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  1. I agree the top centre needs to be addressed. Time is running out for MB unless like others have said Chuck or Drouin break out this year at centre or he finally gets it done this year and lands one. In regards to the Dallas conversation while they certainly have made some good moves this year and have filled a big problem they had in nets, have they really solved their D problem with Methot? Will it be better sure but Dallas has never struggled in offence but defence and I'm not sure Methot is the guy that will put them over the top IMO.
  2. From what I hear Sakic wants a top 4 defender.
  3. I have absolutely no clue but it sounds funny when I say it.
  4. Nashville just wasn't good enough either. What a shame, bunch of Whack-A-Moles I tell ya!
  5. From what I hear Jerabek is quite the offensive dynamo. We might be sleeping on this guy. Hope he impresses, I wouldn't mind seeing what Weber can get out of him.
  6. Seriously though if Gallagher is traded for a good return make it happen. He is one of my favourite players but always a fan of the team more than the player.
  7. But I don't want Gallagher traded. He's our spark plug
  8. Oh good the PK/Weber debate.
  9. Nice to have Chucky back in the fold. Hopefully he can make it happen at centre this year!
  10. Subban is a shut down defender now. I said a couple times last year that Subban looks a lot like Weber out their at times with his defensive play. Pretty cool.
  11. For one year? Lol come on now, we wanted Radulov back but it had to make sense. If you think the Pleks contract is bad wait until you see Radulovs in a couple years.
  12. Oh no we can afford players at the right price. Price got the contract that he deserved the same contract Hank got, Price is the face of this franchise. Radulov has always been a mercenary. He showed it in Nashville and then in Russia and now again in Montreal. I also said that their is nothing wrong with that but the way Montreal is right now with the cap you can't afford a mercenary like Radulov. Unless you think 7-8 per year for 5 years is a practical contract for him at this stage of his career.
  13. Radulov is a mercenary. He always was and always will be. Nothing wrong with that either but we can't afford a guy like that.
  14. Running to stand still? Drouin is 22 years old man. Has tremendous upside and could become a star player for many years to come. I hope Markov comes back he has always been one of my favourite players but we added more than Alzner on the back end, maybe Jerabek and Shlemko might surprise us.
  15. You can look at it that way sure. Or maybe Gallagher and Plex(unlikely) bounce back. I think Drouin can easily replace Radulov's offence. He had a tendency to take super long shifts and just be a gassed out hog out their at times. Also you have to take into account he was playing his heart out for his next contract last year. Now that he is signed long term who knows how he will perform. He has a history of screwing over teams in the NHL, we gave him a shot and he screwed us as well. He was selling how he was a changed mature family man and a year later he is divorced with his wife claiming he hasn't changed. Whatever Radulov