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  1. He never fit into the plans because he was a natural center. 😜
  2. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Sorry but what's going on in Cleveland has nothing to do with the players but everything to do with a owner that doesn't care about what goes on with the team. But things are turning around for them. They will be a better team because of it.
  3. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    You learn to win by losing in sports, you can see what type of character a person is going through losing more than wining.
  4. Oct. 15, Detroit vs Montreal, 7:30 PM

    Funny how everyone wanted to draft Zadina and he didn't even make a young red wings roster.
  5. I am full , I have a nice buzz going on, can't move without a forklift lol. So just wanted to wish everyone a very happy thanksgiving.
  6. Luck Richardson for MVP , great job coaching the D.
  7. Of course they're wining I pick them on pools
  8. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    Every coach that gets hired brings in his own team of coaches with him. This is the first time I have seen it not done.
  9. Oct. 3, Habs vs Leafs, 7 PM

    Never understood why CJ was never aloud to bring in his own coaching staff when he was hired.
  10. 13th Annual Regular season Prediction Contest

    I think our division will look like this at the end of the season. Toronto Tampa Boston Buffalo Florida Detroit Montreal Ottawa We will miss the playoffs and i say we finish 5-10 last in the league and pick any where from 5-10 in the draft. Bottom teams fighting it out for the top pick I would say are Montreal Ottawa Detroit Vancouver NYI NYR Carolina Arizona I think NYI will end up with the 1st overall pick.
  11. Shea Weber named Captain

    Been playing nhl19 also but I made my own expansion team and did the expansion draft.
  12. Shea Weber named Captain

    Guess this means he will be traded soon 🤔
  13. Sept. 29, Habs vs Sens, 7 PM

    No the fact that schlemko is out for 6 weeks and he's a hometown boy will probably earn him a contract.
  14. Point predictions

    Drouin I would say over he looks good this preseason Gallagher under he's never been too much of a point guy Domi under might try too hard this year Hudon wild card he looks good too this preseason Petry under Tatar looks good this preseason also i would take over on him.
  15. Could our lineup look like this

    Kotkaniemi was 3rd overall latendresse was picked in the 2nd after we trade up to get him. The thing with latendresse was the Montreal media and Montreal fans were dying for a home town boy super star and they thought they had that in latendresse after he had such a good preseason. Thats why there was such hate on management when they wanted to keep him down in the farm system. Players are told you earn a job on the team in preseason. So if Kotkaniemi is out playing ever center on the team in preseason that means he has earned a spot on the team. Keep him up for the 9 games see how he does.