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  1. That's an interesting trade. I don't think Winnipeg makes it because I think they want to win now but it would help them from a salary cap point of view. I love Gallagher but you would be trading him at a time when his value is high.
  2. No hesitation at all and no hesitation turning down the trade to move 2 spots. Obviously they really wanted Caulfield with that pick. Really enjoyed the behind the scenes video, thanks for sharing.
  3. I agree with a lot of the post too but I am always a little surprised at the Radulov criticism. Nobody ever gives MB credit for taking a chance and bringing him over to begin with. Radulov left the NHL on bad terms originally and nobody else seemed to want to take a chance on him until MB did. I really hated to see Radulov go too, he is an excellent player. I think MB gave it his best effort to keep him but I guess it came down to money like it usually does and MB obviously would have had to offer more than Dallas because of the tax situation.
  4. Agree 100%, just plain silly to spend recklessly to get to the cap. Then what happens if a good opportunity comes up??
  5. I have to admit that I don't understand the mechanics of a lot of this. Could Vegas not claim Clarkson on LTIR but the Leafs can? What advantage does Vegas get by trading him if they could claim him on LTIR?
  6. Life would be boring if we agreed all the time. Agree with point one but I do hope/believe Kotkaniemi will be a top tier player. Not worried about Price at 32, lots of examples (ie. Brodeur, Luongo) of top tier goalies who played at a high level late into their thirties. I get the criticism of Bergevin but I think he has been a far better GM the last couple years. He has taken a longer term approach by trying to develop from within. Chasing high priced free agents usually does not turn out well and Montreal doesn't seem to be a preferred choice anyway for whatever reason (taxes, language, media scrutiny) so developing your own seems to be a better choice.
  7. Playing 3 years in college allowed Poehling to mature physically. He is ready. I will be very surprised if he doesn't make the team. Suzuki and Brook will most likely spend some time in Laval.
  8. I think there is support for Bergevin because he has done a much better job the last year or so of starting to turn things around. He has built the prospect pool to the point where it is one of the better ones in the NHL. Sure he made some bonehead moves in his earlier years as a GM but he seems to have learned his lesson. I am much more supportive of MB than I was a couple years ago.
  9. I was one of those Habs fans that mindlessly got excited last season and I make no apologies for it. I am a Habs fan so I am excited to see them improving. I am excited about the kids coming up. I don't get excited when we overpay for free agents. Does anyone really know how much it would have cost to keep Radulov?
  10. Absolutely a lot of teams were interested in Lucic back then, a big physical presence coming off a 20 goal season. He had a really good first season with Edmonton but then things went downhill quickly. The Oilers knew that at some point the 7 year contract would come back to bite them, they just didn't think it would be so quickly.
  11. Bergevin was definitely interested in Lucic when he was a free agent. I remember an interview with Lucic where he talked about how the Habs had some really good western boys on the team (ie. Gallagher, Price, Weber) and he considered coming here. I bet Bergevin is thanking his lucky stars that he decided to sign with Edmonton. Signing Lucic to a big contract back then might have been the death knell for MB. The game has passed Lucic by but he could still be a useful 3rd liner at the right price which would be way less than 6 million/year.
  12. I agree. You would have to think Neal has a better chance of turning it around than Lucic. To say Lucic has struggled would be a huge understatement. Between the beginning of this season and the end of the previous season he scored something like 2 goals in 80 games. I never thought Holland would get rid of this contract. Of course he has to take one on but I think Neal can turn it around. You get the odd scoring opportunity playing with McDavid.
  13. I get tired of reading his articles. Of course we know these are prospects and there is no guarantee they will be NHL players . But there seems to be a lot of consensus (even Craig Button) that it's a very very good prospect pool. I am guessing that if the Habs wanted to trade Poehling, Suzuki etc that there would be no shortage of takers.
  14. Agree with your comments. Molson is definitely not afraid of spending money. I am sure he realizes that a couple playoff rounds would bring in a lot more money than the extra he would spend on a free agent. You can't force free agents to come here. I would guess that MB offered Duchesne at least as much money as Nashville. Over paying for a free agent is not the long term answer. I don't mind criticism of MB, he has certainly made mistakes in tenure but the last couple years I believe he has done a really good job (except for Alzner) of building a good a prospect pool and the future looks much brighter. I used to post on hockey inside out but got tired of the same old criticism of Price and MB day after day after day. Posters just looking to pick a fight except when the Habs were doing well then they would disappear for a while. The world would be boring if people agreed on everything but I think you can disagree without being disagreeable.
  15. OK, I should have seen that reply coming. LOL
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