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  1. “Cower for Power“ ”Throw-In (the towel) For Owen” or “Throw-Win(s) for Owen”
  2. What’s your point? Max should still do well in Columbus...
  3. That outlet pass for the Tatar breakaway was Markov-esque.
  4. Hopefully Matthews gets the memo and proceeds to kill penalties without blocking shots.
  5. I guess Drouin just really wanted the assist on the Suzuki goal. How did he miss the open net?
  6. Pretty sure I’m going to get Suzuki’s name on my retro jersey.
  7. Let’s gooo!! Nice to be back for another season. Enjoy the game everyone.
  8. The Puck has dropped in game one. Good luck everyone this season and GHG!
  9. The Habs have to do extremely well to cover that range though. If the Habs get that many points this season, the person who predicted that deserves the hardware. Some years I have gone with my gut, or a feeling I have for my predictions, and others I have tried to find a safe range with a few points available if I’m not exactly right. Never have I won 😁
  10. Some of our capable players need to be on their last legs. Otherwise, we’ll never win a cup.
  11. Very happy to hear Perry cleared waivers. My heart skipped a beat when I read the most recent headline. I’d be happy to have him around for the year, in whatever capacity.
  12. Not sure whether or not you’ll see it in time, but that’s only 54 games. Could always add a couple of losses and end with 72 points as well.
  13. I hope Perry stays. Everything else is merely unfortunate.
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