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  1. 2018 NHL Playoff Thread

    Isn't this the same đź’© Avery was doing that got him kicked out the NHL? So what's the difference? The fact that Brad can score?
  2. Bergevin......

    Edmonton traded away Hall to fill a void on D, Nashville traded away jones to fill a void at centre, hawks traded away panarin to fill a void. reason why bozak and kadri are still leafs is the same reason plekanec is still a hab. There’s no one else to fill the hole. Once they have someone to fill there holes they will be traded. i Didn’t say you turn over your hole roster. You draft players and develop players to add depth to your team , so that if your weak in one area you can trade a player like max to fill those weaknesses and have someone in your system to fill in and have your team improve. you might understand it this way. We traded PK and let markov walk but we have no one that can fill those rolls. We added one strength but created 2 weakness. Why because of our drafting , player development and depth being bad. You don’t trade a guy like PK , and let a guy like markov walk unless you have someone in your system that can replace him. Nashville traded away Jones to fill a hole at center because through strong drafting and player development they HAVE THE DEPTH to bring someone up to replace him.
  3. Bergevin......

    You have made no good points to this, this is why the habs are where they are today and won’t win a cup anytime soon. i think it’s tome to end this debate.
  4. Bergevin......

    Yes I think bob missed the boat back in the 03’ draft. He could of set this organization up nicely if he drafted the type of players this organization needed instead of taking a gamble on AK.
  5. Bergevin......

    So you’re telling me that if we had a talent goal scorer in our system ready to play a full time role on our team you wouldn’t look at trying to trade max to fill a hole elsewhere? That’s how you run a team. You don’t trade players or let players walk when you can’t fill there holes on the team. Look at what Nashville is doing and maybe you might understand. they have drafted strong, they have developed strong and they have added depth every where in there system. That has let them trade roster players to fill holes because they have the depth in the system to fill the void.
  6. Bergevin......

    The reason why we are paying plekanec 6mil is because we have no one in the system to take his spot. We should of traded him 3 years ago, but we didn’t because we had no one else. The reason losing Markov hurts so much is because we have no one that can take his spot. Do you see what’s happening here???? If we drafted better and developed smarter we wouldn’t be in the hole we are in. We can’t replace guys that get hurt or don’t resign because we don’t have the depth because we don’t draft and develop properly. That’s the point I am trying to make. if we had the players in our system ready to play full time in the nhl it would make trades easier, it would stop the slides when we get key injuries and it won’t hurt when we losing players to FA. But we don’t and until they realize that’s is the true problem here nothing will get fixed and we aren’t going to win a cup anytime soon.
  7. CBJ vs Habs 7:30 Nov. 27 2017

    Price is just one of those rare guys who elevates players when he is playing. Its like night and day unreal.
  8. Bergevin......

    Tell that to the teams that challenge for the cup every year but still seem to draft high caliber type players. The kings, hawks, pens, caps, nyr, nash, ducks, Tampa, always make the playoffs always end up picking 20 and up just like us. But yet always have good young NHL ready prospects that lets them make trades to fill holes. Yet we can't why is that??
  9. Bergevin......

    When we have injuries this team goes into a tail spin because we don't have the depth in our prospects pool. If we had top 6 forwards ready to make the NHL and play big rolls we could then turn around and trade players to fill other holes. But we don't, and why is that?????
  10. Bergevin......

    No I was comparing the 2. Just to show the difference and how bad drafting and player development has been the past 7 years.
  11. Bergevin......

    Thank you someone who understands
  12. Bergevin......

    Didn't say you need a team of players under 25. What I am trying to say is that through strong drafting, strong player development, and depth in prospects you can build a wining team and find it easier to make trades for star players something MB doesn't seem to understand.
  13. Bergevin......

    First off if you're drafting and player development is great it makes it that much better for you to make trades to improve your team. Thats why teams like ...pens, caps, kings, hawks, sharks, rangers, nash always are able to make trades for star players because there drafting and player development are strong. MB can't or as he says it finds it hard to make trades because his drafting and player development is weak.
  14. Bergevin......

    Look at bob' s core group of drafting and player development and then look at MB's group of drafting and player development. Who's is better 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  15. Bergevin......

    When a GM takes over he drafts and develop players that challenge and eventually push out the older core group of players that were drafted and developed by the previous GM. When bob took over the team he drafted and developed his core group of players. These players are our core players today. under Bergevin in his five years here he has yet to draft and develop a core group of players that can challenge and eventually push out the old core that’s here. That’s his big down fall. i am not looking at trades or UFA signings. I am looking at drafting/player development and nhl ready drafted players. This has been bad for the past 7 years and we are seeing the results of it now.