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  1. I don't think it's fair to the rest of the division that Montreal has 2 good goaltenders lol. No one going to want to play use back to back. Plus add the way our D boxes out the front of the net so our goaltenders can see the puck. Thank you covid19 for giving us at least one good thing lol.
  2. What if we offered Danault + Tatar For Dubois? Gives Columbus a center to replace Dubois and a winger that they need. New line could be Drouin / Suzuki / Anderson Toffoli / Dubois / Gallagher Byron / Kotkaniemi / Perry Lehkonen / Evans /Armia
  3. He's not playing on the top line with the jets top players from what I understand last year. Don't know if anything has changed this year.
  4. Weber isn't going anywhere. We are in win now mold.
  5. Jets need D so anything going their way would have to be a top 2 D. Habs would be crazy to trade Romanov. They don't need a center so we don't have anything the jets want unless its Caufield or Guhle and I wouldn't trade either of them.
  6. I was thinking Kotkaniemi too but one would think Columbus would want an established top center coming back and that would be Danault. Also some where saying that Barkov could be available too because Florida might not be able to resign him after his contract is up I think it was on sportsnet I heard it. so how about a 3 way trade To Florida Danault + 2nd (from habs) To Columbus Barkov To habs Dubois I mean that could be a starting point more would have to be added.
  7. It's Armia he seems lost on that line. Like I had mentioned they should add Perry on that line. He would stand in front of the net and open up better scoring chances. Or maybe add Byron on their to give them more speed.
  8. Man I love this new tougher D playing in front of Price. Hopefully gone are the stick lifting days I always hated.
  9. Call me crazy but I think Perry would look good on that line. He would add net presence to it .
  10. Good evening everyone, habs are looking great tonight. Going to be a fun team to watch.
  11. I would take him out and add Perry to that line. Would add net presence to it.
  12. We're pretty much a new team with no preseason games to gel. But once we get the other 3 lines and our PK working better we'll be alright.
  13. They need a winger and light on the D so it might work. I think Toffoli/Dobuis would look good together.
  14. Toffoli was visible on the ice, Edmundson look a lot like chiarot when he first played for us. My take a ways We finally have a NHL 1st line Drouin / Suzuki /Anderson looked great. Didn't see much from Danault and Gallagher. Toffoli and Kotkaniemi looked good just didn't finish. I would take out Armia and put in Perry. Romanov looks good Edmundson looks like he's going to be a slow star tell they find a good fit for him.
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