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  1. Yzerman and Lemieux could be up there as well but I’m already the person who listed 10 players. 😂 I’m Canadian, but have Czech and Finnish ancestry and so Jagr and Selanne made the list. I didn’t place any goalies but Hasek and Brodeur were up there as well. It’s not that I ever think of it but one of my earliest memories of Roy was the debacle against the Red Wings and I didn’t witness much of his greatness on the Habs so he really wouldn’t be up there for me.
  2. I could make two lists... 1) Mark Recchi 2) Jaromir Jagr 3) Teemu Selanne 4) Saku Koivu 5) Mike Modano 1) Joe Sakic 2) Wayne Gretzky 3) Sergei Fedorov 4) Peter Forsberg 5) Pavel Bure (Liked Theo Fleury and Doug Weight)
  3. Begin and Lapierre are in a different category for me. They were solid 3rd/4th liners even in the NHL... Kostopolous too I suppose. Hudon is a very different player than them and more similar to Bournival. Regardless of whether he plays in the NHL or AHL, he has to be a top 6 player to be effective and valuable. He will always be that in the AHL but at this point it is unlikely at the NHL level. Andrighetto is a player I liked a lot, but don’t know many others who were unhappy to see him go.... Regardless of what line he was on, I found that he was hustling and so in a way he was a more skilled And less physical version of Begin. As a result, he could play anywhere in the lineup.
  4. It’s not difficult to understand (or remember) that the team played much differently when Price was in net. The outcome could have remained 0-1. It could have been 0-0 because Price makes that save, or it could have been a completely, more offensive game from the Habs standpoint due to the Habs having Price back there behind them.
  5. Well, I was always going to bump this thread eventually however it came a little earlier than expected. With Mete out for the rest of the season, it looks as though he will not reach the 6 goal plateau this year. As of November 15th, 2019 through February 26th, 2020, 13 people voted “Over” and 1 person voted “Under” 5.5 goals as a prediction for how many goals Victor Mete would score this year. He ended with 4 goals in 51 games. Prorated: 6.43 goals/82 games Final result: Under
  6. For me, I would like to improve the team. Tatar is our best forward and if we trade him, that brings it back to Gallagher again. When we started trading for players like Drouin, and Domi, I was subconsciously hoping that we were beginning to build a team with talented players that could start preventing us from relying only on one or two players. Tatar is not off the table but I’m not doing it for a draft pick or two and a mediocre prospect. Who knows what really was on the table. It order to actually trade him or Petry this deadline, the offer has to actually be something better than what the market is offering. The market is “crazy”? Okay, you have to offer something BETTER than the crazy market value of Petry or Tatar right now, because we are in no desperation to move them. If that doesn’t happen, a similar offer, if not a better offer, will eventually be on the table once again for these players. It’s hypothetical to say that in a way, but it’s not. Tatar and Petry will be in play again, or resigned depending on circumstance. As for my expectations for the off season, I couldn’t even begin to guarantee which player we will be successfully sign, or trade for. What I can say is that the plan will be to improve the team, and not actively try to make it worse for the future. Teams that shoot for the moon with prospects as you are suggesting, tend to take 15-20 years to finally get to where they want to be. Even New York, who announced a rebuild as recently as 1-2 years ago have been signing players like Panarin, and resigning Kreider in the meantime. They’re in the hunt right now.
  7. Last off season did not do much to improve our team. My biggest complaint in general at any point has been the fact that we have left large amounts of cap space on the table heading into seasons. It was a complaint of mine the first year we did it a few years ago, and it would be a complaint of mine now. With that being said, what happened last off season has no bearing on what will happen this summer. Your plan is essentially to throw in the towel prior to next season because of your expectations of management. That’s not at all a rational way to manage a team and the only outcome of making the moves that you are suggesting, would be the firing of the person making those moves. Is that the motive here? Bergevin should make those moves f̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶t̶e̶a̶m̶ because he will get fired if he does. We have a complaint in one breath that the Habs have missed the playoffs 4 out of 5 years, and then the suggestion becomes to make sure that they miss it for another two or three years. Tatar is our best player. Weber is our best player. Price is our best player. Pacioretty was our best player. The Habs will never have a competitive team if all we want is to keep shipping out our best players. At one point, it has nothing to do with the specific core, and more to do with a lack of surrounding talent. The mission this summer is to improve. Failing that, we can talk firings again.
  8. Marleau > Kovalchuk Just not in a Habs jersey 😍
  9. If the Habs are a playoff team next year, that’s a good thing. I don’t subscribe to the mentality that we should predict the future as negative under all circumstance. If a great trade offer comes up involving Petry or Tatar, I’ll evaluate then and am willing to be happy about either one of them being moved. Keeping Tatar and Petry by the next deadline doesn’t guarantee a negative ending to the story though and if they help us have a good team next year, I wouldn’t complain. It feels odd to even have to defend that point. In the end, I think either pathway can have the potential to lead to success. There’s no rush with Petry and Tatar.
  10. That’s the thing. The market seems to be nice for sellers this year but because of that, the real top end guys may actually be too expensive. You can’t trade players for peanuts now that the market has been set because you look like a fool. On the other hand, the steep price may end up being too much given, the current market. I wouldn’t want to be trading Tatar or Petry, for instance, at the deadline. If we do, however, I’m certain the return will please most.
  11. Fun game if one takes pleasure in the anger of the opponent.
  12. Just saw Karl Alzner’s patented slap shot into the corner of the rink dump and chase from the offensive blue line for the first time in 13 months.
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