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  1. Both are good old school coaches and Julien only had a couple months to work with him and he has said he wants to work with him. Hopefully it works out for everyone the way it's working out with Kadri in Toronto
  2. Supposed Habs fans calling other Habs fans for supporting their favourite team Leafs fans. That's rich. I live in Toronto I know all about Leafs fans.
  3. Thats a very simplistic approach but sure have at it bud.
  4. Absolutely which is why I give Weber so much props getting the points he gets all the while consistently taking on the toughest minutes. Subban and Weber are both amazing defenders but Subban is 4 years younger.
  5. No but it's clear what the schematic is in Nashville and Subban gets the tougher minutes and is not leaned on as much as he was in Montreal.
  6. Indeed In Montreal he was leaned on incredibly heavily as a offensive minded defender that often got caught up in trying to do too much because he thought he had too. Now with Nashville he is basically a shutdown defender, with Josi and Ellis getting more of the offence assignments. It has simplified his game and he is thriving like I said I'm happy for him. It was funny because I made the comment that Subban looked like Weber out their at times playing excellent defence at some point during the regular season and he is fitting into that role very well.
  7. I half agree with you. He definitely was our best playoff performer but did have some underwhelming series again TB and New York in the past. Not sure what that has to do with the point of my post though.
  8. Whatever you say pal! 😄 I should of been more clear that it wasn't a knock on Subban but just pointing out that it's ok if he has a bad game because there are other defenders that can step up to the plate. Subban never had that luxury in Montreal. He has been great in these playoffs
  9. Subban does not have to be the best defender on the Nashville Predators the way he had to be with Montreal. He can have a shitty game and get carried by the other 3 #1 defenseman. I think that has a lot to do with his success in Nashville.
  10. Weber helped the Habs in many ways. The point? In the end only MB and the Montreal Canadiens management know that answer. Subbans comments at the end of the season and at the NHL awards probably didn't help his cause either.
  11. What am I in denial about sir? I like Weber he was great for us, him and Carey are a great team. The only thing concerning is the age difference.
  12. Polie has been the GM of Nashville for almost two decades and hasn't won squat. MB has been GM of the Habs for four years lol... I'm happy for Nashville but this is silly.
  13. Tavares? Pretty pretty please!!!!
  14. Good post dude. I'm a huge Price fan. His series against Thomas was one of my favourite goaltending match ups when he really won me over. I thought he could of been better and did get outgoaltended by Hank. Is the series his fault? Nope but it was a series defined by one goal and he made one less save than Hank.
  15. Came into this thread hoping for some new juicy trade rumour talk. Instead got to hear about the Weber/Subban trade.