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  1. Not suggesting the Habs do this but let's say they end up with the 10th overall pick in the draft. How far could they move up by offering the 10th pick and Caufield? Would love to get Byfield, he could be the big strong #1 centre you dream about having. I think Caufield will either be a 40 goal scorer in the NHL or a bust, no in between.
  2. He certainly can! Thanks for posting the highlights Commandant.
  3. Agree with your thoughts on this. If I am trading Petry then I want young talent, not someone who is likely to head elsewhere next year.
  4. Agree, I think there would also be a lot of suitors for Tatar who has been a very consistent performer. I think Tatar would be worth at least a 1st round pick otherwise there is no point in trading him. Trading Petry or Tatar or both would certainly free up some cap room. Not sure who the prize fee agents are this summer.
  5. I think you are absolutely right, low risk move by Bergevin to help the team. It's looking pretty good right now, Kovy has generated excitement, helped the team win a few games and if they have a bad couple weeks can be flipped for a decent draft pick (2nd - 4th round) at the deadline. There will be teams wanting him now.
  6. I really respect Kovy for giving up all that money just so he could play. It's refreshing to see an athlete care a lot more about playing than just the money. I am really cheering for him.
  7. Agree, that's 3 good looking lines. I guess it depends on what it would cost to resign Kovalchuk, don't think you would go for more than 1 year.
  8. Florida has been hot, all of a sudden they are ahead of the Leafs. Habs will have to get really hot to get there, not impossible but the odds are not good. Getting Armia back certainly helps.
  9. Fair point, he creates more chances than most because of his speed and work ethic. If he had more of a scoring touch he would easily score 30 goals a year and his paycheque would be much higher. Like any player, do you get good value for the money you pay? Given everything Lehkonen does I think the answer is yes.
  10. Excellent post, you captured my thoughts about Lehkonen perfectly. His value would be more understood on a contending team. Pretty much a perfect 3rd line player.
  11. I think that taking on a bad contract (hopefully not a long term one) would likely have to happen if they were trading Price or Weber, more likely for Price.
  12. No question that it depends a lot on the return. Agree on that. Agree that Price's contract is a big impediment. I think so much of goaltending is confidence and Price's confidence has taken a hit playing behind a mediocre defence. I think in the right situation Price could do what Patrick Roy did in Colorado when he went there.
  13. For me the big question is what to do with Price and Weber. Do you trade them for some young talent/draft picks or do you keep them around to help mentor the young players? I see the benefits of both. There is no doubt in my mind that Price could be a difference maker for the right team who is chasing the cup. He still has 5-6 good years in him as there are many cases of goalies playing at a high level into their late 30's. Weber maybe 2-3 years but his leadership is invaluable especially as a mentor to the young defenceman coming up. What to do.
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