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  1. Game#33 Dec 15 Sens vs Habs 7:00

    I got a question..... How can it be a dive if he follows through with his play?????
  2. Game#33 Dec 15 Sens vs Habs 7:00

    We're starting to see what a true captain is. In my honest Pacioretty should of never been named captain he isn't a true leader. These guys are going to follow Weber because he's the type of guy that will do what it takes to win.
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Did he... I thought hes a UFA cap friendly says Ufa. Oh never mind read it wrong my bad.
  4. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Maybe Drews team Canada buddies can talk him into signing here on July 1st. Him weber and petry would look nice on the right side.
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I don't think we are in a big need for a center anymore, so I don't think Hanzal is a need.
  6. His been picked up by the Kings. 2 promising young prospects lost for nothing in Rose and Scherbak. Just goes to show you how bad our development program was. I think with the new coaching staff we hired our development of players will be much better.
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Well if you look at those teams and look at the type of players Bergevin goes for plus add the same type of salary, then names of players per team could be this Dallas--- theres no one that match's the contract or type of player so no deal with them Colorado-- theres soderberg (2 years left and 4.75 mil) or cole (3 years left at 4.25mil) NYI--- theres clutterbuck (4 years left at 3.5mil) that's about it there. Toronto-- I don't really see them taking Alzner since they got there own cap issues with there young guys unless they offer us Zaitsev but he has 6 years left at 4.25mil. So the only real deal I see Bergevin doing would be with Colorado Alzner for Cole. Again that's just with those teams in that tweet and factoring in the same type of contract and type of player Bergevin goes for.
  8. Habs Defense

    We're not a team that can contend for the cup, so I wouldn't make any major trades that gives up our top prospects. I would just wait till July 1st and see who's there that could help up grade our back end.
  9. Habs Defense

    I understand that but he shouldn't be, I would use him the way we used Cammy on the power play.
  10. Habs Defense

    Drouin is your best goal scorer on the team why put him in a set up roll on the power play? He should be the guy you put in the slot to set up for one timers. Our best passer on the team is probably Domi. If you put any forward on the back end it should be your best passer/set up man. I think that's Domi or once he gets more season under his belt Kotkaniemi as the pp QB.
  11. Habs Defense

    Weber is not a pp QB, weber is the guy you set up on the pp, Markov was a pp QB, who is our Markov on this D right now?????????? Petry is not a top 2 he is a top 3/4 guy. When he plays more then he should he is bad.
  12. Habs Defense

    We got no one that can move the puck up ice in our top three. We got no one that can QB our power play and set plays up from the back end. We got no one on the left side of the defense. Schlemko is our top left d that says it all. In the off season this needs to be the biggest area to address.
  13. Karl Alzner on waivers

    I know weed is legalized now but I think you need to put the weed down if you're thinking theres a chance someone will pick him up. Why do I keep thinking of Vincent mcmahons theme song playing lol (you got no chance in hell) lol
  14. Karl Alzner on waivers

    I totally agree, I also like the way the NFL does it too. I would of just thought the PA would try and put a end to it by now.
  15. Karl Alzner on waivers

    Would he be underachieving if he was making 2mil and not 4.6mil. Its not his fault he was given more money then what he is worth as a player.