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  1. Doesn't mean they will get it but I have no doubt there will be a lot of interest in Dubois. He is a young stud. I expect they will get a good return. I am fine if Montreal doesn't end up being the destination, no way I would give up Suzuki, maybe KK. I like what Montreal has up the middle now, haven't said that in a long long time.
  2. Staying out of the penalty box is key against Edmonton as their power play is deadly. The Habs are definitely better 5 on 5, the Oiler defence (especially with Klefbom gone for the year) is mediocre, goaltending is questionable (big edge for the Habs here) but McDavid is the best player in the world, likely a high scoring game.
  3. Agree, if I am Columbus I would insist on one of Kotkaniemi or Suzuki. If you are losing a young stud then you need to replace him with a young stud or someone who has that potential. Danault is a very good player but not a stud. I like to think that Suzuki is untouchable at this point because his ceiling is so high. If nothing else it's interesting to discuss. No doubt that Dubois is a very valuable piece and will/should command a high return. Players like him, especially at his age aren't available often on the trade market.
  4. Plus the kids are cheaper right now. It was mentioned earlier that we needed a guy like PLD for years and now that he is available, we don't need him. Funny how that works. I think you are 100% correct, we no longer need him.
  5. This is obviously a make it or break it year for Drouin. If he can't light it up playing with Suzuki and Anderson then he never will. I don't think MB makes that trade.
  6. I am sure CBJ would want Suzuki, don't blame them for that. To me Suzuki alone could turn out to be an overpay. Suzuki and a 1st is definitely an overpay in my opinion. The kid is going to be great.
  7. That's what scares me, because Dubois is French there is always the possibility that Bergevin would over pay. And I am sure Columbus realizes that. I am also emotionally attached to Suzuki and KK and would hate to give either one up as I think they both have great potential, Suzuki looks more and more like a sure thing but I certainly realize Dubois won't come cheap nor should he. He is only 22.
  8. Plus I thought KK looked great against Toronto, looked stronger and more confident. I know because Dubois is French and really good that MB is tempted but I would hate to see him give up too much.
  9. That's my thought, he is just too good. Plus a great attitude, will be a low maintenance player.
  10. I just don't see trading Suzuki, I believe he will turn out to be a better player than Dubois. I get the attraction for Dubois but NOT Suzuki!!
  11. I think I would rather have Toffoli anyway, 4.5 million/year is a great deal in my opinion.
  12. True, some tough decisions to make , if they keep Danault then Tatar is gone as I don't think they can sign both. Tatar can more easily be replaced.
  13. I think Perry's true value is in the playoffs, if he is healthy then he can be a key contributor, he knows what it takes to be successful in the playoffs and he will do whatever it takes. Obviously he is not the player he once was but I am happy with the signing.
  14. I think it was a question of money, Ottawa didn't have the money to spend that other teams have. I saw this quote from Muckler so i think Chara simply made a business decision. ''Chara will be a good hockey player for them,'' said Muckler, who added he isn't done with the free-agent market. ''7.5 (million dollars per season) was certainly more than we could carry."
  15. I think the free agent signing by the Bruins of Chara in 2006 will go down in history as one of the best free agent signings ever. You don't often get 14 years of service from a free agent, most of those top notch. Ottawa decided to sign Wade Redden instead. Ooops.
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