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  1. McDonough used to be and Sergachev is well on his way. Hopefully Romanov will help us forget about the Sergachev trade.
  2. I don't think Petry has had any major injuries and he is such a smooth skater that he won't deteriorate as quickly as others. Plus he loves Montreal and wants to be here. A good signing.
  3. Laine is an elite goal scorer but that is too much to give up. If you give up Suzuki then who would pass Laine the puck?
  4. That's disappointing to hear, he was a force on the ice a couple years ago and he certainly could be again. He really seemed to enjoy being here unlike some who don't want to go to Montreal.
  5. Totally agree, looks like the left side defence is good, we have a quality back up goaltender, kids are progressing well at centre, need a scoring winger.
  6. Agree, not a big fan of Kessel, Domi + picks is an over payment in my opinion.
  7. I totally agree, especially if they resign Petry then the kids coming up will fill the remaining slots on defence. They need another scoring winger.
  8. Agree 100%. there are very deep divisions in the US.
  9. I remember that injury well, he was having a phenomenal season when it happened. He was never as good after.
  10. Something has to be done or change won't happen. Too bad we are going through this COVID thing at the same time, if there were fans buying tickets the boycotts would have more effect.
  11. Do you think the NHL players should boycott games? You would think MLB would make a stronger statement. It was tough to watch a video of the shooting in Wisconsin.
  12. I hope it's just speculation, way too much to give up for Gaudreau.
  13. There is no evidence that offered Bergevin offered so much more and I don't remember both sides stating that they offered the same but i could be wrong. In any event, I think we have beaten this to death as we likely did before. Time to look forward.
  14. How do we know that is a fact? Was his agent leaking negotiations?
  15. That's a fair comment. I would have been a little skeptical giving him a long term contract at 8.1 million after 1 good season to a guy who was 31 at the time. No question about his talent. I was probably hoping (and likely so was MB) that he would give Montreal a little hometown discount for taking a chance on him but that obviously was not the case. If Dallas doesn't score with 12 seconds left against Calgary in game 4 then we are probably not having this discussion, again.
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