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  1. Dec. 9, Oilers vs Habs, 7 PM

    Been a busy day at the restaurant, was going to ask how the game was but then saw the score. Did the guys forget we had a game?
  2. Over the last 6 years how many first round picks does Montreal have that are full time NHL players playing on the team or that we traded and there playing full time mins on a other team? I count just 2 in Beaulieu and galchenyuk . Thats not a good track record. Over the last 6 years players that were not pick in the first round that are playing full time in NHL are Andrighetto Lenkonen Hudon Rose So you are telling me our drafting is above average when all we have playing in the NHL over the last 6 years is 6 players?
  3. Our problems are depth and player development. When our core group became our core group we stop the development of players and drafting and adding depth. We are now seeing the results of that. The reason we go on slides when we have key injuries is the result of lack of depth from bad drafting and lack of player development. Thats what the last 7 years we have seen the team go through the same problems. Until this gets fixed no matter who replaces who the same results will keep happening, just like they have been.
  4. Bergevin......

    I agree miss those playoff games.
  5. Bergevin......

    No he hired bob, bob brought in gauthier
  6. Bergevin......

    When he owned the team he put people in place that brought respect back to the organization. It doesn't matter if he is following the habs he doesn't own them so doesn't have to. Molson doesn't care what's going on as long as they are making money.
  7. Bergevin......

    In my opinion this team started to go down hill once molson took it over again. They didn't care when they owned it before and its the same BS now with them. The Last time a owner cared about this team and its fans was George Gillett.
  8. Playoffs or bust?

    You're the one crying about that you don't care what the Internet says even though it explains clutch. And FYI top players get paid top money because they come up big in games. THAT IS CLUTCH.. Thats ok I am end Ing this since you are the type that's needs to be right all the time.
  9. Playoffs or bust?

    You miss read what I wrote. I never said all players are the same. You are the one saying all players are the same and that there no clutch players. Thats ok thought you're haven't grow up yet and still have to get your way. That comes from someone who has been spoiled there whole life.
  10. Playoffs or bust?

    Lol you know you're wrong, so just say so. You gave me a negative just because you can't admit that you are wrong. Thats not right.
  11. Playoffs or bust?

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clutch_(sports) Read what that says
  12. Playoffs or bust?

    There's a reason why not everyone in sports in any league make the same amount of money. The elite players get paid the most money because they are clutch players. When the game is on the line your best players are your clutch players.
  13. I still hate Houle for what he did

    I think the issue was that once our core group of players became our core group of players, we stop the drafting and development of players. We became contenders, and buyers. We depleted the system because we never added to the system just kept taking way from it. We are now seeing the results of that mistake.
  14. Playoffs or bust?

    Man the 90's do I ever miss that brand of hockey.
  15. Playoffs or bust?

    What makes Roy a clutch player is his 2 playoff mvps on 2 different teams and his 4 cups, with 2 different teams. If that's not a definition of clutch performer's I don't know what is.