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  1. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    Nice to have Crawford in the HW fantasy league.
  2. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    Maybe Tomas Plekanec will be interested in playing for the Montreal Canadiens. On topic, I've long thought that Kotkaniemi will be with the big club all year, world juniors included.
  3. Sens @ Habs, Dec. 4, 19:30 ET

    It could be a coincidence but that's right around when Julien said they wanted to specifically tighten up defensively. Not that it's not an obvious thing for teams to focus on but if what you're seeing is the case, I'd pin it on a coaching thing/systems thing.
  4. Sens @ Habs, Dec. 4, 19:30 ET

    I'm often annoyed by the Sens and can only remember some disappointing games against them in the recent past but I'm feeling good about tonight's game. I'll throw in a 4-3 prediction but regardless of the score, I'm feeling positive about the outcome tonight.
  5. Dec. 2, Sharks vs Habs, 7 PM

    I'm not sure Price is a great example. I've disliked the way he has performed the past few years, but I wouldn't want him cut off the team due to his lack of performance. I'm not convinced that having his 10 million cap hit becoming available to us would make our team better in the short term. We'd then have to go out and have some other all star (want to) join our team. Not to mention, there's certainly still hope for Price. After spending last year with 8 million dollars in cap space available in our pockets, it's going to take some time for me to find myself overly worried about how hard it is to fit everyone in with our "limited space". I'm not sure Price would be cut, even if it were an option.
  6. Scherbak has more upside than any of those players, and for once I'll use the age argument in that he's much younger than the others. Those elements should factor into the decision. Chaput won't be on the team long term. Agostino will likely end the year with two goals, regardless of how many games he plays. Deslauriers I'm alright with, but he's still a healthy scratch candidate during the playoffs for a few games every series. Scherbak's stats in the NHL are ugly but they still average out to a 15 goal season and he's more likely to get better than to stagnate or get worse. He could be a 10-15 goal scoring 3rd liner or a 15-25 goal scoring top 6 player. More upside than Chaput, Agostino, Deslauriers. Sure we can bring up their defensive abilities but they're not absolutely amazing in that area either. They're all career minus players.
  7. Great pickup for the Kings.
  8. Dec. 1, Rangers vs Habs, 7 PM

    Slept in my Weber jersey over night.
  9. Dec. 1, Rangers vs Habs, 7 PM

    Putting on my Weber jersey.
  10. 48 saves on 49 shots actually. I had McElhinney starting in fantasy tonight and was hoping for a 49 save on 50 shots 1-0 victory for the Habs. I thought we played well and stayed quite disciplined in general. Drouin should have had one in the third that Van Riemsdyk stopped on the goal line. The Domi post was unlucky as well.
  11. Karl Alzner on waivers

    Semin and Kassian worked out as well, until the season started.
  12. Nov. 21, Habs vs Devils, 7 PM

    3-2 mtl prediction
  13. Nov. 5, Canadiens vs Islanders, 7 PM

    Islanders are first in their division. Washington is outside of a playoff spot. Perhaps it should be a winnable game but Trotz seems to have an impact regardless of the squad in front of him.
  14. Lost in all of this is...... I’m glad Scherbak is safe. May he prove the nay sayers wrong. We have decent depth. Plekanec came in well rested and looked better than at least two other centers who were ahead of him on the depth chart. May Scherbak do the same. I’d also be fine with De la Rose clearing.
  15. Oct. 13, Pittsburgh vs Montreal, 7 PM

    I liked Wolverine.