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  1. Edmonton drafted best player available what has that done for them over the years. If you have players that are in there early 30's you should be looking to draft there replacement. Something we never do.
  2. I think our problems as an organization is that we don't look to the future as much as we should. We let star players age because we don't draft players that could one day replace them. Which is why we end up holding onto them for far to long when they out live there usefulness as a player. Then we end up losing them for nothing. When we lose a key player to an injury we can't call up anyone that can fill the mins, and when we lose someone to free agency we have no one that can replace them In the system. We need to do a better job filling team hole's and adding depth at every position in our system.
  3. Trade Price

    The only place price would wave his NTC to I would think it would be his home town.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    I wonder what it would take to get a guy like brown from the leafs. I think he would be a great addition to the team. He is being under used in Toronto with all there young talent.
  5. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    Sorry should of said that here they don't do that to the vets.
  6. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    True but they do that mostly to the younger guys not the vets on the team.
  7. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    Yeah but if you want to send a message to the team without making a big trade, then that's the only thing the coach can do. Take the C off max might wake the team up, put the responsibility on the players. Other teams have done it to there captains before. The one that comes to my mind is San Jose when Joe was there captain.
  8. CANADIENS @ BRUINS, JAN 17, 19:30 ET

    Didn't watch the game been busy with work, but from what I read sounds like the team didn't show up again. How many games this year is that now that this team hasn't shown up to play? I think its time to take the C of max and send a message to the rest of the players.
  9. I think Molson and Bergevin are in a stair down contest to see who blinks first. So I ask habs fans does Molson blink first and Bergevin actually make a trade to try and improve his team???? Or does Bergevin blink first and molson cleans house.
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    We shouldn't be waiting tell the trade deadline to unload our ufa's. Start trading them now. We are 4th last in the league, we have to realize that the season is done. And for those who think otherwise you're the reason this organization can't rebuild this team the right way.
  11. Best rivalries in hockey?

    PK fans vrs Bergevin hands down.
  12. Habs claim Logan Shaw

    This shows you how weak at center we are in our organization that we have to claim Shaw.
  13. Yes if we would of did it In 2016 we would of been picking 2nd over all where the jets picked and would of ended up with laine. But we tried to make the playoffs and ended up picking 9th. We shouldn't make that same mistake again.
  14. We should be in the mine set of losing as much games as we can, and doing what it takes to get a top 3 pick. With all the picks we have we can retool this farm system if we can finish in the bottom 3. Plus with the cap space it doesn't have to be a full rebuild.
  15. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Lol the only GM that will take a prospect that's going no where is probably Bergevin.
  16. Hope the link works. Its a nice little read and break down on habs drafting since 2012.https://recrutes.ca/habs-drafting-since-2012-good-average-barren/ I for one had thought our drafting was bad, but after reading this I think it has more to do with bad development and bad trade's.
  17. What I was saying is if we drafted by our biggest need which was center. That draft was full of centers we could of build our team around. We took a gambling when we were picking 10th.
  18. I think the draft we missed big time on was the 03' draft. If Bob at the time drafted by need we would of been set at center. We should of picked Getzlaf at 10, then in the 2nd round Bergeron at 40 we would of been set at center for the first time in a long time. Also that could of been the draft that won us a cup. But Bob went kostitsyn at 10, and a guy who never played in the NHL Urquhart at 40.
  19. Carey Price named to the All-Star Game

    I think that's the problem with this layout. Not really a fan of it when they did it, still not a fan of it. Even the skill competition isn't the same it once was. I still think they should make the all star game an out door game.
  20. Carey Price named to the All-Star Game

    I think Gallagher should be there
  21. Bergevin......

    You can say the same about Plekenec but he gave him a 2 year 6mil deal without blinking.
  22. Bergevin......

    sorry to say but the team needs more than that.
  23. Bergevin......

    totally agree with you. He took on a team that was 2 top 6 players away from possibly winning the cup, and turned it into what it is now in his 5 years here.
  24. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I guess it would be depended on how long weber is out
  25. Bergevin......

    I think we are misunderstanding each other because of this..... If Bergevin trades players a player like Pacioretty ,Gallagher, or galchenyuk he could probably get a #1c and I do agree. But in his press conference he said he isn't trading his core group that means Pacioretty, Gallagher, galchenyuk aren't going anywhere. Thats why he can't make a trade because without those guys being included in any trades for a #1c he doesn't have the pieces to pull off a trade. I hope wording it this makes more sense.