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  1. That plus cheering on every team that plays against Chicago so that 2nd round pick is as high as possible.
  2. Well, MB has a tough decision to make regarding Kovy. I think a lot depends on whether Kovy wants to be here next year and at what price. He is certainly playing with a lot of passion which is great, Montreal is a great place to play for guys with passion. I will be away for a couple weeks and may not be able to post much so I look to Habsfan89, hab29RETIRED and Chris to keep the positive vibes going on MB. LOL
  3. You are not a Habs fan if you don't take enjoyment in beating the Leafs.
  4. You make a good point about Romanov, having a countryman like Kovy might be the tipping point in his decision to come over. What a great night!! Love beating the Leafs. Had to go out 1/2 way through the period, checking my phone all the time, great surprise when I saw the score.
  5. I really like Lehks and Armia, I think they are just going to get better. I don't think Thompson and a 3rd is enough to get it done.
  6. True, Petry and Tatar are having great years and would fetch a high return, but would also leave big holes in the roster. What to do?
  7. Agree on that, all depends on the price. How much do you give up for another teams 7th defenceman. There has to be a reason he is getting scratched.
  8. I like what Bergevin has done the last couple years as he has realized you have to build through the draft and what he was doing before wasn't working. He has also made a couple excellent trades (ie. getting Domi and Armia), didn't like giving up Sergachev. The Bergevin of the last couple years has given me some hope which I didn't have before. Now he has to decide whether to be a buyer or seller at the deadline. If the Habs win a couple more it will be a tough decision.
  9. One thing for sure, Petry didn't do anything to hurt his trade value tonight. Looks like the Habs may stay close enough in the next couple weeks so MB doesn't become a seller anyway. Big game on Saturday! Two desperate teams.
  10. Yes you will fall for it otherwise I will go on and on about how wonderful MB is and you will have to respond. LOL
  11. Hey, there is a Marc Bergevin thread for this now!
  12. Thought I would start this topic as many topics seem to lead in this direction anyway.
  13. Maybe someone should start a "What do you think of Marc Bergevin" thread and then we could really go at and it would be contained on 1 thread?
  14. Agree with the record. This year the Habs are an average team (.500, 172 goals for, 170 against) not awful, not horrible, just average, mediocre. Last year they were an above average team (14 games above .500) that just wasn't quite good enough to make the playoffs.
  15. Every time a player gets hurt (ie. Weber) it just provides another opportunity for posters here to bash MB again. "Oh he's gonna blame injuries again" It's so predictable. I am sad because it hurts my plan to destroy the Leafs on Saturday.
  16. I would do that for sure, don't think the Oilers are ready to give up on Bouchard yet but they will have a surplus of defenceman as they are really high on Bear, Caleb Jones and Bouchard of course.
  17. That's true. You would need a replacement if you traded Petry, interesting to see what kind of return you could get for him. Oilers would probably see Bear as expendable next year as they expect Evan Bouchard to make it and he fills the same role as Bear. Not sure if they would be willing to give him up this year.
  18. Shame to see the Leafs lose tonight and it would be a bigger shame if they didn't make the playoffs since they don't have their own 1st round pick. Would break my heart. Now let's see; Anaheim splits their next 2 games, losing in Montreal and winning in Toronto. Habs destroy the Leafs on Saturday and voila we are only 2 points behind the mighty Leafs. I can't believe the Leafs had to give up a 1st round pick to get rid of Marleau's contract although it is top 10 protected this year. They sure messed that up.
  19. I guess I think of Fleury and Brook as future long term regulars, may not work out. Also it seems like Folin has discovered a scoring touch and may blossom now (ok that's overly optimistic). I see your point but still think the left side is a bigger priority although the Chicoutimi Cucumber may disagree with me.
  20. That makes sense to me. Tatar has the skill to shine with McDavid. He would light it up playing a full year with McDavid and Kassian allowing Draisatl to continue to anchor the 2nd line. The guy I would want is Darnell Nurse but that is very unlikely to happen. Bear is a good puck mover but he is another RH defenceman which we seem to not have a shortage of.
  21. That's a bit of a stretch, we would likely have to throw in maybe a 7th round pick in 2024 to get that one moving.
  22. That pretty much sums up how I feel. Few things in life give me more joy than destroying the Leafs!!!!
  23. Considering their record against teams like New Jersey and Detroit, I am not so sure. I am willing to bet that Thompson and Folin don't score in the same game again this year, willing to give good odds, any takers?
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