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  1. Game Notes

    Does anybody know where to find the official Game Notes PDFs that are published for each game by the NHL?
  2. Waivers or FA after deadline?

    Can a team still sign a free agent or claim players off waivers after the trade deadline? For that matter, are any players EVER placed on waivers after the trade deadline, considering there is no roster limit?
  3. Oct. 15 - Habs vs Senators, 7 PM

    Awesome thanks. I love the quick replies on this board! Wish I had found it years ago...
  4. Oct. 15 - Habs vs Senators, 7 PM

    If Sergachev sits tonight, does that count as one of the 9 games? Does that refer to 9 games played on the ice, or 9 games on the roster?
  5. Training Camp Roster

    If the roster must be down to 23 by tomorrow at noon and only Condon is on waivers, how can that possibly work? Unless Petry goes on IR.
  6. Oct. 1, Habs vs Sens, 3 PM

    I didn't know vet limits were removed for exhibition games. There were 7 who qualified (Matteau was missing from the previously posted list). When and where was that announced?