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  1. The Montreal Canadiens continue their Caliornia swing and look to cap it off with a much needed victory. Yours truly will be attending the game and is therefore attempting anything to try and help them snap out of it and pull the win off. With Price in net, this is a winnable game although the Habs tend to not have much success in California. Anaheim won last year's meeting in California by a score of 3-2 in a rather close encounter. As far as I know, one of the storylines of the game is that Ryan Getzlaf continues to be nursing an injury and will therefore be out of the lineup. The Habs have a shot here. PROJECTED LINEUPS MONTREAL CANADIENS Pacioretty - Drouin - Galchenyuk Lehkonen - Plekanec - Hemsky Byron - Danault - Shaw Hudon - De La Rose - Gallagher Mete - Weber Alzner - Petry Morrow - Davidson PRICE Montoya ANAHEIM DUCKS Cogliano - Rakell - Silfverberg Ritchie - Vermette - Perry Wagner - Grant - L. Shaw Kerdiles - Rasmussen - Boll Fowler - Manson Beauchemin - Montour Megna - Holzer GIBSON Berra Lineups are not absolutely confirmed but two additional things to note are... 1) The hot start of Andrew Cogliano on the Ducks. Can he keep it up tonight? 2) Gallagher's presence on the 4th line. I'm assuming he spent some time there last game but he also took a puck to the hand (again) last game and hopefully there's not too much to that story.
  2. The Team.....

    I agree with everything. They haven't checked out yet, but they've been giving it their all and there comes a point where they'll stop believing and start accepting. As for Bergevin, that's completely true. The main difference is the cap space this season. There hasn't been any great solution as to how we could use it seeing as we'd have to send players the other way or even take back a large contract but the fact remains that moves should be expected this season and it's partially because we have that cap space. The type of move made may simply depend on the timing and where we are in the standings when it happens.

    That could help explain why it "felt" as though it was the best game I've been to, despite the outcome. Still, as someone who sensed the storm coming this year as a result of our off season, I thought the Habs competed every way possible. They dropped the gloves, took hits to make plays, and shot 51 times including 30 shots during the second which I believe is a franchise record. We're either going to be one of the worst teams in the league for the entire season or go on a tear with a move or two. I do think we need to try and acquire a player of talent but if the intensity remains, the player could help us exponentially. The problem is seeing as we are the team at the bottom of the standings, the schedule doesn't get any easier.

    I don't know what to say as well. This was the best game I've been to in Anaheim in the last few years and yet it was our worst outcome. I can see the argument that we lack that finishing touch talent seeing as Byron is a player who stands out on a nightly basis but our defence and goaltending has been an issue. At 2-3, Price would have had to hold down the fort but if he could have, the Habs had a real shot. On the other hand, I'm sitting there at 2-3 while thinking I've been through this before and if we let the next goal in, we're absolutely screwed. I was seated a few rows behind the net on the end of the ice where the Habs were shooting in the second period and it felt as though most of the game was played in that end. The second period was all us but the first and third were mostly the Ducks. The problem I see going forward is that the effort has been there consistently without results. The players on the team will never feel as though they just need to hit that second gear to get things going. They've exceeded second gear and still can't get the results. We can hear about statistical anomalies but in my opinion it's entirely possible much of this season will continue to be a statistical anomaly. Some things can take 8 games to be a decent sample size, others may take 82 and then again others may take 800. Who knows at what point it evens out but as of now a pattern is developing.

    It's a good game. Completely different periods.

    Small note that I seemed to have overlooked last season's 1-2 loss at the Honda Center on November 29th, 2016. That was indeed the last meeting. What it does say is that we seem to play the Ducks pretty close. 1-2 last time and 2-3 the time before.
  7. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    So we hear from you, and rightly so, that Galchenyuk needs to be treated uniquely by the coach as a result of not being robot, and in this circumstance you expect the players to be robots? Do you actually expect there to me no emotional attachment to someone taking the Captaincy away from you? My fondest memory of a season as a child was the one and only season I was captain of the team. Sure, they're not children but it's still a slap in the face from the organization. Again, this is a circumstance where different people would handle the situation, or demotion, differently. Perhaps Pacioretty would handle it with class, or perhaps he would hold a grudge against the organization. I could envision Pacioretty specifically saying all the right things if it were to happen, but it doesn't mean there wouldn't be any emotion internally. I understand your stance, and it's been discussed before, but the captaincy does mean something. You're looking at it through a narrow lense. Of course Weber should perform the exact same whether or not he has a C, but there is a reason some people would envision him as captain material while laughing at the prospect of giving the position to a player like Andrei Kostitsyn. The culture of a team can be different based on the choice of captain, and it's as simple as that.
  8. Bergevin......

