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  1. Man I have been very impressed by Mr.Suzuki. Looks more and more like a number one playmaking center in this league. Kind of reminds me of Mr.Koivu.
  2. No i knew their was a 12.5% , thought the odds would be better for us to get that 1st overall pick with fewer teams then normal and with a top level elite prospect available. But what they didn't say and I didn't know was they where going to put the names in alphabetical. That makes the odds different, then if they just put the balls in all at once. When ever their is a draft year where theirs a clear cut elite number one prospect, and you have a chance to get the first overall pick you should go for it and start fresh next season. But it is what it is.
  3. As long as it wasn't Pittsburgh, edmonton or Toronto I am ok with rangers wining it. Wish it was us but as long as it wasn't those other 3 I am ok with it.
  4. He would of made us better by adding scoring and playmaking abilities. Which Would of filled holes up front. Then you can use your cap space to add D depth through UFA signing, which would improve our odds at making the playoffs in price and Weber's cup window.
  5. That's because both teams didn't draft for need but took best available player. They thought they could just plug in anyone to fill holes, which didn't work. If your need is a top D or top goaltender and you can pick either one to fill your team's needs, but best available player is center which you're deep at what are you going to do? Me I am taking which ever player is better for my team need. So if a D prospect is better than the goaltender i am taking the D. If the goaltender is better i am taking the goaltender. Or you see have far you can take down and get some extra pics or a player to fill a hole whos better then what you can draft. Edmonton and Toronto didn't do that which is why they're weak on D.
  6. Edmonton and Toronto were rebuilding on a 5 year plan. Which means you suck for 5 years and become a top 5 lottery pick team those 5 years which they did. Thats what you do on a 5 year rebuild. Bubble team's are different. We start the season In hopes of making the playoffs, but by the deadline we're usually out of it for some reason or another. So if by chance in a year were theirs a top level can't miss elite talent prospect, and you're in the bottom 10 by the deadline sell off your ufa's for picks and prospects and push for that lottery pick and a better chance at a 1st overall pick. If you miss out on that 1st overall pick but still pick in the top five, you can always look at trading that pick for a star player to fill a hole in your line up rather than draft a player.
  7. Players don't tank but gm's do. If a team is out of the playoff picture by the trade deadline they become sellers to give themselves a better chance at a lottery pick. If a team is rebuilding and that year their is a elite level prospect going number one, they keep their team way below the salary cap and play mostly young guys or vets no one else wants. This way he his giving himself the best chance to get that number one overall pick and draft that elite player. Worked out for Toronto with Matthew, workout for edmonton with Mcdavid. If you're a contender and favorite to make the playoffs yeah you're not going to tank for these types of prospects. But yeah if you're out of the playoffs by the trade deadline you should sell off your ufa's and try and give yourself a better chance at the top leave prospect.
  8. Or they could of traded the 1st overall pick to fill a roster need, since at the time we were considered a cup contending team. We could of gotten a top scoring winger or a top line center of which we needed at the time.
  9. They need a LW that can play along side McDavid so they can take Draisaiti off and put him 2nd line center to even out the scoring. So don't see them trading the 1st overall pick if they get it.
  10. We we're gift wrap a playoff spot. Next year same old bubble team missing the playoffs. Would of been better to try and get a chance to finally draft an elite player. I will always be in favor of getting an elite player doesn't matter which way we do it, tank, trade or UFA.
  11. I am happy yet at the same time kind of disappointed. Happy because as a habs fan we won and move on. Happy for Price and Weber. Also happy to see what the future of this team could be with the young guys stepping up and playing well. Disappointed because as a habs fan we find it hard to sign or trade for elite players and their was one in the draft we could of had the opportunity to get. We just always seem to blow it and get a top 3 pick in draft years where their is no clear cut elite star.
  12. Good game but was hoping for a L not a W. Maybe I should hope for a W and see what happens🤔
  13. I know as a habs fan just tired of the same old same old. Teams will kill to have a goaltender like Price for a playoff run and we're just wasting him away.
  14. Haven't seen anyone in management think of it over the last 8 years.
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