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  1. MoLG even you have to admit that was a kinda bonehead move from CJ !!! If i'm Chucky, i'm prolly more confused than ever !?! Btw i'm not a troll...although i have lived under the Jacques-Cartier Bridge....You and i are not that far apart on this kid...and your point about the Coyotes being weaker than us down the middle ..well, i just don't get the point. Chucky at center won't win us a SC. If you bothered (and i mean that in a good way) to read my posts on #27; i don't blame this kid for not progressing into becoming a #1-2 C. I know he is young but his performance on the ice (...and i aware of his numbers...) is regressing. And what CJ did to him in the playoffs IMHO cannot help...4th line winger...yo-yoing him up and down and then, with the season on the line, he throws him out there..wtf?? One more trollish comment...i agree that - me repeating something over and over again (even though the current GM has the same opinion) does not make it true. However that works both ways...Sorry if i come across as an ass / troll ....here's to wishing you, and the rest of the troupe, a great summer. And always remember we are all Habs fans here !!!
  2. how is this a stretch when the GM says in very clear words that he is a winger??? He cannot crack a line-up that has 5 other centers ahead of him. He simply is not a center ...by the logic of some ppl here if Galchenyuk is a #1-2 center then i could just as easily say Pax or Radu or Arturi should be a C. But i wouldn't be taken seriously but (LOL) i.m supposed to take someone who is delusional about this player seriously. sorry take a cold shower. last time i looked, MB CJ, Muller are still running the show and Chucky's playing center well... that ship has sailed.
  3. i am saying that galchenyuk is not a center...and you don;t have to take my opinion seriously Ps..i don't take your opinion too seriously either M...Chuck is 6th C on the Habs depth chart behind Ott and Michell...behind Shaw...he is sixth in the minds of MT, Muller, Julien and MB. But soemhow i'm supposed to take you seriously??? Really ? yeaah right...have a good summer bro. and keep drinking plently of that kool-aid
  4. Galchenyuk/Plekanec will fall to 30th...no difference
  5. Should Bergevin consider trading Carey Price?

    the now famous interview https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/video/2016-17-recap-julien--bergevin/t-277625432/c-51676203
  6. Am I the only Habs fan that has had enough of Galchenyuk?

    let's swap positions - put Max at center...haha ...why not? we spent 4 years trying to make Chucky a center. Max has size, can skate, can score goals...put him in the middle with Chucky and Radu...or Gally. This is a tongue-in-cheek suggestion of course...but the idea of trading one of the most consistent (NHL top-tier) leading scorer on a team that has problems scoring doesn't seem right.
  7. Should Bergevin consider trading Carey Price?

    ..words matter !!! A GM should not be describing his team as fragile EVEN if it is (im not sure what fragile means in this context but wtv). IMO this guy has lost it...
  8. Am I the only Habs fan that has had enough of Galchenyuk?

    but he isn't a C...this is what no one here is willing to admit. He isn't a center....repeat 1000000 times
  9. Should Bergevin consider trading Carey Price?

    MB also said that the team is "fragile"...what does that even mean?
  10. Should Bergevin consider trading Carey Price?

    I just heard MB being interviewed...he was asked about Price... and MB said he's not going anywhere... Also heard CJ talk about Galchenyuk. . He said Chucky is not ready (yet) for the #1C job...needs to work on his blah blah blah...they both had a good talk and blah blah blah...he didn't put him on the top line because blah blah blah Basically its the same stuff we've heard before
  11. did MB? Wiki - Damphousse was a member of the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) executive committee, serving as vice president under Trevor Linden.
  12. replace MB with Vincent Damphousse as GM...don't laugh. I really think this is going to happen.
  13. Should Bergevin consider trading Carey Price?

    If Price gets traded then MB has been a total failure IMO...first PK and then Price (not to mention the hack job on Galcheyuk)...MB can write a bestseller : How I Facked Up the HABS instead of trading Price let's just get rid of MB.
  14. Am I the only Habs fan that has had enough of Galchenyuk?

    I started getting the point when he came back from injury (that's when i started this discussion) ....sure defensive skills can be taught...but here we are 4+ years later and he seems to be regressing...apologist can't seem to see that MAYBE, just maybe - he is the problem ...also you forgot to mention Muller who i am sure works with the kid. that's just too many coaches and organizations who have decided he isn't good enough. Right now (under Julien) this is the pecking order at Center...Danault, Plex, Shaw, Ott, Mitchell, not even sure Chucky is sixth...
  15. Am I the only Habs fan that has had enough of Galchenyuk?

    i hope you're kidding...he is not good down the middle.. geez..come on MoLG?? Don't start with the numbers...his wingers are chasing the puck all game long. and covering up for his bone-headed mistakes...Max won't play with him at center...its just too facking frustrating to chase pucks each and every game