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  1. They resigned Downey for a reason, the reason is not sending him down or sitting him in the pressbox. he will atleast play half the games, especially against bigger tougher teams. He will split time on the 4th line RW. Who will he share it with who knows. Gainey will move a forward even if it just for a pick. I sure hope Ribiero can keep up with Kovalev and Samsonov, his lack of foot speed worries me on that line.
  2. I would expect there is one more deal left in BG. I see Johnson more as a center, i'm not sure if anyone mentioned it the trade thread but Johnson is also a very good PK and has very good speed. Lines i'm not sure i'll throw out one a little different. samsonov Koivu Ryder perez pleks Kovalev Higgins Johnson murray begin bonk downey / Kosty I'm not a big Ribiero fan although he must be in BG plans if he signed him for that amount of money,
  3. Hey Huzer, i like like Bonk. He did very well once his injuries healed. He played a great PK, above average on faceoffs. The only center the habs have bigger than a smurf. Did very well playing with Begin and Downey. Fans on this board complain about Ryder who only led the team in goals his first 2 years at 1 mill a year mind you. So who knows, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  4. Yes this team should try to improve. They clearly have done nothing to help the scoring. Will the young guys step up who knows. Boston, Toronto, Florida and maybe even Tampa have improved depending on goaltending. Also Pittsburgh and the Islanders have improved. I still say they need a mobile D man, a top 6 scoring forward. A center would be nice. I look at this team making it to the playoffs due to goaltending. Once #11 went down the team folded right up. Last years team reminds of the one when Theo won all the awards, a hot goalie makes the team look better then it is. I obviously hope i'm wrong but who knows.
  5. Roenick signs 1 year with Phoenix.
  6. Sportsnet is reporting Peca back to the Islanders. Also a Toronto Radio station reports Roberts is heading back to Toronto.
  7. Sorry Kaos, i will respectfully disagree with you. Souray is a Pilon, did you see all the Hi-Lite real goals this year, Souray and Rivet were on for most of them. Markov is above an average skater and Dandy can fly. The cube and Komisarek are average.
  8. Has anyone heard thr rumor of going after V. Suchy. The same rumor had philly also looking for a goalie and Aebi is on there list. I don't know much about the rumor sites, so i don't know how accuratw they are. Forget Hrdina, he is a very soft player, i would rather have Roenick then Hrdina.
  9. Dan Hinote signs a multi year deal with the Blues. (ESPN) Does anyone think they could use a goalie?
  10. I'm certainly not saying to over pay free agents but the habs current roster does not have enough scoring and the defense is too slow. Trading away dead weight Zednik, Aebi and Ribiero won't get you much but it will free up cap space. I feel this team needs a top 4 D-man, good in all 3 zones and can skate and a center. If Pleks is ready the habs really only need a checking or a 2 way center. Peca is still out there. The real problem is several teams they were in playoff runs with have improved.
  11. I'm assuming IF BG can land Arnott, he can easily trade Ribiero and Zednik, saving approximately 3 million. Even if they are just traded for picks. I look at it as addition by subtraction. I expect the habs to be around the 40 million mark, maybe a little less. Saving room for a big pick up for playoffs if needed.
  12. This is just my opinion, if Arnott is offered up to 5 million, i don't think Koivu or Kovalev would be that upset or the fans should be either. Arnott would be a huge upgrade to the teams scoring, face offs, power play and general phyical play. Playing with Kovalev would be a great duo. If it means paying that much to make the team a cup contender, i'm all for it.
  13. Currently the habs haven't changed their roster at all from last year. In case you weren't watching this team WAS pushed around all year long. They do need a heavy weight, Downey is a fine 4th line RW against alot of teams, against bigger, tougher teams they need a real heavy weight to play that 4th line role. Laraque does not hurt you on the ice and is more than just a goon. I'm not saying overpay just for a goon but if they could get Laraque at a good price, he can split the season with Downey on the 4th line.
  14. yes, sorry about that. Good call. I read the above post and worote the other D down. Agreed about Jovo. If the habs go after him, Souray can move back and play with Dandy. So he won't have to play against the other teams best players. We have all seen what happens when he does that.
  15. The way some people on this board are talking you would think the cube is the second coming of Bobby Orr. If he goes he goes. The habs can sign a d-man in the off season. There are good ones out there. The above poster forgot Kuba and Jovanoski. Skratchtins (spelling) was resigned by the AVs. I heard it on the radio this morning.
  16. Well the sticks may be lighter, but there is no consequence for high sticking. No penalty in Saku's case. If you high stick someone and have the tough guy pound you, you will be less likely to do that in the future. No offense but i also find it hard to beleive world class players can't control their stick becuase it's light.
  17. Why? It's a stupid rule not giving the players the choice. The shield didn't help Saku out too much. Since more and more players now wear shields incidents of hi-sticking has also went up. If you want to decrease hi sticking get rid of the instigator rule, let the players police themselves.
  18. By himself not alot but paired with either Zednik, Ribiero or Souray could land a decent Dman in return.
  19. Well trading Aebi will save the team 2 million. Which if Gainey is going to improve the team into a contender, he will need to spend on a top flight center and improving the D.
  20. I think BG will go after a few of the top centers to see who can land. I think players like Arnason will be on the second list of centers BG will go after. I definitely think there will be a new 2nd line center. I think the writing is on the wall for Ribiero. I also think Arnason had a major concussion if not 2 last year which will make him less attractive.
  21. Hopefully Aebi will get moved so he can be a #1 somewhere. Realistically speaking what teams need a goalie? Aebi paired with Zednick, Ribiero or possibly even Souray should help the current habs roster get someone back who can play right away. Teams in need of a goalie: Tampa Florida? Is Auld the answer Keenan wanted to be a #1. St.Louis: Are there young goalie's good enough. Edmonton LA may be looking
  22. Great news, I'm not worried now about signing Bouillon, i'm more worried about re signing Ryder, Higgins and Komisarek to multi year deals. If the numbers are right on Huet, that's not bad at less then 3mill a year. The habs should have money to sign 1 or 2 free agents depending on who they go after.
  23. The re signed gritty players to give them a tougher team. Murray Downey and Begin. I would love to have a heavy weight as an extra forward. I think there will be some movement to make the team bigger. Whether that is by trade or free agent, something will happen to make the team bigger. Domi isn't coming to the habs.
  24. Mitera actually doesn't sound like a bad pick or a big reach. Decent size, great skater and hard worker. One thing the habs D needs is speed. I wouldn't mind that pick at all at 16.
  25. Centers i would look at in this order are Arnott, Peca or Savard. I don't know enough about Savard to know if he is a good guy but he has moved quit a bit. Would be a good fit with Kovalev. Defense although i like Witt, the habs need a defenseman who can skate, the current pairing of Rivet and Souray are very slow. I would look to Kuba or someone like that. Then trade Souray.
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