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  1. Murray picked up by Panthers -RDS
  2. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=193332&hubname=nhl Good for the team and the city!
  3. This is all blind speculation on wether Markov was benched or not. I only assume that he was being stitched because he had the glue on his cut before the end of the period, he disapeared for a while at the beginning of the 2nd period and when he was next on the ice he had visible stitches. As the visiting team the Canadiens would have to wait for the Atlanta doctor to stitch him so it makes sense that the time it took to stitch him would cut into the second period. Medical attention on the road is obviously not as fast as at home, thus my speculation that he was not benched. If you have intimate knowledge of Carbo benching him then I stand corrected.
  4. not sure if rds even has an HD channel.
  5. rds is under 6$ per month on Rogers (in Toronto), and you can cancel it when the season is over!
  6. i'm pretty sure he has to go back to Junior or stay in the NHL. Similar to chips he could join the AHL once his junior team was knocked out of the playoffs. This rule was put in place to stop the NHL from raiding junior talent to stockpile the farm.
  7. http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news...4ff&k=21367
  8. This rumour from Eklund is certainly interesting however improbable it may be! HUGE Habs Rumour Involving Malkin Today @ 2:48 PM ET | Comments (137) On the rumour scale, KGB(1) Ryder, Ribeiro, Souray, Aebischer and a first-round pick for Malkin. Montreal also signs JP Dumont as a result of the freed up cash. Let me add this. I did not get this from PJ Stock, I have never even received and e-mail from the guy. I don't listen to the Team 990 in Montreal (you're welcome for the free plug). A retired player in Mount Royal sent this to me and it was not via PJ Stock. This is the only reason why I am posting it, because it is from a player. Not as guaranteed as my Pronger to Anaheim, but slightly better than Belfour and Shanahan to the Wings. This ends the rumour, back to the regular Kevin Gibson blog tomorrow, where I talk about Babe Ruth and Elvis both dying on August 16th.
  9. I guess it was not in the BAG!
  10. I like this idea! Go Habs Go! I hated that thread!
  11. GO HABS GO!!!! Need a game 7 at least...it's too early for golf season!
  12. Mathias Brunet from La Presse should be fired, he basicly made this entire story up.
  13. Show me in this tsn article where it says "no broken bones"? I do see where it says definitely not coming back for this series, and that there is no long term prognosis because they can't do the necessary tests because his eye is full of blood. As I said before, the guy who wrote that article is making it up and has talked to no one on the Canadiens med staff or the team for that matter. "A source close to the Canadiens described as "ludicrous" the report that suggested Koivu is a strong possibility to return to face Carolina in the playoffs. " TSN.ca Staff 4/29/2006 4:49:40 PM Saku Koivu returned home from the hospital yesterday, but contrary to a published report in a Montreal newspaper today, Koivu is not yet in the clear and most definitely is not scheduled to return to the Carolina-Montreal series. The Canadiens are encouraged Koivu has been released from hospital, but is still undergoing tests on his damaged eye. Those tests cannot be completed yet because there remains too much blood in and behind the eye, so it's likely another day or two at least before a definitive prognosis can be made. A source close to the Canadiens described as "ludicrous" the report that suggested Koivu is a strong possibility to return to face Carolina in the playoffs. Koivu was struck by an accidental high-stick from Justin Williams while rushing to the net to accept a pass from Chris Higgins in the second period of the Hurricanes' 2-1 overtime win on Wednesday night. Williams tried to lift Koivu's stick, but missed and the stick shot up under the Finnish centre's visor. Koivu dropped to the ice, clutching the bleeding eye, then rushed off the ice for treatment.
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