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  1. All I care about is KK getting totally healthy. He's a good kid who will have a long NHL career. I am sure the Habs will look after him properly. He's only 19.
  2. The Radulov that came and played for Montreal was a much more mature guy than the one who played for Nashville. I believe the Habs had zero issues with him. Benn should have been scratched early in the year but it's hard to embarrass your captain.
  3. Agree, MB's body of work the last couple years has been far far better than the first part of his tenure as GM. That's why I am willing to give him a break as I think he has started to figure it out. Obviously, still a lot of work to do.
  4. No doubt, looking back, it would have been great to sign Radulov for more than one year. Radulov originally left the NHL with questions about his character and commitment so I think GM's were reluctant at the time to take a big chance with him. He obviously has matured a bit since then.
  5. I had forgotten Semin. Then there is the original Radulov signing, a signing no one gave him credit for . No question MB made some blunders but it seems like the people who criticize MB for any bad signings also criticize him for leaving cap room. The big question for me is what do we do moving forward or do we continually rehash the past.
  6. My post was a little tongue in cheek but I think there is an opportunity to take on a bad contract if the return is worth it. In this case Keith still has 3 years after this year on his contract. Too many years.
  7. Yup, get Chicago to throw in some picks. Trade Weber and Petry for picks, Alzner and Keith become our no 1 defence pairing . We end up last and draft Lafeniere or Byfield along with other picks. The rebuild is under way!!!
  8. Agree, too much to give up for Anderson. I think Columbus would make that trade in a heartbeat.
  9. They are not as intimidating without Crosby but they are really playing well, have only lost 2 of their past 10 games. It will be a tough test for the Habs.
  10. No doubt, I am a fan of Lehkonen, excellent skater, hard worker, good attitude, good penalty killer. If he could score 15 goals a year consistently (he did get 18 in 2016/17) he would be very valuable. Almost the perfect 3rd line player.
  11. I think part of the problem is that there isn't always new stuff to talk about so we rehash prior issues a lot. I don't accept mediocrity as I remember the glory years well and long for those years again but I also realize there is no short cut to get there and MB realized this a couple years ago deciding to build from within, stockpiling draft picks and making the odd trade to fill in. Some have worked (ie. Domi), some haven't. I would like the Drouin trade back. I haven't given up on Drouin but Sergachev obviously would fill a bigger need.
  12. Are you referring to the discussion about the Habs needing a left hand shooting defenceman? Yup. I think almost everyone would agree that there is a need for improvement there but the question is how much do you give up to address that need and by doing that will it only create another weakness somewhere else?
  13. Nate from the New York Nick's . Yippee !!!
  14. If you are going to bring him up then you might as well play him. It's not like the Habs have been doing great against teams like New Jersey and Ottawa and the Rangers.
  15. You are obviously not that busy. It's going well. They won!!!
  16. This is not about hard work or being spoiled. It's about treating people with respect. People deserve to be treated with respect. That's the way society should be period.
  17. It wasn't 20 years ago. Players were likely afraid of speaking out earlier because they would get blackballed. There is nothing wrong with a coach being tough and demanding however there is no place anywhere for a coach or anyone to demean other people or make racist remarks. I would lose my job if i did it, why should it be any different for a coach?
  18. Chelios was a beast. One of the worst trades ever, Chelios for Denis Savard. Ouch!!
  19. Totally agree. Better to grab a guy when he is having an off year and his market value is down. The Sens would want a lot for Pageau especially if he is going down the road to Montreal where they have to play against him a lot.
  20. The thing that bothers me about Avery is he was quoted today saying he really deserved to get his butt kicked and that Marc Crawford was his second favourite coach. Then why bring it up? He really loves publicity. I am not excusing Crawford's behaviour. I am sure there is more stuff to come out. Chelios's talk about how Babcock treated Franzen was really damning. I think it will be really hard for Babcock to get another job but I could be way off on that.
  21. Nothing wrong with throwing names out there but I think on MB's list of priorities (I assume he has one) that a right hand shooting defenceman is way down the list or should be.
  22. I am not sure why so many have mentioned Honka as a defenceman of interest. He is an undersized (180 lbs) right handed shooting defenceman who has scored 2 goals in 87 NHL games. I don't think that's what we need short or long term.
  23. Agree, I think Price still has tremendous value. Although he has been through a rough patch recently, he is still an elite goalie. It's amazing how much better a goalie looks when a team plays with structure in front of them. The Habs have lacked that recently. His contract would make him more difficult to trade but there are a lot of examples of goalies who played at a high level late into their thirties.
  24. Agree, even if you are doing a rebuild you need some veteran leadership to show the way. The Oilers will absolutely abysmal because they didn't have a strong enough veteran presence when they had some talented kids. Ask Andrew Ference about that. He really unloaded on them. Now their young talented guys have character. I think MB decided a couple years ago that the only real way to build a winner was through the draft and making the odd trade when appropriate. I think the Pacioretty trade will pay off in spades. The pass Suzuki made on the 3rd goal was phenomenal.
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