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  1. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I've said it all along that they should be rebuilding. There is so many holes on this team, it's impossible to create a bona fide contender at this point. The ages of certain core players and some of the young prospects like Poehling or ikonen is too far apart. The problem is that Bergevin and company are too deep into this shit hole. So they're basically taking one more shot with numb nuts at the helm to pull a rabbit out of their ass and sneak into the playoffs....Even though this division will probably be tougher than ever this season.
  2. 2018 draft thread

    I don't know anything either, but just listening the interviews, I got the impression it might be Tkachuk. Or maybe as commandant has said, Hughes is the guy. It's a tight draft at the top. Probably not the best year to have the #3 pick
  3. 2018 draft thread

    I think that might be the plan..... I don't know if Buffalo wants Pacioretty, just for the fact i don't think he would re sign there, but some type of deal for Pacioretty and ROR makes sense.
  4. 2018 draft thread

    I really felt like they would take Kotkaniemi, but I'm thinking it's going to be Tkachuk now
  5. 2018 draft thread

    Timmins said in an interview they don't think Hughes can defend at the nhl level...
  6. 2018 draft thread

    I would almost guartunee Montreal doesn't pick Zadina. As much as I think he's as good a pick as any
  7. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    All about the money apparently. Can t say i blame him
  8. 2018 draft thread

    It was a joke
  9. The need for an attitude change

    Bergevin has a gigantic ego.
  10. 2018 draft thread

    You're jokinen, right?
  11. 2018 draft thread

    Man, some of these ideas for trades.... Arizona isn't giving up Chychrun to Montreal to move two spots. Especially when the draft is this tight 3rd through 8th.
  12. 2018 draft thread

    The @CanadiensMTL management had dinner in Buffalo a few days ago with Brady Tkachuk. No final decision yet on who’s going to be the Habs first pick, but Brady is still a candidate. #tvasports
  13. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Wow, what was Ottawa thinking in that trade with San Jose I miss read the trade. I thought it said Cody ceici and Mike Hoffman. Still not great for Ottawa though.
  14. 2018 draft thread

    Nothing is certain, but the way this team is made up and the fact that Bergevin just dealt one of our best trade chips to get another winger, gives me a feeling that he's taking a centre at the draft.
  15. 2018 draft thread

    I would assume that with Bergevin saying the pick is in play, they're pretty much taking Kotkaniemi