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  1. Once you go 2 ply you can never go back 😂😜🤣
  2. Yes I agree people over reacting, but you do know to get out of the north American standard for health and safe companies send things to china. Any time you here of a recall its something that was done there. This type of stuff needs to change.
  3. Wow you're a dumb ass, go to the grocery store's and see the products that are empty. Don't just say what you hear on the news.
  4. What does it have to do????.... Look at the empty shelves in the stores. We wouldn't have to worry about that if these companies made the products in north American.
  5. No this should be a weak up call to north American that they shouldn't allow companies to move their business to China just to save money. Things need to change after this.
  6. I have the cup clinching game still on VHS with the interviews after in the locker rooms. Man how different today's game is.
  7. What they can do is hold the draft in July/August . I think that it should get better after April. If not then the government is hiding something. But with that said have it in July or August, tell all players and fans to stay home. all gm's set up a war room (NFL like) at their home area and you do the draft through draft video. You can use the ping pong balls method like they did in 05' to determine the order. Then you have free agency right after. That way you can start the season on time. Then at the end of Next season you can still hold a draft the normal way.
  8. I agree as soon as Canada heard about the virus in china they should of shutdown borders/plane's/ and ships from entering Canada. Then once they got better info about the virus and saw it wasn't a threat reopen everything. I think they underestimated the virus and took it to lightly, everyone not just Canada.
  9. I watched the whole 93' playoff run Roy was unstoppable. Don't think anyone has passed or match the 10 straight OT wins. But man Roy was unbelievable.
  10. Ok getting bored here, so what's everyone's top 5 players that got them to love and watch hockey as a kid ? For me growing up I am a 80's/90's kid, so here are my top five. 1) Gretzky--- from the first time I watched him I became a fan 2) Roy --- the reason I am a habs fan today 3) Al Macinnis---- would never miss the hardest shot competition when he was in it. 4) Russ Courtnall ---- loved watching him play and was so happy when he became a hab. 5) Vincent Damphousse--- again loved watching him play and was also happy when he became a hab. That's my 5 what's everyone else's
  11. Just wanted to send this out, we're living in some tough times and scary times right now. So please everyone stay safe and stay tough. This virus won't beat us, we will all beat it.
  12. Yeah but it's a seasonal job. It's not a full time job for people. If I was a worker there this to me say the boss don't give a #### about you or who you are.
  13. Can't believe the flames ownership won't pay its employees well the NHL is on hold. If I were the works no one should go back ounce the NHL starts up again to work for that owner.
  14. Not ready still 2-3 years away we rushed Kotkaniemi just like we did with galchenyuk. Lets actually develop players first before throwing them in the fire.
  15. No sports or big gatherings going on, It looks like there is going to be a lot of babies being made these next few weeks, and a lot of stuff getting done around peoples house's.
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