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  1. This new system was good and bad at the same time. On one hand hand, not only was it Flash-based which is totally ridiculous, but they had the balls to charge an $8.75 convenience fee per ticket for buying online; on the other hand, this random assignment of places in line was similar to the braclet thing at the Bell Centre which makes it more fair for those waiting in line at the Mecca. In any case, I hope they change it or at least tweak it for next year. Last year I got shafted by Admission when the server crashed on us twice after selecting 4 10-Game Packs. We ended up only getting 2. Th
  2. Me and my friend were on Admission.com at noon. I couldn't get on, but she got on instantly. She picked the games we wanted, four 10-game packs, she had them reserved for 15 minutes, I gave her my credit card number, she pressed Submit or whatever, and then we waited... After about a minute... ERROR! We were pissed, but we kept trying for over an hour without even being able to get to the selection page. Miraculously, right after 1 PM, I got on. I picked the games I wanted, but I played it safe and only chose two 10-game packs instead of four. Again, I had them reserved. I entered my info... E
  3. Olde Wallpaper: http://www3.sympatico.ca/adam.wahhab/Olde.jpg
  4. Glad to see my 6 theory strike again, this time, in double OT! Note: To whoever figured out that 21,273 thing... 2 + 1 + 2 + 7 + 3 = 15... 1 + 5 = 6... Good stuff! As for Gainey having 6 letters, well, we all know the saying... IN BOB WE TRUST Bob + Guy = 6 letters
  5. We have 93 points... 93 is the last time we won the Cup... 9 - 3 = 6...
  6. That is freaky, but I like the Canucks, so I hope they aren't cursed. Edit: Huet is #39... And yeah, our last Cup was in 93... 9 - 3 = 6...
  7. LOL The only team with a curse is Toronto!
  8. It was on RDS though, CBC is lame. I hate that 7 second delay. I'm pretty sure Toe passed away. Note: 6 + 7 = 13 years since our last Cup... OK, that was just lame! LOL Edit: But since there was no season last year, then it's a span of 12 seasons... 6 + 6 = 12... Much better! B)
  9. Yeah, they should retire Toe's number. Also, when Boom Boom passed away, they lowered Morenz's number to then lift them up side by side... #5 and #7... What's missing in between? They were actually lifted with the #7 on the left and the #5 on the right... 75... When we won the Cup in 1993, it was the 75th anniversary of the NHL...
  10. Well, after the Humiliation of the Hurricanes last night, I started reading all the postgame comments on NHL.com, RDS.ca, TSN.ca, etc. And one stat that popped up was that it was the first 6 goal playoff game since Game 6 of Round 1 in 1993; and that it was a span of 65 games (66th game last night). Then I just looked at all Cups we won, and anything else I could think of. Edit: Rocket's number is 9... Flip it around and you get a 6... Also, the final round could start on May 27th, 2006... 6 years since he passed away... R.I.P.... Note: Oh and riker, nice to see that you're using my 100t
  11. The Habs love years that end in 6... We won our first Cup in 1916... We won again in 1946/1956/1966/1976/1986... That's a total of 6 Cups won in years ending in 6... 1995-1996 was the Roy incident, but we were having a good season until that dreadful game... This year, it's 2006... Furthermore, the last time we scored 6 goals in a playoff game was Game 6 of Round 1 in 1993 against Quebec... And we eventually won the Cup... Since that game, we've only managed to score a maximum of 5 goals in any given playoff game... 65 Habs playoff games were played after that 6-2 win over Que
  12. Anyone watch the game last night? Of course you did! Here's a little animation I just made to celebrate the Humiliation of the Hurricanes...
  13. Thanks man! I don't think I have more right now, but whenever I make some, this is where I post them first (and on the official Habs forum sigs/avatars section). I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 to make the sigs/avatars, but I use JASC Animation Shop 3 (it comes with JASC Paint Shop Pro 9) to animate them (since I haven't learned to use Adobe ImageReady CS2 yet). I'll probably make some more this week so keep checking this thread for updates. Lates! PS: Whatever I post here, feel free to use. That goes for all of you.
  14. Made a quick Kovalev sig, nothing fancy; except maybe that little Habs logo in the wall...
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