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  1. Could our lineup look like this

    I’m not saying this to be negative or to argue this specific scenario but you can’t really evaluate how the Habs have handled their centers in the recent past with any consistency. Galchenyuk, for instance,couldn’t crack our lineup as a center while we were in desperate need of one, and now may find himself as a top 6 center on another squad. I’m indifferent towards De La Rose and McCaron, relatively speaking, but it’s certainly possible that another team would handle them differently than the Habs have. Overall, I wouldn’t expect either of them to get claimed should they have to clear waivers. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they did.
  2. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Good thing Zadina’s skating wasn’t/isn’t great either. I know that’s who we both wanted.
  3. Habs sign Joel Ward to a PTO

    Tatar played in a couple of games against the Caps in the final last year.
  4. Could our lineup look like this

    It’s a fact that 5-10 years ago our team was defined by and even criticized for being full of ”Smurfs”. I never once used the term myself but it seems we’re heading back in that direction regardless. I never minded being a quick team. It always worked against the Bruins. The only downfall is longevity as small teams can face more injuries (I know it can be arguable) and it’s important to be able to last through four rounds come playoff time.
  5. Permanent Rumour Thread

  6. Yes but in their first 6 seasons in the league... Gallagher: 239 points / 408 games = .5886 ppg Marchand: 228 points / 377 games played = .6047 ppg Marchand has a few extra seasons under his belt and only started blossoming after this period. Let’s see if Gallagher can keep it up.
  7. Drouin is the answer, and the one you’re looking for. I despised his play last year but in Pacioretty’s absense, Galchenyuk was the next closest thing in terms of replacing his goals. After that, Drouin’s the one who needs to be that player. Not as a result of goal scoring but the one who can take over a game. If Gallagher shows two or more seasons of promise, it could be him as well. Is Marchand a franchise forward? Gallagher is on a similar path.
  8. Habs sign Joel Ward to a PTO

    Nice to see MB is taking clutchness into consideration when deciding who to invite.
  9. Poll: Who should be Captain?

    Based on the pattern of our own recent history, I expect there to be no captain. With that being said, I don’t see any issue with naming Weber captain once he’s back and healthy. We’re not likely to trade him in the near future but if we end up trading him a few years, or even within a few months of his captaincy, I don’t see the issue. If there’s a circus because the Habs “keep trading their captains”? So be it.
  10. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    All I know is that Michel Therrien had a .567 points percentage with the Montreal Canadiens whereas Julien has something like a .515. I’m not convinced that with our unfortunate French speaking prerequisite for the head coach, it’s so obvious that we could have easily hired a better coach. Guy Boucher sure isn’t doing much with the Sens at this point in time and someone like Gallant? Well, we’ll see how his longevity holds up and we didn’t hire him anyway.
  11. Max Pacioretty Watch

    So much for Pacioretty apparently seeking out max term and dollar after his last contract negotiation. 7 mil x 4 years seem reasonable.
  12. Poll: Who should be Captain?

    The question is who should be the successor of Pacioretty. It doesn’t specify a time. Those who say no one, are saying no one should ever replace him, or that someone who isn’t currently on the team should be our next captain. I don’t see why either of those should be the case.
  13. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    I don’t see any criticism of the move as purely being negative. The move isn’t an absolute home run when considering that Pacioretty is a truly elite goal scorer in the league. If Tatar puts 30 goals in this year, the move looks like an absolute home run in the short term considering we also acquired Suzuki. In the long term, the move will largely depend on how Suzuki pans out. It may not be fair, but at that point, Suzuki should be capable of being a 1st line player. If he turns out to be, the trade is fine. It’s far from an obvious homerun in my books though, despite the fact that Pacioretty was an impending free agent. If there weren’t anything to question o be behind this deal, Pacioretty would have been dealt at the deadline.
  14. Poll: Who should be Captain?

    I voted for Weber. I’m not concerned as to when it happens.
  15. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    It’s not absolutely clear that Suzuki is even one of those sure fire centermen. He plays LW/C/RW.
  16. Max Pacioretty traded to Vegas

    A large majority of the fan base would have been happy regardless of the return and so in all honesty there’s nothing out of the ordinary happening here. I actually have always liked Tatar but when comparing him to Pacioretty, they are on a different level. Suzuki’s future on the Habs will be the main determining factor. I look forward to hopefully liking him a lot. As for the Zadina/Kotkaniemi debate, one can argue all they want but the statistics clearly show that Svechnikov was on a higher level than the rest and Zadina is well above the expected statistical output of Kotkaniemi. If they were to have played last year, Svechnikov would have gotten roughly 40 points in the NHL, Zadina would have had slightly over 30, and Kotkaniemi would have had somewhere around 22. Sure, they play different positions and center is more valuable. What I don’t see is how one could ever argue that Kotkaniemi will be a better point producer than Zadina. Kotkaniemi will improve throughout his career, but Zadina and Svechnikov will as well. In terms of pure offensive threat, as well as statistical output, I see no reason why by the end of their careers the order won’t remain the same. Svechnikov > Zadina > Kotkaniemi.
  17. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    I think they should be called the Seattle Sonics
  18. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

    Sounds like Desharnais to me. It shouldn’t be hard for Drouin and Pacioretty to you know, talk to each other out there if it were the case.
  19. Max Pacioretty Watch

