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  1. If you're into stats that much I have some numbers for your record books. Last weeks turnovers (37): Dandenault (4), Rivet (4), Komisarek (3), Souray (3), Zednik (3) and Théodore (3). :idea:
  2. Does anybody know where Mr. Allaire is working right now? I read on a thread that Jacques Martin tried to get him as a goalie coach in Florida. From what I can find he's still a goaltending consultant for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. He was also related to KOHO to provide them with advise on the equipment, so is he working for RBK Hockey now?
  3. He does play well at MSG, in 9 games he has 6 wins, a .941 Sv% and a 1,77 goals against average.
  4. Dagenais on a checking line Dutchie? You gotta be kidding, no?
  5. Nice to see that The Eagle is flying high again Lol
  6. If coaching staff wants to be correct Danis should get the start for this one. This has nothing to do with Théo, it's just a matter of respect for the kid that got thrown in on saturday. It was probably in Juliens' plans before the 5-2 loss. The kid will get another start later this week. Good thing, like I was telling for a couple of weeks now, Danis needs (AHL) icetime.
  7. Should be a great game, imagine Kovalev is looking forward at playing New York tonight, having already scored 34 pts in 22 games against the Rangers.
  8. Patience, don't expect Dagenais to be out of Montréal that quickly.
  9. Because he's the rookie goalie filling in for the injured backup. Danis is a solid prospect with a bright future but you can't put to much presure on the kid. They're bringing him along slowly. Don't expect him to start back to back games. I still believe it would be better for Danis to play in the AHL right now, the kid needs ice time!
  10. That's correct Mont Royale, Shields is not Atlanta's solution. He's a decent backup but he won't be stealing games for them. The trashers will compete with a healthy Lehtonen.
  11. After a Montréal-New Jersey play-off game in 1997 where José théodore recorded 56 saves in his first NHL playoff game.
  12. Trading Théo for Garon to become the starter is/was nonsens. As we speak things aren't looking great for Mathieu but don't count him out yet. Garons' technical game is so good, it's even better than theo's. Right now mathieu's Sv% stands at 87,3% I'm convinced that in a couple of weeks he'll be above a respectable 90%. Don't write a young goalie off that quickly, we still haven't seen the best of Mathieu yet. Nice from the GM to give this kid his chance, there was simply no place for him to play behind José.
  13. Zednik will play on a line with Ribeiro and Ryder. Théo and Emery will be in goal for this one.
  14. You're right Funk Doc, goaltending wins championships, and with Ed Belfour as the #1 in Toronto, the leafs have a serious problem. You can stack up all the offensive powers in the world, if you don't have a goaltender to back it up, you won't last long. Jean-Francois Racine is a talent, but that won't help them much in the short stretch. The leafs are in the same situation as the Flyers, but that's fine by me.
  15. Théo will rebound. He has to adjust. He faces only 24 shots a game, and the quality of these shots is much better because of the numerous PP's. He'll need a couple of strong performances to get going. Once Théo gets on fire this Montréal team will become a scary team to play against. As for Yann Danis, the kid needs ice time. Right now he's no danger for Jose's #1 spot. The best thing for Danis would be playing lots of games in the AHL. Let's hope all goes well with Huets' recovery. We all should be very happy with a GM as Bob Gainey.
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