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  1. Permanent Rumour Thread

    Sorry if that came off as a slight on Patrick. I expect good things out of him. The point was that even a high draft pick like him takes time to develop and have a positive impact on the team, let alone a second rounder or a third rounder. Draft picks are great but I don’t automatically assume they will be more effective than even an over the hill veteran player who serves a clear purpose. Anyway, a second rounder for him and I won’t complain loudly, because that’s also 6 million available cap space. Second + anything and I’m thanking Plekanec for his services. Anything less than a second rounder and I think about keeping him for the 2-3.99 million suggested.
  2. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    If true, that gives him 7 goals on the left side of the ice, as well as 2 goals anywhere else on the ice. Not exactly staggering numbers. He also scored a rebound goal against the Islanders right in the center of the ice so I’m not sure how accurate the stat is. Finally, it’s possible to enter the zone on the right wing and circle around the net and end up on the left side of the ice. That’s exactly what he did prior to heading to the net on that rebound goal against the Islanders. In early January when Drouin was moved from center to wing, he was moved to right wing. The first thought that comes to mind is “well, we have Pacioretty on the left, so that makes sense”. The thing is that he was placed on a line with DeLaRose and Galchenyuk, not Pacioretty. Galchenyuk-DeLaRose-Drouin
  3. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I think Plekanec has certainly regressed but I also think this year has potential to be the worst season in the rest of his career. I also mainly think that it’s a hard argument to make that any second rounder or third rounder will have such an enormously more positive impact than Plekanec. In 5 years? Without a doubt. But we will also have found other ways to get a second or a third pick in that timespan as well. Take Nolan Patrick, for example who was a second overall pick and has less points that Plekanec does. I’m not trying to advocate keeping Plekanec but I also don’t think there should be such polarizing view on the topic. It’s a minor difference either way, most likely. It seems to me that those who are so extreme on having him gone no matter what simply want a change of scenery. That’s fine and all, but it’s not likely a move that will improve our team to a major extent either way. I guess it’s more likely to hit a home run in the second or third round with a draft pick, than know what you have with Plekanec already at this point in his career though.
  4. Habs vs Rangers - 7:30 EST

    I agree that the effort was astounding My expectations are also that the the Habs will win Coincidently I happen to be in your area today Organizing a get together over the internet is far fetched though Maybe sometime in the future we could attend a game In the mean time I’ll just keep watching on TV No better promise that the Habs will continue their other streak Go on now, enjoy the rest of your day
  5. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Drouin is a play maker who usually plays right wing or center. Although I admit he is listed as LW many places. Pacioretty is a goal scorer who plays left wing. Just my opinion. Galchenyuk is the only one who can replace Pacioretty in my mind, but it’s tough to replace someone who was already your teammate.
  6. Permanent Rumour Thread

    It’s tough to put a number on it because people are already overly critical of him so I feel like I’m talking to a pack of wolves. I feel as though he definitely might be able to get 4 or 4.5 million on the open market and so in that respect, it might be best to obtain an asset for him. Despite 2 million being thrown out there, I personally would consider 3-4 million for him, depending what a return for him would bring in a trade instead. He still is one of the best at what he does. The other argument that is being brought up is that the Habs can’t contend for a few years so we should move him. As a fan, (who also wants our GM to make the best moves possible), I can’t gel with that mindset or otherwise I wouldn’t watch much next year and so with that being said, on a competitive team Plekanec is the perfect player to fluster opposing team’s top players during the playoffs. “But we aren’t a playoff team, so he should be sent packing to a playoff team in return for an asset.” This I agree with, I’m just hopeful it’s a 2nd + if it becomes the case.
  7. Permanent Rumour Thread

