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  1. Lehkonen at least is good defensively and plays the body and every once and a while finds the back of the net. Which makes him useful. Career AHLer.
  2. He just can’t seem to sink a goal. Had he scored on his plenty of chances he’s had the last few weeks it might have changed his fortunes.
  3. Weber is still proving he’s a top pairing guy that is once again carrying the D core.
  4. Looks like Kinkaid was the problem all along..
  5. The year is teetering on a potential top 5 draft pick or digging themselves out and into a playoff spot.
  6. I’m talking about what you need to get from Price in a trade is a young established or on the rise kind of star. But they have to be young to fit into our next group of core players.
  7. If the plan is to trade Price you need young established stars that will be young enough to contend when our current crop of prospects have entered the league and are hitting there stride. Primeau/Suzuki/Koktaniemi/Caufield/Poehling. Which would mean at least 2-3 years before seeing a chance to start contending.
  8. I think Suzuki is going to be a special player and to his credit Kotkaniemi looks to be turning it around and is finding his confidence again which are positive signs.
  9. I agree, the kids need veterans around to help them along. Thats why hanging on to guys like Weber will be helpful if the plan is to rebuild.
  10. It was a sick goal no doubt about it.
  11. The two skilled guys get it done.
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