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  1. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to NYI to team up with Lou again.
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    With the winners we have i am starting to think packaging Byron with Pacioretty isnt a bad idea. We could get a better return in the long run.
  3. Joel Armia signs a one-year deal

    I think Danault will be the last and hardest one to resign. If hes asking for to much it could get ugly with him and Bergevin.
  4. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I think Skinner and Karlsson are holding up a Pacioretty trade. The team's that lose out on them will then fight it out for Pacioretty.
  5. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Shaw for a 3rd round pick?
  6. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Chicago is getting there old players back wonder if they will take Shaw back?
  7. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Now that I think about it do we really want Bergevin trading with Lou? This could turn out bad for us.
  8. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Maybe theres a trade to be done with the NYI? They just lost Tavares, Pacioretty is there home town boy they can use to help sell tickets. We just signed Richardson ex NYI coach, who could give us some inside info on there young players. Just some food for thought.🤔 To NYI Pacioretty To habs Nelson + Pelech
  9. Permanent Rumour Thread

    The reason Pacioretty is still a hab is Pacioretty himself. He stopped at least 1 trade to LA and theres been rumors that he stopped at least 2 other trades because he couldn't get the money he was asking for. Which lead to Pacioretty firing his agent. So to speed this up does Pacioretty have to come down on the amount he's asking for?
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Ahh the drama never ends with this team.
  11. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Do you guys think Pacioretty camp leaked this to get a trade done sooner rather than later? Or did Bergevin camp leak it to generate more trade interest in Pacioretty?
  12. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Yes but now hes desperate to trade him. He could of always resign him. Teams can low ball him. He can't wait tell the deadline other wise he won't get what he wants for him.
  13. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Way to go Bergevin. Now teams can low ball you because you need to trade Pacioretty.😡 I wonder how much he is asking for, for Bergevin not wanting to resign him.
  14. I ask myself this question now that Toronto signed Tavares are we good enough to beat Toronto Tampa Washington Pittsburgh In a 7 game series? My answer is no, not even if we make the trade for O'Reilly. We're not as deep as these teams are to make a playoff run. Trading for O'reilly would just weaken us and not make us stronger. Its time for a rebuild. Next 2 years will be a deep draft year. Trade Pacioretty for top prospects and 1st round pick Trade weber for top prospects and 1st round pick Trade price for top prospects and 1st round pick Lets build this up right so we can contend for a cup every year.
  15. Not if you're getting young talent back which you would be. If you trade Price you ask for a young NHL ready goaltender as part of the package If you're trading Weber you're asking for a young NHL ready defenseman as part of the package. This speeds up the rebuild/retool
  16. You can say the same about Price. The benefits of trading Price now could out way keeping him. If we trade Price and Weber we could get back big time young talent that we can speed up the rebuild and call it a retooling. But the longer we hold on to them the less we could get for them. But Bergevin ego wont let him rebuild or even say the words rebuild. So as long as its a retooling theres no need to trade a Weber or a Price But the funny thing is by holding onto a Weber and Price you can't fill team holes as fast, Because you would have to do it trough the draft. Which If you look at it is a rebuild not a retooling. But if you trade a Weber and a Price, the pieces you get back would fill the holes we have on this team. If you look at it that way its a retooling not rebuilding.
  17. If Bergevin trades Weber he admits that the Subban trade didn't work out and he was wrong to do it. His ego wont allow that to happen. Only Way Weber gets traded is if Bergevin gets fired and the new GM rebuilds this team.
  18. Habs hire Luke Richardson as Assistant Coach

    Also last week we added Alex Burrows to the AHL coaching staff. I think we are finally headed in the right direction. I feel better about developing our young guys now then I have in the past 6 years. We are putting the right people in place.
  19. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    How about we help out Ottawa and Tampa with this Karlsson trade To Tampa Pacioretty Karlsson To habs Palat Pageau Ryan To Ottawa Killorn Sergachev Tampa's 1st round pick and 2nd round pick We then flip Ryan, Golden Knights lost some goal scorer in Neal and Perron So To Golden Knights Ryan To habs Theodore Palat - Pageau - Gallagher Domi - Danault - Drouin Lehkonen - Plekenec - Armia Byron - Rose - Shaw Theodore - Weber /Petry Alzner - Petry/ Schlemko Mete - Benn Price Niemi Not to bad of a line up.
  20. I think the heat has gotten to you. Montreal is a bubble team this year To make the playoffs, some even think no chance to make the playoffs. Bergevin has done zero to improve this team. So tell me why this team doesn't finish in the bottom five again??? We got the same team - galchenyuk, and - Weber tell the Christmas break if we're lucky.
  21. Well lets break this down teams that are a lock for a playoff spot Washington Pittsburgh Toronto Tampa Philadelphia New jersey Boston So that's 7 teams that should make the playoffs teams that are on the bubble Montreal Buffalo Carolina Florida NYI Teams that wont make the playoffs Detroit NYR Ottawa So out of the bubble team's can we beat out all of them for that final playoff spot? I don't think so.
  22. I am in the anything can happen, but for the future success of this franchise I hope not. I also hope for the first overall pick.
  23. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I am not saying he would be an upgrade. I am just saying that some people think he is and that could be a reason why some people are upset. I don't think that its just because he is French that this is a story like it was brought up in a post earlier.
  24. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I am not complaining about anything, I was just pointing out that I don't think that some are making a big deal about it because he is French, but because Bergevin hasn't done anything to upgrade the team and he was out there on the UFA market.
  25. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I think it Has more to do with the fact Bergevin hasn't upgraded this team and some saw Duclair Best available upgrade through UFA. Now any type of upgrades will have to be by trade.