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  1. I think a big part of the reason some items are harder to come by is that Canadians (not sure about our southern neighbours) have been going a little over board hoarding some items. I have noticed that pasta has been in short supply on my recent trips to the grocery store. I also think we can disagree with people without being rude otherwise this board will degenerate quickly.
  2. Agree 100%, Dipietro played a huge role in that cup win, it's all about winning the cup, I think my response echoed that.
  3. Oh come on. The job Trump has done with this virus is 10/10 (well according to Trump anyway). Does it seem like we are getting off topic or is it just me?
  4. Dipietro won a cup which is certainly memorable, a lot of guys have excellent careers and never win one. Druce didn't have a bad NHL career (113 goals versus 31 for Dipietro) but he doesn't have a ring.
  5. Great compilation, thanks for sharing, brings back great memories. That playoff was definitely the highlight of Paul Dipietro's brief NHL career. Whatever happened to Ed Ronan?
  6. And not long after that run they made one of the worst trades of all time, Eric Desjardins and John Leclair for Mark Recchi. OUCH! While Recchi was a decent player for Montreal, John Leclair became the dominant power forward in the NHL for a number of years while Desjardins became a solid, dependable top 4 defenceman.
  7. Without Patrick they don't get a sniff of the cup that year. When I look back at their 93 roster it had to be one of the weakest Canadien rosters to ever win a cup. Things just seemed to fall into place for them. On defence Kevin Haller, Lyle Odelein, Patrice Brisebois, JJ Daigneault, not exactly Hall of Famers, Eric Desjardins and Mathieu Schneider were pretty good. That was a hell of a series with the Nordiques who had a talented team, Sakic, Sundin, Owen Nolan etc. But we had Patrick!
  8. That was a crazy playoff year, to win that many overtime games in a row is crazy when you think overtime is pretty much a 50/50 shot. It's like flipping a coin and calling it right 10 times in a row although a hot Patrick Roy can definitely tilt things in your favour.
  9. Agree, thought he was terrific at the world juniors. Terrific skater.
  10. And I thought I was old. LOL I never saw Doug Harvey but my dad should talked a lot about him.
  11. I am talking Mario Tremblay the player, not the coach. Loved him as a player and that's what the question was.
  12. Great topic, started watching in the mid 60's. If I had to pick 5 it would be: 1) Jean Beliveau - such grace and class 2) Yvan Cournoyer - loved watching the roadrunner 3) Guy Lafleur - I will never forget the key goal he scored with a minute to go to tie Boston in game 7, I can still see it 4) Larry Robinson - one of my favourite moments was when he pounded the shit out of Dave Schultz during a brawl, always felt good when Big Bird was out there 5) Bob Gainey - such a class guy, tireless worker, great team guy Honourable mention to many, Serge Savard, Mario Tremblay, Mats Naslund, Knuckles Nilan, Ken Dryden, Doug Risebrough etc etc
  13. Just be a little patient. I am sure you won't be disappointed. LOL
  14. You know there is not much to talk about when Alex Belzile gets his own thread.
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