impossible hopes are not met within 2 seasons, they are ready to dump the poor kid for an 8th rounder. :nono: Chill out guys
  8. Turgeon would help the PP... but with Koivu, Ribeiro, Perreault and Juneau, last thing the Habs need is a center like Turgeon. Habs needs are: [*]Physical scoring winger for the top 2 lines [*]Physical 2-way center for the 3rd line [/list=1] Turgeon doesnt fit either items. And the "Domino Tactic" of getting X to make Y available for a trade in return of Z works in Fantasy Hockey, but its a whole different story in the NHL. In other words, forget about it.
  9. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Nice Freudian slip. Habs77, what's on your mind????
  10. Well Hainsey doing well isnt that big a deal. Its what he has to do and its the least we should expect from a 1st rounder appearing in his 3rd AHL playoffs. Same applies for Ward, to a certain extent. But he was practically a write-off for so long that his "comeback" is trully nice. The real stories are Ryder and Beauchemin. Ryder is one of the best forwards on the team, and Beauchemin leads all defensemen in points (tied with Hainsey after tonight's game). On the other hand, you have some bitter deceptions. Hossa isnt putting up the numbers he should be, and Plekanec isnt seeing enough act
  11. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: STOP PUTTING BULIS ON THE 3RD LINE!!!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: MOTHER######ERS [Edited on 22/5/2003 by KoZed]
  12. That's a :guru: idea Habby. First off, the 10th pick could end up being as good if not better than the 3rd pick. There's not that much difference between the top 3 and the rest. 2nd of all, Habs just spent 4 years developing Ribs, and now that he's finally ready to take over a full-time regular 2nd-line center job, you want to dump him for another prospect and start developing from scratch? :?- Makes no sense :nono: Keep the 10th and dump Perreault or Brisebois instead. Trim the top of the age/payroll list, not the bottom!
  13. Yeah... Bubba... NOT the Bubba from Forrest Gump, but 350 lbs -never-showers-tattooed-all-over-hairy-back-lowbrow-Mike-Tyson-temper-in-need-of-some-manly-love Bubba.
  14. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/nhl/...-arrested_x.htm I hope he get convicted and thrown in jail and be the prison bìtch of some 350 lbs gansta named Bubba. Wonder if the puck bunny from the Bruins board who seriously called Thornton a "God" will still want to have his children after Bubba is done with Joe.
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