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  1. 2019 NHL Playoffs

    How much would you offer Marner on a offer sheet??? It would be 11+I would think, i would do it just to get Toronto to match it and handcuff them. If they don't match it giving up the picks are ok with me. Seeing Domi/Marner on a line together would be so nice 😏
  2. Looking back on the 2019 season

    Remind me again why we had all those lock outs to keep salaries down again 🤔.
  3. Looking back on the 2019 season

    Yeah who am i kidding lol, I could see someone giving him 9mil.
  4. Looking back on the 2019 season

    I don't think he would. I think in between 6-7mil
  5. Looking back on the 2019 season

    Best player --- Price , Gallagher Favorite addition -- Tatar, weal, Biggest surprise -- Domi, Kotkaniemi, Kulak Most disappointed -- Drouin Take a ways -- for the first time since we won the cup in '93 the Habs in the next 3 years will be strong at center. Domi Kotkaniemi Poehling Suzuki Danault We need to address the Need for a QB on the power play and I think we can make some noise in the playoffs next year if we address that need. Addition's July 1st I would like to see Skinner Gardiner Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Skinner - Domi - Drouin Byron - Kotkaniemi - Armia Lehkonen - Weal - Shaw Gardiner - Weber Mete - Petry Kulak - ? UFA/trade/rookie Price Lindgren That would be a strong line up
  6. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    So I guess your ok with Drouin not showing up for games and not looking interested out on the ice. Why because his French and a home town boy? So he gets a pass? Not from me he doesn't, he reminds me of yakupov out there on the ice.
  7. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    We're weak on D, you go with the best playmaking Defensemen on the board when we pick.
  8. 4 Teams - 1 Playoff Race

    Well boys for what its worth things looking up for the habs Tatar was a steal Domi was a steal Kotkaniemi looks like a gem Price back to his old self A lot of positive things happen this year. Makes next year worth looking forward too. Just got to figure out what to do with one Mr Drouin.
  9. GDT: Columbus @ Montreal: 7:30 PM

    Their PK in the offensive zone looked better then their pp does. Hows that possible?
  10. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    Big test for the boys tonight.
  11. Permanent Rumour Thread

    A forth line of Weise - Thompson - Shaw Would look good
  12. I wonder if this was the big trade EK was talking about 🤔 lol
  13. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    In about 3 years time we could have a log jam at center. Yes I did say we who would of thought. Danault Domi Kotkaniemi Suzuki Poehling
  14. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    How's that other kid doing? You know the one every wanted to draft and was pissed off Bergevin never did?? 🤔 yes I am talking about Zadina. Yup couldn't even crack Detroit's line up.
  15. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    They might have cap issues and a guy they might lose that would be a nice pick up would be johnsson