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  1. Could our lineup look like this

    You can't put Smith-pelley in there because he has had success in the NHL which is why teams don't give up on him. Sekac and Jerabek have had success over seas. So teams look at that when it comes to those guys. I am talking about guys with no NHL past success and no over seas success and little AHL success, Much like Rose and McCarron.
  2. Could our lineup look like this

    Here's a question......how long does one play in an organization system before he is called a bust??? I think 5 years is a long to not to make the NHL as a full time player.
  3. Could our lineup look like this

    If I am thinking like a gm, I am thinking why is it a guy with size that plays center for a organization that's needs a center with size can't crack the lineup as a 4th line center in 5 years in the organization. Why would I want him?
  4. Could our lineup look like this

    But in today's NHL you don't need size. Its speed and skill that teams look for.
  5. Could our lineup look like this

    Rose and McCarron are centers playing for a organization that needs centers but in 5 years Rose still can't crack this team for a full time job and in 5 years McCarron has also yet to crack this teams lineup. When teams see this you think they're going to be waiting to get these guys off waivers?
  6. Could our lineup look like this

    Rose should of been our 3rd line checking center by now. This guy looked so good when he first came into the league, we sent him down to the AHL and man did our development team mess this kid up. 5 years now hes been in our system, if he can't crack this years team it looks like he is a full time AHL player.
  7. Sept. 17, Devils (SS) vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Maybe its Bergevin that's lost 🤔
  8. Could our lineup look like this

    I would keep Drouin-Domi-Armia line together they looked good on the ice together. Drouin - Domi - Armia Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Byron - Plekenec - Scherbak Lehkonen - Peca - Shaw Extra..Rose, Hudon , Deslauriers That should be opening day lineup up front.
  9. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Would be fun to see them bounce around 👀🤣😜
  10. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Can we put Domi - Danault - Drouin on a line just so we can call them the triple D line 🤣
  11. I ask this question because its clear we're in a rebuild. After not picking up any top 6 forwards the last 2 years at the deadline or at free agency, not spending up to the cap the last two years, and now with the Pacioretty trade. We're not going to be making the playoffs any time soon. So is it best to trade Price and Weber to speed up this rebuild? Or ride it out with them? By the time we become a playoff time Weber might be done as a NHL player, and Price's best years would be behind him. I personally don't want to see Price gone ... But it might be the best thing to do for this rebuild.
  12. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    We should put the finns together on a line see how they do. Lehkonen - Kotkaniemi - Armia Could be interesting to see them play together.
  13. Habs sign Joel Ward to a PTO

    Our history of break ups with black players isnt that great.😞
  14. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Again it depends on the draft and how deep it is. Last years draft was weak. This year is a better draft year, gm's aren't going to give up a 1st,2nd or 3rd round pick that easy.
  15. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Byron alone wont get you a 3rd round pick maybe (Byron + a 5th could get you a 3rd) . Maybe in a weak draft year you could get a 2nd for Byron from a cup contender who needs additional scoring in there line up. No way you get a 2nd for Rose. He is a 4th line center at best in the NHL. No one will give you a 2nd round pick that's just crazy. McCarron cant crack Montreals line up and you think you're getting a 3rd round pick for him 😳🤣 I would agree with you on Benn and Schlemko you could get a 4th or 5th pick for them. But on Byron, Rose and McCarron you need to take your habs blinders off and see them for what the are.
  16. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Karlsson / Burns on the power play together. I think I know whos going to have the top power play in the NHL.
  17. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Wow you're really over valuing these players. Byron is coming off a leg injury, I would say he is worth a 3rd round pick at best. This is a deep draft year so teams wont be giving away there top 3 picks. Schlemko and McCarron no way anyone GM gives you a 3rd round pick for these guys. They're worth a7th or 6th at best. Only gm that would give you a 3rd round pick for one of these guys is Bergevin himself. As for Rose again now way you get a 2nd round pick for him. Maybe a 4th.
  18. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    If we can by some miracle land Yzerman as our GM I don't care if he can't speak French. I will pay for his lesson's
  19. Poll: Who should be Captain?

    Who should be our next captain? Who do we want traded next 🤔
  20. If you are able to land an elite franchise player in the top 3 it would speed up the rebuild (much like Toronto & Edmonton) other wise a full rebuild takes 4-5 years. As for elite goaltender putting up the same number past 35 its mostly because they get traded to teams making a run at a cup, Lundqvist hasn't been at the top of his game on a rebuilding Rangers team, Talk of trading him as well in NY. Longo hasn't been that great but is now on a up and coming Florida team as a result has put up better numbers. Brodeurs numbers went down when NJ started to rebuild, then he got traded. Hasek's numbers went down on a rebuilding Buffalo team , then he got traded to an elite powerhouse in Detroit played better on a better team. same as Roy, he had some bad years on bad habs teams, then got traded to a powerhouse Colorado team and played better. Then one thing all these goaltenders have in common they all got traded from there rebuilding team to a team that was contenders for a cup. The only one not trade yet of course is Lundqvist. Funny that Montreal is facing the same type of circumstances with Price that those teams had with there elite goaltender at the time.
  21. Price is 31 years old, on a rebuild Its typically takes 4-5 years. If you're lucky and can get a top 3 pick 3 out of the 5 years and happen to get a elite franchise player, that can speed up that 4-5 years. We are in year 2 of this rebuild. So lets Say in 3 years time we might be a playoff team. Price will be 34 years old. Will he still be on top of his game? If you do trade a guy like Price you ask for a young NHL ready goaltender in the package. I think we could get a lot for Price from teams making a run for a cup. Example...Toronto, St.Louis, Edmonton, Colorado, are young teams ready to make there runs at a cup and Price could be that difference maker for them. I just don't think Price at 34 would make a difference for us when we are ready to make our run for a cup again.
  22. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    Whats the over/under until Price wants out??
  23. Habs Rookie Tournament/Camp Thread

    If this is any indication on how the season is going to go.....we're in for a long year.
  24. Are the Canadiens above average under MB?

    How about we get a chance to dunk him in a dunk tank?????
  25. Are the Canadiens above average under MB?

    I honesty think this team is a blow average team under Bergevin with a above average goaltender. The record shows that we are above average in large part due to the play of Price. Take out Price and those numbers change big time to below average. I have said this before that Bergevin hides behind Price, which is why this team will never improve. They think that when Price is on top of his game he can hide the weakesness of the team. When Price isnt on top of his game or injured well everyone can see our Ture team weakesness.