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  1. Good to see our top prospects playing the big minutes and developing.
  2. That was a filthy goal by Seguin. Thats what game breaking talent can do for you.
  3. The no call from the Ref in OT. From what I can gather is happened a couple times earlier in the game. He might get fined.
  4. I think the news that Weber was out for the rest of the year broke the club. They have been trying hard all year to overcome the obstacles but that really sealed the deal and they are playing like it.
  5. It is what is it. This season a lot of things went terribly wrong and it’s very hard to try and overcome. -Losing key players early in the season, coupled with Prices poor play early. -Overcoming two 8 game losing streaks. -Losing the captain for the rest of the year.
  6. It’s rumoured the surgery he had on his ankle last year has become a problem again, which is not good.
  7. Boy I love watching Carey Price when he’s on it
  8. It’s so refreshing seeing a star such as Kovalchuk.
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