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  1. Looks like they blew there wad against the Blues last night and Minne were a team trying there hardest. Unlucky series of events in the third but I thought Kincaid played decently except for at least one of those goals.
  2. If this continues this way you figure they might start thinking rebuild. In which case some of there players might become available. Like others have pointed out Montreal should be in on that.
  3. It happened. It actually happened Mete scores!!!!!!!
  4. Still trying to find team chemistry. Goaltending seems to be a bit of an issue as well.
  5. This is to be expected but hopefully Weber can continue on as Chara has down at the tail end of his career. The good thing is Petry looks to be taking the next step, which should soften the blow when Weber no longer can be relied on to be a top D man.
  6. I think everyone’s patience will wear pretty thin if this continues into the year. I think in regards to Weber just like Kotkaniemi they both are clearly struggling but it is not entirely there fault. I think Weber will eventually turn it around because he is a grizzled vet and from what I’m seeing a lot of it is his positioning and bumbling the puck which can be corrected.
  7. Weber clearly is struggling out there. His positioning seems off he bumbles the puck far more often, which has been leading to far too many breakaways. From what I’m seeing right now is Kotkaniemi is being blamed for last nights downfall, in which he surely did not play well by any stretch but is not the sole reason and for Claude to be putting this on a 19 year old future of the team is a little concerning.
  8. They seem to have great third periods. Lets see if they can turn this sucker around.
  9. Petry is establishing himself as the teams number one D. Weber has been struggling for a bit, his last great game against Toronto.
  10. True. Multiple penalties in every game so far. Needs to clean that up.
  11. Lazy play by Danault loses the game.
  12. Some really bad penalties and some bad defensive play was the moral of that period. Hopefully they can get it together in the third.
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