    It’s not a big deal either way. However saying who cares if Pleks signs elsewhere completely devalues him. Danault is not a replacement for Plekanec. He is another center on the team. I have to say that it’s starting to seem as though anything that is younger is a replacement for someone who is older, as long they play the same position under your view. It’s a topic of debate because right or wrong, clearly Bergevin won’t have the exact same vision as yourself and our team needs centers. Even if Danault was a replacement for Plekanec, we’d still need even more NHL ready centers now. He’s also the only one to know what the market is saying and I personally don’t see how getting a 3rd for Plekanec is an amazing return. Frankly, when looked at the grand scheme of things and all the years of service, even a second rounder isn’t anything to get ecstatic about in return for him. I’ll be one of those who agree that we “should have” traded him years ago if that becomes the case. Plekanec has regressed but there’s also a possibility we can resign him at decent value when compared with his 6 million. Why not consider that possibility? Our fans wanted Bergevin to be loyal to Markov and not even one year later we should cut Plekanec loose even if he were willing to take a pay cut. That’s not retooling. That’s rebuilding. For weeks the first move I assumed Bergevin would make was to unload Plekanec so let’s not get that mistaken. He’s not as effective offensively as Markov may have been for us, weird as that is to say. I still think the fact that Plekanec’s 6 million contract is expiring is completely being overlooked though. If he did resign at 2 million, which I’m not sure he would, then there certainly is some value in that $4 million in savings in and of itself. It’s not like we are deciding between obtaining a second rounder and “losing him for nothing” We would be deciding between whatever his value is and he amount he would be willing to resign for. If Plekanec gets traded for a 2nd rounder, I won’t complain. But I also won’t be standing there saying “amazing”. Deals that aren’t amazing, should be up for debate.
  8. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Because of the unrealistic nature of acquiring every single player we need, I’ve come to grips with Danault being our second line center, if need be, and I’ve been against that notion for two years already. In that scenario, however I feel as though it would be fine as long as we had a true number one center on the first line. It’s been a common acceptance on here that we don’t really need that first line center, we just need a top 6 center but if we get a top line center, our other centers are fine, in my opinion. Pacioretty- Thornton-Gallagher Galchenyuk-Danault-Drouin (Thornton for 1 or 2 years only, unfortunately) or Pacioretty-Tavares-Drouin Galchenyuk-Danault-Gallagher Would be fine for me. I understand those are “pipe dreams” but perhaps there are one or two more options available that could keep us similarly effective. The point wasn’t that it need to be Thornton or Tavares specifically, but an actual top line center who can play responsibly and drive possession. I chose those centers because they are free agents and so we wouldn’t have to lose any of those other players in order to acquire them. The point was also that Danault can be a top 6 in my books but only if our first line center has no question marks. We, for now, have a lot of wingers to work with to still have him play on an effective line. Of course we still may have depth issues if Thornton or Tavares get injured, but you can’t do it all. If I were GM, that would be my first avenue of choice. If unrealistic, sure we start trying to trade some players for our need at center and defense.
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    People see what they want to see. Your biggest criticism of Pacioretty is that he’s not a grinder? Well neither is Drouin. You are going to have to readjust your negative lenses when you watch the team play because Pacioretty is 3rd in team hits, second on the forward unit behind only Nicolas Deslauriers and is also extremely responsible defensively for a winger. Those are attributes that are counterintuitive to the definition of a floater. Pacioretty is elite and judging him based on how he has played in recent games isn’t indicative of the player he is. Everyone looks disinterested, including our best players. My point is being proven here because while some are saying that they would like to see him moved due to a potentially strong return, others want him traded because “he is a terrible captain” and a “floater”, which are not accurate portrayals of him, and certainly not the reason he should be moved because under those circumstances, the returns are underwhelming for such a player.
  10. Permanent Rumour Thread