    It's a mixed bag for me. I completely understand the need for puck moving defensemen in this day and age but a few things come to mind. Considering it is an apparent weakness of ours, I would like to believe the coaching staff are aware of it and could implement a specific style of breakout for this team. What I noticed at the Kings game is that it was our forwards who struggled to get the puck out against the heavy forecheck. I also noticed some successful breakouts with players like Byron skating behind our net and then taking it up the ice on his own. I've also long heard talk about Price's puck handling skills and how he's basically a third defenseman out there. I would like to think that he could generally help insulate this weakness. Since Price can't really skate up with the puck, I guess it's true that that's wherein lays the problem. I think our defensemen should try to gain a little bit of confidence and skate with the puck more rather than try breakout pass after pass. They may not be the quickest but from what I've seen they have players who do know how to control the puck. Even Morrow can skate with the puck. Alright, maybe we do need some smooth skating defensemen
  9. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    Twisting your words but if you're telling me it means nothing for a player to have the "C" stripped, I wouldn't be able to agree with you. If it means something to have it stripped, then it means something to have it. The "C" means something, somewhere.
  10. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    I agree that it shouldn't happen and I'm in the vocal minority that likes Pacioretty as a captain but I was just thinking the other day how Brown's playing well this year for the Kings and it happened to him in the past. That being said, it's already been years and he has had some struggles in recent seasons. Some Kings fans actually thought him getting stripped of the captaincy would be the end of him. It also happened to Thornton but actually his game has perhaps coincidentally declined and he was also much older. When one sees the game live, I can tell you that regardless of letter on the jersey, Pacioretty actually may be *the* leader on the team. He stands up on the bench and talks to the boys, makes sure everything is alright with his teammates, etc. But at the same time, he also seems to be somewhat of a solitary individual (introvert?) and doesn't join in on some of the other activities that his teammates do in warmup, for example.
  11. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    I wouldn't really call Drouin a scorer even though assists still lead to goals. He's a 60 point player right now with 20-30 goals in him. Also, I doubt the offense would look the same, just subtract Drouin. His signing came early enough that we could have made some other moves to bolster the lineup up front had we not traded for him. Finally, our defence would have been better with Sergechev regardless of how it's true that Mete has done well. I never loved the trade and don't know why I would want to change my mind at this point. Drouin is great to have and the trade on its own can be looked at as one of Bergevin's wins. In the grand scheme of things though, it actually doesn't make much sense. Instead of placing the weight of the world his shoulders, I would have locked up some of the other players mentioned here first. Sign Markov? Alright, at least Sergachev is expendable *this* season. Sign Radulov? Now let's go out there and bolster our offense. It doesn't make sense to me to trade for Drouin and then *hope* either Markov or Radulov will sign based on their "market" value. We traded our best prospect to remain the same and while there's some retrospect in play, it wasn't a move that put us over the top by any means. Glad to have Drouin but even when he lifts the cup for us, that trade will always remain a "meh" move because of all the context surrounding it. It's being played out as though we traded for our first line center and while Drouin seems to have great hockey IQ, I can see (just a personal opinion) how he might be a player who would truly flourish at wing. For such a great move, there shouldn't have been so much uncertainty surrounding it. For there to even be a mixed bag of opinions amongst relatively rational fans, demonstrates that something was awry. This move should have been a slam dunk, and I understand that that's how some people still view it.
  12. Rebuild the right way

    My perspective is that you're punishing yourself more than the organization when doing this. There's still going to be enough people who buy product or attend games. Especially people who have no idea about the current state of affairs in the NHL standings. One thing I will say somewhat on topic is that fans have complained about losing some of our best players in the past and then others want to rebuild by getting rid of our current stars. Trading Price? I mean, how is that actually going to help us in a 1 for 1 deal? One player isn't enough either way. Getting rid of Weber and Pacioretty will also have us longing for booming shot from the point and seeing Pacioretty go would leave us missing a player with his release. The Habs are missing some pieces but it's not clear exactly where they fit in the standings. Are they actually a bottom dweller? I don't think any of our recent hot starts would have happened with this October schedule anyway. We never win in California (1st time playing there in October in recent memory) and have played the Hawks, a Leafs team with a decent start, Washington and New York who despite their weak start, seem to have the mental edge on the Habs as we speak.
  13. Bergevin......

