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  1. So happy to see Kotkaniemi playing well on the holiday. His game is rounding into form
  2. It's more the guys who are playing over him. Why Thompson you know? And KK's best tool might be his hockey IQ. He certainly shouldn't be taking steps backward his age-19 season; with what he show last year, IMO. I feel that we have the wrong type of coach to develop KK in Claude Julien. If this were a cup contender; then you play KK 11-13 min a night buried like he is (Bruins you mentioned were loaded, we are not). With how we are; a middling team that may not make playoffs, you have to use these years as formative to develop guys like KK and see what you have. You don't hamper development with the guys getting minutes over him right now. Its a crime. I think his floor is a 60-70 point center. ceiling is a 90-100 pt franchise center.
  3. I guess this is part of my concern. they are definitely not handling him right wasting his development in what’s likely a middling .500 year. We aren’t a cup contender. He’s the future
  4. 11 minutes again tonight. 11:03 to be exact. No counting stats at all again. Man...0
  5. ok. If you aren’t concerned with his play; are you concerned with the organizations handling of our top young guy? 11 min a game? Like what are they doing
  6. Isn’t this what discussion boards are for? There is a 17 page thread on HF about him
  7. Feeling a win tonight based on what the line is doing. Let’s see if this turns out!
  8. Seems like his development and ice team are being hampered under Julien. I am concerned. Is he still like the future one of the elite core or do you think things have changed?
  9. I think we just are a match up nightmare for the defending champs
  10. MTL: PP Goal Jonathan Drouin (3) assists: Jesperi Kotkaniemi (1) Goalie Jake Allen (STL 1, MTL 3 - 03:39 2nd)
  11. Nice job by Kotkaniemi to draw the penalty. Now convert
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