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  1. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    Quietly pulling away in points from the consensus best forward available and 2nd overall pick in this past year's draft Andrei Svechnikov. Currently, Kotkaniemi has 26 points whereas Svechnikov has 22 points. Brady Tkachuk is stuck between them with 23 points, albeit in a few less games. While Elias Petterson is in a class of his own when it comes to rookies, if Kotkaniemi checks the statistics page as much as I hope he does, he may be inspired to have a solid "Finnish" to the end of this year and beat out all players from his draft class in points. First overall draft pick Rasmus Dahlin has 28 points, or 2 more than Kotkaniemi at this juncture in the season.
  2. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    After extensive research, I've come up with a list. Skaters Alex Galchenyuk Jesperi Kotkaniemi Claude Lemieux Sergio Momesso (1 game) Pete Palangio Stephane Richer (1 game) Mathieu Schneider (4 games) Mikhail Sergachev (4 games) Petr Svoboda Mario Tremblay Alfie Turcotte Goalies Olivier Michaud (1 period in relief of Garon)
  3. Jesperi Kotkaniemi

    With Kotkaniemi notching his 18th and 19th assist last night, he took hold of the record for most ever assists by an 18 year old Habs player in a given season. Previously held by Mario Tremblay in the mid 70s as well as Petr Svoboda in the mid 80s with 18 assists each. With Carolina and Montreal being in the playoff mix, and somewhat battling each other for a spot, it should be interesting to note whether or not Svechnikov (CAR) and Kotkaniemi (MTL) have any type of impact during their respective playoff birth runs. It seems as though Kotkaniemi is being trusted to help, especially in offensive situations.
  4. First Goal for Mete

    September 30th, 2017 during a 9-2 win against Ottawa in the preseason.
  5. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    Price has been playing well lately. The team needs to match his intensity.
  6. Feb. 16, Habs vs Lightning, 7 PM

    Niemi plays well against his former teams. Wouldn't mind seeing him play against the Panthers. Our record is just a little better than the one listed. 😇
  7. Habs Acquire Nate Thompson

    Peca is at 47.1% and Chairs is at 50%. Danault takes a substantial amount of the team's draw and is at 53% as well.
  8. If things progress from here, Agostino may be able to thank the Habs for giving him his first real sustained shot at the NHL level.
  9. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    Weber jersey on.
  10. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    I can't lie. I wouldn't want to be prophetic in this case, but these are the type of matches where not converting on our chances often comes back to give our bottoms a bite. Solid first period. Let's hope it's one of the more rare times that we continue to dominate after having missed a bunch of opportunities, including on the scoreboard.
  11. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    We could use Sergachev's support on these amazing plays Drouin is creating.
  12. Game #55 Feb 7 2019, 7:30 Jets at Habs

    Byfuglien would return after 15 missed games just in time to face the Habs.
  13. First Goal for Mete

    February 17th against the Florida Panthers
  14. Game #53 Feb 3 2019, 2:00 Oilers at Habs

    I enjoyed Super Bowl weekend, because the Habs played twice.
  15. Jacques Lemaire Bill Durnan George Vezina Toe Blake
  16. Florida vs Montreal 730pm

    Both teams he has played for previously. In versus Pittsburgh next! Maybe he could end our 1999 losing streak in San Jose on March 7th.
  17. Jan. 10, Montreal vs St. Louis, 8 PM

    The Blues had a penalty play.
  18. Jan. 8, Montreal vs Detroit, 7:30 PM

    Niemi > Howard
  19. Jan. 3, Canucks vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Price was also playing his native Vancouver team. He likes to play against them. Reminds me of Brodeur or to a lesser extent Luongo against us.
  20. HABS @ HAWKS, DEC 9, 18:00 ET

    Nice to have Crawford in the HW fantasy league.
  21. Habs @ Sens, Dec 6, 19:30

    Maybe Tomas Plekanec will be interested in playing for the Montreal Canadiens. On topic, I've long thought that Kotkaniemi will be with the big club all year, world juniors included.
  22. Sens @ Habs, Dec. 4, 19:30 ET

    It could be a coincidence but that's right around when Julien said they wanted to specifically tighten up defensively. Not that it's not an obvious thing for teams to focus on but if what you're seeing is the case, I'd pin it on a coaching thing/systems thing.
  23. Sens @ Habs, Dec. 4, 19:30 ET

    I'm often annoyed by the Sens and can only remember some disappointing games against them in the recent past but I'm feeling good about tonight's game. I'll throw in a 4-3 prediction but regardless of the score, I'm feeling positive about the outcome tonight.
  24. Dec. 2, Sharks vs Habs, 7 PM

    I'm not sure Price is a great example. I've disliked the way he has performed the past few years, but I wouldn't want him cut off the team due to his lack of performance. I'm not convinced that having his 10 million cap hit becoming available to us would make our team better in the short term. We'd then have to go out and have some other all star (want to) join our team. Not to mention, there's certainly still hope for Price. After spending last year with 8 million dollars in cap space available in our pockets, it's going to take some time for me to find myself overly worried about how hard it is to fit everyone in with our "limited space". I'm not sure Price would be cut, even if it were an option.
  25. Scherbak has more upside than any of those players, and for once I'll use the age argument in that he's much younger than the others. Those elements should factor into the decision. Chaput won't be on the team long term. Agostino will likely end the year with two goals, regardless of how many games he plays. Deslauriers I'm alright with, but he's still a healthy scratch candidate during the playoffs for a few games every series. Scherbak's stats in the NHL are ugly but they still average out to a 15 goal season and he's more likely to get better than to stagnate or get worse. He could be a 10-15 goal scoring 3rd liner or a 15-25 goal scoring top 6 player. More upside than Chaput, Agostino, Deslauriers. Sure we can bring up their defensive abilities but they're not absolutely amazing in that area either. They're all career minus players.