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  1. Danault and Shaw on the first unit. Come on now
  2. Lehkonen seems like he has lost a step this year
  3. He'll probably get sent down. I hated the idea at the start of the season, before he got a real look. Now I think it makes sense
  4. Good to see Price find his game last night. Does Mueller still run the power play?
  5. The season at the 20% mark

    Benn is a ufa, after this year
  6. Nov. 13, Canadiens vs Oilers, 9 PM

    I thought i read Lucic has 2 goals in his last 65 games. Bergevin was hard after him, as a F.A, for more money too. Yikes
  7. Nov. 10, Golden Knights vs Habs, 7:00 PM

    Schlemko is in
  8. Nov. 9/10, Rocket vs Monsters

    The 3 guys we want scoring
  9. What a disaster that would be. Last 200 regular season games Games 1-100- 1.97 GAA .934 sv% Games 101-200- 2.78 GAA .907 sv%
  10. Tomas Plekanec to be released

    I was never a huge fan, but you have to respect what the guy has done for this franchise
  11. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    I've been waiting for that hot streak. It probably will happen, but CC is right about a possible decline
  12. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    Pacioretty- 2 points in 12 game. Yikes
  13. Price could easily rebound, but man, at what point do we start getting worried...
  14. Atleast this team can score... fun to watch again
  15. Price atleast 3 goals in each of last 5 games
  16. That pass. Domi is legit
  17. Injury news

    Juulsen nursing something
  18. Kenny Agostino recalled

    It's weird how guys can light up the ahl, yet are only fringe players in the nhl
  19. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Montreal has allowed the sixth most goals/60 minutes when holding the lead in the league. Price 5-4-2, 2.81 gaa, 9.01 sv%. This team has played well enough in front him for his numbers to be better than that
  20. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    This isn't the first time Drouin has looked like he didn't give a shit out there.
  21. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Nice goal. 9 goals in 10 games now, for Domi
  22. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Very true Petry screaming at Drouin on bench apparently
  23. Nov. 6, Canadiens vs Rangers, 7 PM

    Wtf was Petry doing there
  24. 2018-19 NHL General Discussion Thread

    An elite c prospect would have been a no brainer. I just hope people are keeping expectations in check with Kotkaniemi.