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  1. I am looking and Columbus has a back to back on the road which is never easy, Ottawa will be well rested and will probably want to win their last game, also NYR lost tonight so Lundqvist is still gonna want to win #450 or whatever it is. Also I still don't think Columbus has totally gelled, and we'll see if Bobrovsky cracks or not (he looked not good vs Boston, and has cracked in the past). I think they're more likely to lose to Ottawa than NYR. Pittsburgh lost to Detroit already this week, Detroit is on a 6 game win streak. Their game vs NYR will be heavily in their favour though, NYR will be on a 2nd of back to back, but if the Rangers can squeak out the OT win, there's your 0-1-1. Carolina will probably beat New Jersey (hoping they don't but we'll see, also Carolina is only 1-2-0 or something against them this year), but the Flyers are good enough to beat the Canes, plus the game is in Philadelphia (I also think Carolina is fragile and playing well above their heads) I don't care who Montreal is playing, they have so much confidence coming out of beating Winnipeg and Tampa that I think no matter who their last 2 games are against, it'll be 2-0-0 (also Toronto is gonna rest players and not care on Saturday, definitely the Washington game is much harder) - honestly I think Lehkonen's comments about winning the next 2 games and making the playoffs are as sure as anyone can get. I am crying a little and I'm nervous as hell don't worry. But I think it's more than possible
  2. Pretty sure we are picking 31st tho...
  3. If we make it to 98 points, how likely is it that ALL THREE of PIT, CAR and CBJ surpass that? Basically what we at least need to get in if we go 2-0-0: PIT: 0-1-1, 98 pts (we win tiebreak) CAR: 1-0-1, 98 pts (we win tiebreak, assuming we win both our games not in the shootout) CBJ: 1-1-0, 97 pts (they with tiebreak if they get to 98) We just need 1 of those scenarios, I mean are they really ALL going to win out?
  4. Okay so a perfect night would be: New Jersey over Carolina Detroit over Pittsburgh Montreal over Washington LOL New Jersey and Detroit...
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