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  1. That's true, I know he did some big things for us in past years but after last year I would have been happy just to clear his salary.
  2. 11:09 REMAINING IN THE 1ST PERIOD Washington Goal - Richard Zednik (1), from Ben Clymer and Jamie Heward at 8:51. 11:09 Remaining. Zednik scores, he better not have a great year after the piece of shit he was last year.
  3. Lets not forget Ferland. The guy scores everytime they play him. He's for real.
  4. Looks like Leaf referees are going to take up where they left off. is this game televised?
  5. Isn't this the second Habs player Downey's injured in practice? What was that injury Latendresse received at the end of the year, was that a different Downey?
  6. No offense, though Dave, I relly liked your behind the scenes thread last year. Just not much of a MaGuire fan.
  7. Ask Pierre if TSN hired him as the token Habs dormat for TSN Leaf fans to laugh at or if he just discovered he was well suited to it after they hired him. He's a trojan horse trying to sneak into the hearts of Habs fans to break their love of the game. Also ask him how sad he is that we traded Zednik and let Sundstrum go. No doubt Leaf fans were hoping we would keep these guys.
  8. It's going to come down to how threfs call it this year. It's all fine and good for a team like Carolina to go goonless when refs call the tightest games whenever they play. Montreal typically is on the opposite end of whatever the refs are dishing. Montreal has goons they will face the strictest refs, no goons Tie Domi will go and beat the shit out of Koivu. It's always smart to have a guy that can contend with heavy weights even if he spends the year in Hamilton. Other teams know that he's there and they might get away with something once but he'll be there for the next game. If refs d
  9. What a blockbuster! Old Zeddy had some good years but by the end of last year I never wanted to see him again. If he really was that bad he should of gone to retirement. People might have celebrated him then. If he isn't that bad and was justforcing the issue in Montreal the hell with him and good riddance. Some people seem to think that we could have gotten more for him. Maybe some hockey fans that didn't see the way he played last year wold have made the deal but no GM with a clue was going to give anything up for him.
  10. Probably the supposed interest is just cocked up TSN lies aimed at undermining Gaineys competence as a GM. Or maybe Gainey was interested in boosting the sales price for a rival team on an old player. Getting Shanahan now is probably like the Leafs getting Gilmour the second time around. His age is bound to show soon.
  11. I could see Souray in a Leafs jersey sooner than Domi in a Habs. Than again Gainey did bring us Downey. How many non-productive useless "character" players can we have on this team?
  12. Who cares what Bertuzzi did. The point is can he help this team? I firmly believe he can. Eventually Moore will be out of the picture and Bert will return to his competitive ways. If this trade is possible we shouldn't let moralizing get in the way. There is already too much of that crap in the game already. Figure skating is on the verge of becoming more dangerous a sport than hockey. Where did all these Bettmans come from anyway? You'd think all these fans are millionaire NHL stock investors dreaming of the day Americans take over the game with their viewership. Just change the channel t
  13. Like gambling have to learn to enjoy winning as well as losing. Love this team but hating life right now. Go Habs Go
  14. True, you have to see CBC and above all coaches corners as the Leafs hockey channel. I'll have to admit I was surprised to see them following Carolina so eagerly, giving all the interviews to Carolina players. But Leaf fans want the Habs to lose just like I always have cheered against them in the playoffs. If you can put on RDS or mute the tv and play the radio if the time delays don't mess it up too much. Sucks that tax payers that aren't Leaf fans have to support this channel.
  15. Worst reffing, I tell you they are really turning me off hockey. Every underdog team is going to have to contend with Bettmans rigged games as well as the stastistical disadvantages. No penalty on Koivu getting speared in the eye and they go on to call every penalty under the sun. At the beginning of the game the impression was they put the whistles away, but I guess that was only for the Canes. It was fun but this game was set up for the Canes to get back in. I really got a kick out of Stillman saying that they were waiting for their power play goal during the intermission. This just after
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