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  1. Boy I love watching Carey Price when he’s on it
  2. It’s so refreshing seeing a star such as Kovalchuk.
  3. Exactly. We have the Jordan Weals and Nick Cousins to take his spot.
  4. Indeed. The guy still has something left in the tank. Montreal needs skill and he’s got it.
  5. Haha I honestly agree. This team needs talent.
  6. Yeah this kid was always going to be a project, you can see he’s trying to work on his offensive upside and that shot was sexy. I think KK will work out in the end, he just needs time.
  7. I don’t know how I feel about this rumour.
  8. That’s perfectly understandable, I just think Scandella and Kovy are looking good right now and like I said could help the team in the short term for next year than say the fourth and possibly third round picks that they might fetch. With Thompson I personally feel his time here might be coming to a close, he is a solid fourth line centre but with his age and as he seems to be regressing I’m sure there could be better options but I may be wrong about that.
  9. He is by far our best forward, again it makes no sense to trade him. People keep harping on the fact that this team needs more raw talent. We should be keeping and holding on to our young talented players that are in the age group of the new core. The Tatar’s and Petry’s should be the ones targeted for another 1st round pick in 2020.
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