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  1. GDT Stars @ Habs Tuesday March 13 7:30pm

    Yessir Scherbak! I want this win after the physical stuff. I noticed earlier after the Alzner fight firstly that Shaw wasn’t the one who fought after Hudon was checked and secondly that his appreciation for Alzner stepping in was a soft tap of the ice with his stick and a blank stare into the distance. Years ago he would have been involved differently. There’s definitely something there.
  2. Lehkonen ?

    Without the “lethal” shot. On Lehkonen: I’m somewhat silently hard on Lehkonen so I’ll stay out of this one. I was fully expecting this to happen this year but there is something to the sophomore slump theory so we shall see. The positives are that he definitely is young, has Finnish blood, had Koivu backing him, and Finns usually work hard on (and perhaps off) the ice.
  3. Habs vs Bolts

    Gosh lehkonen is lining up and I’m already starting to write this. Why not Galchenyuk?
  4. Habs vs Bolts

    We should have won already but we will lose
  5. Habs vs Bolts

    Galchenyuk’s a star ⭐️
  6. Habs vs Bolts

    If Julien is unable to adapt to the squad he actually has on paper, then he is a terrible coach. I haven’t analyzed it enough myself and I personally would imagine that he would be able to adapt, but there might be some truth to the perception that Julien can only coach a certain type of team when we consider that we acquired Ott, Martinsen and King last deadline.
  7. Retool or rebuild. That is the question?

    Tavares Stastny Bozak J. Thornton Plekanec My prediction is that at least one of those centers ends up on our team next year. Take your pick of which
  8. GDT Habs @ Florida Thursday March 8 7:30pm

    One thing led to another for me. #6
  9. Bergevin back for 18-19 season

    I’m not by any means a fan of Bergevin. I also disliked getting rid of Sergachev and considering how nice Mete looked this year, I think Sergachev would have looked nice on our back end contrary to the argument that he’s on Tampa Bay and being made to look good only by all world players. With that being said, I think it’s too simple to state that Bergevin would not be able to adapt to the modern view that NHL teams need puck movers on the back end. As fans, those statements are seen all over these boards and so do we really think that if Bergevin hasn’t already considered this himself, he wouldn’t have anyone around him telling him the same things being said here? His main mistake was letting Markov go, who many would argue was getting older in age anyway, and then following that up/preceding that by signing Karl Alzner and Mark Streit. That’s actually one of Bergevin’s biggest indictments. Many of his reclamation projects (Semin,Kassian,Streit) didn’t last more than a few weeks/months. Back on topic, the fact that he signed stay at home defenseman Karl Alzner over Markov isn’t the hugest issue in of itself simply because he’s not a puck mover. It’s the fact that Karl Alzner is just bad. There are other similar players who would have been more efficient on our team. Similarly, Mark Streit is a puck mover who was acquired, he was just the wrong choice because it only took a few weeks for the organization and fans to decide that he was simply over the hill. In short, we can agree to disagree but while not a fan in particular of Bergevin, I wouldn’t personally be overly concerned that he wouldn’t be able to acquire some puck movers on the back end in the future, as has already been seen with depth player Reilly.
  10. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Yes Edit since people are so serious: ()
  11. GDT Habs Vs. Delvils Tuesday March 6

    Alzner almost hit the net while it was empty.
  12. Habs vs Bruins

    Sarcastic or not, Carr seems to have just as much character as anyone. Always committed and often scores when our team is already out of the game, which when spun in a positive way, means he never gives up. Froese and Shaw are both those “type” of player as well though.
  13. Habs vs Bruins

    It all started when I created the thread “The Habs Need a Better Backup”
  14. Habs vs Bruins

    Drouin is the second best tanker behind Price
  15. Habs vs Bruins

    I want another Habs goal
  16. Habs vs Bruins

    I was just checking some available players when I noticed Brian Gionta’s name on the list, with Boston next to his name. I hadn’t known he signed with Boston. Sure enough, right at that moment I looked up and there was Gionta on the screen. Plekanec on the Leafs... Gionta on the Bruins.... Doesn’t sit well with me. At least Ottawa never gets anyone from us, outside of the Mike Condons and Tom Pyatts.
  17. GDT 64: Friday Night Rematch Canadiens vs Islanders

    I see a lot of people claiming that they wouldn’t have minded seeing Galchenyuk play center, or even that he should still be considered for the position. I’m one of those people. On the other hand, I also see people claiming that they want Galchenyuk to be allowed to play his own game and not be forced to worry about the defensive side so much. The very reason that Galchenyuk is playing wing and not center is because Julien doesn’t want him (or Drouin) to worry so much about the defensive zone, and rather he wants them to play with the puck in the other end. That’s basically a quote from his mouth. In essence, Julien is doing exactly what those who want Galchenyuk to be allowed to play his own game would want him to do. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t be complaining about his position in the lineup if that’s the priority. I’m not saying anyone is, but it’s pretty much one or the other at this point.
  18. GDT 64: Friday Night Rematch Canadiens vs Islanders

    You may have been correct in saying I drafted Mete a little too early in fantasy this year. I still remember a preseason goal of his, fresh as if it were yesterday.
  19. GDT 64: Friday Night Rematch Canadiens vs Islanders

    Yes although I guess every Hab fan has been cursed this year. Out of the last 50 goals against, I’ve probably seen 48 and out of the last 50 goals for, I’ve probably seen 25. in 2018 I’ve seen all 16 losses and only 3 or 4 of our 8 wins. The last game I remember seeing us win was February 22nd against the Rangers and the last win I remember seeing us win before that was January 7th against the Canucks. Although I may have caught either a win against the Capitals or against the Avalanche in between as well.
  20. GDT 64: Friday Night Rematch Canadiens vs Islanders

    Drouin, Galchenyuk, Scherbak Top 12 in scoring each within 3 years
  21. GDT 64: Friday Night Rematch Canadiens vs Islanders

    Right when I started watching.
  22. GDT 64: Friday Night Rematch Canadiens vs Islanders

    Lindgren has value... To the Habs
  23. GDT 64: Friday Night Rematch Canadiens vs Islanders

    I missed the beginning. 1-0 Habs. I’m here now!
  24. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    Best eastern conference Canadian team* which I had meant to put but was the topic of discussion anyway. We can nitpick the stats any way we want but the bottom line was that I’ve watched 97% of the Habs games over the past 15 years and I generally had a consistent feeling that the Habs were the best Canadian team in the East and the Vancouver Canucks, the best Canadian team in the West. The fact remained that after that initial sentiment, the Habs had made the playoffs 10 of the past 15 years and the sens 9 times. The Sens had that cup final run but didn’t come close to competing in the final. They are always the Cinderella story when they do well, with hot streaks with people like Andrew Hammond. This is similar to how the Habs were the year we ran with Halak, but that was only one season. The year against the Rangers we had a legitimate shot, and then Price went down with injury. We’ve had solid wins other years as well and countless division titles.
  25. GDT 64: Friday Night Rematch Canadiens vs Islanders

    Thanks for the thread. Habopotamus needs to learn the tradition of creating a game thread after wins though. I’m still vying for 18-0-1. To Trizzak: I will be on the job today 🏒👀