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  1. https://www.tsn.ca/statistically-speaking-pateryn-thriving-in-shutdown-role-1.958990 Interesting how Greg Pateryn, Mikhail Sergachev and Mark Barberio are shown to be statistically performing well, in two different statistical categories. Also interesting that not a single Habs current defenceman made this list.
  2. Habs Castoff Defencemen Now Rated High

    That's a fair point. He was a high quality prospect that should not have been lumped with Pateryn and Barberio. When I first read this article I missed seeing Sergachev in that list, so I was probably more focused on the other two players when I thought of the thread title.
  3. Bergevin......

    It's starting to remind me of the beginning of the dark ages of the Habs, when Rejean Houle and Mario Tremblay took over, with Houle making an enormous bad trade (P.Roy) followed by several makeup trades, none of which really helped. I fear for the worst, especially with Bergevin and his brain trust in charge.
  4. 2017 HW Fantasy Hockey

    Hi Brian. I would be interested in joining if there's a midseason opportunity. If not, then please contact me before next season's league starts up.
  5. Dec. 9, Oilers vs Habs, 7 PM

    Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if Julien did that. I like Galchenyuk, but if I were him and I was still a Hab before turning UFA, I would leave the Habs for another team.
  6. Dec. 9, Oilers vs Habs, 7 PM

    That's a good point. If ever there was a time to start the backup goalie, it was against a "weaker" visitor. Unfortunately Price looked bad on every one of those 4 goals and directly caused one of them by mishandling the puck at a point in the game when there was still a chance for his team to get back in to the game. What's next, a goal by Brandon Davidson ?? I am not looking forward to the upcoming 7 game road trip, not to mention the next game versus NJ.
  7. HabsWorld Podcast thread

    Just a quick note that the newest Habsworld podcast (#58) is up on the website. Here's the URL to it in case you didn't see it on the front page. HW Podcast 58
  8. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    He's looked bad all game.
  9. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    I like this lineup, especially the top 2 lines. If any juggling has to be done with those lines during the next 2 road games, I would only swap Hudon for Lehkonen and leave the other two pairs alone for the full game. The bottom 2 lines can be mixed up as much as the coach likes. But to get the team scoring unstuck out of first gear, those 4 forwards need to play together period and left alone, win or lose.
  10. Habs Season Ticket Split

    I am interested in some games . Send me a PM.
  11. 2017-18 lineup could be?

    As much as I would love to see both Markov and Radulov back, I predict that only one of them will return, or neither will. Radulov appears to be looking for a home run contract and I suspect another team will give him the term he's looking for. Markov's move to represent himself, along with his previous action to become a Canadian citizen a few years ago, indicates he wants to stay. Bergevin would probably prefer to only give him 1 season but I think in the end they will settle on 2 seasons. As much as the Habs desperately need a top 6 center, it's unlikely they will attract any of the big names such as Thornton, Marleau or even Bonino. They may have a chance at Sam Gagner, who seems to have the least amount of rumours about where he may end up. I also predict they will sign a lesser known higher rick player like Stephane Da Costa or Andrei Loktionov,. Both of which are bottom six players but could give the Habs the flexibility to temporarily bump them into the top 2 lines when the Habs offence is not working for a game or two. Another UFA the Habs may consider signing is Francois Beauchemin, who played relatively well on a terrible Avalanche team last season.
  12. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Yes! A good right shooting defenceman, with good mobility and passing. Sure he needs to work on his defensive game but as a longer term project that's ok. He also played on a terrible team which may have down played his defensive side. I thought Fleury would have been taken higher than the 3rd round so I'm pleased to see the Habs take him there.
  13. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Of course! Centers and defencemen are all they need to focus on this year. Probably next year too. I like this stat about Walford. At the end of the season when another experienced defenceman on his team was injured, Walford got more ice time and scored 14 points in the last 13 games!
  14. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    I like Ikonen at this spot, as he has game breaking speed and shooting skills. He seems close to Saku Koivu's size when he was drafted. I'm not sure if he'll be better at center or on the wing in the pros, so time will tell there.
  15. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Woohoo ! We got another mock pick correct. Brian our first round wasn't as good as usual; 3 correct picks I think. Brook is a solid prospect, good overall, so there's a lot to like in his game, and very few weaknesses.
  16. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Damn, Comtois was just taken by Anaheim at #50. :-(
  17. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    In last year's Ivan Hlinka tournament, Poehling scored a hat trick in 11 minutes ! He also scored 3 goals and 2 assists in 7 games in the last U18 tournament. So he has solid offensive ability. http://hlinkamemorial.com/eng/zapas.asp?id=Cesi-podlehli-USA-a-v-semifinale-vyzvou-Svedy-Tremi-goy-rozhodl-kapitan-Poehling-70 http://teamusa.usahockey.com/page/show/3307764-ryan-poehling
  18. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    By the way, was it just me or did Morgan Frost look like the most unhappy selected player at the draft tonight? Especially that moment with his father in the stands. Either the kid grew up hating the Flyers, or he must have believed he was going to be drafted by another team. This was a kid that was rumoured to be high on the Habs list.
  19. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Here's an interview I tracked down of Poehling from last December. The Pipeline Show is a pretty good show about prospects. http://www.thepipelineshow.com/media_detail.php?show=1481932800&sn=12
  20. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Nope not at all. Poehling has much better wheels than both of them, and better offensive skills too. He needs to bulk up though as he's a bit light but he has a decent frame and it should happen.
  21. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    I thought he was going to go earlier than #25. In our HW mock draft, I predicted him going #19, so I'm glad the Habs got him.
  22. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Center Ryan Poehling ! I like the pick.
  23. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    Here we go. They are up next.
  24. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    I hope it's not a winger. Clearly they need both centers and defencemen.
  25. 2017 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    We're getting close to the Habs time to pick; #20 was just taken.