    I think the initial question included a situation where we may not get good value in return for Pacioretty. There are also people who will be happy Pacioretty is traded as long as a 1st is involved in the return. Judging by some proposals I’ve seen, it absolutely doesn’t matter what the add on(s) to that first rounder would be. When contrasted against this mindset, I don’t think it should be absolutely out of the question to have entertained signing him to an extension. Pacioretty shouldn’t just be traded away for a “well it was the best offer we received” scenario. We don’t need to throw away such a good player in order to get a 1st rounder and “whatever else”. The main obvious issue is that Pacioretty would likely tie in a no trade clause to his deal if he were to sign an extension with the Habs. Otherwise, it should be one of the main considerations at this point. All that being said, 95% chance he’s move by the deadline.
  20. 2018 NHL Offseason Thread

  21. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    Whether I agree with it or not, this particular coaching staff wants players who can retrieve the puck from the dirty areas on every line. That leaves players like Gallagher and Lehkonen in the top 6. The players they are trying to retrieve the puck for are skilled based, less hard nosed players players like Drouin, Galchenyuk and even Pacioretty. I thought Galchenyuk and Drouin have been treated differently from one another under Julien, so I'm not sure it's particularly that he doesn't like creative players.
  22. Why will you watch the 2018-19 Habs?

    When Aaron Asham turned the puck over, it was usually because he lacked skill. When Galchenyuk turns the puck over it's more often than not because of poor decision making. There are also goons who lack skill and have a low hockey IQ. I just don't particularly think Asham was one of those guys. I'm not personally attacking Galchenyuk's hockey IQ, but the Russian ice is much bigger than here in North America and so retrieving the puck after a dump in would be a little more difficult. Less chance to wear the defense down by getting the body on them deep which in turn leads to a relatively easy loss of possession.
  23. Max Pacioretty Watch

    What I’m saying is that the team would be in similar shape had it traded Pacioretty and not Subban. Pacioretty is an elite player as well. That would leave us in a similar predicament with Subban, had his contract been expiring at this very point in time. Which is hypothetical in and of itself, but not totally irrelevant. My question was based on nothing more than curiosity because I would have been surprised if as many people would have hoped Subban would get traded had he been on our team now, instead of Pacioretty. They draw comparisons because Subban and Pacioretty are only 6 months apart in age, and age has been the primary reason in stating that we should move Pacioretty rather than resigning him at this point in his lifespan. If we had Subban on our team, I’d have a hard time imagining everyone stating so obviously that we should have no part in a contract extension with an aging player. The only reason I’m saying that Pacioretty is off the team in this scenario, is because we’d be that much less competitive as well. The disconnect in perception here is that some people don’t see Pacioretty as an elite player, as they do Subban. That’s fine but I don’t agree. Pacioretty hasn’t scored a ridiculous amount of points in any given season, but given the right situation, he could have. Players in the past decade or so seem to have relatively low totals on the Canadiens, perhaps because of our defensive minded approach. I don’t think we had a scenario where either Pacioretty or Subban had to get traded, and that wasn’t my point. My point stems from the fact that...... 1) Available cap space has not been an issue for our team 2) Pacioretty loves it here and clearly wants to stay (though he better ignore a lot) 3) We can be a competitive team while Pacioretty is still relevant 4) We’re expecting an organization who has had its intentions made unwillingly clear to get a significant return 5) Elite talent hasn’t wanted to sign here via free agency 6) A return similar to Carolina’s leaves us with the possibility of never having a player of Pacioretty’s capability even in his mid 30s as part of the return 7) We need goal scorers and Pacioretty has been our best goal scorer with a spice of Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk (gone) I have the same impression as yourself in that I don’t have great expectations with our current GM being in charge of the rebuild. That ties in with why I don’t want Bergevin being the one to trade him. It doesn’t make sense to me for someone to say they don’t have faith in our management, but they still want our best player traded by them.
  24. Max Pacioretty Watch

    In this hypothetical scenario, we never traded Subban but Pacioretty was traded and so we don’t have him on the team. It’s tough to find a comparable to the Subban trade but the best compareable by position and age would have been as though we traded Max Pacioretty two years ago for either Tomas Vanek or Zach Parise one for one. That’s a similar deal to that of Subban for Weber, only LW for LW. With Subban and Vanek, we are no more of a competitor than we are with Pacioretty and Weber. Regardless of whether or not that can be debated, let’s say that we’d likely be in a similar position as we are now. If Subban’s contract were up after this season do we look to trade him? Entertaining offers at the trade deadline if we’re not a good team would seem obvious, however going into the season with a mission to trade him would seem frustrating to most. If only because of a relatively low expectation on the return when compared to what he actually deserves to bring in. In my opinion, the same argument could be made for Pacioretty holding the tide over until the rebuild fully takes place. Trading Pacioretty for futures will likely make our team Edmonton Oilers bad for a few seasons and that’s why everyone who believes we should trade him for futures already acknowledges that we won’t be good for 5 years “anyway”. I think the only only reason we wouldn’t be Edmonton Oilers bad has nothing to do with Pacioretty ot Subban and more to do with whether or not Price will ever show up again. Price can make our our team more competitive than it should be and while most people look at that as a negative thing due to the fact that it constantly “allows management” to hide behind our weaknesses, this is a reason why we should be careful with any assets that we already have who are proven to be elite. Domi is arguable naive but he’s not fully wrong when he states that this team has some “pieces”. What always gets lost lost in these arguments are the specifics. While one person doesn’t understand why we should hold on to Pacioretty until he’s 34, when we’ll once again be competitive, no one who is stating that we should perhaps have thought about keeping Pacioretty believes it will take 5 years to be a contending team again. IF it does take 5 years to do so, then that will have further demonstrated an incompetence in management, not an obvious timeline that we should have been targeting. 3 years max should be the target date, no pun intended, and Pacioretty will be entering that season at the old age of 31, 3 years from now.