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  1. Hate to see where this team would be without the new guys. Think it's time to trade guys like lehkonen, Byron, Armia, and I would even trade Danault.
  2. Nothing like a blow out before the trade deadline.
  3. I think either one of these guys would benefit from a change of scenery. When NJ was a wining team these guys were both good on the back end for them.
  4. I think one of either these 2 guys could help out on that left side and both have a manageable cap hit BUTCHER or VATANEN. NJ looks like they're blowing things up so these guys could be had for draft picks which we have a lot of . Either one of them would improve that left side.
  5. Their is no guarantee they can land him in an open market especially if other teams want him. Trading for him and getting an upper hand on signing him first is a better option. But I for one don't think buffalo would trade Jack unless he wants out.
  6. You do know Sabers can workout a contract with danault once they get him.... That's if they're interested in him.
  7. I wonder what it would take to get RISTOLAINEN out of buffalo? 2 years left at 5.4mil is really good. Byron would have to be someone going back to make the cap work or one of Tatar or danault. But RISTOLAINEN would improve our back end very much.
  8. I hope Staal will take both Kotkaniemi and Suzuki under his wing and teach them.
  9. Nice showing some love to DMX their, hope he pulls through after his od today.
  10. Looks like Byron heating up at the right time just before trade line. Hopefully someone takes on his contract. How did frolik look out there tonight?
  11. A 4th line of Frolik/Staal/Perry would be pretty fun to watch.
  12. Look at the bright side with his bad year hes no longer a 5-6mil a year guy. So should be cheaper to resign him.
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