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  1. He did put up a lot of points last year but Josh Brook and a 2nd seems like a lot to give up for a guy who will likely be a rental. I am really high on Josh Brook and hate to give him up but in the right deal it may be worth it.
  2. Yes, what's done is done. Who really knows what went on behind the scenes, two top 4 picks would have been too much to give up for Subban. Bottom line is the Oilers kept Draisaitl and they are very glad they didn't trade him anywhere. Would have loved to see him in a Hab uniform. He is a beast.
  3. Thanks for this information. I had no idea Nashville would be on the hook for the rest of Weber's contract should he retire early. It makes his contract far easier to swallow.
  4. You and me both. I remember when there were rumours of PK going to Edmonton. I was really really hoping we would get Draisaitl. He's not going anywhere now. What a stud.
  5. I think what has made it easier for Tippett in Edmonton is that he has a couple superstars who totally buy into the team first/structured approach and the rest have to follow. Not sure Babcock has the same support. Plus they are getting excellent goaltending which has obviously been helped by Tippett's approach. I think they will slip a bit at some point but they have turned it around despite missing one of their best defenceman (Larson). Draisaitl is such a beast, so strong on the puck. Signing him to a long term contract at 8.5mil a year is starting to look like a good deal.
  6. Agree with this post. I think Don Cherry is a good person who does a lot of good but I thought coach's corner was supposed to be about hockey and they have strayed far from that for a while. Targeting immigrants was wrong. I think the network had no choice.
  7. Agreed, Mete hasn't done enough to even come close to 4 million a year, a good skater with a lot of potential but has a long way to go. I am thinking maybe 2 - 2.5, depending on the term. On a deeper team he would have spent time in the AHL.
  8. I would answer that question with a definite NO!!
  9. Maybe the wrong board for this and it's a little early but I don't mind the seeing the Blackhawks struggle, would like to see the 2nd round pick they traded to Montreal be an early 2nd round pick.
  10. Those are good examples. Perhaps my choice of words could have been better. As you said you need to find a team in rebuild mode or perhaps one that has salary cap issues. That's why I never complain when Bergevin hasn't spent to the cap limit, good to have some powder dry if the right opportunity comes up.
  11. Totally agree, we have a lot of those type of defenceman already and nobody is giving away defenceman that can play in the top pair, they are expensive. You have to develop your own unless you get very lucky and find a team that is desperate.
  12. No question there is a lot of pressure for the Leafs to win this year, expectations are high and Babcock is running out of rope. It would be a real shame to see a melt down there. Not that I like to wish for bad things to happen to other teams but I can only imagine how difficult it would be to be around Leafs fans if they won the cup. Heaven forbid.
  13. No question the Leafs will be very good this year. A lot more pressure on the Leafs to win this year as Ceci, Muzzin and Barrie are all UFA's after this year. Plus Babcock will be feeling the heat to win this year. At some point you have to make it past the first round.
  14. Totally agree with this comment. I really liked Shaw but I think he will be a depreciating asset from here on in. MB traded him while his market value was at a peak, good long term move in my opinion.
  15. I know. I have really high hopes for Suzuki and Brook so I am really hoping they have great camps.
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