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  1. As both are likely to be as common as hen's teeth, especially between now and the trade deadline, I suspect MB would have to take whichever becomes available ... if either does, and a deal can be worked out ... in other news, I am buying LottoMax tickets tonight.
  2. I expect that if Tartar were to be traded he would be more the (or part of the) cap space offset on the way out than the asset the other team is looking to acquire, in a move for a defenceman or forward who upgrades the team overall ... expect the assets the other team would want would be a pick(s)/prospect(s)
  3. Waite also told TSN690 this afternoon that while Carey isn't injured he isn't 100% ... he noted that Price has had a history of some significant injuries and that as a result he suffers stiffness, which I might take to mean long-term limitations on his flexibility, and that he needs to learn to play within those new parameters ... hopefully Carey is willing to make the necessary changes
  4. Seems to fit my sense that MB's moves since last season ended have been earn an extension of his contract ... clearly he feels if this season is not a success he isn't getting an extension and that likely means he is gone as a lame duck GM is rarely a good thing for a team ... what Molson (and its his opinion that matters in terms of MB's extension) would consider a successful season only he and maybe MB would know.
  5. Any sense if it is for the rest of the season or perhaps just 2-3 weeks to let Brisebois get his legs back?
  6. It's only been five years since he coached ... nothing much has changed in that time has it?
  7. Thanks ... as I said, I went looking for possibilities, found little and I wondered if a Back to the Future move was an option ... your response is both what I expected and feared.
  8. Very surprising ... to me it reeks of desperation ... bring in the Alberta-hero, VETERAN coach with two Cup wins ... in the 32 years since their Cup win the Flames have missed the playoffs or exited on the first round 27 times ... Treliving is coming up on his 7th anniversary as Flames GM ... would think he may be feeling his seat warmer kicking in ... wonder if this makes them more or less likely to make deals?
  9. I agree on both counts ... any trade for an established D (for example, Ekholmnn) would require cap gymnastics, plus cost significant assets ... THEN comes the 14 days that the Habs would be without BOTH the player(s) traded (even in a draft picks and/or prospects trade, current roster contracts would have to move out) AND the player acquired. Trading in-division would resolve the quarantine issue ... but I don't see a doable match for an established top 4 D ... but one possibility caught my eye ... has Mike Reilly progressed sufficiently to be a possibility? ... I defer to others
  10. Not certain Kulak or Romanov are ready ... but Weber may need their skating/agility to make his life a bit easier ... but it would be a rolling of the dice.
  11. Yah ... I was surprised to see him out there ... he is fast but not certain he has the offence anymore to merit being out there ... no one wants him on waivers ... with a sweetener I expect he could be traded ... the issue is how much would be needed.
  12. Armia taking out Petry triggered a Keystone Cops scramble ... then it was over
  13. Almost scored with THREE forwards out there ... just saying
  14. Suzuki was 11/17 (65% ) tonight ... KK was only 40% ... still don't understand the logic ... and he still went defensive by putting Byron out with KK
  15. DROUIN ! ! ! He took a high stick earlier that went unnoticed (RDS said they have 18 cameras and only one caught it) so fair enough that he gets that goal
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