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  1. He's my favorite player and I want to see him win a cup. I just don't see it being as a habs unfortunately.
  2. Well look at it like this...... In The next 5 years time do you see Montreal being a cup contender through out that time? I honestly don't. So would you want to trade a 33 year old Price and get more for him, or get less for a 37 year old Price? Yes Price would prefer to stay and win in Montreal, but I think he would want a chance to win a cup more. So if he was asked for a list of teams to be traded to he would understand.
  3. Not really because if we hold on to Price for too long like NYR have done with Lundqvist, we could be looking at the same situation 5 years from now. So we could learn from their mistakes, and not repeat them with Price.
  4. I would look closely at the NYR and what they do with Lundqvist. If they end up trading him could give us an idea of what we could get for Price if it comes to the point of trading him. I know there's a age difference and contract difference but similar type players and situation.
  5. I think all this losing gets to players, I just hope that Montreal players don't think this is the normal in Montreal. Look what it has done in Buffalo. Plus Domi hasn't been able to play with the same line mates all year do to team injuries. So for me i wouldn't give up on Domi.
  6. But those are all things that can be worked on with development. I wouldn't give up on him also, but out of our centers he's the one giving you the best trade value. I guess his this year's Pacioretty.
  7. Wow don't get your panties in a bunch..... I was just joking around because we have so many 2nd round picks. Just out of curiosity you related to Bergevin 🤔
  8. To be honest this team hasn't been the same since he left.
  9. Are those players all in the 2nd round of the draft? Just wondering 🤔
  10. Well they can't string together a wining streak that's for sure.
  11. 😲 Oh you used a bad word that's a no no around here
  12. If Montreal offers teams Kovalchuk and a 2nd round pick for a 1st, they don’t need to wait tell the draft. If they wait tell the draft Kovalchuk value becomes useless.
  13. If Bergevin can't get a 1st for kovalchuk, I will package the 2nd round pick we just got from St.Louis along with kovalchuk for a 1st round pick coming back to us.
  14. Lets just hope Weber is ok and he isn't holding of surgery or even needs surgery. Because boy will I be pissed if weber misses the start of next season because he has surgery in the off season.
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