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  1. If he does have an uptick during the playoffs, I don’t expect it to be simply because he is a declining asset and that is what declining assets do. Weber is much more than a #4 defenseman. His advanced stats, as you asked, have him pegged roughly around the 30th-40th place in the league for all corsi and fenwick statistics amongst defensemen. This would put him on the top pairing on any team based on those statistics. This all holds true despite the fact that he plays the 56th most minutes amongst defensemen. Even with his minutes at 56th in the league, this is still top pairing mi
  2. Yes, and this entire post is something different than a “comical pile of crap”. Continue along with what you “expect to see” but this doesn’t mean it will be right.
  3. His play on the ice hasn’t declined as much as seemingly everyone is trying to point out. His “declining” statistics this year are equivalent to some seasons in Nashville where he was still “progressing” and his mobility has never been a strength. Fans can scrutinize his speed with a magnifying glass but the reality is that people are looking to confirm their bias. Weber was always a leader, tough guy to play against, and an offensive power play specialist, in a sense. The main thing that has actually declined since he has become a Montreal Canadien, is his power play output. I’m not sure myse
  4. When I first heard the nature of the story I thought Tim Peel was Chris Lee.
  5. It’s starting to feel like it means something once again for players to put on that jersey.
  6. I wanted Staal even before I heard that he was rumoured to be on the way out, so I’m very happy with this deal.
  7. I’m sure there are a bunch, but off the top of my head I can’t think of many right handed shooters who have that location as their sweet spot!
  8. Nice shift by the Finnish line. I like seeing them together and actually wanted to see them together for some time now. It simply wasn’t possible with Lehkonen being out. Armia usually lifts his game when they are together.
  9. I thought Weber played better than the Habs played in OT. I liked a few rushes where he was carrying the puck up the ice. It has been a long time since I’ve witnessed him do it, but I guess he is being forced to now that he is paired with Edmundson. I saw strong boxing out around the net, as someone else suggested, and I liked that he was getting his slapper off on the power play, having injured at least two of their players in doing so. Ironically he was a minus last game and not the few games before yesterday, but especially on the power play, it’s going to click for hi
  10. I’m Pacioretty’s biggest supporter on here and think you are right. Pacioretty is Elite. His goal scoring and shot are what make me miss him. With that being said, Pacioretty’s highest point total as a Hab was 67 points. Easy to remember, because it’s just like the number on his jersey. Last year, Tatar had 61 points as a Hab, and only played 68 games. Pacioretty had some full calendar seasons. Tatar was headed towards a 73-74 point season. Since Tatar’s arrival to the Habs, only Toffoli has averaged more points per game over that entire time span. Si
  11. I thought Weber played alright last night.
  12. Good news: We have the least amount of regulation losses in the division. Bad news: We have more overtime losses than regulation losses, and the same amount of overtime losses as 5 out of the 6 other teams’ overtime losses in the Canadian division.l combined. Good news: We have many more games at home (16) than on the road (12) to close out the season. Bad news: We are worse at home than on the road.
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