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  1. Is it a full moon tonight, Thompson, Folin. Maybe Lindgren will get an empty netter.
  2. Interesting stat they quoted on Edmonton radio today as the Oilers play the Coyotes tonight. Since the Taylor Hall trade in which the Devils got no immediate help, the Devils have won 8 games and the Coyotes 7. I guess he hasn't been the saviour yet for the Coyotes.
  3. I am guessing he was aiming for it and missed, it happens.
  4. This is a must win game, have to beat teams like New Jersey to have any hope. Lose this one and they have to go 20-6-1 in their last 27 games to have as many points as last year and that still wouldn't guarantee a playoff spot.
  5. I don't look at injuries as an excuse. It is simply one of the contributing factors for the Habs not being in a playoff spot. There are many other contributing factors. Those will be analyzed to death on this board I am sure if they haven't been already. Again, I always like to look forward and figure out next steps to get them to the level where we all want them to be.
  6. Agree 100%, I haven't been disappointed at all this year or last year with the work effort or grit. Lack of finish, defensive lapses and Price has been inconsistent.
  7. Chris you claim you didn't say Gallagher is soft. But you said "When i say the team is soft" and then used Brendan Gallagher's play as an example in exhibit A. You kind of implied it or maybe you think the team is soft but no players are soft. Anyway, not worth haggling over. That was a game they really needed to win as Columbus is one of the teams they could possibly catch.
  8. Every player in the league is soft at times. Using Gallagher to make your point about the Habs being a soft team is a bad example.
  9. You are totally tight. Gallagher is way too soft a player. We should get rid of Gallagher and find players with more grit.
  10. It is. There is a rumour floating around that the Habs aren't good against big teams.
  11. Like this year when they won 3 of 4 on their western trip? It was the trip to Florida that start their fall.
  12. We have been over this so many times, for the first time in a while I am actually confident about the future because MB has finally realized he has to build through the draft and has many good young prospects. I can handle some losing with young guys who are going to get better. Can't undo what happened prior.
  13. I don't think of the Habs as being soft either, they have trouble finishing, have some deficiencies on defense but in my opinion the work ethic and grit has not been a problem. They have lost a lot of one goal games. Do they have anybody in the top 50 scoring?
  14. Does that mean it's "great minds think alike" or "fools seldom differ" I won't answer that. LOL
  15. Most certainly, size was the only reason he dropped to 15.
  16. I think they are different types of players, Caulfield more of a sniper, Gaudreau is a better skater and more of a dangler. I sure hope Caulfield works out, he sure can shoot puck the puck.
  17. Those are pretty darn good 2nd round picks. Hopefully the Habs can do the same thing with one of their 2nd round picks. That's why I keep cheering for Chicago to lose, woud like that pick to be high in the 2nd round.
  18. Agree, I didn't suggest the Habs give up that much, I suggested the price for Byfield would likely be less than the price suggested for Lafreniere. Let's say the Habs have the 10th pick. would you give up that pick and Caulfield to move up to no 2 to get Byfield? Would that be enough?
  19. Yup. A lot of teams probably regret passing on Getzlaf, was the 19th player taken in the 2003 draft and I would argue the best player from that draft.
  20. I would take a young Ryan Getzlaf any day of the week.
  21. I like Byfield, probably the youngest player in this draft, has been a beast for Sudbury this year. He did not shine at the world juniors but neither did Lafreniere last year. Lafreniere is almost a whole year older than Byfield, that's a big difference at this age. I love Byfield's size and skating ability.
  22. That's a lot to give up. Having said that it would be worth it if you got a McDavid/McKinnon type player however I don't think Lafreniere is projected to be that. It would also put a whole lot of pressure on a French Canadian kid to be the saviour. A lot of #1 picks have not lived up to the hype. I would rather give up less and maybe get Byfield although that's probably a longshot.
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