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  1. You got that right!! We took Kostitsyn at 10, Anaheim took Getzlaff at 19 and Perry at 28. What a huge draft for Anaheim. A lot of teams blew it. To get a franchise center at 19 doesn't happen often.
  2. Getzlaff was an absolute beast in his prime, made for the playoffs. Talented, tough, strong and mean. However he is now 35 and his production has fallen significantly, kind of like Weber. He likely wouldn't be cheap and I am not sure he would be the answer at this stage in his career but he and Perry might have fun playing together again. A 25-30 year old Getzlaff would fill a huge hole but they are hard to find.
  3. So now that's 33 goals in 33 games. Almost a goal a game.
  4. Now that would definitely fall in the unexpected category! LOL
  5. Finally saw the highlights and he was dominant. So impressive, he not only finished plays, he created them. he could have had 4 or 5 goals. I am pumped! It's also great to see Poehling playing so well. I still think Poehling will be a quality NHL player.
  6. So far this year he has 32 goals in 32 games. That's almost a goal a game!!
  7. Great too see, further evidence that he can score, pretty impressive debut.
  8. Agreed. That's why I think it's almost a no brainer not to protect him. I doubt Seattle takes him (which means you can protect someone else) and if they do then you have all that extra cap room.
  9. No doubt. Whenever you sign a player to a big contract (or take one on) into their late 30's, there is risk.
  10. I don't think anyone would argue that leadership is critically important. It sure is. The question is whether Weber brings enough to the table to justify 8 million/year if his play is declining? A couple years ago he was worth every penny, not so sure now.
  11. I am little more optimistic about the prospect pool, Caufield could be great (sure hope), and on defence I think a group of Norlinder, Struble, Harris and Guhle is pretty good, the Habs need 2 of those to work out. Of course what's really needed is KK and Suzuki to develop, they have shown flashes this year but need to more consistent. I hope MB doesn't take the attitude that they need to win now, that could be dangerous to the future.
  12. I agree that you leave Weber exposed, if Seattle does take him then you have some significant cap room that can be used for a younger player, hopefully used smartly. The defence does need to be rebuilt, it is not good enough. The team is not good enough yet, I hope MB doesn't chase at the deadline by giving up young propsects/picks for a player that will make us marginally better. I am willing to be more patient and let our young players develop. This team is just not good enough to win this year (although miracles can happen).
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