    The team last year was much more capable of competing than the one thus far assembled this season. Obviously we did not win a cup but we were legitimately one move away from being a top tier contender. The main issue in my opinion was a weak trade deadline pool. Everyone wanted that elusive scorer but I do not believe that Hanzal, Eaves or Stafford were the answer and so I don't fault Bergevin so much for last year. I thought Radulov was a great move. This summer, the wheels fell off. I don't get into the Bergevin talk much but if one wants my opinion, that seems to be his M.O. One season or off season he's done alright and the next that goes down the drain. It's back and forth. Last year's team without Subban was just as capable of winning the cup as many of the teams that P.K Subban was on. Sure, we had complaints about our offense but the same can be said for some previous seasons as well. Long story short, I see the loss of Markov without replacement as being even more important than the loss of Subban. Subban was likely being Subban when he said it but he's been quoted as saying he was shocked when he heard we did not resign Markov and that he thought Markov was the best defenseman on the team even when he was there. "Everyone thought it was me because of the contract, but I always thought Marky was the best on our team". Subban is valuable but at least we got a player of value in return when we lost him. I understand your premise of puck movers but I've long believed that Subban was forced to do too much on the Habs. On one hand, he was held back by coaching but on the other hand, he had to try to overcompensate for our lack of offense at times, leading to extremely individualistic plays. I'm sure the same can be said for Weber. Although he was a presence that Nashville apparently misses, he wouldn't have to take on such a large role if he were still surrounded by some of the other defensemen in Nashville. I really don't think it can be said that the team would have a better chance with one or the other. It's the supporting cast. Getting rid of Subban, Markov, Beaulieu and Sergachev? Now you're getting conversation out of me.
  14. HABS @ KINGS, OCT 18

    Thanks for the thread Will. On my way to the Staples Center as we speak. 14 rows from the ice. I've been meaning to try and change our luck by wearing my new Weber jersey during a Habs game but keep forgetting. No excuses today.
  15. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    To those who don't remember, and I know most of you do, Pacioretty scored in the first game against Buffalo. In addition, it was on a great setup from Drouin. I'm mainly mentioning it because I've seen things written like "he hasn't scored dating to last year's playoffs". The real point I'm trying to make is that the only game he scored this season coincided with our only win. Pacioretty is an important part of this team and we need to get him going, not punish him with tough love. For those who have gathered that Galchenyuk isn't responsive to tough love, I don't know what you've seen in Pacioretty that tells you he is the type to respond positvely to said treatment. My ideal first line would be Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-Drouin although I know it won't happen, or is extremely unlikely to happen. Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-Drouin Hudon-Plekanec-Gallagher Byron-Danault-Lehkonen Shaw-De La Rose-Hemsky I know Shaw isn't a left wing but you gotta do what you gotta do... or switch him with DLR
  16. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    I agree but my only argument is that it was a winnable game. It wasn't that we just got chances, it was the timing of our chances. The Sharks are a fragile team as well. I don't put much faith in Hudon's scoring at this point in time. He's similar to Andrighetto but cannot put the puck in the net (at least yet). I also do feel that Galchenyuk had his best game yesterday and his effort was there. He even got rewarded by playing some top line minutes. My main conplaints bout the game are that Price let in some softies. I guess you can say there was traffic but he had zero idea where Hertl's deflection was and perhaps Price's lack of last minute reflex type saves are something I have qualms about already. The main factor was our lack of discipline though and we took way too many penalties to win a game, though the Sharks took a bunch as well.
  17. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    Hudon had a breakaway to make it 3-3 and Hemsky also had a breakaway which led to a penalty and could have put us within a goal. Price wasnt great on the Couture goal and Hertl's goal rolled in at 2 mph on a tip in that most goalies would have had in position. One of their goals also deflected in off two of our players. I'm not a fan of how we've been playing but that was a winnable game regardless of whether or not the score turned out to be indicative.
  18. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    Galchenyuk played well today. This was another game that was closer than the end result. The Sharks did dominate us for periods of time but we had a few breakaways to make the game close and what's being overlooked amongst all the complaining is that Price was less than stellar on a few goals. Mete's first NHL point tonight.
  19. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    If we score in the third.... Pacioretty Hemsky Gallagher At least one of them will pot one.
  20. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    There's the Weber shot I've been waiting for
  21. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    Just undisciplined
  22. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    That was in response to that by the way.
  23. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    Mitchell is terrible. Hemsky has potential. We may not see it, but he's not in the same boat as Mitchell for me.
  24. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    Sharks score right after I was going to jinx Price for starting off strong and Drouin roofs it 16 seconds later to tie it... 1-1
  25. Oct. 17, Habs vs Sharks, 10:30 PM

    Feeling a 1 goal game