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  1. I agree 100% That is all the Toronto media does. The funny thing more times then not it works too. They are brutal! Gainey will never be the GM of the Maple Leafs, it would be sac religious!
  2. Ok, thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it. GO :hlogo: GO!!
  3. So I am coming to Montreal next with a tour group. I will be staying to see the game on the 11th vs NJ. But Saturday night a few of us wish to go watch the game vs LA at a sports bar downtown. What is the place to go? We live near Toronto and are tired of these so called "hockey fans" and are looking forward to mingle with fellow Habbies. Thanks.
  4. I disagree. 2003-2004 Regular Season Standings Western Conference DETROIT 109 pts SAN JOSE 104pts VANCOUVER 101pts COLORADO 100pts DALLAS 97pts CALGARY 94 pts ST LOUIS 91 pts NASHVILLE 91pts ------------------------------ EDMONTON 89pts MINNESOTA 83pts LOS ANGELES 81pts ANAHEIM 76pts Calgary didn't limp into the play-offs and were 3 games away from having home ice.
  5. To just make the play-offs is just where my expectations begin. As a proud fan I expect to be ahead of the Leafs for starters. What is the point in making the play-off if you just limp in by a point or two? I know the odd team will manage to fire it up at the right time, but that is rare!So I expect home ice advantage at least for the 1st round and to have a serious shot at the cup. We saw earlier in the season we can do it. GO BIG or STAY HOME!!! -Fletchwear 2004© :hlogo: GO HABS GO! :hlogo:
  6. Yeah what a jip! Still pretty pissed about that. Just like how the Leafers still cry about Gretzky high sticking Gilmour in 93. hee hee hee.
  7. I agree, I am just happy I can see the game on TV. Silly McGuire can that guy even skate, maybe I should challange him to a skills comp. Huet looking AWSOME!!!! :hlogo: :ghg: :hlogo: :ghg: :hlogo:
  8. Bring back St Patrick out of retirement. He deserves to finish with a :hlogo: on his chest.
  9. I myself put on my tape with the closing ceremony of the Forum. What a great ovation for the Rocket! :hlogo:
  10. Kovy, best hands in the game.
  11. You are welcome all! :hlogo: GO HABS GO! :hlogo:
  12. Ladies and Gentleman, our GM! BOB GAINEY Edit: I am still chuckling pretty good.
  13. What is the best station for :hlogo:'s talk. Here in the Toronto area you can't escape the Leaf talk and I am sick of it.
  14. When will the Russian roster be released?
  15. Today on the Fan590 they had a disscusion topic about moving Pittsburgh to Toronto for a second team. I guess there is nothing like having 2 brutal teams to cry about.
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