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  1. I would not prefer 3 embarrassing losses, would prefer the players to give it a good go and end the season with a little confidence going into next year.
  2. Agree 100%, Lowe was a solid dependable defenceman and an important piece for the Oilers but no way do I think of Hall of Fame when I think of Kevin Lowe. They lowered the bar. If he didn't play for the Oilers there wouldn't even be a discussion. Who's next Rick Green??
  3. I was just thinking if there is a guy the Habs really want at 4 or 5 do you use some of your extra picks to try and move up? I think Don is right that it rarely happens. It was just a thought because the Habs have many picks and right now quality is more important than quantity.
  4. Let's say the Habs draft 9th or 10th. Is it worth bundling the 2 2nd round picks they have which will likely be high 2nd round picks to move up in the draft along with their 1st round pick? Or is it a crap shoot from 3 to 10 and not worth it?
  5. 4 first round picks is a lot to give for Jones. That is a steep price but looking at some of the Habs former 1st round picks I can see your arguement. The Chelios\Savard trade brings back bad memories. Chelios was a beast. He played almost another 20 years after that trade, maybe 15 of those we pretty productive. Savard not quite as many.
  6. From a hockey perspective there just isn't much going on. Hopefully that will change.
  7. That is a good contract coming to an end soon. McKinnon has 3 more years and he is in my opinion the 2nd best player in the game right now.
  8. Agreed, that's a great analysis of the situation at the time. I don't remember anybody (or hardly anybody) complaining about the contract at that time. It's always easy to look back in hindsight to see whether a contract was worth it. On the other hand Nathan McKinnon at 6.3m until the end of the 2022-23 season is a beauty of a contract for Colorado. Is there a better team friendly contract in hockey? Maybe Brad Marchand is close.
  9. I agree with everything you said except the Joe Clark part. I just couldn't warm up to that guy, likely more of a personal than policy thing. I also think that Doug Ford has shown leadership during the COVID crisis. Is he any worse than kathleen Wynne?
  10. That's interesting, up here in Redmonton almost no one I work with likes Trump but I work in the financial sector not oil and gas. I agree about Notley, highly intelligent and ethical but I am not an NDP person. I think the NDP in Alberta were more a victim of low oil prices than anything else. I miss Stephen Harper. I guess we are getting off topic but it's more interesting than debating the merits of Alex Belzile (no offence to Alex, he is probably a very nice guy).
  11. Totally agree, it is so polarizing right now. I hate putting labels on people. I consider myself a fiscal conservative but I definitely have some liberal social values. What does that make me? I try and keep an open mind on all issues. Quite often I disagree with Trudeau but sometimes I agree with him. I get annoyed with people who keep blinders on and twist things to fit a particular narrative they have.
  12. I agree with your thoughts on this. Not a big fan of Trudeau either but managing the relationship with Trump is difficult to say the least and that question put him in a difficult position. I thought he handled it well.
  13. I think the religious right supporting Trump is the ultimate in hypocrisy but the alternative for them is the democrats so it is no surprise they support him. Did Trump look really uncomfortable with a bible in his hand or was that just me?
  14. Racism is something that nobody should have to face, it's unfortunate that you had to deal with this. I like to think that things are better in Canada than the US and they probably are but obviously there is still a lot of work to do here.
  15. The photo op was one of the stupidest ideas I have ever seen. A big part of the problem is that Trump fired so many good people that he is left with a bunch of yes/men/women. I can't believe someone couldn't explain to him what a bonehead idea that was before he did it.
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