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  1. I was one of those Habs fans that mindlessly got excited last season and I make no apologies for it. I am a Habs fan so I am excited to see them improving. I am excited about the kids coming up. I don't get excited when we overpay for free agents. Does anyone really know how much it would have cost to keep Radulov?
  2. Absolutely a lot of teams were interested in Lucic back then, a big physical presence coming off a 20 goal season. He had a really good first season with Edmonton but then things went downhill quickly. The Oilers knew that at some point the 7 year contract would come back to bite them, they just didn't think it would be so quickly.
  3. Bergevin was definitely interested in Lucic when he was a free agent. I remember an interview with Lucic where he talked about how the Habs had some really good western boys on the team (ie. Gallagher, Price, Weber) and he considered coming here. I bet Bergevin is thanking his lucky stars that he decided to sign with Edmonton. Signing Lucic to a big contract back then might have been the death knell for MB. The game has passed Lucic by but he could still be a useful 3rd liner at the right price which would be way less than 6 million/year.
  4. I agree. You would have to think Neal has a better chance of turning it around than Lucic. To say Lucic has struggled would be a huge understatement. Between the beginning of this season and the end of the previous season he scored something like 2 goals in 80 games. I never thought Holland would get rid of this contract. Of course he has to take one on but I think Neal can turn it around. You get the odd scoring opportunity playing with McDavid.
  5. I get tired of reading his articles. Of course we know these are prospects and there is no guarantee they will be NHL players . But there seems to be a lot of consensus (even Craig Button) that it's a very very good prospect pool. I am guessing that if the Habs wanted to trade Poehling, Suzuki etc that there would be no shortage of takers.
  6. Agree with your comments. Molson is definitely not afraid of spending money. I am sure he realizes that a couple playoff rounds would bring in a lot more money than the extra he would spend on a free agent. You can't force free agents to come here. I would guess that MB offered Duchesne at least as much money as Nashville. Over paying for a free agent is not the long term answer. I don't mind criticism of MB, he has certainly made mistakes in tenure but the last couple years I believe he has done a really good job (except for Alzner) of building a good a prospect pool and the future looks much brighter. I used to post on hockey inside out but got tired of the same old criticism of Price and MB day after day after day. Posters just looking to pick a fight except when the Habs were doing well then they would disappear for a while. The world would be boring if people agreed on everything but I think you can disagree without being disagreeable.
  7. Definitely a reliable player. I really enjoy watching him play. Very good skater, hard worker, sound defensively. If only he could finish.
  8. I agree with your thoughts. Giving away 4 1st round picks is a lot even if they are later in the first round. Pacioretty and Poehling were later first round picks so I don't think the arguement that you are not going to get anybody good later in the first round is valid. It would definitely discourage your scouting department. I would be surprised if MB tries it again although Brayden Point is tempting. The Leafs would undoubtedly match any offer sheet for Marner but it would be fun to watch.
  9. I also want to keep Drouin as I still think he has tons of potential and at some point I hope he will mature and realize what he needs to do to become a great pro. Plus, you are selling low right now after the slump he had. If you are going to trade a guy you might as well do it after they have had a good season when their value is higher. Arizona traded Domi after he had a bad year. How did that work out for them?
  10. I don't mind the Chiarot signing. He is hardly an offensive dynamo but he is a solid and tough defensive defenceman. I would rather do this than sign Gardiner for 7 million on a long term contract. Perhaps Gardiner had no interest in coming to Montreal anyway at any price. I agree that he might be the ideal partner for Petry. Hopefully Mete develops into a good partner for Weber.
  11. Yup, I would gladly take that cap hell of Aho's 8.5m contract. I think there is zero chance that Carolina doesn't follow through. Even if MB had offered 10.5m I bet Carolina would still match. Teams don't like to have their good players taken away. It's also a pride/ego thing "what you don't think I can afford to match? " Sports owners have big egos. RFA's offers rarely if ever work.
  12. I would rather have the Habs sign no one then take on a contract everyone will regret in a couple years. They have a strong pipeline of young players, Price still has quite a few good years left, Weber maybe 2 or 3. No question they need a LD. I am not sold on Gardiner. If he was that good he would have been signed by now.
  13. I agree. I would be thrilled if they didn't match but I would be shocked if they didn't match. I would love to be wrong as Aho would be a fabulous addition.
  14. I liked the Shaw trade even though I love the way Shaw plays. They pretty much got back what they gave up for him while getting his services for 3 years. Guys that play his style don't generally have really long careers and he has had injury/concussion issues. The picks will be useful.
  15. I definitely expect Poehling to contribute this year, Suzuki is likely a year away and would benefit from a year in the AHL but you never know. Trading Shaw and Deslauriers has created more room.
  16. I would be shocked if Carolina doesn't match but I give kudos to Bergevin for trying. There are a lot here who obviously are not fans of Bergevin which is fine but I think he has done an excellent job the last couple years of putting this team in a good position going forward. His early years as a GM were nothing to brag about but he seems to have his act together now.
  17. Suzuki, Poehling and a 1st seems like a whole lot to give up for Aho.
  18. Interesting that Jake Gardiner hasn't signed anywhere yet. Obviously he wasn't high on the priority list for most teams. I am guessing his market value has come down if the Habs are interested.
  19. I thought you might be joking, there are other RFA's out there. I expect that if/when Carolina matches that he is not finished with the RFA route. Brayden Point is a decent player.
  20. The Leafs will match any offer for Marner. No question about that.
  21. I was excited when I first heard this but have tempered my enthusiasm as I fully expect Carolina to match. I agree with Craig Button that if the Habs had offered a little more money and had to give up 2 first round picks then there was a much better chance Carolina would not match. There are a lot of other teams with RFA's that might be a little nervous right now when Carolina matches as MB will have to do something. Maybe he could also tick off Calgary by giving Mathew Tkachuk an offer sheet.
  22. I really like this move. One thing for sure, MB is not getting any Christmas cards from Carolina. It definitely shows the Habs are willing to spend money up front to improve the team. I sure hope Carolina does not match but I expect they will. A 1st, 2nd and 3rd is a real cheap price to pay for a #1 center who is only 21. Carolina has to match.
  23. It's not that I don't have faith in Bergevin to pull the trigger, it's that he is always battling against lower tax jurisdictions which makes it more difficult for him. He will likely have to overpay to get someone which I am not crazy about. That's why I love the deals for the draft picks, way cheaper to develop your own. I expect the Islanders to make a big pitch to keep Anders Lee since they didn't get anyone else. He won't be cheap.
  24. Agreed, 7 years is a long time if it doesn't work out. I would be much more comfortable with 5.
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