    I agree with Don that a trade and resign is unlikely to happen. Once he gets traded, it will be to a contender and then there’s potential for him to be helpful during their cup run and potentially resigned by that team. It also gives a different feeling to know the club views you as expendable. It’s semantics but there’s no doubt about it. As much as people’s response is that this would fine, since it’s time to move on, they still keep bringing up the possibility that we could resign him in the summer before their counter argument is that it would be fine to let him go. So why even bring it up, as though it makes the decision of trading him that much more obvious? If we should trade Plekanec, it will be because he is no longer of value to us, not because we should be accumulating assets. So the thought process that we could be able to resign him in the summer should have zero impact on whether or not we move him. As much as there is value in trading him for a pick, there is also some overlooked value in resigning Plekanec at a reduced rate. Plekanec has certainly regressed offensively, but we wouldn’t be paying him the same 6 million at this year. Furthermore while Danault is better offensively, Plekanec is better defensively. They aren’t the same player. If I’m Bergevin, it all comes down to what is offered for him versus what salary he is expecting to resign. I believe Bergevin is truly open to either avenue judging that he’s already resigned Deslauriers and traded Jerabek and believe in this scenario that he will make the right choice. Neither move is catastrophic unless he is traded for a 5th, or resigned at 5 mill for multiple years.
  11. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Tearing our team apart does nothing to solve the management issue. If you were to tell me you were uncertain about the team’s future because our management has proven incompetent in addressing our team’s needs, I would be able to buy into that. If we tear the team apart, the same management team will be here and as of now, they will be the one’s doing the tearing apart. I’m not sure why I should have trust in that. At the beginning of this very year, we were one Markov or Radulov away from being a playoff team who can compete (though we needed both). Now we’ve become a team who needs to trade away an elite goal scorer and rebuild. Either way, fans were complaining about those things, and I believe we could be closer to the former than the latter if we play our cards right. I was one of the most vocal on here about this season’s team and our lack of a real opportunity but it was because of the unspent cap space, not because we have plugs Pacioretty, Price and Weber on the team. If the return for Pacioretty is great, fine. All I was saying was that we shouldn’t do it for the trade proposed of a prospect and two 2019 picks because that kills us 100% next year, which would be a sure fire way of proving “this team can’t win a Stanley Cup under Bergevin”.
  12. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    The only thing I’ve seen you generally state is that you are fine with the team being a bottom feeder for multiple years from here on out, so I simply have to take your opinion on this with a grain of salt. There’s some mythological perception that even if we did suck for 5 years and attained decent draft picks and prospects, we will automatically be great after the pain. Furthermore, how can we have people complaining that we suck in the present, and then see them finding ways to make our team even worse, for the greater good of the future. Statistically, we are closer to the bottom than the top but I haven’t seen a team all season who is absolutely dominant in the east. Pittsburgh would STILL be a team I’d fear the most, and they haven’t even been that great this year. Tampa Bay and Boston may have some people in awe, but I think the Habs have had better teams than those 2018 teams in the recent past. The league has more parity than ever, and it doesn’t take such extreme measures to make us compete again. Our biggest losses last year came on the back end. We lost Beaulieu, Emelin and Markov. Beaulieu and Emelin have turned out to be crap, partially because they feel naked outside of Montreal, but as a unit they were completely fine on our team. We then decided to trade Sergachev who could have replaced any one of those players for a center in Drouin “who didn’t pan out” in the position. Our next proposed move now is to trade Pacioretty to replace the Sergachev prospect we traded for Drouin? Well, I guess that makes us better overall, right? Center is an issue but our left defense is an even greater issue and while you happen to be one of the few who have actually at least stated we should get a defensive prospect in return, most people, including media, are claiming the best piece needs to be a center in a return for Pacioretty. There is definitely a lack of clarity in what we should get in return for Pacioretty and so why should we assume the move itself will be great? I did not say that I think Pacioretty will have higher value next year, but he will certainly be able to get us 1st and 2nd 2019 draft picks + next year, which is what you proposed trading him for this year. Why not hold on to him then? He’s not as bad as you claim, otherwise you’d have a point.
  13. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Apologies for triple posting but as for this deal, the only way I make it is if Price truly has some chronic fatigue issue and what we saw this year is him from here on out. Barring that, we’re trading him when we as fans have one of our lowest ever perceptions of him. This is regardless of the return, unless it were a McDavid or something of the like. This is one instance where I agree with age playing a factor and while Giroux is elite, there are many other elite players in the leavue, centers included, who will have much longer elite years left than him. Next year would give us a different look though, that’s for sure.
  14. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    And I already hear the thoughts of many about what I said.... “that’s exactly how management wants you to feel” .... “we can’t be competitive next year” ... “the only possible way for us to have a chance is to get younger” and those are just as much opinions as saying that we can compete next year... Realistically, the odds of winning a cup next year are low. They are even lower if we don’t make the correct moves in the next half year. I agree with all of that. What I don’t agree with is that it’s inpossible for us to be a contender next year, even if it’s *second tier* and that’s what everyone’s basically saying.
  15. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    If all you’re getting back for Pacioretty is a defensive prospect and two picks for next year, why even trade him this year at all? You can still get those draft picks next year as a rental, so all you’re leaning on is that defensive prospect to replace the impact Pacioretty has on the team. In the meantime, things can change from year to year as seen by Tampa Bay and Boston having missed the playoffs last season, and perhaps Pacioretty becomes valuable to a competitive Habs team once again next year. Pacioretty being traded has potential to help our future, however it is not the only way the Habs can become better in the future. It’s also overlooked that trading him could have a ln even further negative consequence for the team. Trading him for two picks in a couple of years, as well as for a defensive prospect on a team that needs more than one more defensive prospect is one of those ways, in my opinion. The only one who can come close to replicating his goal scoring on the Habs is Galchenyuk. Outside of that, people are dreaming if they think Drouin, Lehkonen, Hudon or anyone else could do just as well as him. It seems to me that some people just want to trade him for the sake of change rather than for the betterment of the team. That’s why I’m very skeptical about moving him. If we do send him packing, I see it as a 50/50 move, unless we completely rob someone. Trading him for two picks in a couple of years and a defensive prospect is 50/50 at best. If anything more is a pipe dream, why let him go?