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  1. The AHL thing was, admittedly, an imperfect analogy ... wasn't meant to be literal ... and I get where you are coming from ... just feel that a player expecting that they will dominate can be an important part of a scorer's development
  2. Darren Pang excludes Cayden Primeau from his Future Goalie Stars https://www.nhl.com/video/top-10-goalies-future-stars/t-277350912/c-6952326
  3. Farrell scored 15 goals (41 assists) last season ... 2019/20 USHL goal scoring leader had 34 ... 30g seems reasonable for SF this season, maybe 35-40 ... It never hurts to have a DOMINANT season ... expect he will get TONS of icetime in all situations ... this may prove to be like the famous "Red Wing Formula" (leave a player an extra season in the AHL rather than bringing them up too soon) and this could benefit Farrell in the long run ... may even raise his profile for the US-WJHC team
  4. Chance to see him first hand this weekend .... if you have RDS
  5. Best intentions don't always work out.
  6. Since he is never going to be a power forward good to see he is answering the "size" question with production ... it is what is in his control
  7. Sadly ... 20/21 Badgers website lists him as 5'7", 165 lbs ... two pound gain over what NHL reported when he was drafted ... perhaps it is a better distributed, more effective, 165 pounds ... that would allow him to be faster
  8. Reportedly (TSN690 speculation) the reason was having actual final say on the draft ... wonder if Timmins has ever been able to actually give up control of the scouting process after being promoted.
  9. Read he had some issues as well ... but a good play
  10. I was thinking more as a bridge if there was any gap between the startup of the NHL and the AHL ... although I like the cap tweak angle that dlbalr suggested
  11. Maybe part of the NHLPA-NHL negotiations will be a non-roster taxi squad (off the cap) of 5-6 players to bridge until the AHL season ... in order for any of the taxi squad to play would be a "call-up" to place them on the roster (and cap)
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