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  1. Maybe they will win the lottery and take someone else? A dark horse pick? Like Petr Svoboda.
  2. I can see the quote from Brendan Gallagher now " the turning point was coming back from a 4-0 deficit against Nashville, this team wouldn't quit" after the Habs win 13 in a row to sneak into the last playoff spot ahead of Toronto.
  3. Now 4-2, maybe you spoke to soon Commandant,
  4. Yup, that pretty much sums up how I feel right now. I won't be tossin and turnin all night tonight because they lost. I definitely won't toss and turn if they lose to the Sabres on Thursday.
  5. Agreed. And the Sabres have 2 games left with the Habs. Those are huge games!!
  6. I haven't accepted losing. I just try and focus on what they should do to be better going forward and I don't think that getting rid of Dr. Mulder is going to result in a big turnaround for the team. Call me crazy but that's my opinion.
  7. I think another year in college would be good for Caulfield. Maturity is also a big thing, maybe Cole will find some courses he likes and become a well rounded young man. KK was too young (barely 18) and should have spent another year in Finland. It's always easy to look back and say that but we sometimes forget that these are just kids, they need to become young men before they become true professionals.
  8. I agree. The Habs have rushed too many players, giving players time to ripen and mature in the AHL is a good thing. I think they become a free agent after 3 years in college but I could be wrong.
  9. I would put grit before shot. A guy can improve his shot with a lot of practice. Generally a guy either has grit (ie. compete level) or he doesn't. Skating ability would be #1 on my list. If you can't get there then a lot of the other stuff doesn't matter.
  10. You are blaming the injuries the Habs have had on the doctor? Seriously? A slow news day? I am hardly competent enough in the field of medicine to comment on the quality of the Habs medical staff and will leave it at that.
  11. So many fond memories of the Pocket Rocket. Certainly the cup winning goal against the Black Hawks stands out but one of my fondest memories was late in his career on a Saturday night. They were playing the Buffalo Sabres. The Pocket and Jim Schoenfeld were battling for position in front of the net. A slap shot from the point was deflected and hit the Pocket square in the forehead, blood was streaming down his forehead and he just skated calmly to the bench, never flinched, never went down. After the game they asked Jim Schoenfeld what he thought of Henri Richard, he just shook his head and said "what a competitor". He was tough as anybody out there. R.I.P. Pocket Rocket We will remember you!!
  12. A huge game for Carolina, I expect a bounce back effort and win from the Habs. On another note, sad to see Andrew Shaw done for the year with a concussion. I thought it was a great trade for the Habs to send him back to Chicago but he was a favourite of mine while he was here. Not sure how many more concussions he can take before he calls it a career. Unfortunately his style of play doesn't help in that regard.
  13. Most definitely Lucic, if that happened MB would likely not be here now. Tavares at 11 million/year?? I think it's too much but the guy can definitely play. It would have solved one problem buy likely created others. The Leafs had to give Carolina a 1st round pick to take Marleau because of the salary cap issues that started with the Tavares signing.
  14. The approach you proposed is forward looking and is definitely one way of moving forward. Some may agree, some may disagree but at least it's forward looking. I have not drunk any MB kool aid, I just think the last couple years he has taken the right approach by collecting draft picks and trying to build with young guys. Prior to the last couple years I was not happy with MB.
  15. I guess I could choose to spend a lot of my time analyzing the last 25 years or I could spend my time thinking about what they should do at this point in time to get us to be cup contenders. I prefer to look forward rather than whining about the past. I apologize if that doesn't sit well with some people.
  16. You make it sound like the Habs have been horrible every year. Last year they had 44 wins 30 losses and 8 ties. Are you telling me that's a terrible record?
  17. True, Tatar's contract is much higher which complicates things but a 1st round pick is a lot to give up for a marginal player. What really surprised me also is New York trading Brady Skjei to Carolina. Aren't they competing for a wild card spot?
  18. Chris you are definitely a glass is half empty kind of guy.
  19. Perhaps, if Barclay Goodrow is worth a 1st round pick (albeit a late 1st round pick), then you have to think Tatar would have fetched a good return. Tatar is easier to replace than Petry which would have left a gaping hole on defence. We will never know what was offered for Tatar as teams prefer to keep that quiet which is understandable but if Goodrow got a 1st??
  20. Yeah, Tampa was really throwing them around. A first round pick for Barclay Goodrow??? That's was a head scratcher for me.
  21. Probably just you, and maybe a couple others.
  22. That's why MB came to the realization (finally) that chasing free agents doesn't work, better to build from within by drafting and developing (need to do better at developing) rather than overpaying for free agents. Alzner was obviously a mistake.
  23. Yes. It would be good if Chicago finishes just ahead of us. It would be good to have back to back 2nd round picks early in the 2nd round or even better the Habs go 16-1-1 in their last 18 games, snag the last playoff spot and ride a hot Carey Price to the Stanley Cup. Am I dreaming? Don't wake me up!!
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